How to Steal a YouTube Channel (and get away with it)

How would you feel if you woke up Tomorrow and the last three years of Your life's work were taken away from You and to make things worse your Business partner and best friend was Behind it all well that nightmare became A sad reality for this YouTube channel Hi I'm the internet Anarchist I create Weekly YouTube documentaries and today We'll be diving into one of the worst Acts of betrayal in YouTube history and To fully understand the context around This situation we'll need to head back To January 2020 on the 1st of January 2020 leg would create the void YouTube Channel where he would begin posting Packing clips from his Discord server For those of you not familiar with this Type of content packing is very similar To traditional rap battles but is done Over voice calls Would find considerable success with the Channel after growing to 5 000 Subscribers and gaining 50 000 new Members in his Discord server it was Around this time that he met a fellow Discord Packer named pack God who went By easy yell at the time the two had Become good friends since I shared a Passion for Content creating and rapping It was only natural for the pair to Start creating music together with their First song being a diss track on Pokemon Which marked the beginning of the

Collaborative YouTube Journey it was This collaboration that would jump start Their career together after the song was Retweeted by keemstar garnering the Video a massive viewership the duo had Become partners and would go on to work Together for another two years growing The void YouTube channel to an Impressive 400 000 subscribers but this Success wouldn't last forever as when Time went on friction would grow between The two leading up to an inevitable Conflict that would result in the Greatest challenge that the group would Ever face on the 23rd of August 2020 2 Pacquard would wake up to the worst news Of his life he was logged out of all of His social media accounts and the Passwords were changed he was access to His Spotify SoundCloud YouTube and even His Twitter account usually when this Happens to a Creator it's the work of a Hacker or data breach but unfortunately For pack God it was none other than his Friend and partner leg that had now Taken away three years of his career in A desperate attempt to salvage the Situation Packard would attempt to Contact Lake directly but leg was Already one step ahead and had blocked Pack God on every platform even going as Far to a raise all of their Conversations on Discord the only thing Left was a single DM informing him that

He would receive his cut of YouTube Revenue on the first of the following Month at this point Packard was Desperate for answers and would receive Them in the form of a stream that was Announced on their Discord made by leg At everyone for those that are wondering Why the channel is now called just leg I Will be addressing it on stream later Tonight the impact got it going separate Ways and I wish him the best of flaw Naturally the community was outraged and Legwood receives severe backlash from His community forcing him to delete all Texts and voice channels in his Discord Server just to force people to be quiet Whilst behind the scenes they would try To cover up the situation leading to This very poorly thought out Announcement at everyone it's crazy to Believe that people think I randomly Woke up one day and decide to snake my Friend and take the channel that is so Far from the truth I'll be explaining The situation tonight on stream all the Questions you have will be answered and Something to note about this Announcement is that there are 318 Ticker merger reacts but the reason for That is because they actually banned Reactions on the server meaning people Were either forced to react with a tick Or react with nothing following this Paccod would post a YouTube video on the

25th of August on his newly created Channel where he would vent his Frustrations and go over to the stream Where leg gave his reasons for cutting Pacquard off and taking the channel for Himself however the heat from Their Audience would cause leg to private the Stream and unless members of their old Videos in order to hide his mistakes Luckily for pack God one of his fans is Recording the live stream I have no Other choice because he privated the Stream and deleted all the other copies It's uh it's the only thing I have so I'm sorry let's get right into it so Now he starts off the stream by saying And as I started working with Pat God I Started see seeing his like true Character like who he is for a person Right I'm not gonna say that but um That he was working with me on diss Tracks during the live stream like made Several broad accusations about Pacquel's character calling him Narcissistic selfish and manipulative But he wouldn't provide any real Evidence to back up sent claims the Points that he did mention include pack Got posting and streaming on the channel Lowering the mic of a pekka that was too Loud during a packing tournament asking An Editor to call him out for a Three-month late payment and not adding

Him to a talent show that was held by Sneako and Judy on pacquard would debunk These claims by providing evidence that Lake had indeed refused to pay the Editor and it was either absent or Unresponsive when Packard was trying to Grow their channel for every diss track We made I actually did have to spend Hours researching the targets we made And researching and finding beats to Made and you know why I had to do that Leg because whenever I asked you to help Me you were unresponsive and was too Busy doing whatever the hell you were Doing in your life to truly get an Understanding of what's going on there Are three main threads that we need to Follow the judeon I won't show the Unpaid editor Soundbar and the Unbalanced effort put into the channel By leg most of the other points made by Lego and his stream were completely Unrelated to the current situation Happened months ago or attempts to Slander pack got in the eyes of his fans Despite the leg stating otherwise if I Don't want to talk [ __ ] about him I'm Just trying to like explain my Perspective he then says word for word Now let's get into what happened Recently because I don't want to get Into specific events I don't want to Slander Pat God's name At the end of the stream Lake states

