Insane Crypto Influencer Livestreams His Arrest & Mental Breakdown

Disgraced crypto influencer Ben Armstrong did the unthinkable when he Live streamed himself yelling like a Madman in front of the house of the Individual he believed stole his Lamborghini predictably this ended with Ben getting arrested for assault charges And further making Ben look like the Biggest laughing stock on all of YouTube I recently made a video on Ben just a Few weeks ago and had no interest in Making another video about him but after This wild turn of events we have to Break this all down we'll start with the Insane live stream and then take a Closer look at Ben's legal case against His former company and the many lies I Believe he has told his followers during This whole ordeal I don't want to go too Much into detail as to how we got to This point since I covered that in my Last video but the short version is Ben Armstrong used to run one of the largest Crypto channels on YouTube known as Bitboy crypto but about a month ago After Ben's continued bad behavior he Was let go from the company and has Spent the last month feuding with the People who fired him he since tried to Take his former business partners to Court a couple times which have all Failed and this all led into the Previously mentioned live stream Ben Armstrong started a new YouTube channel

A few weeks ago which has grown rapidly To over 50k subscribers as he did have Many loyal followers on Monday September 27th Ben started the day off with a Happy face driving in his car looking Excited for the day ahead but that all Changed in the afternoon when Ben had a Live stream where he decided to drive to The home of the man he believed stole His Lambo and live stream outside the House screaming like a madman the car Loves his house this is where Carlos Lives guys I am live streaming from Carlos's house Carlos In his garage so today guys I'm going to be live streaming and I'm Going to be telling the entire story of Carlos Diaz who Carlos Diaz this I'm Going to be talking about all the people He's affiliated with I'm gonna be Talking about how he got into my Building I want to talk about all of it Hope you guys are ready This is he just answered the door so I Know this is him for for sure right here I'm not scared of you Carlos I'm not scared after Ben was removed From the bitboy brand the lambo that he Drove was taken back by hit Network Which ran the bitboy company they Claimed that it was a business purchase And as he was no longer with the company They had the right to take it back

However Ben claims it was his personal Property whatever version of events is True they can be no argument that what Ben did was undoubtedly the incorrect Way of handling this situation over the Past few weeks since Ben was kicked from His company his followers have rallied Around his new channel and donated Hundreds of thousands of dollars to him Which we'll talk about in a minute and All this has led Ben to feel Untouchable And he has started to go down the rabbit Hole of erratic Behavior now on top of Acting inappropriately Ben also likes to Lie to his audience to bend the Narrative to whatever story he currently Wants to spin in the live stream Ben Claims that he knocked on Carlos door to Confront him and that Carlos ran away in Fear however Carlos the man who lived in The house later posted the ring footage Of the incident which shows the opposite Happen with Ben running away like a Little child after knocking on the door I go knock on the door and you know what He does he turns and he runs because He's a [ __ ] Foreign [Music] [Music] 's childish doorbell ditch I think it's Clear this is a man who's grasp on Reality is quickly slipping away from Him Ben's live stream started shortly

After that and ran for about a half hour In total with the first half of the live Stream consisting of him yelling like a Madman telling the neighbors to go Inside and leave him alone and claiming Carlos was in the mafia and connected to Several assassination attempts I have Legitimately been scared for my life for Weeks And what I what I told The people I told I was coming over here I said come hell or high water If Carlos Diaz comes out of his house And tries to kill me live on YouTube That it's just gonna have to be what It's gonna be Carlos because I am not Scared of you anymore Okay hold on I gotta watch out in case This is actually We got to make sure that I can get some Protection if I need it Okay It's just a neighbor it's just a Neighbor What you guys see when I see a car Coming down the street I have to think About protecting myself That's where I'm at guys this is not Paranoia this is not a crazy person this Is not someone who is erratic this is Not someone who is on drugs this is Someone who has been in the fear for his Life for too long okay you guys got Nothing to do with you it's this guy

