Is Unbox Therapy Botting Views?

Is unbox therapy viewbody in their Videos after posting this community post Asking you all for the content you want To see a particular comment stuck out For me from user risi pc7824 stating I Saw a video where Charlie from most Critical touched on the subject of Unboxed therapy potentially viewporting And after hours of investigating I was Able to uncover some evidence that would Back up these claims hi I'm the internet Anarchist I create weekly YouTube Documentaries and today we'll be taking A dive into a theory of unboxed therapy Artificially boosting the views on their Content but to completely understand This Theory we first must delve into the Controversial history and events that Led up to unbox therapies fall from Relevancy coupled with the diminishment Of their trust and reputation in the Eyes of Their audience unbox therapy is One of those YouTube channels that seems To have been around forever with regular Uploads starting in 2010 unbox therapy Amassed a large Audience by posting tech Reviews focusing on the experience of Unboxing there was a level of Genius to The content since other channels at the Time mainly focused on reviewing the Specs and more technical aspects of the Products unbox therapies approach to Tech content was somewhat refreshing the Unique approach to allowed regular

Consumers to experience excitement of Unboxing luxury items without having to Actually Fork out a load of money whilst On the other hand also providing Potential customers honest and detailed Reviews of tech products to help them Make informed purchases overall the Channel's content was not only Entertaining but also educational and Informative for consumers it would be no Surprise that by the 18th of July 2014 Unbox therapy would reach 1 million Subscribers and with their regular Uploads featuring the latest tech Products their subscriber growth over The following years would become Exponential with the channel reaching 14 Million subscribers by the 1st of April 2019 and by this point Lou the host of Unboxed therapy had developed what Seemed to be unbreakable trust with his Audience with the only blemish in his Reputation being a fake iPhone giveaway From six years prior back in 2015 whilst Editing this video with suspicious Package arrived at my doorstep and Whilst first I thought this may have Been delivered to the wrong house my Stomach completely dropped when I saw The name internet Anarchist plastered Over the front no no VPN not Internet Anarchist not VPN is a service That provides online privacy and Protection in just one click

Nordvpn is the fastest VPN service out There and with 5400 servers across 59 Countries they completely got you Covered using nordvpn you can access TV Shows games and special deals from all Around the world whilst remaining in the Comfort of your own home nordvpn has Recently bought a new feature to the Table that separates them from other Competitors this is threat protection Threat protection fortifies your desktop Device from religious websites malware Trackers as well as intrusive ads and in The spirit of holiday giving nordvpn Gave me a killer deal to pass over to You guys get nordvpn's two-year plan With 4 months free over at Internet Anarchist and with nord's 30-day money-back guarantee there's no Risk whatsoever links in the description To cop that offer and let's return back Into the video with the rise of YouTube Becoming recognized by Brands as an Efficient source of new customers many Tech channels began getting sent out Products to give a sponsored review on And whilst most of the bigger players in A technique should only take up these Off days once every few videos it seemed Like unboxed therapy would have almost All of their content videos or products That were actually sponsored or sent out For free which led to many of their Regular viewers losing trust for unbox

Therapy with many of the videos feeling Like shills lacking the critical Thinking and honesty from their previous Content this flow would ultimately lead Up to one of the final events that would Further expose unbox therapy for being Disingenuine with their videos as in 2020 unbox therapy would create a video Reviewing the product known as the Pablo Escobar fold too is the Escobar fold 2 The company is run by Pablo Escobar's Brother am I correct about this my Goodness Okay hold up I mean that thing is like a Legend let's be honest this is like a Legend If you carry this around Because everybody knows the meme Everybody saw the Articles and the Website and the crazy videos with the Models and everything so if you carry That around and you actually got the Escobar fold It's a status symbol that's a that's What the youngsters call a flex well the Pablo Escobar fault 2 was a product Created by the family of notorious Criminal Pablo Escobar they claimed to Be selling top of the line phones for a Portion of the price of other Competitors and unboxed therapy gave Them a very nice review praising the Product and encouraging his audience of Over 18 million subscribers to purchase