That Packard can try to contact him off Stream since he doesn't want him to Quote make a publicity stunt unquote However Packard would go to provide Evidence that clearly shows like leaving A Discord call after finding out it was Pack code on the other end Acts like a real man let's all see what Leg's response is you know I mean he Doesn't think I should have a platform To defend myself he thinks that we Should talk about this privately right So let's see when I actually finally got Him in private to talk to him what he Actually does let's roll the clip no Um what is like what's your do you have A hook or like what am I doing a verse The hook like what am I doing Oh oh look Uh-huh this is Pat God I was wondering if you wanted to talk in Private like you said you did since Since now we're in private talking you Still want to talk in private about what Happened what would follow was a series Of back and forth exposed videos between The two with both pack God and leg Sharing their sides to the story the First video would be titled the truth About pack God in which leg tries to Justify his actions by stating that he And pacquard didn't share a 50 50 Ownership of the channel since he Created the Channel first a lot of

Packard fans are going around and Pacquard has even said this himself that I stole his channel which is so far from The truth my friends and I created the Void Discord server and I made the void YouTube channel to go along with that Discord server later down the line like I'd stated I met Packard and then used That void YouTube channel to make diss Tracks with him I also mentioned that After we started making diss tracks I Created that void Junior channel to Continue posting Discord content and Grow that on the side as we're making Diss tracks which we later turned the Void Junior channel into Legend Packard And again to reiterate that one more Time I was the creator of both channels I hope that's clear now obviously these Channels were not the same size they are Today it would also admit to not paying His editors on time even trying to Justify it with the excuse that he quote Isn't good at answering DMS unquote it Would continue to bring up unrelated Events in order to try and back up his Decision to betray his greatest friend Events such as prior arguments between Paco and other Discord members and the Judeon talent show that he claims pack Got cheated on I just got scammed this Is after the jedion situation this is Him in his own stream so I I we didn't Rename this or anything he changed the

Title to I just got scammed This is still about the jidion situation Technically talks about it right after It was really dude I just got scammed I just got scammed by Gideon you notice How he jumps straight into calling jitty On a scammer oh no Pat gun didn't get His way I guess it's time to start Falsely accusing people of scamming and Making slanderous allegations looking at This critically Nova points at leg made Really relate to why he cut Pat got off From his livelihood and attempted to Keep all the clout and fame for himself Just because you find a business partner Unpleasant to work with doesn't give you The right to steal from them legs Viewers would also come to this Conclusion and call him out on his Actions this would prompt pacquard to Provide further evidence of legs lies Such as him taking Clips out of context In order to slander pack God's name all Hoping for the result to cover up his Own dirty actions Packard would also try To clear his name considering the Cheating allegations made against him The next three videos made mostly went Over the past events brought up by leg That do not have a significant bearing On the current drama however it would Come equally to everyone watching that The legs simply viewed pacquard as a Threat to his success and used that man

Against it to justify stealing from him This is Charlie also known as penguin Zero or moist critical he's built an Image for himself being a level-headed Thinker and voice for the internet Community in one of his live streams a Fan would ask him to look into the Situation and Charlie came to this Conclusion that guides the Creator who Was friends with leg and they had that Huge falling out they lost his chair got Kicked off his channels and [ __ ] I Didn't really get the story it just Seemed like two friends stopped being Friends I tried watching legs like 40 Minute video on it but it was just so Much rambling I couldn't stay interested In it so I don't really know this Situation but it just seemed like two People stopped being friends and it Didn't go over super well moist critical Wouldn't be the only large YouTuber to Give their opinion on the situation on The 26th of September KSI would become Aware of the drama and react to a diss Track that pack God made about leg like Most critical KSI would come to the same Conclusion that pacquard had been Betrayed by his former best friend and That his channel had been stolen from Him that one reaction from KSI would Dramatically boost pack God's viewership And sub count with the diss track Gaining 2 million views making it his

Most viewed video at the time however This development wouldn't sit well with Leg as he reaches out to KSI to try and Sway his opinion but this of course Would backfire horribly left cornered With no other options leg would release The video titled KSI ruined my YouTube Career where he would spend the first Few minutes of the video decrypting KSI Promoting Pack cod's video he then goes On to spend the remainder of the video Bringing up unrelated events and Allegations that have already been Addressed in the final attempt to sway The public opinion and as with many of The other things that leg has done Throughout the entire drama it just made The audience turn more against him Viewers clearly don't believe or agree With what link said and why would they He abruptly ended his friend's YouTube Career and tried to cover it up by Calling him a bad person might be asking Yourself how leg and pacquard are doing Over on Pat God's side he's been doing Extreme really well now that it's Working alone with a channel size of Around 1.2 million subscribers and 7 Million monthly average views pack God's Claims of being the main driving Factor Behind the Joy's success have been Confirmed and on the other side of the Equation leg has finally taken Responsibility for both the void and

Lake Channel and it doesn't seem like He's handling it too well both channels Would experience a decline in viewership And subscriber growth and as of January 2023 uploads have dramatically decreased And the engagement has slowly stagnated But there's still one question it hasn't Been answered yet is unbox therapy Buying views click on the video on Screen to find out

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