Thank you now this is just my opinion as Ben will deny it but from the way he's Acting to me it seems pretty clear he's On some sort of Narcotics Ben claims he Doesn't do anything illegal and he only Does diet pills and steroids but I would Have to question those claims after this Live stream to me it seems Ben is either On illegal drugs or he has some sort of Mental illness that needs to be properly Diagnosed whatever the case it's very Clear to me this man needs help and Should not be live streaming or really Have any presence online right now Eventually during the live stream the Police arrived on the scene and Confronted Ben which ended up leading to One of the biggest plot twists in this Soap opera that was so shocking I doubt Hollywood could have written a better Script fought him and beat him up and Maxine Waters a politician told him To kill bendad eth with a fentanyl Syringe Hey guys Hey how's it going Yep How's it going stop oh stop I couldn't Hear you have a weapon on you no I do Not okay I do not so I have one in my Vehicle but I do not have a weapon on me Okay okay Sorry I reached too fast I'm sorry I'm Sorry okay put your phone down okay okay

Open the phone down okay all right okay All right okay What's going on what's going on this man Inside of this house actually he's gonna Check you real quick yeah Okay yep No weapons wearing the cars you're gone It's in the back seat back seat yeah is There anybody else in the car Um Who's in the car What's up who's in your car who's in my Car yes okay Let's uh who's in your car where's my Car Who's in your truck sir Cassie is in my Car Cassie's in my car Cassie I did my Truck my wife knows that we're here by The way she knows we came to do this but My wife is aware so we're live on YouTube right now okay we've got about 2500 people watching so Cassie is a girl I had an affair with she's involved in The situation me and this guy here my Wife knows we're just at my daughter's Tennis match Cassie and I have came over Here because this man is like distorted Me he's death threatening me he stole my Labor team my Lamborghini is in his Garage Ben admits that Cassie his side Piece which he cheated on his wife with Is in the truck from the footage it's Very clear Ben did not want to have to Admit he was hanging out with his

Mistress and was forced into that reveal He makes it clear that his wife knows They are there and it's no big deal Which is clearly something he wants his Audience to believe is true but I have My doubts about that now after Ben got Out of jail following this live stream Ben tweeted that he is going to be Staying with his mistress and his wife As well and that it was no one's Business and everyone needed to stay out Of it normally I would agree with this Except for the fact that Ben used the Whole cheating scandal to gain sympathy From his audience just a few weeks ago Ben and his wife released an apology Video where Ben claimed he was sorry for What he did and that his wife had Forgiven in him and he was going to be a Better man however days after that video He ended up giving his mistress a Promotion as she works on his crypto Project and now he's claiming he's going To be staying with her and his wife as Well to me this shows another case of Ben lying to his audience either he lied To his wife and everyone else in that Apology video a few weeks ago or his Wife was aware of the affair the whole Time and they have some sort of open Relationship either way it's very clear Now that the apology video he did about The affair was just a performance piece Designed to manipulate his audience into

Feeling sorry for him when in reality he Had no intention of ever changing his Ways when the live stream first happened Some people claimed it was fake because The events that unfolded from the reveal Of the mistress being in the truck to The comical arrest footage and insane Possibly drug-fueled rant just seemed Too perfect to be real but later that Night the arrest record went public and It showed that Ben was arrested on two Counts of loitering as well as simple Assault by placing another in fear Following this Ben's mom shot was Released which you can now add to his Long history of mug shots from his Decade-long adventure of being on the Wrong side of the law before we go any Further I just have to say how unhinged What he did was of everything I have Seen on YouTube over the years this Insane live stream confronting someone At their home to get your Lambo back Takes the case as one of the most Inappropriate things I have ever seen a YouTuber do live in my opinion Ben needs To get off of social media platforms and Focus on improving his mental health Instead of acting like a lunatic for Views no one should ever do what Ben did In that live stream and this event Should be the prime example of how Social media Fame is something that many People do not have the ability to

Properly handle now following Ben's Arrest the very next day Ben decided to Do another live stream this time in an Orange shirt where he made jokes about Live streaming from jail like this Entire event was all just no big deal This is a prepaid call from Ben An inmate at the County Correctional Facility Phone calls are subject to recording and Monitoring hey guys it's me I'm I'm calling from the jail right now Calling from Gwinnett County jail and um I'd like to Apologize to you guys about what I did And um If you guys could I've got a donation Address for commissary If you guys could put that in I would Love to get a cup of ramen like if I Could just get a cup of ramen If I could just get a cup of ramen And if I could just make one of those Jail burritos you guys know what I'm Talking Ben continues to manipulate his audience To try and make himself always look like The victim in every situation in this New live stream I think Ben realizes Just how unhinged he looked during the Arrest video so now his new claim is That he has PTSD and he feels he needs To get diagnosed for attention deficit

