Is DKOldies A MASSIVE Scam?

Is DK oldies a scam well that's what We're going to be taking a look at in This video now if you're unfamiliar with Who or what DK oldies is they are a Website that sells a vintage video game Consoles and games anywhere from the Original Game Boy to PlayStation 3. if You want to relive Your Glory Days of Playing Ocarina of Time on the N64 they Have all of those games and consoles Available on their website to buy but Many people have started to call this Company a scam so we're going to take a Look at why that is now the actual Website we'll take a look at it we're Going to be using Wayback machine you Can see that their company and their Website has been up since 2005 and They've been selling they've been very Successful online selling these video Game consoles and for the majority of The life of their company they've Actually been very well respected and Received excellent reviews on their Website selling their products it's only Been the last couple I'd say two years And specifically the last few months That they've started to blow up Specifically on YouTube with a bunch of People calling them scams because of Some very fortunate things that it has Come out about their actual company the Two main issues that people have is Number one is that their products their

Consoles and their games are Dramatically overpriced for what you're Getting in many cases you know you can Have like an N64 console and it can be Going for hundreds of dollars more on Their website compared to a similar or Even better product on eBay for way less Money and this is across the board Across their website it's been going on For months or possibly years that their Products are dramatically overpriced now DK oldies has said why their prices are So high we'll go over that quickly in Just a minute but basically people are Very upset that their products are Selling for so high now the second issue That people have with DK oldies is that Apparently a lot of their products a lot Of their consoles that they're selling They claim that all the consoles they Sell to people they refurbish them right So they clean them they make sure Everything is working properly and they Sell the product to people and what's Happening is a lot of YouTubers are Buying products from dkl these they're Opening in them and they're showing that These products have not been cleaned at All they're covered in dust and in many Cases a lot of components are damaged in Some way and look like the console looks Like it's gonna about to fall apart and It doesn't look like it's been cleaned At all now because of those two issues

People have been calling this company a Scam and we're going to take a look at Both of them but one thing I have to say The issue with the refurbished products And actually something they're saying About the warranty on their refurbished Products they may actually be doing Something illegal in that case so we'll Take a closer look at that in a few Minutes but first let's take a look at Their overpriced products now I do have Some I do have some interesting things To say about this one thing I want to Say up front is there's two types of Items in life there's needs and then There's once right a need is something Like water or medicine that you need to Survive a want is like what they are Selling game boys so a few years ago There was a company or there was a guy Martin shkreli who bought a Pharmaceutical company and he jacked up The price of a drug that people needed To survive like over for a thousand Percent now obviously that is an evil Horrible thing to do to do that to you Know try and make a bunch of money off Of a medication that people need to Survive now what these guys are doing uh Is obviously not like that in any case They are selling a product that is a Want it's not a need nobody needs a game Boy or a PlayStation 3 to survive so it In one case it's not obviously anywhere

Near as evil or bad uh what like you Know someone like Martin shkreli was Actually doing but their prices are Dramatically over where you can get them Uh on sites like eBay now one thing I Want to say about that is in this Particular case like I said it's a want You don't need a Game Boy they are Perfectly entitled to sell their Products for a dramatically infrated Inflated prices if they want to and one Thing I want to say is that people are Actually buying at those prices people Are buying these consoles from them at Inflated prices if that wasn't the case They would be forced to lower the price So on one issue this is you know partly On the customer's fault for continuing To buy their inflated products right the Customer decides what their prices are Going to be if no one bought from them They would be forced to lower their Prices so you know on this issue on the Actual pricing issue we'll get into the Refurbishment uh but you know they are Doing this because they've become Dramatically more popular on YouTube Over the past year or two right they've Released a bunch of shorts many of these Have gotten hundreds of thousands or Millions of views so in order to not Completely sell out they have actually Raised their prices now I'm not Justifying all of the higher prices just

