Investigating Logan Paul’s Biggest Scam

Cryptozoo dot Co I am so excited about This project it's it's it's so fun it's A really fun game that makes you money A fun game that earns you money how much Did you guys make from crypto zoo I lost Around fifty thousand dollars in cryptos And I lost forty thousand dollars I lost Around 15 000 US dollars I lost twenty Five thousand dollars one hundred twenty Thousand dollars five hundred thousand Dollars Australian which is half a Million in crypto zoo shut up oh no you Haven't yeah 500k oh Today we're investigating Logan Paul's Crypto Zoo a blockchain game that made Millions but never worked some of you Guys think you know the story but it Goes so much deeper I've uncovered Sociopaths billionaires fake orphans did I mention fake orphans and of course at The center of it we have Logan Paul Himself who has abandoned this thing Leaving thousands of fake orphans in his Wake wait a second Thousands of victims in his wake now You'll be hearing from some of those People because their stories are Heartbreaking this is the first in a Three-part series that's been a year in The making and if you like high effort Investigations like this one please Consider supporting this channel on Patreon I don't take sponsors we are Viewer supported so if you want to and

Are able to thank you either way enjoy The video For the last six months I've been Working on my own nft project we have a Massive team behind it and are probably Out of pocket like a million just Because we believe it's gonna work September 1st we don't Scam I've never scammed anyone before Logan cares extremely deeply about his Audience loves his audience loves his Brand doesn't have to scam to make money Welcome to part one the million dollar Mystery that began this whole story like Many people I first heard about Cryptozoo from a podcast Logan runs Called impulsive which was the Experience of a lot of people that I Spoke to so I first heard about it on The Logan Paul podcast impulsive I think It was off the one of the impulsive Episodes the thing that I'm most excited For and this is the first time I've ever Said anything about this for the last Six months I've been working on my own Nft project I think they need I think There needs to be a fresh take in this Project that I have uh is that fresh Take now look at first I was just as Surprised that this pitch as anyone else Because I just got finished roasting Logan for a different coin called dink Dink which is fans lost money on I'm a Big dog fan dumbest I've ever seen him

That's why I'm all In come on over take Pictures of my feet yeah it's comedic It's fun it's comedy Now look I know Logan and his friends tried to make it Look like dink dink was all about the Memes but it turns out they secretly Were tied to the project and Logan Created the dink toy character himself And subsequently abandoned that project So if you invested in it you got blasted And Logan rightfully took a lot of heat For dink doing which is why I was Surprised when he seemingly immediately Jumped into another crypto project but Logan insisted cryptozoo it was Different it wasn't his friends project This time it was his and it wasn't even A project at all it was a game that Could earn you money I'm excited to Watch uh to watch my game you keep using Out and you just did it again and keep Using a word there Game You're not using like a project it's a Game it's a game it's a fun it's a Really fun game that makes you money now You might be wondering how is it Possible to earn money from a game well Let me try to break it down for you this Is how it was supposed to work you Started by buying this crypto token Called Zoo which is their in-game Currency and you use zoocoins to then Buy egg nfts which you can then hatch to

Become animals you then can breed those Two animals to become hybrid animals for Example if you breed a gorilla and a Kitten you get a Gore Kitty and the more Rare the nft the higher the daily yield Of zoo tokens that animal earns you Every day theoretically it works like Almost like passive income you can then Burn your animal nfts to release the zoo They earned back to you and from there You can invest it into eggs or just cash Out now some of you of the Egyptian Persuasion might notice some triangular Qualities to this game description but Let's not be too quick to judge because Remember there are a lot of nft games Built on this model it's called play to Earn now Logan admits that there are Other games like his but what's going to Really make his stand out is that other Games have randomly generated assets his Game has handmade art it's quick to make A digital asset with you know unique Randomly generated characteristics we Can made are for the past six months bro Approval very specific notes 10 Different artists making art for our Project now I'll admit this all sounds Very enticing handmade art a fun game That can earn you money and one of the Biggest influencers in the world backing It you might think how can I lose which Is why when people were told all you had To do to play was buy an egg people

Spent Millions just on the first launch Between eth and Zoo people bought 2.5 Million dollars worth of eggs in the First day and did I mention the game had Hadn't even been launched yet all people Were buying was the marketing and the Promises and it wasn't just the nfts They bought either the zoo token also Skyrocketed in value reaching a two Billion dollar market cap pre-game Launch right the trading volume was in The tens of millions of dollars per day Which kind of is like fortnite not Coming out but people trading tens of Millions of dollars in V bucks every day That's what this was like and I know it Sounds stupid to buy an influencer Project but you have to understand People saw Logan as different it was Logan Paul at the end of the day an Internet personality that I actually Trusted that I actually kind of believed In obviously when someone so influential Releases something everyone wants to be A part of it I still believe in this False values that everyone else I Believe in that Logan Paul's a changed Man I thought it was a safe place having A a guy like that identify like Logan Paul being the head of the project they Had seen the story he had been telling Everyone that uh he was this reformed Influencer right that he was no longer a Reckless clout Goblin just in it for the

