How X-Factor Destroyed A Contestant’s Entire Life

When Zoe Alexander received four no's From The X Factor judges her entire life Fell apart over a 10-year period and the Whole thing was documented on camera From a hundred different angles it all Began with this email right here in Which Zoe first reached out to the X Factor requesting to appear on the show Explaining that she was a 22 year old Pink impersonator but wanted to audition As herself after being accepted as a Contestant Zoe was asked to send through Five songs she wanted to sing give the X Factor then specifically demanded that Zoe audition as pink they wanted me to a Pink song he basically said that if I Didn't I wouldn't be on the show so I Agreed after agreeing to do so Zoe was Invited in for an interview where they Continued to ask her about pink all he Wanted to talk about was Pink have you Seen pink fly do you know Pink's real Name do you think you're like pink in Real life with Zoe adding that they had No interest in her personally showing That the X Factor had an ulterior motive To create a story out of her being pink Before heading out on stage one of the X Factor producers then encouraged Zoe to Give an overly emotional performance and He said make sure you use all of the Stage if the judges say no beg them cry Get down on your knees and beg so when She'd appear in front of the judges just

A few minutes later this is what went Down and I'm gonna sing So What by Pink Pink okay off you go after stating that She was gonna sing So What by Pink Zoe Gave a boisterous emotional performance Using the whole stage with excessive Facial expressions however the focus on Her physical delivery and a few other Things which will talk about later meant The singing was fairly average leading The judges to stop her mid-song before Stating this I honestly think that you Need to go away and take the time to Find yourself as an artist despite this The judges were kind enough to give her A second chance should we get a second Song yeah yeah I want to give you a Chance yet she was then stopped Midway Through her second song before the Judges once again implied that they Didn't think she was good enough because At the moment it just sounds like every Other average sort of singing voice but As the judges explained that she Wouldn't be going to the next round Zoe Turned the criticism back onto them you Told me to sing a pink song I didn't want to sing a pink song Sing a pink song Zoe then proceeded to Lose her temper before bringing her dad Onto the stage swearing at the judges And throwing the microphone toward them After some more chaos then went down Backstage Zoe lashed out at the

Cameraman ending the segment however in Terms of negative feedback this was Really only the start the family was so Distraught from the event that they Drove home in silence yet Zoe seemed Convinced that they wouldn't include her Performance in the Final Cut of the show Where I still didn't believe that they Would show my audition on TV I mean how Could they show the systematic bullying Leading to a breakdown of a woman it Would be too upsetic until about an hour After arriving home when a Daily Mail Reporter who was at the audition called The family to get a statement for an Article and to tell Zoe that she was Definitely going to appear on television They were edited in any way they can to Show it on TV because it is TV gold with This information Zoe's mental health Began to decline rapidly I couldn't Sleep I just stayed at every night I Can't stress to you enough what Emotional wreck I was I didn't trust Anyone and I just kept breaking down Crying made even worse by the countless Articles talking about the situation Before the episode had even gone live Then after six weeks of fear Zoe's phone Began to ring I got a phone call from The X Factor informing me that they were Going to air my audition I was honestly So terrified I just said no and put the Phone down within hours of the episode

Going live the performance was being Called the most shocking audition ever While other Publications such as the Mirror called her X Factor's most Shocking contestant ever as a result of This Zoe stated I was recognized Everywhere I went laughed out pointed at Threatened both myself and my dad had Been threatened with violence to the Point that my dad had to physically Defend us I'd go to the gym and people Would watch the video on their phones in Front of me and then whisper a laugh Despite this judge Tulsi consta stavlos Refused to change their attitude on the Situation stating there is always going To be the odd person who throws a Massive hissy it thousands of people Over the years have auditioned and this One person couldn't control their temper And threw a fit but I don't think that's A reason for everyone to go you've got To think about their emotions that was One person those are her issues and she Chose to bring those issues to the stage Kivichi now had no other option Zoe Began to defend herself by stating that The show deliberately tried to make me Out to be this girl with a bad attitude Before she theorized that the X Factor Deliberately encouraging her to sing a Pink song was part of a plan to increase Ratings through televising a poor Performance which would explain why the

