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The biggest creators in the world are at The center of a scam and I don't know if I should talk about it some have been Defrauded others are associated and most Are plain embarrassed but I don't want To get sued I mean what do you think I Should do here have a drink and maybe Start at the beginning Thanks it started 2 months Ago hello this is coffeezilla I Know Who You Are And I've got something for you tell me More all right well this is for sure a Lie there's no way you look that cool Okay maybe I exaggerated the setting a Bit but I did get a [Music] Call hello coffeezilla I've got a scan For you it's called Revolt huge Influencers lies people haven't been Paid how much how much are we talking Not sure rumors 5 mil and some of the Merchandise still hasn't shipped you Interested yeah can I Source you n keep Me Anonymous on this One now this sounds more like the coffee I know yeah yeah you're missing the Point after getting this call and Finishing my very important business I Started digging around but the same word Kept cropping up so you have heard of Revolt can I put this on the record no Keep it anonymous all right this is Great info but how do you feel about

Going public sorry keep my name out of It keep me Anonymous please yeah I can Keep you Anonymous Sure I was hitting a wall and I was Getting Frustrated little by little though a Picture emerged not fully on the record Not fully off the voices of more than a Dozen anonymous calls complaining about This one merch company Revolt run by a Guy named Ryan pente isn't he the guy Who runs The Misfits yeah the the YouTuber group and believe me they'll be Involved later the point is I was Hearing about this merch company revolt And everyone said in 2019 through 2021 It was extremely successful working with Everyone and of course in exchange for This success Revolt was happy to take a Cut of each of these merch drops in fact I obtained some of Revolt sales numbers From 2021 showing how much only five of Their drops made 20 million in Revenue I Mean mindblowing numbers these creators Who I've hidden for privacy made $12 Million Revolt for their cut should have Made $4 Million now that is a mystery how do you Screw up such a business making so much Money that's what I wanted to find out Problem was no one would go public then You have nothing right rumors innuendo Maybe but if no one will talk no that's The thing that kills me about this story

Most of the creators did talk employees Talked everyone behind the scenes they Couldn't stop talking this is why I'm Struggling with this story if it was Just off the Record I'd kill it if Everyone was on the record it's an easy Story right but it's it's neither I'm in Limbo well let's just get to what the Accusations are then anonymously I was Just getting to that as I was saying Revolt made huge profits massive merch Drops but there was another side of Things Ryan pente had a spending problem He took six private jet trips in a month Thousands of dollars every night on Dinner we have receipts for by the way They spent 25,000 a week to rent a Mansion in LA and they rented a Ferrari For $20,000 for a week but the thing was It wasn't really Ryan footing the bill It was actually Revolt right even as This company's raking in money Handover Fist they were spending more than they Could afford which was brought up to Ryan as a problem so why aren't you a Million Millionaire he spends money like A did you always spend money like an Idiot yeah I've always spent money like A I mean the thing with money is I like To be able to provide that experience to Everybody so a lot of the money that I Spend is actually on other people for The most part because I'm just like yeah

Let's do it like let's have fun yikes so They just spent it all is that it is That the scam no no no you're getting Ahead of me look uh mind topping me off Sure sure it'll get you to spill the Beans so what Else well the spinning part was just the Start of it at this point Ryan's plan Was described to me by a source who knew Him as Creator a does a drop Ryan would Then spend a large chunk of that on Private jets noou Balenciaga and then Creator B does a drop but Creator a Still owed money and so Ryan pays Creator a with Creator B's money little Ponzi is if you ask me but the key key Here is that this works as long as each Merch drop is bigger than the last you Can keep paying for everything but Revolt was starting to have issues According to former employees Revolt had Terrible Logistics experience which is Okay when you sell 400 units but when You sell 40,000 in one day that's a Problem not only that Revolt is starting To pull in bigger and bigger talent and These influencers are demanding bigger And bigger minimum guarantees Ryan Agrees but things aren't like before Some of those merch drops underperform Now owes money not just to minimum Guarantees but they also were counting On these new merch drops to pay their Older clients so they start delaying

Payments ah here we go that's right For The First Time creators they start Actually posting about their experiences Not off the Record publicly honestly It's actually a really nice t-shirt like In a in like a chill way thank you we're Not going to talk about the company I Made it with because they stole stole Everything from me so okay like I get Their Bad Company can I can you put me On their send list please just like for Everyone I'll take all their merch dude I'm not I'm not sure anyone will ever Make much with them again after recently It was finally happening big creators Had started to talk about Revolt Carl Jacobs said they're the worst people Ever that just blatantly lie smos Founder Anthony Pia says Revolt still Hasn't paid me it's been months now I Should say for the record that he Eventually got his issue resolved but Underneath his post another Creator Posted neatu saying they haven't paid me Either now I called her and for the First time in this case I got a breakr I Am Nikki nichu I'm a twitch streamer and Revolt owes me $300,000 that's so hard to hear that's So unbelievable and it wasn't just her Not getting paid she explained that also People who ordered from her some of them Didn't even get their order after Everything anything was shipped first of

