I Paid an Influencer To Expose Their Own Scams

I'm scamming a scammer today but I won't Know if my plan works until the end of This video because as I'm recording it My plan hasn't really come together yet So we'll find out what happens but win Or lose the point of this video is to Tackle one of my biggest pet peeves Which is scammers calling out other Scammers to make themselves look good I Guess the logic is oh I can't scam you I Call out scams and what kills me is that It actually works people fall for this All the time and it drives me crazy so Today I want to flip the script on one Of these people and attempt to have a Scammer call themselves out it's like Inception but for con men we could call It conception Dylan danis is an MMA fighter famous for Two things cage fighting and not Fighting KSI but on December 23rd he Decided to be famous for a third thing Calling out the scammers he writes in a Tweet damn Logan Paul is a scumbag feel Bad for everyone he's scammed and of Course No One's Gonna really disagree With this so the likes rolled in but What Dylan doesn't tell you is he also Has a history of scamming people on Twitter and what Dylan didn't know is That there was a detective watching him That detective was not me actually I Wish it was me it was my buddy Zach xbt On Twitter who said damn Dylan danis is

A scumbag feel bad for everyone he's Scammed and then Zach showed some tweets Of Dylan promoting obvious scams which Then rug pulled now I was gonna kind of Leave it there a little nice Twitter Dunk but it got me thinking you know Deleted scam tweets are the internet Equivalent of roaches in your house in Both cases if you see more than one of Them there's a lot more you don't see so I reached back out to Zach and I said Hey good tweet but I want to find out How many scams exactly this guy has Promoted so Zach started digging through The garbage bin of deleted tweets and we Found out pretty quick there were a lot More but I realized it was going to take Zach some time to get the results we Needed so we're going to go back to him At the end of this video but right now I Had a bigger problem which is that to Show this full scheme I needed not only The number of scam tweets I also needed To know how much he got paid for all This stuff uh for these scams he Promoted so even after looking through The blockchain I couldn't find anything So I needed a Social Engineering Approach to figure out how much he got Paid I wanted to trick Dylan into giving Me the amount the rough idea was to Approach Dylan and say hey I created This dumb nft project that's completely Fake how much would it cost for you to

Promote it he gives me an answer and I Have my price but of course I realized He actually knows who I am because he's Tweeting about my crypto Zoo Series so I Can't contact him directly about this I Needed kind of someone who could reach Out on my behalf who like looked like he Would be serious about selling you an Nft collection and that's when I thought Of my buddy oompaville this is a guy Who's actually really sweet and real Life but his particular profile on Twitter says nft salesman 100 percent so I contacted him to contact Dylan on my Behalf and I told him to say hi Dylan I'm launching a crypto nft platform Called sour.gg and was wondering what Your rate is for an Instagram story post Or Twitter post for promotion we can Provide all the marketing copy please Let me know as we're trying to launch Relatively soon now I guess as we wait For him to respond let me explain that Sour.gg that website is not a real Crypto nft platform nothing in this Video is a crypto or real nft so you Cannot buy crypto for this I want to be Super clear as we talk about this not Only that the actual website we sent Them to is just a landing page for one Of oompa's candy businesses but it kind Of looks a little nft-like that like There's like this little purple monkey Thing in the corner and so I thought it

Would fool Dylan and I was actually Right because Dylan immediately responds With want to do a tweet and then I I Love this next part what is it I like The order of that you know like let's Promote it and then underneath it what Am I promoting uh and it's at this point I realized that this is not only my Chance to find out how much Dylan gets Paid for all these scam promotions it's Also my chance to test Dylan danis he Says Logan Paul is so bad he feels so Bad for the victims but let's see if He's so different so I decided that this Fake nft project I would be pitching him Was going to be just like cryptozoo in Fact to do this I basically copied Almost word for word cryptozu's white Paper saying the following sauer.gg may Appear to slowly function as an nft Collection but it's much much more sour Allows users to earn sweet tokens that Are openly traded via a yield that is Based on the Rarity of a given candy nft But just in case you didn't think it was Obvious enough I decided to leave Dylan One last hint I signed off with a Nonsense statement saying quote comma Obtain fun friends inter-exciting zones Indescribably Lush look out Adventurer Now this is a sentence which means Nothing unless you lay it out by the First letter of every word and then it Spells coffee Zilla so uh don't say I

Didn't warn him and obviously even if I Hadn't warned him Dylan Dan and Shirley Wouldn't promote a crypto Zoo project Right because he's you know he feels too Bad for the victims he wouldn't promote Something nearly identical oh wait he Said sounds dope and then eth question Mark and at this point I'm just a little Surprised by how easy this all is zero Due diligence is being done here we have Created the weakest facade possible for An nft scam and he's just immediately on Board of course uh for a price I mean That is the one thing he actually did Care about which might not surprise you And it's the one thing he actually Pushed back on because I told him I Wanted to pay him a thousand dollars and He said that's pretty low from So he negotiated and landed on a payment Rate of five thousand dollars for a 24-hour post about our nft project which Does not exist after we settled on that He sent me payment information which Really established a lot for us we got Answers to most of our questions first How much he gets paid per post and we Also got an ethereum address from Dylan Which I hoped was going to link to all His other payments but I didn't give him Enough credit here Dylan gave us a brand New crypto wallet just for this Transaction which seems to imply that he Probably makes new wallets for every new

