Is SunnyV2 Faking Videos?

Is sunnyv2 faking his videos there has Recently been an uptick in YouTube Videos exposing sunnyv2 and for many of You this may come as a surprise due to The seemingly crystal clear image that Sonny is built for himself over the past Two years with over 152 uploads amassing A total of 625 million views it would be The last thing you'd expect for such a Renowned Creator to have allegations of Problematic fake and unethical Behavior So today we'll be taking a look at some Of the videos created about sunnyv2 in Order to try and pinpoint the problems And controversies that led him to such Allegations hi I'm the internet Anarchist I create weekly YouTube Documentaries and today we'll be Investigating Sony V2 allegations to do This we have to go back to the 23rd of January 2022 when a video would be Published titled why I don't like Sunnyv2 throughout the video YouTube at The beak would break down his issues With Sunny's content using several Points to establish the perspective that Sunny is a quote hypocrite that lacks Self-awareness some of the main Arguments betrayed in the video were That his audience more focuses on the Video editing rather than the Informational content at hand that hears A quote walking contradiction for Creating videos joking about commentary

Channels while simultaneously being one As well as creating videos and quote Nothing burgers that have already been Covered to death around the time the Video was published the beak only had Around 34 000 subscribers whilst on the Other hand Sunny had a staggering 827 000 subscribers that would Tower over The beak and although there was a Controversial response to the video it Seems like the Beak was able to win most People over with the video having a Positive like to dislike ratio and Comment stating things like this video Was actually a lot more agreeable than I Thought I think that Sonny's videos are Definitely better when they aren't about Numbers one of my favorites that you Didn't mention like is Ryan's World Video was great and was it about numbers No and so yeah the video is pretty fair I guess but the arguments only undermine Sunny regarding things like click bait Or picking topics that he previously Thought were dumb nothing undermining His actual credibility his own arguments The fact he has good research and like I Said in the video a pretty good style of Editing so there are some issues and Although this video would go on to gain An impressive 137 000 views just five Months later on the 12th of June 2022 Things would get even worse for sunny as You would find himself getting called

Out but this time on a much larger scale In a video titled my response to sunnyv2 6 million subscriber giant skeppy with Snapback at Sunny's video discussing his Downfall throughout the video scapiode Went over his audience by disproving Many of the statements and accusations Made by sunny as well as providing some More context to genuine actions that he Was called out for with All Odds laid Against him Skippy managed to clear his Name of the scam accusations by showing Receipts and outright proving some of The facts portrayed in the video about Him as false or as reaching such as Sonny's point on empty pizza boxes Suddenly people began to question Whether or not Skippy's other videos Could have possibly been fake for Example there was this video in which Skeppy would apparently order 72 pizzas To Bad Boy Halo's house yet Skippy Wouldn't actually show the entire phone Call during which he apparently ordered The 72 pizzas Hi what's the uh the most amount of Pizzas I can order I'm having a party Right now Okay cool All right have a good night I ordered it Then when the pizza showed up to Bad Boy Halo's house he'd only show three pizzas Being opened how do we know that he Didn't only order three pizzas and sit

Them on top of a stack of empty boxes Plus there are only 37 pizzas in this Shot where are the other 35 pizzas that You claim to order in both the title and In the video although Sunny can't be Blamed for being skeptical as that's a Big part of his channel from Skippy's Perspective he felt as though Sunny was Being a quote jerk and trying to tone His own fans against him the winner of The feud would be a little bit more Obvious this time with skeppy's video Receiving a massive 70 000 likes Compared to only 11 000 dislikes and Comments from viewers stating haven't Watched a scappy video in ages and that Was a pretty old sub I've got to say This is probably one of the best Response videos I've seen on the Internet and while I probably won't Watch many of your videos in the future Because it isn't my cup of tea anymore You definitely gained my respect on the 20th of December 2022 a post would be Made onto the r slash pyrocynical Subreddit asking the community for their Thoughts on Sunnyvale 2 and in the post Was a video linked titled how sunny V2 Invents a moral there's no evidence that Sunnyv2 uses in this video there's no Like data fueled investigation Sunny is Using to demonstrate that these three Videos did a real damage to kwebbelkop's Career and in fact I would argue that um

The data does not prove out this point Really and it's not like the month that He released these three videos changed Everything for him you know ruined his Career it's kind of just been a slow Decline you know the month after he lost Some views then he got more then he got More and now he's doing work you know It's complicated there's just not like a Really tangible concrete reason to Believe this with the video receiving 194 more likes than dislikes it was Evident that the YouTube Community Agreed with Joel's takes on Sonny's Video things weren't looking good for Sunny as not even three days later a new Video would be published titled why Sunnyv2 is disliked by everyone this Video would not be perceived as well as The previous examples shown the video Consisted of many of the same points Discussed in the beaks video except this Time the Creator seemed to be having Trouble getting his point across Resulting the video feeling more like a Ramble than a level-headed critique uh Spoiler at nothing because 157 million Views could buy me a car according to Sonny's ways apparently he is dying he's Gone from 64 million a month to 37 Edge YouTuber stayer and with comments such As bro what are you trying to prove and The title should be why I hate sunnyv2 It was evident that the video came off