All a lot of people in Europe didn't get Their didn't get their merch and I Messaged them about it and they said Yeah we'll look into it never did a lot Of my friends who bought merch never Received it to this date yes these Orders which were in 2022 yes have not Been sent out or received yes now as bad As that sounds as I looked closer I Realized this was common really common Delays missing orders sometimes the Order would just be wrong like when they Sent out a pin collection but forgot the Pins now because of this an Insider at Revolt told me that in December of 21 They had over a 100,000 customer support Tickets open for quality issues and Items not being shipped and that gets us To the good [Music] Part in a world where Common Sense takes A backseat and physics is just a Suggestion comes a movie that punches Logic in the face are you ready for best Pizza of Life bring friends down to Pepperoni hug Spot our chefs make pizza with heart and Special Touch tired of watching low Effort content then come on down [Music] Okay where were we um can I get another Drink actually yeah I'll pour you Another one thanks remember that Insider Document I showed you earlier yeah made

Me want to sell merch what I didn't tell You is that it was all part of a pitch Deck for Mr Beast see Ryan pente had met Jimmy and he wanted to convince him to Work with Revolt so he creates this Pitch deck you've seen the other Creator Sales numbers but there were also ideas For Mr beast in there like nfts you Could redeem for Merch and there were Also some Financial projections on their First drop together Revolt claimed Mr Beast would make $4 million across 3 Years 50 million in annual profit There's no way that's what I thought I Thought maybe the team was delusional Enough to think it was possible though So I asked according to insiders at the Company they actually met Jimmy and Started discussing minimum guarantees And how Revolt would 10x his merch Business over the next two years but Check this out this being possible was Openly discussed by the Revolt team oh No they knew yeah and this is where Things go from bad to worse so Mr Beast Gets this minimum guarantee deal to do His 100 million subscriber collection With Revolt right but Revolt doesn't Sell like they claimed they would it Does revenue way below expected meaning Revolt didn't hit their minimum Guarantee so what do they do well this Is where things dip into fraud right our Insider says I assume this is when they

Decided to increased cost of goods Meaning Revolt charged Mr Beast more for Every item of clothing than he was Actually paying for at the Factory that's a pretty huge accusation Where's the evidence my question exactly I got sent this what exactly am I Looking at here what I just sent you is The pricing sheet from the Chinese Factory top left you can see the invoice Item says rvlt meaning Revolt mrb Mr Beast there's unit order sizes and Prices And what are these ink marks that's Where changes were made see somebody Wrote down next to the factory prices New prices higher prices did you talk to Mr Beast about this well nobody would Talk on the record but I confirmed that Revolt charged higher prices to their Team like it says in Inc Revolt charged More per item than they were actually Paying the Chinese factories according To their own insiders who else did this Happen to that's the thing we don't know I asked around and the closest I got was An answer from a former employee this Person claims right as I was exiting the Business he started talking about that The production manager said she could Get the factories to write whatever she Wanted on invoices so it's definitely Possible this happened more it's hard to Say what I do know is when the money ran

Out it all fell apart what do you mean Well the merch business has a lot of Middlemen people who create the shirts Warehouses store it fulfillment The thing is Ryan was running out of Money for all of It what is This Misfits merch company going under Earlier this year the Salvation Army ARC Memphis received a donation of a 100 Plus clothing items from Revolt Factory The merge company this ranges from Corpse husband hoodies to Swagger Soul Hoodies and other scuffed merch with Everything coming out about the Misfits Quietly shutting down it makes sense That they were selling and donating old Star they donated it basically from what I heard the storage fees weren't paid on Time to the Fulfillment center so they Donated People's Clothing to get rid of It so not only are people not getting Their merch on time some of it is Literally randomly sitting on eBay Because Revolt didn't pay their bills on Time H I assume you reached out to Ryan Pente about all this though right yeah Multiple times and we might have talked But he ghosted me when the next wave of Accusations came then I think it's time To go public about this wait did you say There's more Accusations I mean the thing with money Is I like to be able to provide that

Experience to Everybody so a lot of the money that I Spend is actually on other people for The most part because I'm just like yeah Let's do it like let's have fun you're a Psychopath actually or maybe a sociopath Whatever the difference is operational You that is a character you have [Music] Though welcome back to the $10 million Studio I was investigating what I Thought was a case of financial fraud But what happened next made it also a Case of YouTube's own version of Harvey Weinstein and I don't mean to say that To exaggerate the severity of the Accusations you're about to hear I do Say it to convey the seriousness Similarities and signal that the Following is disturbing now if that Sounds a little too graphic I understand If you need to click off the video we Normally don't cover these types of Allegations however I felt that given we Found this halfway through the Investigation we couldn't ignore it see It all started last year when there was A serious allegation about Ryan pente Being a predator it was made by an Insider at the Misfits the YouTubers That Ryan managed and this guy went by Packet these allegations range from Being coerced into inappropriate acts Witnessing Ryan perv on his employees in