Trying to give an example of why their Prices are so high but let's take a Closer look you can actually see on Their website uh we pull this up they Have the PlayStation 3 fat 80 gigabyte Reverse compatible and it's going for 539 dollars on their website so if we Actually go to eBay we can find similar Items going from anywhere from 170 Dollars to 250 dollars so they're Selling it for like double the price if You can get the similar product almost The exact product on eBay a for half the Price now the other argument that DK Oldies gives about inflated prices is That they've become way more popular and They've started to sell out a lot of Their stock and in order to have you Know actual items on the on their site For people to buy they've had to Dramatically buy a bunch more products And because of that because they've had To spend a bunch of money they have to Increase the prices and also if the Prices were lower they would sell out of Everything and then they wouldn't have Anything to offer their website would be Pretty much empty people saying that It's overpriced so let me explain how it Goes right now this is normally the slow Time here in our shop so we don't have As much stock on hand but when things Started blowing up for us just in the Past few months we had to go out to

Refill our supply when we have to be Buying like that kind of in a frenzy We'll wind up having to pay more for the Items which means we have to list them For more but as things start to settle Out our supply starts to level off with Demand those prices can come back down We want prices to be as low as possible Too we sell more that way now that video I showed you was from last year it's Over six months ago and their prices are Still high and they've been high for Several years now so I don't necessarily Buy the claim uh that they are way more Popular however there is some truth to That if you actually look at their Social blade page from their actual YouTube channel they started to pump out Way more content since the actual Pandemic started and that's why they've Started to get way more business but you Can actually use a site like Wayback Machine and you can see the prices on Many of their products uh in the past so For this particular item I want to see On their on their main page they have The fan favorite N64 Mario Zelda pack Right right now it's going for 300 it's It's 349 dollars marked down to 299 as Of the time of filming this video And if we take a look back at 2019 you Can see the exact same fan favorite N64 Mario Zelda pack was going for 194 Marked down to 174. now that is

Obviously way way less than they are Selling right now but it was still Overpriced compared to similar items Selling on eBay at the time so they have Been overpriced for years many years Even before the pandemic started but Their prices were in the past at least Closer somewhat closer to reality Somewhat closer to what you could Actually get for eBay prices before they Blew up before they came super popular Before the pandemic happened so it's Kind of a hit and miss with the actual Uh pricing of their products now one Thing I want to say We're gonna get into the referred Machine we're going to get into all of That that is the real serious issue to Talk about the actual pricing the Overpricing of their products I want to Say like I said this is a want Everything that they sell on their Website is a once if you think their Products are overpriced you just don't Have to buy from them like that's the Simplest solution to this problem right Here because nobody needs these you Don't have to buy from them and I'm not Trying to you know I'm not trying to Simp for uh DK oldies but the actual Overpriced products is kind of Irrelevant it's kind of a smaller issue Compared to the actual refurbishment Issue which we're gonna get into now so

With the refurbished consoles DK oldies Claims that they clean they make sure Everything is working and clean the Inside and out of their consoles before They actually sell these to people and What's been happening is several people Have been buying these specifically YouTubers uh review Tech USA I'll have a Link to their videos and Jacob R Specifically have bought consoles from DK oldies and they've opened them up and They have shown that they are completely Dirty and not cleaned in any way at all I have no words it actually looks better On camera than in person like in person Every single inch of this is covered in Dirt and dust and just look at that Absolutely filthy oh my goodness this is Like this is this is GameStop level this Is worse than GameStop like this is bad Really really bad I'm gonna take some Pictures and show it on the screen so You guys can get a better look at this But like every inch of this just covered In dirt and this is called refurbished Refurbished guys refurbished what are we Doing here why am I paying double market Price for a console that is this dirty Now this part is really interesting to Me much more interesting than the Overpriced products because potentially They could be doing something against The law right if they are claiming that They are refurbishing all these consoles

