Idiot Streamers Who Got Caught Cheating Live

From using Aimbot during a live CS go Tournament to completing Super Mario 64 With a see-through blindfold these are The dumbest streamers who are caught in 4k cheating beginning with Elm zero who Accidentally left his Aimbot on whilst Trying out for a professional Esports Team up until this point Elm zero had Built up a respectable 3 000 twitch Followers for his impressive Apex Legends gameplay however while trialling For the pro team Zenith judges noticed That his aim was almost too impressive And what this first kill was arguably Still possible without Aimbot his next Kill was significantly more suspicious Elm zero shoots through the wall as if You already knew where the enemy was Before locking onto the player with near Perfect accuracy Elm zero was instantly Called out in a Twitter post reading how Are people streaming cheats in scrim's Lameo which received a response Explaining that he was known for Cheating on pubg in the past one of my Accounts was banned from pubg I was Banned by the pubg Corp for I mean my Band message said determined to expose Elm zero for good another clip was Tweeted of him warming up for the match In which his aim was once again Robotically accurate and with the Evidence seem inconclusive Zenith Esports would make a tweet explaining

That Elm zero was not contracted with us And has been removed from our trial Process which was followed by Elm zero Deleting all of his social media before Disappearing from the internet Semper0311 was even stupider as after Going live playing the game Destiny 2 Where he'd forget to hide the Aimbot Program altogether at the time he was Streaming to a small audience of only 16 People however this was enough for one Of his viewers to notice the fishy Gameplay writing in the chat is that Aimbot on your screen it has like red Squares around them simple was dumb Enough to read the comments out loud the Screen has red squares around them and After pretending to be confused for a Couple of seconds the stream ended Abruptly and the footage was deleted in The days that followed semper denied Cheating and threatened to ban anyone Bringing it up no it's not no it's not And I didn't dude if you want to get Banned you can keep saying that yet After being pressured by the audience Semba admitted to cheating in the Weakest way possible there was wall Hacks on my computer yesterday on stream Like I'm not denying that I just don't Know how they got there however Elise Simpa eventually admitted to some kind Of wrongdoing as the next person blamed Her cheating on a non-existent person

The streamer in question went by the Name of Miss Q Gemini and just prior to Being exposed she'd state that people Often called her a cheater simply Because she was female you know what's Really sad that sometimes you know Because I'm female in Counter-Strike Being people are like you're cheating However the real reason behind why she Was called a cheater revealed itself Just minutes later I should begin her First CS Go game of the stream with wall Hacks enabled After dying in the game she'd come to Notice her colossal size mistake and Attempted to play the whole thing off by Stating that she had some weird glitch Do you guys ever get that uh that weird Glitch in csgo where it shows your rank That it shows everyone's rank I played The other day with Rock and he got that And now I have it I don't know what's Why it's weird which was Then followed By Miss Q Gemini stating that someone Named Clara had been playing on her Computer earlier that day yeah wait Clara hold on Clara give me one second Clara let me just message this girl give Me one second why is this on my computer Right now where is this how do I close This I need to text my friend Clara Right now she was at my house earlier Today I'm literally gonna kill her she Promised me she didn't use it on my PC

Clara out of all people this is what Happens when you let people use your PC Realizing that there was no getting out Of this Miss Q Gemini began to trade all Of her items to a brand new account yet Unfortunately this wouldn't stop of a Twitch ban which happened later that day And while it's certainly Shameless to Blame a friend for the hacks on your Computer it's not nearly as Shameless as Aimbotting during a professional CS go Tournament which is what would happen in The case of optic forsaken Forsaken and Joined the Indian optic group in May 2018 and in the five games played after Joining forsaken had always placed Either second or first while many assume That forsaken was nothing more than a Very talented player it will be after Flying to a 100 000 prized professional Tournament in Shanghai China that optic Forsaken was exposed brutally the Tournament began with forsaken taking Large breaks in the warm-up rounds as if He was trying to set something up on his Computer in the background yet it would Only be after the main matches began the Forsaken's plays became incredibly Suspicious This first strange flick into the ground Was followed by countless examples of Him locking perfectly onto the enemy And while there was a chance that some Of these kills could still be made by a