The shower breaking into client phones To search for private photos take Advantage of men who he has given way Too much alcohol and drugs and a lot More now when this accusation first came Out and at the start of me investigating There wasn't much in the way of proof The only thing verifiable was that Ryan Encouraged others to get trashed which We know because the Misfits themselves Talked about it so so funny compared to Like now when this the norm like people Get up all the time yeah now he's just The one encouraging everyone else to Yeah now besides this piece of evidence There wasn't much else in the way of Corroborating evidence until October When two more stories came out that had Very similar stories to the original and I knew we had to take them very Seriously in one story a guy who was Between 18 and 19 was told by Ryan quote He saw potential in me before being Assaulted in the shower the other guy Was in their early 20s and tells a story Of how he was invited to a party with The Misfits a YouTuber group he liked But in order to get in the house he was Forced to inhale a substance as a Condition of inry later extremely Intoxicated he was also assaulted by Ryan pente in the shower now let me Remind you that these all are Allegations but let me also tell you

That four other people have come forward Who know Ryan and corroborated his Character one person says one day I'll Tell my Ryan P story but for now I'll Just say this this Rabbit Hole goes deep This person has been abusing his power And money for years the trail of victims That follow this man is staggering Another says I've known Ryan since we Were 16 he was always a weird pervy dude From the start Billy says Ryan P has Been a disgusting individual for years Personally I've seen him do very Questionable things yet another says Ryan P is a master manipulator I I Myself was manipulated by him for far Too long but that's not all that's just What's public behind the scenes I began To receive much more one guy told me Ryan offered to fly him out and give him $5,000 to cover work he showed me Receipts of this payment from Ryan he Then told me I end up going and it's all Good for the first few hours but when I Went to the bathroom he followed me and Without going into detail assaulted me When I clearly was extremely Uncomfortable now this story Specifically has a thread we're going to Follow because there's numerous Allegations Ryan would use money to coer People into situations they wouldn't Otherwise do like paying this guy $5,000 To come over for work or more commonly

He'd pay creators who were struggling For explicit photos of themselves people Sent me emails they'd get notifying them Of Twitter DMS from Ryan asking for Explicit photos along with accompanying Payments from Ryan the reason I'm Telling you about all this is not only That it demonstrates this Behavior was Happening and provides a financial paper Trail but some of it dovetails into Fraud because as I started asking for Some of these financial documents I Found that Ryan would often not just pay People from personal accounts he would Use business accounts to pay for these Things specifically The Misfits business Account remember that's the Beloved YouTuber group people supported through Patreon merge through a podcast turns Out their Company accounts were being Used in part to pay for explicit photos Of some of the fans of the show I was Shown these payments and the question is Why even do this to write it off your Taxes no matter the reason this is like Some weird form of fraud it's not the Kind that I normally like to talk about But who uses their business account for This we also need to talk about what Happened in April of 2016 as well when Ryan asked the fan can we get married When she told him she was 16 he said Come back in 2 years which which would Be when she was 18 but one year later

Ryan reached back out saying this quote I retweeted your selfie do I get nudes She replies that's illegal he says quote Don't worry I ain't no snitch now I Asked the person who gave me these if She thought he was joking at the time She responded no I think it was legit Because it happened a lot on Snapchat And he fully like tried to give me money To do it now this once again Corroborates the creepy Behavior we've Seen from Ryan pente in the past so for Those of you who have been counting we Now have five independent accusations Some Anonymous some fully on the record We have multiple forms of evidence Firsthand accounts DMS Payment Processing receipts and we have four Independent character testimonies from People who claim to know Ryan now as Always I've tried to reach out to Ryan To get his side of the story seven times Over two months months and have gotten Nothing in the way of an explanation the Last I heard he was spotted at an Airport and we have no idea of his Whereabouts Since now this investigation has been Exhausting honestly both emotionally and Just to carry all the details in my Heads of all the accusations the Whistleblowers so I imagine for you it's Been kind of confusing as well so I want To summarize this piece so we don't miss

Anything there's really two sides to the Story we have Revolt the company and Misfits a Uber group in one Ryan is Basically accused of running a Ponzi Type merch company where he spent too Much money and needed bigger and bigger Merch drops to pay off debts and minimum Guarantees when that didn't work he Resorted to faking invoices to creators Like Mr Beast to increase cost of goods While being so bad at Logistics that Even when creators got paid their fans Received their merch late the wrong Merch or no merch at all and Occasionally creators merch would just Get donated to charity so that's fun too And that's just part one then you have The Misfits where Ryan used his Proximity to fame and money to abuse a Series of guys and girls through a Pattern of grooming intoxication and Then assault usually involving a shower Somewhere the damage this man has done Is hard to calculate because it's not Just a financial number on a spreadsheet People have stopped creating content Because of Ryan others have had mental Health breakdowns and it's Pastime we Warn people about them so no one else Gets hurt thank you for watching and Supporting through View subscribing Checking out the patreon I'm so indebted To this community and I will see you in [Music]

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