It but the old saying comes into play Here of what seems too good to be true Generally is as another tech YouTuber Known as Marcus Brownlee from MKBHD did His due dilians and looked deeper into The product before posting a video about It revealing what Twisted ethics he had Actually found I quietly bought one so That was in December and yeah I never Got it Galaxy fold costs eighteen Hundred dollars and the Escobar fold 2 Costs Four hundred dollars So How are they pulling us off well it's Not just the lower quality packaging It's not just the lower quality Marketing my theory is that they are Going through orders finding the names Of YouTubers or or just people in Tech Media or people who they think will talk About the phone if they get it and Shipping those And then just not shipping the rest That's probably why they found my first Order because I had my name attached to It and why they upgraded me and shipped Mine out they were probably hoping I Would speak pretty positively about it With it now being revealed that the Company was a total scam no surprise to Anyone unboxed therapy would try and Unlist their video and post the response Video playing the edit of the cutting

Out parts of the video as well as Blaming his audience for supposedly not Understanding his sarcasm but with the Video having comments such as came for An apology left being blamed for not Understanding sarcasm 2.4 000 likes and Lou thinks he's defending himself and Getting his credibility back ends up Making himself look even more stupid and Unreliable it was evident that Lou's Response massively backfired and the Damage Done was irreparable as the Controversy would ultimately Mark the Beginning of the end for unbox therapy As their subscriber growth would begin To crash resulting in the views Following down a similar path and with Other more genuine Tech YouTubers such As MKBHD there became almost no reason For viewers is to watch unboxed Therapy's content anymore and this Brings us to today whilst unbox therapy Has a towering 18 million subscribers a Quick look at his social blade reveals That he hasn't gained any subscribers Since November of 2021 making it over One year without any growth but what is Strange is that whilst the channel is Pulling dramatically less views in the Previous years it is still gaining 10 to 18 million views per month something Here doesn't add up and on a moist Critical stream a viewer would bring up A topic begging the question of whether

Unboxed therapy may be using an smm Panel in order to unofficially boost Views but what is an smm panel well it Stands for social media marketing panel Many smm panels can be used to Artificially boost views subscribers and Likes on social media platforms by using Automated scripts or Bots whilst Breaking the rules on almost all social Media platforms many record labels Typically use these tactics to give Their artists the illusion of relevancy And with the obvious decline of unboxed Therapies metrics it's understandable Why one might think they may be using One during a stream Charlie did a mini Investigation finding evidence to Support the theory does anyone remember This channel this channel used to be Absolutely huge And I read something about how they're Most likely viewbotting so I clicked on One of their videos and I was like I Mean I doubt it I mean there's a huge Channel they used to always average Millions of views but someone was making The claim that they viewbot because if You check the views to comments they Have like 50 comments so I don't Remember which one I clicked but they Were right let's see this one 262 comments on a video with 1.3 million Views is pretty suspicious This one's 132 comments on a video with

909k views So with the disproportionate view to Engagement ratio in his videos paid with A past history of unethical Behavior one Might conclude that unboxed therapy is Indeed budding their video views but What if they weren't well let me Introduce you to one more Theory a Potential explanation for the suspicious Metrics could be something called embed Views this essentially means that Unboxed therapy could be gaining Millions of views for having their Videos posted on other websites take for Example posting a video in a Discord Server as seen by the embed you can Watch the video but you cannot like nor Comment on the video without actually Going onto the YouTube site itself and With a quick look on we Can see that the homepage of their Website features all of their videos now It's highly unlikely that this website Is gaining that much traffic and with a Quick look at Google Trends it's quite Obvious that that would not be the main Source of the views but there's one more Possibility it's the fact that he could Be buying ad placements for his videos On other websites but what do you think Is the truth behind unbox there therapy Do you think they're buying views or do You think that the channel is somehow Directing millions of views through

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