Money they thought this time it's Different Logan Paul couldn't possibly Scam us Right but as the game got closer to Release the crypto Zoo team started Releasing the first ever photos of these Animals and come to find out this Handmade art story wasn't really true it Was actually Adobe stock photos mashed Together this was the sort of first red Flag of this project and I made a video About it at the time um but it was kind Of surface level and something didn't Add up beneath the surface something Where I just couldn't shut this case Down in my head it was actually part of The announcement video that they Something they said see if you can spot It we have A massive team behind it and are Probably out of pocket Like a million just because we believe It's gonna work on development yeah That's the line that started this whole Mystery we spent a million dollars on Development I couldn't get this out of My head you know is he lying there's no Way he expects people to believe he Spent it on Art so wait maybe he spins It on blockchain stuff right that's what I thought but then I audited the smart Contract and it's not handmade at all It's not even original it's what's Called a fork a copy of you know some

Other code that exists out there one of Them is called flokey shib X which Launched before and so where'd this Million dollars go I I didn't understand And Logan just kept repeating this claim We put hundreds of thousands of dollars In it uh personally the whole team a Million plus not the time I'm looking Into this there's a teaser going around For hatch day which is the day you can Hatch your egg nfts and it kind of Symbolized the true launch of crypto so I thought maybe this is it maybe this is Where they spent all the money on their Game even their community manager Ben Roth promised people after hatch day Things will take a turn for the 180 so I Put Ben Roth on the board too I needed To know all the characters in crypto zoo And I waited and finally on November 3rd 2021 Ben Roth turned out to be right Things did take a turn on Hatch day only For the worse let's meet one of the Victims helicopter Bob to explain more My name is Rob helicopter Bob lost just Under seven thousand dollars with crypto Zoo and the first thing I asked Bob was About his animals if he was making money With kryptozoo how much he made and if The passive yield worked oh it never did From the beginning there it wasn't even Written into the contract where it Showed that you could that you were Actually yielding Zoom but there was

Nothing that was actually you know Backing that up there was no way to Claim your yield whatever it was wait Wait play that again did you hear that There was no way to claim your yield There never was hold on the core Mechanic of cryptozoo that you can make Money with these stupid animals didn't Even work on launch day and still to This day a year later still does not Work is what the investors are saying Which this is just crazy people spent Millions of dollars on these eggs but it Even gets worse because I kept talking To people and I discovered something Because remember I told you you could Buy eggs with those Zoo coins well Apparently they also made it so you Could buy them with ethereum and on the Day of selling about half of these Purchases took place with ethereum only It turns out for the people who spent Eth not only did the yield part of it Not work did the nfts not pay you you Also couldn't even hatch them so I have Acquired a bunch of eggs and and I Actually want to play the game I didn't Acquired the eggs with the intent of Keeping them I actually wanted to hatch Him and see what I got out of them and Play in this ecosystem that's been Advertised or whatever right and then I Can't do anything it's not showing up on The website when I connect my wallet etc

Etc so I'm a little baffled I'm like is It I I must be doing something wrong so I open up I open up a support ticket I Open up a support ticket with crypto Zoom Ben Roth is actually the person Answering my support ticket oh yeah no No it's it's down for the moment but We're working on it let me tell you it's It's it's never been it's never been up Wait you can't even hatch no do you see I'm telling you it's just a picture There's nothing I could do with it You're kidding you can't hatch there's Nothing I could do with it you could ask You could ask any of those Community Guys that's basically worth nothing Whatsoever wow so on launch day Basically nothing worked and a year Later that's still true now after this Was discovered the price of zoo fell 63 Percent in just 24 hours and at this Point Logan Paul basically goes silent On crypto no more podcast mentions no More saying he handmade art cryptozoo Already got millions in Investments but Logan only speaks in the Discord twice Over the next year to say quote sober Currently shaking my head and yo that Was his contribution to this project Meanwhile his community manager Ben Roth Was actively claiming that Logan was Going to be marketing cryptozoo any day Now he told people things like Logan is Controllable marketing Guru it's over