To viewers as more of a hate piece Rather than a logical and constructive Critique with over 105 dislikes compared To just 66 likes it's safe to say that This video was perceived extremely Poorly remember big Joel who we Mentioned earlier well on the 24th of December he would go on to publish a Second video on sunnyvalee too this time Titled A genuinely unhinged sunnyv2 Video and throughout the video Joel Would once again dissect one of Sonny's Videos was Playing devil's advocate for The expose but Ninja Fails to realize The reason people to save him as fake is Not because he's toxic not because he's Family friendly it's because once again He's trying to be something that is not In order to appeal to an audience Instead of just being who he truly is People liked him most when he was the Old toxic ninja that's what I'm talking About dude so I guess I'd find this or One of the more interesting moments in The video and a telling one Where sunnyv2 essentially asserts Without any sort of knowledge of ninja Um what his authenticity looks like Maybe it is true that he used to enjoy Screaming on the internet who doesn't Enjoy it who doesn't enjoy it but the But the reality is there's a possibility That it's not all inauthentic that he's Changing he's just like becoming a

Different guy kinda like he's not Exactly the same as the person you liked Does that inherently mean that he has Some deep moral failing are you the Ninja Sage do you know everything that Goes on inside of his mind you know what What is the standard of evidence that We're using here to assert that this man Is bullshitting you because he's done Some internal change some moments in Sonny's videos led the viewers to Believe that his point of exposing Ninja's dark side was actually exposing How he stopped making racist remarks Which seems to be a miscommunication on Sonny's end as he also speculated on Ninja's use of drugs which didn't seem Like an impossibility based on the Evidence at hand with there already Being several videos critiquing Sunny a Video would be posted that would damage His channel more than any of these Previous videos we discussed and this View would be posted by none other than Sunnyv2 himself as Sanny V2 would Published a video titled why dream's Face reveal was an awful decision a Video that would cause a YouTube Commentary Community to eat him alive Throughout the video Sunny would make The argument that dream's face reveal Was a very bad decision made on the Premise that his channel was falling off Dream's face reveal could qualify as the

Worst mistake made by a content creator Ever and we're gonna outline several Reasons why beginning with possibly the Most crucial point being that Dre James Unseen face was one of the only things Keeping him relevant this video alone Would result in several commentary Channels leaping to dream's defense There are some serious problems with Sony V2 and it appears that he has Become the very thing that once swore to Destroy hey guys I thought we'd just Take a look at this new Sunny V2 video That just dropped called why dreams face Reveal was an awful decision immediately Upon starting this video You're hit in The face with some of the worst takes You have ever heard someone describing Dream revealing his face as one of the Worst mistakes made by a content creator Ever part of the reason there have been So many videos published on this topic Recently could be based on the fact that Sunny has built himself a trustworthy And reliable image so that when he does Get something wrong or has an incredibly Controversial take it becomes a massive Deal many of the videos critiquing Sunny Seem to have the same arguments but Commentary Channel achito summarizes the Main response well with this statement I Think Sunny is overthinking this in Entire thing like his face is just Public people now know what he looks

Like I think that's really it what Happened after dreamface revealed he got Clowned on for like 24 hours and that's It now his face is just public Sonny Thinks that after a dream has face Revealed that now his merch won't really Sell or something that he will be Irrelevant sooner or later that his Content is going to be modified for the Worse and that we won't get any more Bangers like mask like okay I seriously Don't think dream face revealing is that Bad and I really definitely don't think That it's the worst mistake a content Creator has ever made in a video titled The problems with sunnyv2 Jalen would Make an interesting critique to Sonny's Upload schedule now astani's channel has Started to pick up his upload schedule Has become more frequent and it seems as If he's just trying to get these videos Out as fast as he possibly can which is Kind of counterintuitive to what his Channel used to be this argument seems To be based on the fact that sunnyv2 has Recently been increasing his upload Frequency at the expensive his video Quality but this is simply untrue Sony V2 has been posting weekly videos for Over a year now and whilst it's arguable That the editing quality has slightly Declined it is certainly not a matter of Producing content more frequently and Likely due to the fact that the story of

The video should be the main focus Rather than the flashy visuals for the Style of his content but this still Leaves us with the question of if Sunnyv2 is faking his videos and the Best example of this is not what you Would expect on the 31st of December 2021 sunnyv2 would publish a video Titled the tragic tale of edp-445 and The beak puts it best the issue is the Only evidence that he's able to provide Is for no caller ID calls on his iPhone Which isn't exactly Rock Solid evidence To say the least right so the evidence Behind the Edp-445 being in jail is two people Saying that he's in jail which Beforehand you even say that you can't Really trust that you have to take with A green assault will preface this spot By stating that there have been numerous Accounts of ADP being arrested however They never seem to have any Rock Solid Proof to go along with it so take Everything said in the next section with A grain of salt and in the video you Even disprove the evidence Jesus Christ Son you don't even know if he's in jail Why did you put finally in jail with the Thumbnail he's probably not even in jail This huge new update regarding edp-445 It isn't actually a huge new update it's Nothing Edp-445 isn't in jail what uh what's the

Point of this video Sunny's edp-455 Video was clickbait at best or Misinformation at worst but excluding These outlier videos it seems like Sunnyv2 has been one of the most Consistent content creators on the Platform and has in the grand scheme of Things had minimal controversies which Is a feat for someone who could be Considered under the commentary Niche Where each Creator is seemingly called Out for something every second week but The real question that we haven't Answered here yet is if unbox therapy is Buying views or not click the video on Screen to find out more

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