Disorder and wants more drugs to help Him focus more be a little bit calmer I Think the medic I think medication will Help I I think like I I need some Therapy for this PTSD I need some Counseling for this stuff And I'm gonna get that help and I'm Gonna do it like I'm not saying Certainly not going to rehab I don't Have a drug problem I have not had a Drug problem in 15 years guys I'm not Crazy I've been through a really bad Hard situation and I think anybody who's Been through something similar to where You've had something stolen from you you Guys understand the trauma and the PTSD That I'm going through this is clearly Just another attempt to deflect blame Away from his horrible actions and once Again present himself as the victim now Before this whole crazy live stream Broke I was actually talking to a Current employee of hit Network the Company Ben used to work for and I was Trying to get to the bottom of some of The allegations Ben had been making Following Ben's crazy live stream the Employee has now asked to remain Anonymous but still was happy to give The hit company's take on a few of the Claims Ben was making against them Before Ben's live stream meltdown Ben Released a video claiming that he was Broke with no money to his name and his

Former company had taken everything from Him he ended up giving an ethereum Address as well as an xrp address for His followers to donate money to them And within two days his e-begging had Raised over a hundred fifty thousand Dollars in funds people were quick to Point out that Ben wasn't actually broke Considering he still drove around an Expensive truck and was flaunting his Extremely expensive Rolex watch and a Thumbnail for a video he released just Days before following this Ben's wife Made the claim that the hit Network had Taken most of their personal belongings Including their son's football jerseys And had provided no effort to allow Ben Or his family to retrieve their items I Reached out to the hit Network employee To get their side of the story and what They told me was the following when Asked if he thought Ben was really broke He stated that Ben's theories are Utterly false in every way and are his Coping mechanism for being outed as a Violent sociopath liar and a thief I'm Not sure how he could be broke Considering how much he was paid a month And all the money he stole when asked Further about Bethany's claims about Items not being returned as well as the Current legal battle for control of the Bitboy channel the employee responded With the following statement Bethany is

Being fed Lies by Ben the buyout happens After the appraisal which Ben is Refusing to facilitate and cooperate With this is making it take longer he's Also dragging the name of the company in The mud which is pulling down the value Of the company and thus the his own Buyout the jerseys have been boxed up For weeks but none of the Armstrongs are Coming to pick them up because they want Something to talk about all of Ben's Dealings with the Carlos and Lambo is Between them he willingly signed over The lambo to Carlos and now he regrets It no one took any personal belongings From the Armstrongs let alone their home Ben has belongings at the office that we Deliver to their home but that's it Ben Violated the operating agreement of hit Network which he signed this allowed the Minority owner to start the buyout Process and remove Banner from the Company it's my understanding that he Was offered to keep the bit boy name but Instead refused it the employee then Provided information that led me to the Case that Ben Armstrong filed against Hit Network what's a note in the filing Is just how childish Ben is Ben created A new company titled better than TJ LLC With TJ being his former business Partner and the owner of the hit network Instead of naming his new company Something professional sounding like Ben

Armstrong LLC he decided to name it as a Dig against his former business partner The hit employee told me that the judge Saw through all Ben's claims and threw Out his case following all this the hit Network has now sued Ben back and I Think this whole legal battle not going His way was one of the big reasons why Ben felt he needed to take matters into His own hands during that unhinged live Stream at this point I think it should Be pretty apparent to everyone that Ben Has some serious problems he needs to Deal with in his life whether those Problems are drug related or mental Health is not up to me to decide but It's clear that he should at the very Least not be on YouTube right now my Hope is that the people who donated the Hundreds of thousands of dollars to him Now realize he didn't need the money and Was once again in using his audience Hopefully after that unhinged live Stream people will realize this is not Someone that should be praised or Listened to for any advice but for my Past experience with how the internet Works I'm sure this sadly won't be the End of Ben's YouTube career and many People will still listen to him give Horrible advice for years to come

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