And then not actually doing that uh There could be legal issues involved now There are people online on the DK oldies Subreddit that are claiming they are Going to potentially launch a lawsuit Against DK oldies I don't know if that's Actually going to happen but if they're Claiming they are refurbishing their Products and then not doing so they are Not providing the service that they are Saying that they're doing so for they Are incredibly inflated prices now one Thing I want to go even further uh is That they are receiving a ton of Backlash uh for their products not Actually being refurbished as they claim To the point where they are starting to Put out videos on their own channel to Try and fight back so just earlier today A DK oldies released a short from a guy Someone they don't actually show the Guy's face so we don't know if it's Actually a customer or maybe an employee But someone on there they released a Short showing someone who just shows a You know a Nintendo DS that they bought From DK oldies and they say it's in Great condition even though the guy Doesn't open it or look at it at all it Just looks it around and said yeah it's Great condition DK oldies does great Stuff they they refurbish all their Products watch me inspect my Nintendo 3DS XL from DK oldies I paid for the

Good condition and that is exactly what I got no scratches no dings perfectly Mint Condition the screens look great The joystick works as well as a d-pad And all the buttons the stylus was Included and the 3d effect is working Just fine so if you're asking yourself If DK oldies is worth the hype I'd say It's a pretty open and shut case support Local business support DK oldies now Obviously For contrast to what Jacob R and review Tech USA have seen with the products They bought from them so there's some Very conflicting uh stories that are Going around right now now one thing I Want to show that's actually potentially Against the law is something that Jacob R actually experienced so he actually Had the console he bought from them he Opened it it wasn't refurbished at all He actually sent an email to DK oldies Saying hey can you guys send me a Replacement system that is actually Refurbished and what's really Interesting is that the actual email They sent back to him basically said That they put warranty stickers after They refurbished their items they put Warranty stickers on the consoles and if You remove the sticker basically that Removes their warranty and they don't Necessarily have to send you a product Back basically DK oldies is saying is if

You remove their sticker if you actually Open their consoles and see for yourself That they're not refurbishing their Consoles you are avoiding the warranty And they don't necessarily have to Replace the item now in this case they They did them a solid they helped him Out they sent him a refurbishment a new Item but in most cases they're saying we Don't actually have to do that and That's actually not true at all right This has actually been false for several Many decades actually uh if you actually Pull it up you can see from 1975 the Magnus Moss Warranty Act most consumers Don't know that these stickers are Actually illegal and that's because Manufacturers don't want you to Under The 1975 Magnuson Moss Warranty Act the Fed's mandated that you can open your Electronics without voiding the warranty Regardless of what the language of your Warranty says now despite the federal Government saying basically those Warranty stickers are not are legal and You can't actually do that companies to This day continue to do that so that's Why many people believe it is true right So the FTC has actually sent warnings to Some of the biggest companies around the World uh saying that there are what They're saying about their warranty Stickers is false right they actually Sent the FTC sent a warning to Sony

Saying Sony warranty states that this Warranty does not apply if this product Has a warranty seal on the PS4 system Altered defaced or removed and the FTC Sent them a letter saying that is not True right so the actual question that DK oldies is trying to say you know if You if you if you remove our sticker it Voids the warranty we don't have to send You a new system that is 100 false DK Oles there is no truth to that Whatsoever now what's really interesting Is actually why it seems that they're Not refurbishing their systems and There's a lot of theories as to why that Is now the main issue which may be uh is That actual deep cleaning refurbishing a System can take you know an hour several Hours or more to refurbish one system Right now they're an incredibly popular Company as of right now they're selling Tons of consoles every single day so to Have an employee sit down and deep clean Every single system probably takes an Hour or more per system so that one Employee could probably only do what Like eight nine maybe ten systems that They could deep clean refurbish uh every Single day it's just it's not possible For them to like hire enough people Train them to refurbish all these Systems and do so many they're selling Every single day now I'm not I'm not you Know trying to say it's fine that they

Don't refurbish the systems they Obviously need to change the language if They're not going to take the time to Actually refurbish the system but that Actually may be One reason uh as to why many of their Systems are not being refurbished they May have you know just they just have Too many orders there may be Communication Breakdown within the Different uh different groups within Their company and also it could be that They have different uh different Language as to what they believe actual Refurbishment uh is now in many videos They have shown because they've received A lot of flack about these Non-refurbished consoles they've Released videos of them refurbishing Consoles and in many cases it shows them Just cleaning the outside of the cases They released at about a a Wii system Recently now what they are showing is Technically refurbishing the system uh Under the law they can do they can just Basically clean the outside but many People believe they should actually be Going inside and cleaning all of that Out making sure all the dust and Everything is gone from that and I Actually agree with that but technically Like like I said legally I I do think They're actually covered if they just Like clean the outside of the case but

