Indiegogo’s BIGGEST Scam Ever? Park & Diamond Foldable Bike Helmet.

Today we're going to be talking about One of the most successful scams to ever Steal people's money on the crowdfunding Platform Indiegogo now of course that's Just my opinion but in this video I'll Provide evidence that I think will make It clear to you this product was never Going to work and no backers of the Project will ever get their money back The product I'm talking about is known As the park and Diamond foldable bike Helmet they claim that their helmet Wasn't rigid like all the others on the Market and could be folded down to fit Into a case about the size of a water Bottle it was stylish with a cool hat Covering and lighter than anything Currently on the market basically their Helmet was the Messiah of helmets that Would put all others to shame let's take A brief look at their sales pitch Meet the first helmet designed by former SpaceX engineers and a super collapsible Form factor the helmet implements Next Generation materials and looks like a Baseball hat as two Engineers we knew That if we put our heads together we Could do something about this problem Helmets aren't worn because they're Uncomfortable and inconvenient people Don't want to carry around huge chunks Of foam it became more important now Than ever to have a helmet that's Comfortable attractive portable and safe

To make sure the helmet is as safe as Possible we've done thousands of impact Tests in our lab Not only does her helmet meet all of the Federal Regulations it surpasses them Bike Share programs are growing at over 25 percent year over year four Americans Are taking a bike to work than they ever Have before there's millions of people Out there that need a product like ours The portability of being able to roll up The helmet allows you to easily carry it With you And best of all provide the same or Better protection as any traditional Helmet There's a really broad future for Parking diamond The Styles and options are Limitless We're positioned to protect as many People as possible With your support we'll be able to Protect millions of bike commuters every Day please go to and Pre-order now now what they showed in That ad looked pretty cool lots of People don't like their big bulky Helmets so having a lightweight foldable Helmet you could roll up and throw in a Bag sounded great the two Engineers that Started the project were able to Convince almost thirteen thousand people To give them a total of three million Dollars and the project was successfully

Funded on November 28 2018 with first Shipment scheduled to go out in Mid-2019. now initially everyone was Excited about this project they were Only asking for fifty thousand but so Many people wanted this new Revolutionary product they ended up Raising Millions however people's Attitudes towards the company quickly Changed the company missed their Mid-2019 window for early shipments and They proceeded to provide excuse after Excuse to backers as to why the product Wasn't shipped yet they ranged from Testing issues for safety to changing Manufacturing Partners in China as well As people leaving their design team year After year they pushed the launch date Back until 2020 when the pandemic Happened when the pandemic hit this was Their new excuse as to why their product Couldn't be delivered it's all the Pandemic's fault now to give the team Some credit they did keep adding updates To their Indiegogo page but it was Always just more excuses now this Eventually changed on March 8 2021 when The team finally released an unboxing Video showing what they claimed was the New finished product backers quickly Turned on the company as the new product Shown was larger than originally Designed it didn't fold down to the Extent the Prototype did and it had

Different rectangle folding pattern that Was bulkier compared to the original Triangle design overall it did not look As safe as the original product to many Backers things got worse a month later When the teams showed helmets being Manufactured in the facility that looked Even worse by being much larger and just Looking like a traditional helmet the Company tried to assure the backers that There was nothing to worry about and the Product would ship soon but it never Shipped in 2021 as they claimed it would Once again being delayed after all the Delays backers were Furious leaving Comments on all their social media Pages Demanding refunds The Jig was up and People started to dig into what the Company had initially offered one of the Main selling points for the campaign was That the product had been created by X SpaceX Engineers this was a big deal to A lot of backers but once people started To look at the company closer they found Out that the SpaceX engineer they Claimed was the creator had left their Project in November 2018 and that he had Only ever been an intern at SpaceX for Four months on top of that in their Initial campaign the company claimed Their helmet would meet all safety Standards required for bike helmets yet They have never provided any evidence That they have received certification

From the consumer product safety Commission which is required for all Helmets sold in the United States in Fact they have repeatedly said they are Performing their own internal safety Reviews in their private facilities only One of the most laughable changes to the Product was to massively decrease the Front bill of the calf that covers the Helmet they had to do this as they found Out that the larger cap design would Cause the helmet to pull back on the Head and the covering could come off all Of these basic Design Elements should Have been done years earlier and now With their former SpaceX intern no Longer on the team who do they have to Redo the needed changes now the company Hasn't posted to most of their social Media platforms since 2019 the only site They kept updating seems to be their Indiegogo page but even on that site the Last update was on March 4th 2022 where They again said they are doing Independent testing on their helmet with No shipping date in sight many any Backers were furious with the company as Most gave them money in 2018 and still Had nothing to show for it Indiegogo Eventually released a statement in August saying after numerous complaints They were now investigating the company And have seized the remaining funds to Give back to backers who want their

Money back unfortunately Indiegogo also Says the company had already spent most Of the money so it's unclear just how Many people will ever receive refunds if You go to their comment page now it's Filled with nothing but people demanding Their money back it's unfortunate to see This happen to people but I think it Should have been clear they were never Going to be able to deliver what they Promised Bell Helmets is the largest Bike helmet manufacturer with over 70 Percent of the bike helmet market and Despite the company making millions a Year in Revenue they don't have a Foldable helmet it's the largest helmet Company in the market can't create this Product why did people ever think a SpaceX intern would be able to do the Impossible I'm curious what you think After this video was this a scam from The start or did the creators have good Intentions and took on a challenge that Was just too big for them to complete Let me know in the comments below

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