High level player it will be with one Final match up the forsakens Aimbot Became obvious After locking onto the enemy through a Wall event organizers called a timeout And officials made their way over to Forsaken's computer to figure out if he Was cheating at first forsaken refused Access to his computer however the Officials would ignore this and look Anyway during which forsaken kept Pushing them away from his computer While he tried to delete the Aimbot Right in front of their faces despite Having traveled all the way from India Forsaken in the whole optic team were Instantly disqualified from the Tournament which became even worse when Forsaken issued a public statement Explaining that neither his team manager Or coach had even the faintest idea that He was hacking the Scandal eventually Resulted in optic India shutting down Altogether but forsaken isn't the only Person in this video to cheat in a Professional tournament because during a Professional fortnite tournament with a 500 000 prize the following scenario Happened to a player by the name of Marquis locurus Despite being down and finished Countless times by his opponent a glitch Prevented Marky from being eliminated Whilst being revived Marky told his

Teammate to keep quiet about what had Happened which was followed by the two Unfairly killing the player who were Down to Maki originally After continuing to play normally Maki Was approached by event organizers who Asked him to leave the match yet he'd Refused stating that what had happened Was a glitch and was part of the game While he would eventually give up and Leave this prompted discussion online About whether Maki had cheated or not I Don't think he is cheating I think he Just went with it all these kids saying He wasn't cheating he knew he wasn't Taking damage and got revived and Continued the game even though he should Have died that's considered an exploit And is cheating fun fact the first clip Was actually a glitch but he decided to Abuse it there was certainly an argument For whether or not Marquis Behavior Constituted cheating however the same Couldn't be said for Captain baldy who Accidentally showed his Aimbot whilst Trying to prove that he wasn't cheating Up until this point Captain baldy had Built up a war zone kill death ratio of Over two yet similar to the Apex Legends Player in the beginning Captain body Will be called out on Twitter after Locking onto an enemy who was running Behind a wall Another clip and surface where Captain

Body displayed suspiciously accurate Shooting And as a result his chap began to fill With people calling him a cheater Determined to prove his innocence Captain baldy agreed to show his task Manager yet hilariously seemed to Instead tap the key which brought up his Cheat menu task manager yo they want my Task manager hold up controller delete Oh my God the chat then mocked Captain Baldy relentlessly which was followed by A live Warzone band later in the Stream Disconnected from God no way Damn with the captain body Saga ending With the deletion of his entire twitch Channel getting caught while checking The task manager was a trend continued By Call of Duty streamer young although He didn't take his expose as humbly as Captain Baldi did Young's viewers Noticed that he always seemed to know Where the enemy was coming from so just Like our last shooter the audience Requested that he show his task manager Now young wasn't dumb enough to bring up The entire cheat menu however after Accessing the task manager his stream Display bugged out and showed at a Second window where his hacks could be Seen clearly after being banned from Call of Duty young would take to his Twitter on which he'd make an Idiotically arrogant tweet reading got

Mad Free Press tonight over 2K views Overall some people even posted my Gameplay online thanks for the shout Outs people really appreciate the help Although these 2 000 views worth of Free Press didn't contribute to the long-term Growth of his career as young hasn't Gone live on Twitch ever since however Young still looks like a genius in Comparison to Twisted bear whose twitch Description boldly claimed that he was At the top Modern Warfare player the Reason for this claim would become Apparent in July of 2020 when he'd go Live displaying his skills only he Completely forgot that he had his War Hacks on the enter Twisted Bear's career Was then unbelievably quick he was Banned from Call of Duty then twitch and Was never heard from ever again but this Is what separates Twisted bear from the Next cheater Mr Golds who made a much Larger spectacle over his cheating ban Mr Golds was a much more significant Figure in the Call of Duty Community Supporting a twitch follow account of Over fifty thousand during a live stream To an audience of approximately 1 700 People Mr Gold's brought up his task Manager before beginning to brag about How he was so good at Call of Duty that He didn't need to cheat is it the first Time you see someone good at the game Have you ever seen anyone playing like

Miss like like seriously although he Didn't seem to notice that he'd also Accidentally brought up his cheat menu On which he had aim at enemies turned on Despite having 1 800 viewers at the time Almost nobody was talking in the chat or Calling him out for it showing that he Was probably also viewbodying however While the chat remained pretty quiet the Incident was shared to Twitter where it Received over 2 000 likes and 700 Retweets after being temporarily banned From Call of Duty and twitch Mr Golds Would upload an apology video in which He'd state that he didn't mean to Download the cheats I truly am sorry About it I didn't mean to what does he Mean I didn't mean to you don't download And use cheats without meaning to I mean Come on buddy before going on try and Convince his audience that this wasn't Who he was this is not who I am this is Really not who I am despite having Cheated for months in the lead up to his Expose these days Mr Gold's twitch Channel is an advertisement for Big Cryptocurrency giveaways from Tesla Which sounds like an even bigger scam Than his wall hacks however a more Interesting question to ponder is what Happens when a game developer gets Caught cheating on his own game this is What happened to autonil the H1Z1 Technical director who was caught using

