I Predicted A $1,000,000 Boss Babe Disaster…

So a year ago I made a video uh that did Quite well among my own audience and Then it got kind of it went semi viral And it got about 100,000 views which was A massive amount of views for my channel Back then a year ago right and initially It did quite well but then it started to Receive some negativity as it got pushed To a new audience and they said people Started to say you're being really mean You're being a Negative Nancy in this Video I can't believe you would say such Negative things about the person in this Video why would you do that Scott you're A terrible person person right and now a Year later almost almost exactly and and I'm talking about an individual named Shelby church if you don't know uh has About two million subscribers she's Killing it she's a boss babe on YouTube Has almost two million subscribers and I Made a video about her a year ago uh That video was called YouTube influencer Real Estate disaster Shelby Church $700,000 mistake right and again a lot Of negativity once it started to get Pushed and now almost a year later and Shelby we you should have reached out we Could have coordinated got your video Out on the same day the anniversary of My video but almost a year ago to the Day Shelby Church puts out a video Titled why I'm quitting Airbnb which basically proves uh

Justifies everything that I said in that Initial video right now that a video I Put out a year ago um I was not trying To be negative people saying you're Being a Negative Nancy to Shelby Church She's a boss babe don't say mean things About boss babes people were saying that And that's not true I was just pointing Out the entire video uh was to point out That Shelby was promoting a lifestyle if You don't know uh she made I think 10 to 15 videos talking about a property that She bought this was not the home she Lived in it was a second property that She was using purely for Airbnb to try And make money she was trying to make You know be a full-time boss babe Renting out Airbnb properties and the Entire video that I made last video and This video was to point out that the Airbnb Market um is a disaster it's it's Cooling off it's it's going down pretty Quickly people are losing a lot of money And she should not be promoting this to People as a way for you to make a Financial income because a lot of people Are now losing money now there's another Channel how money works I'll have a Video I'll have a link to his video he Put out an amazing video that went viral On the Airbnb bust uh I think about a Couple weeks ago and he goes over how People are losing uh tons of money on Airbnb now because Airbnb has shifted

Over the past few years When it initially started it was people You know renting out a room in their Apartment or their home when people are Coming out of town they just need a Quick place to stay a cheap place they They get a room for a couple days boom Worked great and then over the years it Evolved into this type of moneymaking Business where people were like I'm Going to buy two properties and three Properties and four properties and I'm Going to make my Airbnb Empire right and It's turned into a disaster there there Are plenty of people who promote the Airbnb lifestyle Style on YouTube um a Lot of those channels are getting a lot Less views than they did a few years ago Cuz people realize Airbnb just isn't What it was initially you could save a Lot of money going to an Airbnb over a Hotel in whatever area you're going to But now in many cases they have all These cleaning fees and all these Service fees on the Airbnb then in most Cases airbnbs are more expensive than a Nice hotel for wherever you're traveling To right and a lot of people are losing Everything they have on these properties And and honestly it's it's it's also Increased the the cost of homes for People to buy around America around the World as well because people and not Just people there are companies as well

That are buying up multiple properties For the short-term rentals and Individuals who just want a home to live In just want to buy a home for Themselves now have to deal with these Massively inflated prices so this has Been a huge issue that has been going on And my entire video that I made last Year on Shelby's Church $700,000 Airbnb Disaster was to point that out I was not Being mean to Shelby and I I want to Make that very clear I don't want people Leaving comments on this video saying Scott you're being a Negative Nancy Don't say mean things about Shelby Church she is a boss babe and she is Killing it on YouTube and I agree I Don't think she's a scammer I don't Think she's a terrible person I'm just Pointing out uh that this was a disaster The writing was on the wall and now She's she's proven all of it to be true We're going to take a look at that video We're going to take a look at some clips But I also want to point out the fact That even some big channels left some Com ments on that past video saying I'm A dumb dumb I don't know what I'm Talking about Shelby if you don't know She has a twin sister Monica which we'll Get into later in the video about Monica Left a comment on that past video saying Scott you don't know what you're talking About my sister Shelby boss babe she's

Killing it you're you're a dumb dumb Very passive aggressive comment I don't Appreciate that Monica um I I wonder What kind of passive aggressive comment You're going to leave on this video now That everything has been proven to be Accurate in that first video but that's Not the point there is also another Channel Financial wolf Uh if you don't know Financial wolf he's Everyone's favorite 12-year-old um Investor business Guru 12-year-old Something like that uh Financial wolf he Left a comment said L Channel Financial wolf why would you Leave that comment said L he came over That video left a comment just said L Channel I was crying for hours after you Left that comment not really I I don't Really care at all but to be honest with You the fact that he came to my channel And just left L Channel to a video that Now everything has been proven accurate In that video is kind of funny now if You actually go to financial Wolf's Channel he actually the last video he Put out was him promoting Airbnb so Obviously he's gotten very heavily into The Airbnb uh disaster now as well um Which I think is quite funny but that Just something I wanted to point out now Like I said we're going to take a look At her latest video Shelby Church's why I'm quitting Airbnb I'm going to go over