In many case cases it looks like from From products that other people have Received that it doesn't even look like They're cleaning the outside of the case So I don't really know what the issue is Going on uh with the refurbishments uh If they're if they're not able to keep Up with demand and actually clean all of Their consoles then they actually need To take that take that language off of Their website and say hey we just sell You used consoles how we get them dirty Damage whatever they are as long as they Work we'll sell them to you and that's Basically what they should be saying on Their website if they're not going to Take the time to actually refurbish the Products now a lot of people have been Saying that DK oldies is trying to hide A lot of the negativity that they're Erasing comments around people saying Negative things on their Channel now one Thing I have to say in their defense uh Is they actually posted a short about a Month ago saying DK oldies made a big Mistake and basically they show that They sent a customer a video game Controller and the actual wires on the Controller were all chewed up and so They agreed to send them a new one and They show them going through the process Of making it right now on this video I Actually commented and my comment is Like one of the top on there and they

Did not erase it in their defense and They actually responded directly to my Comment where I said DK oldies staff Need more snacks so they stopped chewing On controller wires which I actually Thought was quite funny a lot of people Thought that was funny as well and like I said in their defense they did not Erase that comment it is still there to This day so they're they're not trying To hide all of the evidence but I have Seen other people who have left negative Comments and those comments seem to Disappear uh if they're too you know too Demanding of showing that DK oldies is Not is not refurbishing their items like They say they are now finishing off this Video I want to say the two issues again With the overpriced items they are Overpriced dramatically I showed uh in The past they were much closer to Reality of what retail prices are on EBay but because this company is blown Up they have decided for whatever reason Maybe to keep their products in stock to Dramatically increase the prices and for That like I said you can shop elsewhere If you don't like that but the actual Saying that their products are Refurbished when they're not they need To fix that right whatever they need to Do if they need to hire more people to Actually refurbish all of their consoles Or if they just need to stop telling

People that they're refurbishing their Consoles and they just sell as is Whatever they need to do they need to Make changes because it's very clear That the consoles they are selling to People at least some of them maybe most Of them are not refurbished like they Actually say they are now I don't know Like I said uh potentially people are Going to be starting a lawsuit online I Don't know if that's actually going to Happen But DK oldies obviously needs to make Some changes now the final thing I want To say is that I actually reached out to DK oldies about a week ago I sent them An email to their contact email on their Website I also tried to contact them on Twitter you know and I gave them the Chance to tell their side of the story I Said you know what I would love to talk To Joey who's the social media director Or anyone who wanted to talk to me on Camera and I was going to give them the Option the ability to tell their side of The story I was going to ask them Questions why are why are people getting Consoles that are not refurbished why Are your prices so high I said I would Be fair uh you know whatever they wanted To say was completely fine with me and They never got back to me they never Responded uh to any of those emails so I I don't know why

They did that maybe because people are Threatening lawsuits now I don't know Right but I I do want to extend that Again if DK oldies anyone with the Company sees that I'm more than happy More than willing to talk to anyone on Camera to actually get to the bottom of This issue uh and and see I'll you know I won't I won't try and edit it and make You guys look like the bad guy I will Give you a voice on my channel to allow To give your opinion because I'd really Like to know their side of the story I Think it's only fair uh for me to you Know show review Tech USA and Jacob R What they've seen from their story and I've also liked to get DK oldies story But they don't seem to want to Communicate with me or anyone that's Saying negative things about them at all So that's my issue with this company uh I don't think they're they're like I Don't think that they're the level of Scam that established titles is by any Means but they obviously have some Massive flaws with their company uh Related to saying that they're selling Refurbished consoles and obviously That's something they need to fix or Their possible are going to have some Legal troubles in the future but I'd Love to know your opinion what do you Think about DK oldies are they an Outright scam are they just a company

That got too big and they can't keep up With demand let me know in the comments Section below

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