Is This the End for Andrew Tate…

Police right on their mansion resulting In Andrew and Tristan Tate being held in A Romanian jail cell for over three Months all the way to spending 30 days Under house arrest with some of the most Serious charges possible it wouldn't be A stretch to say the Tate Brothers have Had a wild ride for the past six months But with the recent developments in Their case it seems like this is just The beginning hi I'm the internet Anarchist I create weekly tube Documentaries and today we'll be taking A look at the recent news and Developments in the Tate Brothers Saga Following their move from jail to house Arrest on the 31st of March 2023 Andrew And Tristan would receive a warm welcome From the inner circle and hardcore fans It was from then on that Android began To reinforce the idea that the Matrix Had plans to kill him in his mind if They weren't able to silence him in jail They'll do so with a bullet I prepare my Body to absorb the brutal connects of Piercing lead as all silencing attempts Fail and stage 3 approaches I anticipate A bullet will be the chosen utensil of Pacification I can only pray and prepare I will force myself to prove the best Best I can I promise if they kill me I Love you all a message that would really Resonate in the hearts and minds of his Most dedicated fans with many believing

That the Matrix was after Andrew for the Message that he preached and that the Entire criminal investigation was simply A ploy to keep him down and silenced a Ploy that massively backfired resulting In Andrew looking like the underdog Going up against an all-powerful Institution and the fact that it was Placed in a Cell for 90 days without any Charges added some Credence to this idea The Streisand Effect seems to be in full Swing The Matrix was trying to silence The Tate Brothers which only made their Side of the story more convincing or That's at least how it seemed on the Surface as in the short months later That followed their transition to house Arrest would be flooded with new Evidence heated interviews making the Point that there is she accused me of a Crime emotional or psychological Manipulation and serious litigations That completely turned things upside Down on the 10th of May 2023 the sun Released an article detailing the real Reasons the Tate brothers were released On jail and moved into house arrests the 80-page court order that the article was Based on outlined the true nature of the Investigation prosecutors from dicots Romania's Organized Crime Busters had Attempted to argue the Tates were a Danger to the alleged victims quote Prosecutors from dicot Romania's

Organized Crime Busters had attempted to Argue the Tates were a danger to the Alleged victims but the judges at the Court of appeal disagreed and said the Brothers on house arrest would ensure a Fair investigation in the judge's eyes The investigation wouldn't be negatively Impacted by the Tates being under house Arrests even stating quote the Tates Were not a risk as they were highly Educated lacked a criminal record and Were socially integrated this proved That the Tate Brothers weren't released As a result of the prosecutions lacking Evidence but due to the judge wanting to Make the investigation fair speaking of Investigation and evidence dicot stated That they quote have thousands of Documents and pieces of evidence even Going further to say that the Investigation into them will be complete By July which could indicate that Wright Brothers would be charged within the Month of June possibly going into early July going from jail to house arrest was A win for the Tate Brothers but the Investigation was nearing a conclusion And seemed to be backed by a mountain of Evidence by the 1st of June 2023 Andrew Would go on an interview with the BBC it Was his first interview after being Released however it wouldn't be a Beneficial one as the encounter would Quickly become extremely combative

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Discount code just for my audience use Code Anarchist to get a suite 20 of your Order or go for gold with code Anarchist 30 to snag a super 30 percent discount On subscriptions with that being said Let's get back into the video the Reporter didn't appear to be concerned With Andrew stay in prison and mostly Brought up out of context quotes from His past posts on YouTube the courses on His old website and various other Sources many of which that have been Already taken down or deleted Women who are going to court to accuse You of rape and humans I'm describing women the video she was Referring to is from Andrew's webcam Business course in charges the one the First one you mentioned the rape ones Are you start out by a judge Throughout the interview Andrew claimed All quotes were either taken out of Context or denied ever even saying Anything like it he even denies taking Down his old website No websites no websites and thinking now My website is the same it's been the Same for a very long time the comments On this website on original website have Been taken down and I wonder it is true That some of her references to a few Podcasts were taken at face value but The issues of his old website were Concerning his old courses that were