Producers encouraged her to be emotional In the minutes before the audition Zoe Alexander was set up for a fall and yes She couldn't sing but that isn't the Issue under discussion setting people up To mockery by deliberately enhancing Their self-image beyond their talents is Cruelty bordering on human rights Infringement Zoe's volatile nature would Have been spotted in one of the earlier Auditions and then stoked up so she Would Outburst on TV and thereby Encourage a flagging audience to tune in With the expectation of future Jerry Springer moments shame painful just Shameful yet others were a little less Compassionate look she may have been set Up by producers which isn't fair but at The end of the day she can't sing the Judges were just being polite by using The identity thing as an excuse because She did get to sing a second song which She was also rubbish at her violent Slash physical Outburst was wrong full Stop yes it's unfair for producers to Mislead her but her reaction was Atrocious and very bratty also her dad Shouldn't have brought her back onto the Stage either as this escalated the whole Situation she got to sing two songs Whereas most people get to sing one and She wasn't good enough and of yet Zoe Didn't stop pushing back against what Had happened approximately seven months

After the audition went live an article Was published by BBC News titled X Factor cleared over pink tribute at Complaints in which it was explained That Zoe had gone to the government Broadcasting agency offcom claiming that The X Factor had ignored her track Choices changed her song list and Dictated her outfit and hairstyle Insisting on her appearing in her pink Persona yet the agency found that the Judge's comments were balanced and over Violent reaction after the audition was Unacceptable by any standards whatever Her perceived grievance accordingly of Comma's not upheld Miss Alexander's Complaint with articles such as this one Perpetuating Zoe's nightmare people said To me oh don't worry it'll blow over it Won't last forever and it lasted for Years and years years and years things Became even worse when Zoe's performance Racked up almost 100 million views in Compilation such as these two however With comments such as I don't trust any Of these after hearing Zoe Alexander's Story it seemed there was more that was Yet to be discussed on the 20th of July 2020 Zoe uploaded her own video titled Zoe Alexander X Factor the truth in Which he now revealed that the Performance itself had been edited and Even cgi'd to make the X Factor look Good and Zoe looked bad she stated the

Judges actually began the audition by Essentially insulting her and he moved On to tell me that I was very Overconfident which wasn't shown on TV And after she started singing the Audience Went Crazy by cheering however In the Final Cut of the show this had Been reversed so the audience was Instead cheering while the judges gave Their opinions in the broadcast footage The audience reaction has been Completely changed the audience could be Heard clapping and cheering her words as If she was voicing the opinion of the Entire audience in fact the audience at That moment sat in silence as a person Who was in the audience we were told to Keep quiet when the judges say anything So yeah you're definitely telling the Truth Zoe went on to explain that the Music they played was also different to What she'd sent through uh was not the Trap that I had sent him it was in a Different key and it was a different Track and when she'd throw in the Microphone she'd done so because they'd Turned it off while she was explaining What had happened then I realized that They'd turned the microphone off and That was when I threw it to the floor But somehow in the video I throw it like That I didn't I threw it to the floor Zoe then debunked the segment where She'd seemingly walked off and come back

With her dad I categorically did not Leave the stage and subsequently return Hand in hand with my father once again The footage has been completely Fabricated another example of the X Factor's over imaginative editing before She added that even the judge's comments Had been inserted at a later date also Nicole did not stand up and say no baby No that didn't Today because he's afterwards to produce The footage in their fictitious story After heading backstage another scene Was filmed in which Zoe begged the Cameraman to stop filming however this Also didn't make the cut I was saying Please please stop telling me please Stop telling me this scene was cut from The broadcast footage and replaced with Even more fabricated footage which Better suited their storyline as it Didn't portray me as aggressive the real Footage would have clearly demonstrated The broken and emotional state into Which I had been bullied and with this Information everybody began to stand up For her I admit I was one of the many Who laughed and thought you were this Crazy lady who was just mad that you Lost the audition I'm so sorry they're So horrible for doing you like this with Others informing Zoe that her video had Blown up outside of YouTube over on Tech Talk a relatively small account made of

15 million view video were talking about What had happened which when duetted By Zoe gained a further 27 million views With almost everybody sticking up for Zoe as a result Nicole scherzing his Comment section began to fill with Comments regarding Zoe's treatment and Therefore the judge did this let me just Talk about the fact that Has blocked me on Tick Tock despite this The mainstream media ran with the story Causing the X Factor to backpedal Rapidly you have made ZX Turn off their Instagram comments you Have made The X Factor Turn off their YouTube comments and you have made The X Factor change the title and description Of my X Factor audition video with a 19 Million view audition video having since Been removed altogether on top of this Zoe's appearance has also been taken out Of the mega viral top 5 angriest Contestants video which when considering Zoe's poor attitude and the show's Sketchy editing feels like a reasonable Middle Ground between the two parties

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