Some of the facts um she also got a lot Of information wrong in her own video so We're going to to point all of that out You saw the title right I'm quitting Airbnb no it's not clickbait it just Doesn't make sense anymore so today I'll Get into why I'm quitting what the last Draw was for me and what I'm planning on Doing with this house now as you guys Know hosting on Airbnb wasn't as Profitable as I expected but it was a Generally good experience just so you Know she says it wasn't as profitable They didn't make any money and I'll Actually pull up this clip uh like I Said she has a twin sister Monica Monica Actually put out a video six months ago Where she talks about this property and She talks about how they lose money Every single month and they have she has To pay $500 just to keep it a float I do Also own a home in Palm Springs with my Sister Shelby it's an Airbnb and we use It as an investment property it doesn't Quite break even and on average I pay $500 a month for it all right so there You go Monica points out the fact that They don't make any money on their Airbnb property and again I want to Point out guys people are gonna say I'm Being negative I'm not negative this Channel is all about positivity all my Videos are positive positive people Constantly saying Scott you're so

Positive no negativity I'm just pointing Out the fact that YouTubers the the main takea away from This video I want anyone to take is that You should not take Financial advice From anyone on YouTube that includes Myself as well none of these people have Any idea what they're doing whether that Be Shelby church and her horrible Airbnb Investment whether that be Andre jck and He wants you to buy one of his Spider-Man nfts that are now worth zero Dollars uh YouTubers don't know what They're talking about when it comes to Finance they act like they do they don't So please for the love of God whatever God you believe in even if that's the Flying Spaghetti Monster do not take Financial advice from YouTubers you need To purely view YouTube just as Entertainment and realize most of these People have no idea what they're talking About keep that in mind changed recently And it is the nail on the coffin for Airbnb's in California it's a new bill That's introducing an additional 15% tax Anytime you go to book an Airbnb in California it's called SB 584 and They're rushing to get this into effect By 2025 okay so this entire video this Is right at the start of her video Around 32 second Mark she talks about um This new bill she's in California her Property that she bought was in Palm

Springs uh it was a disaster if you Don't know if you want to watch my past Video you can she spent like $750,000 on The property and then they spent another I think $150,000 renovating the property Because the property was run down the Property had clay pipes which I don't Understand why a property would have Clay pipes but they had clay pipes and They were all busted and they were Leaking sewage into the house so they Had to spend tons of money renovating This property so the first thing I wish I knew before buying this house was to Get a sewer scope done within the first Week of owning this house we started Running into all kinds of Plumbing Issues and this all could have been Avoided or dealt with beforehand if we Had just gotten a sewer scope done Before we bought the house within in the First 3 days this sink had already Backed up and we had to call a plumber To fix it there was toilet water all Over this hallway this bathtub became Filled with water that had been in the Clay pipes and it was all because of the Roots of these palm trees right here and Their end goal was that they're going to Make you know they're going to make a Profit on it in 10 years and now less Than a year later she's pulling out uh And she's not going to be involved in Airbnb anymore and the entire video like

I said at the start she talks about SB 584 which is a proposed bill that was Going to go into effect in California to Add a 15% tax on the occupancy of Short-term rentals this was a bill Designed specifically to go against Airbnb and there are there are cities Counties states countries around the World uh that have started to put out a Lot of these bills against short-term Rentals because like I said they are Detrimental um to to the housing Situation as a whole people want to buy Single properties to live in and then You have individuals like this who buy Multiple properties and just rent them Out short term that causes all Properties to go up because now there's Less homes to go around for people who Actually want to buy them now this bill That she talks about I think I think New York City actually like put out a bill That basically banned airbnbs just a few Months ago um but this bill that she's Talking about that the the entire video That she made this entire video was all Around this this bill and she's talking About guys I'm leaving Airbnb because This bill is going to make Airbnb Unprofitable this bill was Cancelled okay she made this video two Weeks ago uh October 28th and this this Bill was cancelled by the the uh State Council back in back in July I believe