Meant to teach men how to start a webcam Business that clearly took advantage of Women Andrew would go on to claim that No one was speaking out about the case Other than the imaginary individual that Legacy Media created whilst denying his Involvement with a webcam business these Claims become harder to believe when you Take a look at the documents regarding Andrew's case what followed was a Transcript of Andrew's conversation with One of the victims he explained his Business model referenced his courses And stated that he wanted her to come And live with him in Romania Andrew Quoting you're not stupid and you Probably guess how I make so much money I have to hide what I really do the Victim saying For a long time [Music] After that men started to be jealous I started charging men to teach them Parts of the document even detailed how Andrew allegedly lost women to launder Money and had the phrase property of Tate tattooed on their bodies according To Andrew all this information was Fabricated by The Matrix to slander his Name the interview turned to bait would Eventually become sir hated that Andrew's lawyer had to step in Way people are going to ask questions About going to give us the opportunity

To clarify some things these are very Little information sorry and so far I'm Sorry I have reaches and I'm talking Right now So these are very limited questions and This is not the rest of the interview Was directed the other aspects of Andrew's life such as his impact on Young men and claims of charity work With Andrew stating that he gives 25 Million dollars to charity annually Finally the interview would close on an Interaction that seemed almost comical Do you really believe On those Google personal That statement would have been true back In December 2022 but current Google Trends tell a different story two Versions of the interview would be Uploaded to the internet a shorter 12-minute version posted to the official BBC Channel on YouTube and the full 38 Minute version posted to Andrew's Rumble Page the latter gaining over 9 million Views compared to the 3 million views on BBC's version three days later Andrew Would make a follow-up statement to Address the Matrix giving them his Demands for any further interviews Firstly Andrew made the claim that Legacy Media failed the public by not Asking interesting questions and instead Focusing on what he said in the past But even the BBC

In its absolute arrogance and hubris Would be smart enough to come to me After six months being the first Interview I gave to the Matrix And be smart enough To ask questions people were genuinely Interested in he went on to state that The BBC took clips from his older Podcast and began creating a narrative That he was a human trafficker Andrew Also ignored the reference to his old Webcam courses to make sure that he Wouldn't be questioned like that again Andrew announced his new requirements For any future interviews with anyone That he thought was part of the Matrix He wanted fifty thousand dollars donate To charity and a box of chocolates So we'll feed over 60 000 children if You're wasting an hour of my time plus a Box of chocolates that is my fee from This point forward this begged the Question who was Andrew referring to When he said news outlets outside the Matrix was he referring to outlets that Storm as innocent although the presented Facts about the case the next interview Was on the 12th of June 2023 with Someone who Andrew claimed was outside The Matrix no other than valutainment he Had several interviews with Andrew Before and this one was no different the Main topic being how the Matrix was Attacking Andrew and stories from his

Time in jail and jail as a whole I mean There's so many stories I can tell There's so many different ways I Remember it there were times I laughed I Will sit and say some of the best days Of my life were in jail get out of here Andrew would eventually talk about the Criminal case although in a limited Fashion he claimed the events that the BBC discussed happened nine years ago Which is odd since his indictment is Based on events that occurred in 2022. The video had become an instant fit with Both Andrew Tate's fans and haters Garnering over 10 million views on YouTube The Narrative of the Matrix Attack was pulling a public sentiment Towards Andrew and he intended to take Full advantage of it his first emergency Meeting stream happened a few days later And had over 400 000 concurrent viewers During the meeting Andrew stated that There were parts of the case that he Couldn't discuss but he made several Claims about what they were accused of He claimed the case had nothing to do With the webcam business but was all About stealing money from girls Tick Tock accounts hey Tristan you used to Run a webcam Studio I no longer run one But yes I used to how is this linked Into the case that has nothing to do With the case but the narrative is that I formed a criminal gang when my net