Invisibility whilst live on stream You can't see me Oh my God am i hidden Oh my God yeah judging from his reaction That cheat had definitely been left on Accidentally oh my God I'm so sorry guys I'm so sorry guys Damn I actually feel for the dev you can Tell he felt really bad poor guy LOL However there was absolutely no Accidents coming from FaZe Jarvis who Was given a lifetime ban on fortnite After cheating publicly on the 4th of November 2019 FaZe Jarvis would upload a Video titled fortnite gave me Aimbot in Which he'd explained that he was given Hacks by an unknown person in random Duos something crazy actually happened I Got in a random Jaws game and he was Telling me like he can get AIM but on Everything and then he was going to test The hacks for his video this is what Happens look enable fov Aimbot I don't Know what hard this stuff means but it's It's actually about to be lit we're About to pop off over the following Seven minutes Jarvis lit up every single Person in the lobby with his insane Aimbot accuracy oh my God oh I'm sorry what I'm sorry what whilst Explaining that he was using a new Account and a new computer so he Wouldn't get banned obviously I don't Want to have Amber on my main account I

Had to go on a new pc like I don't want To get my name PC banned Jarvis finished The video by once again reiterating that You shouldn't hack and that his dummy Account was most certainly going to get Banned never use aimbook okay never do It you're gonna get banned I'm 100 gonna Get banned on this account yet he Probably didn't expect that fortnite Would watch his video and ban every Single one of his accounts permanently In the days that follow Jarvis would Upload a new video titled I've been Banned from fortnite I'm sorry in which It explained that he could no longer Play the game I've actually been Permanently banned on fortnite for Life Recently I posted some videos of me Using Amber it didn't even cross my mind To think that I could be banned for life On fortnite before stating that he was Extremely sorry for his actions you know It's obvious that I made a massive Mistake and of course I would never Think about doing anything like this Again I know now how big of it to see This was and like That's there's nothing I can The video accompanied a tweet by Jarvis Reading I'm going to take accountability For my actions and I understand Completely why this has happened I just Wish I had known how severe the Consequences were at the time and I

Would have never thought about doing it I love all of you who still support me This is not the end and while Jarvis did Seem quite apologetic for his actions Fortnite would make an example out of Jarvis by Banning any new accounts that He'd try to create the interesting thing Is Jarvis's punishment was still less Severe than super fast jellyfish who Might have the craziest cheating story In this whole video superfast jellyfish Was a Super Mario 64 speedrunner who Wanted to join the exclusive nine-person List of Super Mario players who had Completed the game whilst blindfolded in The lead-up to his blindfolded attempts Superfast jellyfish had been playing Super Mario 64 for three and a half Years leading him to believe that he had Enough experience to beat the game Without eyesight and apparently he was Correct as he'd successfully complete The Blindfolded challenge after only Three tries however his ability to Complete the challenge was such ease Prompted a user by the name of Charlie Brown 64 to upload a video titled Obvious cheater fakes blindfolded Super Mario 64 speedrun in which he tears Super fast jellyfish's run to Absolute Shreds only a true gamer such as this Man would be able to somehow sidestep This Goomba quickly make his way up the Path and then do this long jump to the

Next red all completely blindfolded and With absolutely no setup necessary not Only does he somehow know exactly where The one-up box is but he also knows Exactly what direction the one-up will Go and once it spawns something Completely determined by RNG then after Chasing it on a moving platform for a Completely arbitrary amount of time he Somehow knows exactly when and where to Jump to the left watch now as he somehow Knows exactly where he is on the Spinning platform and knows exactly Where the first pole is again anyone who Is actually blindfolded here would have Probably just kept holding left and run Off however this guy is able to make a Completely random amount of adjustments To make it onto the pole 19 days after Charlie Brown would upload his expose a Super fast jellyfish uploaded a bizarre Apology video in would you try to claim That the Run had been faked deliberately That Speed Run was purposely fake it was Purposely fake yet nobody seemed to buy Any of his lies a super fast jellyfish's Tome in the spotlight ended with a Dislike ratio of over 95 percent

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