Deal he does which is pretty shrewd and At this point I realized I had a choice To make I could take what I learned Present it to you guys and stop this Little charade I had with Dylan and make My video and Dylan would just keep doing This because his fans wouldn't know or I Could try to teach him and his fans a Lesson in a bit of a different way which Is actually pay Dylan to post a link to Our fake nft project but the twist would Be as soon as he posts that link it will Become a website dedicated to every scam Tweet Dylan danis has ever done and Remember that this website would be Linked by Dylan danis himself to all of His fans directly showing them proof That he'd scammed them multiple times And we'll figure out how many times Again in just a second but I first want To say I thought about this a while Because this plan has its own risks I Mean the number one risk is that Dylan Just doesn't post and steals my money And then the number two risk is well What if he finds out we duped him and Then immediately deletes everything we Don't get our money's worth so to remedy That because I really wanted to do this Plan was to structure the payment so That I paid him a thousand dollars up Front but didn't pay him the rest until He kept the tweet for certain periods of Time and to my surprise he agreed to the

Terms and so this is where I'm going to Leave things with them at this point I Have a lot of things to do before Friday Which is the day I told him this whole Fake thing is launching so I'm gonna go Do that and go get prepared for Friday I Will see you guys then All right good morning ladies and Gentlemen hope you slept well uh I Didn't sleep much at all we're working Really hard to get this whole thing Figured out so I'm just in the apartment Right here and uh we're gonna just get Ready together here uh because I got a Lot to tell you guys we don't have time At the studio to get it all done so I Gotta prepare you here let me just set The stage for you though for what's Happened since I last recorded number One we created sours nft.com which is a Our actual fake landing page for the nft Project it's got all these cute Candyland uh fake nfts that don't exist Now the idea is this is what he's Initially going to promote and then I Also created our little uh Switcheroo Website which is just a website with all His uh previous transgressions now I did Talk to some people who were a bit Concerned that maybe I hadn't fully been Transparent with Dylan that maybe I Should be more transparent with Dylan About what's going on so he doesn't say I I trapped him in this whole thing so

What I decided to do just to make sure We cover our bases here is I drew up a Contract for Dylan to sign before this Whole thing goes live I'm going to be Sending it to him and in it I lay the whole thing out and this is What I meant by headwinds this is where He probably will catch us because in Black and white I lay out our whole Scheme right in front of him so it Literally says like you're gonna be the Butt of the joke it says people aren't Doing due diligence it says that we're Going to be switching the website to Show his prior promotions so we lay out The whole thing there and what we're Really banking on is he's not going to Read any of this he's just gonna see Money and just sign it which is the Whole point of this entire thing so I Think it fits uh hopefully we don't end Up sabotaging our own project by double Checking you know covering our bases Here but either way that's what's going On also Zac xbt finished finding all the Scams of this guy so we're gonna go back To the studio and check those out Um all right I'm back and we have the Results from Zack xbt he found over 20 Projects that Dylan promoted and then Tried deleting where many of them were Rug pulls and scams it was at this point He just gave up looking for more because There were so many so we added those to

The website but I'm sure many of you are Also curious about what's going on with Dylan danis so we're gonna go check back In with our liaison Oompa because at This point the whole thing is set up and It's all just resting on whether he does Any due diligence or not let's see what Happens tell us where we're at with Dylan so he seems to have taken the bait There's one final step obviously we have To get him to uh to make the Tweet you Just sent ten dollars to him right just Yeah I wanted to bait him so that we can Send the contract and he's gonna be like Waiting for the money what now I mean is Is he responding he said sounds good and Then shortly after he said got it to to Saying that he he got the ten dollars we Sent as a test for the for his Transaction now comes the actual Moment Of Truth we were about to sit in the Contract oh my gosh Sending it all right and then I'm Sending the Drive Link I mean we've sent The contract now we're just waiting We're literally waiting Dylan Oh I agree bro I agree Oh what a idiot that's right Ladies and gentlemen he agreed and you Might notice that we weren't actually Able to use DocuSign and get his Signature because it was experiencing Outages at the moment the actual website But we were able to just have him do a

Written agreement in DMS that he agreed To our terms and although it was very Shocking that he actually did it I have To be honest it was here that the Pressure really ramped up because at This point I paid Dylan a thousand Dollars and now we're just waiting for Him to post and I'm really worried that What if he reads the document in that Time and realizes what's going on but That's when Dylan gave us a lucky break But also gave us a few curveballs okay Big news boys a little update ahead of Schedule by the way my heart like I Cannot take this I was already telling Up I was like we have to just go forward With this because I'm not ready I cannot Take all the suspense and Dylan texted Us hey should I just go ahead and tweet So we're just gonna say yes go ahead and Tweet it's refreshing now I guess see What he says there's been so much much Work that goes into this you guys didn't See this off camera Dylan starts talking About where's your community so we have To whip up this community from nowhere Our community doesn't exist we had to Create a Twitter profile we had to buy a Bunch of bodded followers an hour ago it Didn't exist I don't think I've ever Been so excited about something in my Life Tweeted it I can't believe he did it he actually

Did it he just tweeted it what an idiot What hey I can't believe it what can I say he Promoted a tweet which literally spells Out in first letters the word scam I Hope this has been highly educational For you guys that most of these Influencers do zero work vetting these Projects contracts and nfts if you Enjoyed our work please consider Becoming a patron High effort Investigative journalism like this takes A long time and a lot of setup but I Think you'll agree it's worth it I also Want to give a big thanks to both Oompaville and Zack xbt who helped me Pull this off please go follow them Because they're helping us get to the Point where influencers will wonder when They take these deals in the future am I Agreeing to be the butt of a joke and of Course the answer to that question when You're Shilling nfts is always yes so Anyways thanks for watching and I'll see You in the next one Foreign Foreign

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