When we launch and when we have a Product to Market it'll get marketed and Marketing will crush I promise you and This disconnect between Logan abandoning The project and his team on cryptozoo Saying that he hadn't saying that it was Going to be any day now left investors Feeling like they were being led on all You have to do was go on and tell us Look there's something going on with This project I'm I'm abandoning it or Whatever before people got more and more Trucks and promising and promising yeah This is going to be great but When it came to actually doing anything He just hid away from it have some Decency to come out talk to the people That invested initially and invested Along the way on all of the fake and False promises and all of the false hype And be honest with people Because surely Logan Paul who's got this Billion dollar hydration company and the WWE star is got enough money it doesn't Need to to Rook Isla and it's because of These false promises about marketing That these poor investors believed in Crypto Zoo so long they sat and watched Every Logan Paul episode trying to guess And decipher when this so-called Marketing push would happen and Logan And his team really fed into this with a Lot of cryptic messages only a month After cryptos launch uh actually the

Hatch day they started teasing this not Too much of this is out but he he's been Working on a massive project and the one One of them will be the biggest thing I Ever do it'll be it's like my life in Seoul is put into this project which is Where most of my time these days goes Wow surely this secret project that Logan put his soul into is crypto Zoo Right you know the project he launched a Month ago well his fans certainly Thought so I'm like holy cow makes so Much sense he's talking my cryptozo Ben And the dudes are like like putting Smiley faces and egging the rest of the Community like this is it guys you know This is what we've been working towards I mean this is it this this is this it's Finally happening Logan's gonna Market The project and they kept saying that Logan's gonna Market the project and It's going to change everything So now imagine their surprise when Another clip surfaces of Logan finally Admitting this secret project isn't Cryptozoo at all it's something else Entirely I'll tell you about this Project when uh we get closer to launch This project is that the thing about the Egg no no no okay this one this one this One's gonna be it yeah this has been Crazy I've ever done oh man can you Imagine if you're one of these investors And Logan Paul's going pitching this new

Secret project and you're thinking it's Crypto zoo and someone's like oh is it That is it that thing with the eggs and He's like no no no no definitely Definitely not that was the last project This is the real project that I'm Working on thankfully people didn't just Let this slide because as he went around Making the rounds on his new project Called 99 Originals people were like hey Didn't you just abandon your last one And unsurprisingly it's not his fault It's the Bad actors who ruined the Project as I see people giving multiple Explanations for why these haven't Worked and you know there's accusations Out there how does it make you feel when People are doing these takedown videos About your nft projects previously uh It's it's sad because of what I just Said there's so much going on behind the Scenes like [ __ ] I'm not the bad guy Here yeah yeah there's some actual out There yeah and it's not me like I'm here To build this is a space where a lot of People do see dollar signs like any Burgeoning industry if there's money to Be made there's going to be both good And bad people Um there's a lot of shaped characters in The crypto space I'm learning all of it We had an issue with um crypto Zoo where Our our lead developer uh took the code That he made fled to Switzerland

Actually fled to Switzerland and like Held it hostage for a million dollars Like behind the scenes drama that like Like took uh took a stick and stuck it In the spokes of my wheels oh well that Wasn't expected there's a shady Developer who held up Logan's code Hostage in Switzerland that's why this Hasn't worked the whole time he held it To hostage for a million dollars well Let's add that to the board I mean isn't The mystery solved now obviously the First thing I wanted to do was hunt down This developer who will be calling Z Here and find out the truth of what Happened Why did he steal Logan's code for a Million dollars however I finally got a Hold of him and when I did he admitted He took the code hostage but he says the Reason for it was nothing like what Logan had said Anything anything A week on building this building this Thing And the only thing they brought to the Table were a bunch of Photoshop so Z Claims he wasn't blackmailing anyone he Had to hire a team to develop this whole Thing and he just wanted to be paid for The work they did according to him they Negotiated a one Million Dollar Payday For this whole project and from the Second I heard that I thought oh that's

Interesting because Logan claims he Spent a million dollars on this whole Thing and this developer saying he's Owed a million dollars on this project Now I didn't want to just take one Person's word for it so I later Confirmed with another developer who Worked for something called the Blockchain center that he also hadn't Been paid uh we've been paid nothing I Would have loved to have Zoo but I don't Have any so that's multiple sources Working on the crypto Zoo team project Who were not paid now obviously these Are Big accusations which is why I Wanted to confront Logan Paul on them But unfortunately we're not exactly on Speaking terms so I wondered how could I Speak to Logan without speaking to Logan And that's when I found out there was Someone who might know Justice as much About this whole story and I will Explain everything one day with my Manager who's like In charge now Logan Paul's manager a guy Named Jeff Levin he might be just what We need to settle this whole thing so I Gave him a call Hello hey Jeff hey uh sorry to bother You this is Stephen with coffee Zilla I'm calling because I've heard reports That crypto Zoo hasn't paid their Development team and I'm just reaching Out for comment before I do this story

