How To Use Chat GPT To Commit Financial Fraud?

Over the past few weeks you've probably Seen some of the biggest creators on the Platform start talking about chat GPT if You're unfamiliar with what it is it's An AI powered chat bot that can provide Answers to basically anything that Google and the internet knows about many Creators are claiming this is the future Of the internet and this will allow AI To do all of our tasks for us but I have My doubt about that as chat gbt is Easily manipulated to provide Information it's programmed not to give You now since chat gbt's launch on November 30th 2022 it's been used by Millions of people for practical Purposes as well as nefarious ones Despite the AI being designed not to Give out information that would be Harmful one user was able to trick chat Gbt into providing a step-by-step guide On how to make a Molotov cocktail one User decided to push the system and Remove safety limits the AI was then Able to explain how to make a Molotov Cocktail and this was in the form of a Step-by-step tutorial something that Obviously is a violation of open a ai's Content policy I tried this method but it didn't work Out for me but then I could just easily Ask it in a different way and it would Tell me and this might be a problem Because the AI is so open-ended I think

It's going to be pretty hard to control By accounting for all the possibilities This leads us to the grifters of YouTube Who have realized that they can use this Service as their latest attempt to make Millions from pimping the service to Their followers and providing Unregistered Financial advice with it if You look on YouTube you already find Hundreds of videos claiming chat gbt can Be used to make you rich or millions of Dollars and most of this advice given is Bad or in some cases against the law now For this video we're going to be picking On Andre dick as he's one of the largest Creators to pimp chat gbt and the Information he gives is not only bad but It breaks the terms of service for Chad Gbt which he openly admits to in the Video alright so there's a couple things I want to ask Chad gbt first I want to Ask if it can help explain investing to Beginners and then I want to ask if it Can give us a list of specific stock Recommendations that's technically Against the rules but I won't tell if You won't tell I won't tell if you won't Tell Chad gbt is not designed to give Financial advice to people if you ask it Specific Financial questions like should I buy Bitcoin or should I sell my Tesla Stock you'll get the same generic Response from the service saying it's Not appropriate for me to provide

Personalized investment advice the Service does this because it was Programmed not to give Financial advice Because it's not a registered financial Advisor and the creators of the AI Obviously don't want to be held liable For that type of information now despite This Andre dick and many other creators Are giving step-by-step advice on how to Confuse or trick the AI into giving Financial advice despite it not being Designed to do that alright so now let's Ask chat gbt to give us a list of Specific stock recommendations now if You try this yourself right now it is Not going to give you a list of Specifics it's going to give you a very Broad and generic answer about looking Into financials and doing your own Research it has no specifics probably on Purpose for legal and liabilities sake So we have to trick it now lucky for us Because I'm a magician at heart and I Was able to make my own Bitcoin Disappear I was able to trick it and Here's exactly how you can do it first Let me get rid of the coin though so Here is the trick if you ask it any Ideas for some specific stock like for Example dividend stocks that's what Cracks the code so that's the trick bam Gives us a list of five dividend stocks So let's go through them right now now In fairness Andre does tell his viewers

It's not designed to do this but then Goes ahead and shows you how to trick it Anyway and I think he knows that this Video probably shouldn't have been made This way as he repeatedly mentions in The video that none of this is financial Advice despite labeling the video use Chad gbt to become a millionaire please Remember this is not Financial advice This is for entertainment purposes only No one should ever watch magicians for Investing advice even if it's coming From a really clever AI system avoid Where prohibited step 5 consider Consulting with a financial advisor Which would uh not be me but it's still One of my favorite stocks of all time Hashtag not Financial advice Andre Tricks the AI into giving him picks for Dividend stocks to invest in and then Proceeds to go over these Recommendations to his audience now Despite this being against the terms of Service it's also bad advice Chad gbt is Not connected to the internet it was Given all the data from Google up until 2021 when it stopped its learning Process what this means is that Chad GPT Only has data up until the stock market Was booming in 2021 it doesn't have Access to the decline of the stock Market in 2022 and therefore provides Old and inaccurate information using Outdated stock information from the past

Bull market is incredibly stupid and Andre and the rest of the creators Pimping this service claiming it will Make you rich should know this while I Do believe this kind of AI technology Can really help Mankind in the future It's unfortunate to see it being used by The grifters of YouTube to make Clickbait videos about getting rich from A service that was never designed to Give Financial advice or create trading Bots hopefully viewers realize this is All just for clicks and Views and don't Take any of this fake Financial advice Seriously

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