Worth was already over a hundred million Dollars we allegedly formed this gang to Steal money from Tick Tock accounts that Is the narrative that is what I have Been arrested for and this is the first Time publicly I could finally clear that Up the Tate brothers gave the impression That the entire case was built upon lies And that it was highly unlikely that They'd be charged with anything but this Would be far from what happened on the 21st of June 2023 the Tate brothers and Their two Associates would be formally Charged with human trafficking in Continuous form the formation of Criminal organization and grape and Continuous form dicot's latest press Release added several damning details About the case in addition to the Original elegant Asian the Tate brothers Were charged with quote illegal access To the computer system alteration of the Integrity of computer data instigation And hitting our other violence as well As quote the seven victims identified During the criminal investigation were Subjected to forced labor of the seven Victims who were sexually exploited by The organized crime group three became Civil parties in the criminal process Dicot went on to state that they had Confiscated 15 properties with the ifov County 15 luxury cars shares within four Commercial companies and three million

Dollars in cryptocurrency the Investigation was complete and they were Going to Trail but in dicot's own words Situation that cannot in any way defeat The principle of presumption of Innocence just a day later Andrew would Address the situation by complaining About the bad press and claiming the Media was corrupt for one year that Attacked me and they will not Stop I've been offered to sell my soul All I had to do was shut up if I would Have sold my soul to a large corporation And then this attack happened then this Large corporation would speak to the Media and the media they wouldn't be Treating you an enemy they would treat Me as an ally all I had to do was sell My soul and I refused Andrew made sure Not to mention the case in any capacity He was more concerned with swaying the Public opinion he wants the public to Believe that the entire case was a Conspiracy created by the Matrix but Looking back at Andrew's own statements About this webcam business the reason he Moved to Romania for the sack of Corruption and courses that he sold it Doesn't seem like an attack the evidence In the case describes Andrew's strategy Of recruiting women which is identical Of which he taught in his own course it Would approach women with the intention Of getting them to do sex work making

Them fall in love with him and then Bring them back to Romania to work for Him this strategy Bears a striking Similarity to the one used by convicted Romanian trafficker Leo [Music] Romanian author authorities have had Issues with crimes of trafficking for a Long time and organizations like the Council of Europe's group of experts on Action against trafficking in human Beings also known as Greta have gotten Involved instructing Romanian Authorities to prioritize action against Human trafficking it's safe to say that Romanian authorities have a vested Interest in seeing the case through on The 29th of June Andrew decided to go on Another interview to further discuss his Current predicament he would also Continue to frame the charges as a Subjective Matrix attack and generally Downplay the evidence brought forwards So I have a narrative which is Countering their narratives that they Control and they feel like that I need To be punished for that and their Massively influential and powerful and Now I find myself in the position I'm in With a matrix attack apparently he got Too big and his message was too Controversial and the human trafficking Charges were completely unexpected I Knew that some kind of attack was coming

I didn't expect to get hit with this Human trafficking's insane considering What he said on a previous interview With James English it doesn't seem at All unrelated 75 women work for me at The peak of it all but that was a Mistake because when you have a bunch of Girls working for you like that the only Way you can motivate them is with money When I started the girls worked for me Because they loved me right that's the Old school pimp game isn't it I love This man we're on our way to the top Together but when you get too big you Can't have all these girls in love with You I mean you can only so like we're All human right so I cut down to like a Special forces team of around eight Girls and that's where I made my most Money when I had four girlfriends my Brother had four girlfriends I was Turning over 400 Grand a month the story Of the Tate Brothers is a long and Fascinating one packed with unanswered Questions why did they take down their Old website in courses and was Andrew Really predicting the Matrix Nick to Move or is it all just an attempt to Cover his tracks there are two main ways That people view the Tate Brothers Current situation one side believes it's Entirely a product of the Matrix and the Other side assumed that the crimes of His past are finally catching up to him

Andrew has yet to be proven guilty and In the eyes of the law he is still Innocent however the coming months of Court proceedings will certainly put Their to the test many people believe Andrew to be the most hated person on The internet but that's not true click The video on screen to find out who Truly is the most hated person

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