Um I got your number from one of the Development team and they just wanted to I just want to follow up on that Um I have no comment for it Okay you're are you guys denying it are You saying it's not true It's no common I don't think that the Information is true okay because they're Saying a million dollars hasn't been Paid in development for crypto Zoo And Logan Paul said publicly that it has Been paid Um so I mean it's pretty serious Accusation and obviously I don't want to Just run a story if you guys have a Whole side to another story here your Job your job as a as a Um As someone that is reporting news Is to actually verify correct news right That's why I'm calling you I know and that's legal Grounds for that stuff So I'm just telling you Legally You have to report correct news with a Verifiable information right that's why I'm calling you they've given me a lot Of things A lot of evidence okay well Okay you can you can have the evidence You want but I'm just letting you know If you report anything on us I Appreciate your business I appreciate

You as a person and I'm just telling you You know from a legal standpoint As we've been advised always is if Anybody reports fake news That's where we won't you know yeah this Call was a mess Jeff Logan's manager Seems to be implying that I'm not Allowed to repeat allegations his own Development team made even though Logan Can go on podcasts and publicly accuse Those developers of stealing his code Not only that he's the one who refuses To provide any evidence but seems to Sort of be implying that maybe we'll sue You if you tell this to anyone which he Then denies doing when I ask him if That's what he's doing told you I have No comment to it telling you once again From a legal standpoint you have to Report truth if you do not verify truce Then you're just allegations and those Then will be Handle the way that we want to handle it Wait so you're saying you're saying you Refuse to give me proof that the Allegations aren't true but if I report On the allegations you guys might Sue no No I did not say that I did not say that I I I'm just I'm trying to read between The lines Don't read between the lines okay listen Exact words that I'm saying okay so the Exact words I'm saying I'm listening I Have no comment on the situation okay

Your job legally is to report facts if You don't report facts On the information you're given it is Illegal yes that was a real conversation With a real person now I'm no lawyer but I don't think it's a crime to say that Multiple developers say they haven't Been paid and Logan's team refuses to Provide any evidence or like statements Or wire transfers that they have which By the way seems incredibly ironic given Just how much Logan whines about not Being paid by Floyd Mayweather where's My money [ __ ] Floyd never paid me for Our fight who am I the IRS nope but you Might be the crypto Zoo Dev team now in All seriousness I do want to acknowledge Something which actually kind of looks Bad a bit on the developers because it Turns out very few written contracts Were actually done so much of this were Verbal deals like oh we'll take care of You we'll give you 350k we'll give you a Million we'll give you whatever but then When it was time to actually sign the Deals there's just always delays what Kind of promises were made to you Uh verbal promises basically so uh Verbal promises and then we follow up With like a physical paper agreement but That's when communication broke down This is where I think the dev guys Screwed up and led to this whole Situation of like okay we're just gonna

Take the code private until you pay us For our work and to be clear I'm not Justifying not paying someone for what They did I'm just playing Devil's Advocate and saying this could have all Been avoided by just getting every Detail in writing and I think it's just A good General lesson but if you're Thinking that that's the million dollar Mystery solved well no because this Still doesn't make sense why not just Pay the dev team what you publicly said You kind of already paid them why not Pay for a game that now isn't launched And now investors are so angry about why Not pay when you already made Millions From minting the eggs on this game well This is where things get even stranger Because right when I was ready to pin Every everything on Logan and believe me He is at fault I was speaking to the Z Developer and I heard a name that I Hadn't heard before And a million dollars never you never Really never paid me wait a second who's Eddie I thought that all of this was Logan Paul I only put it together when The blockchain center guys also said a Similar thing about their deal they said They were promised 350k and it was Ibanez they say they had no Communications with Logan but we know They weren't talking about different People they both dealt with the same guy

So the guy's name I put it together must Be Eddie Ibanez turns out he was Managing the developers what's this Random guy doing in Logan Paul's project And who is he who is Eddie ivanus Yes hi my name is Eddie ivanized lead Developer here at crypto Zoo this Reporter says Eddie's entire story is Fake Continuously lie lead people on hype People up to put more money in all all The while in the background things are Going down things are hitting the fan And you've left us holding the bag Logan You stole 40 million in tokens from me You are a scam artist you are a liar and You betrayed your own Community you Aren't that guy Logan replies oh trust Me bro I am that guy

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