They decided not to vote on this bill It's been cancelled so this isn't like a Bill that was created when she made the Video and then later it was canceled it Was canceled months before she she made This video so she either didn't do a Research and didn't realize this bill Isn't going into effect or she knew it Wasn't going into effect and just Decided she didn't want to do airnb Airbnb anymore and this was her reason For getting out of Airbnb and I think That's the the real answer because like I said with u Monica's video Monica Proves that they were making no money on This this property they were losing uh Upwards of like $500 each of them a Month that they had to pay to keep this Thing afloat so I think really that's The reason she wanted out and and she Just used this bill as an excuse be like Guys this bill is going to make it Unprofitable when in reality it was Already unprofitable now if you go to The comment section on her Channel um Her own subscribers are actually tearing Her apart one of the most upvoted Comments uh on the channel is just an Informational correction SB 584 is not a Law going into effect in California the First Committee hearing for it was Cancelled at request of the author of The bill in June 2023 it's not been Voted on by our legislation and has not

Been signed by the governor it was Pulled and then there are 35 Plus Comments agreeing with the uh the Individual who left that comment and Under many of them are confused as to Why she made this video because it Doesn't make any sense the bill is not Going into effect so there's no reason To make this video saying this is why You're leaving Airbnb because California Is making it uh un you can't make any Money on airbn because of this bill the Bill was canceled Shelby I I don't know What's going on you're a boss babe you Should know this but I I don't know What's going on right now in November It's kind of the slower season so it's 575 a night you end up paying $328 in Taxes so the reservation total is around $3,300 now in 2025 when this whole thing Goes into effect it's going to make it So that the taxes you pay are $749 so the total reservation goes from $3,300 to 3745 so I pulled up a very nice hotel in Around the same area that she is that You could say in the resident in by Marot at La quenta and it is a 175 uh total per night for four nights So 600 total uh 700 total after Everything U goes and with everything Expenses and everything so you're going To save about like over over $2,000 for A very nice hotel you could stay at for

The same amount of time you'd save $2,000 over staying at Shelby Price's Overpriced Airbnb Now again like I said no negativity Don't leave comments saying you're being Negative Scott the entire point of the Video is to show you that this is Terrible Financial advice please do not Take Financial advice from YouTubers this is a it's been a horrible Investment for years you're not going to Make money on this you're going to lose Money and she's been promoting this as Something that people can get involved In and make a bunch of money but if you Look like I said you look at a hotel Same area you could save over $2,000 There's no cleaning fee there's no Airbnb service fee it's just going to be $700 maybe with some taxes you buy some Stuff from the bar maybe $1,000 right You're still going to save over $2,000 Than staying at uh Shelby's Airbnb so This is not a good investment I've been Saying this for a year that's what my Initial video was about now she's Leaving Airbnb because she finally Realized it she finally realized she's Not going to make any money from her Investment so if you guys haven't Followed along with the Airbnb Journey You know I'm just barely breaking even So to be making 2,000 a month in cash Flow now I'm skeptical if that's

Actually possible but we'll see that Would be way better than doing Airbnb Plus I wouldn't have to deal with all of The hassles that come with running an Airbnb it's really not that bad but you Do think about it a lot and there's Always stuff that comes up that you need To be repurchasing all right so she says Towards the end of the video that she's Barely breaking even her sister Monica I Showed you in that clip says that They're not breaking even they lose Money every month so I don't know who to Believe Shel your Monica let me know in The comments below who's being more Truthful is she breaking even or is she Losing money every month on her Airbnb I Don't want to go over the entire video Obviously I don't want to be someone who Just shows someone else's entire video On my channel I'll have a link below if You want to watch the video again don't Say anything negative to or people get Mad when you know I'm not I'm not trying To be negative the point is like I said Several times now do not take Financial Advice from YouTubers none of them have Any idea what they're talking about this Property she invested in was a disaster Almost a million dollars spent on the Property she realized they're not making Any money on it it's only going to get Worse as um how money works I I'll I'll Put a link to that video as well as he

Showed in that video uh Airbnb states Countries all over the world are Starting to pass a lot of bills against Airbnb and it's only going to become More and more unprofitable as time goes On this is the type of stuff that's Promoted on YouTube as a good Financial Investment like I said I think I think She made 10 plus videos on her little Airbnb experiment now it's it's gone Down the drain please I I I'm being Completely sincere I was joking Throughout this video a lot do not take Financial advice from YouTubers any of Them just it's just entertainment these People including myself because if I if I don't say myself people are saying I'm I'm being mean people on YouTube have no Idea what they're talking about it's Just for entertainment do not listen to Any of these people give any type of Advice they don't know what they're Talking about but let me know in the Comments uh below what you think uh was This a disaster for Shelby church or am I just being a Negative Nancy as some People like to think I'm sure I'm sure Monica Church her twin sister uh will Leave another passive aggressive comment On this video saying I'm being negative And her sister Shelby is a boss babe and All that fun stuff but let me know in The comments below what you think was This a disaster should people be

Promoting uh buying multiple properties And trying to short-term rent them let Me know below

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