Jason Derulo Is The Biggest Content Thief On YouTube

Over the past few weeks one of the most Talked about subjects on YouTube is low Effort react content many large Streamers like xqc or even YouTube Channels like SS sniperwolf will watch Other people's videos in their entirety And re-upload it as their own video on YouTube obviously this upsets a lot of People as you're basically stealing Someone else's content and then Profiting off of it by re-uploading it With only the bare minimum effort to Transform the video xqc often leaves the Video playing for his stream while going Off to use the bathroom while it runs Development Now while all of that is a blatant Misuse of fair use laws in my opinion There is one creator that takes it to a Whole new level of thievery the Individual I'm referring to is known as Jason Derulo now for those who aren't Familiar with Jason he's an Award-winning R B singer that has made Millions of dollars over the last two Decades in the music industry and racked Up many chart-topping songs that have Made him a well-known celebrity he's Most often memed on because much like DJ Khalid he likes to yell out his own name At the start of all of his songs Jason Derulo now Jason's career in music has Somewhat slowed down over the past few

Years and instead he has been focusing On Tick Tock and YouTube content on Tick Tock he's been killing it with 58 Million followers and he does post a lot Of his own content on that platform However the same can't be said for his YouTube channel of 21 million Subscribers he still regularly posts his New music videos to the channel however These regularly get less than 100K views Now when years ago his old music videos Would get hundreds of millions of views Or in the case of his music video swalla It's amassed over 1.7 billion views now Where the issue of thievery comes into Play is when you take a look at Jason's Shorts upload page on this page you will Find daily uploads of the most random Assortment of Clips with 98 of them made Up by other creators that don't have Jason Derulo in them at all he's Basically turned his shorts page into a Knockoff version of daily dose of Internet but in this case he isn't Getting permission to use all of these Clips re-uploading someone else's short Or Tick-Tock as your own and profiting Off of it is against YouTube's terms of Service without altering it to make it Unique in some way in order for Jason to Put the bare minimum effort into Stealing these videos he's doing two Things to get around YouTube's laws First in every stolen short he

Re-uploads he's playing his own songs Over all the videos I can only play a Couple seconds to show you or I will get My video claimed as well He does this on every Single he uploads to scan to scam fair Use laws the second pathetic attempt to Make these Stolen videos original Content is he will often use a small Video of himself over the original video Reacting to the content to make it an Actual reaction video now at first this Looks like an actual reaction to the Video but if you scroll through his Shorts page you will see he uses the Same clips of himself over and over in Every single video after doing some Research Jason seems to have only three Clips of himself that he has just copy Pasted onto every single video he steals To make it look like he's reacting to it The first clip is of him in a cut off Shirt and a baseball cap Foreign The second clip is of him shirtless Walking on a treadmill and smiling And the third copy paste video is of him Eating from a bag of Sour Patch Kids and Then making a surprised face Copy pasting himself into every video Without actually reacting to that video Takes the term react content to a whole New low at the very least as a sniper Wolf in xqc react to the videos they are

Watching and don't just copy paste old Clips of themselves over the video there Are literally hundreds of shorts Uploaded to his page of him wearing the Exact same outfit making the exact same Expression in each short and it's Amazing to me this blatant attempted Fair use manipulation has been allowed To go on for so long by such a massive Creator now some people have been Speculating as to why Jason has been Doing this with creators like Ludwig Thinking because he adds his own song to Each video it might be some attempt to Inflate the play total of his songs to Juice up their total song play numbers Adding his song as the song in the Background of the video and I think it's To inflate the statistics of his song I Don't know I don't I actually asked my Partner manager because I was curious I Was curious if you put a YouTube short With a song does it give the song A View Right like if you know what I mean like If I put like my Christmas album in a Short with my Christmas album song get a View is that why he's doing it Oh it's super it's super scummy now I Would have to disagree with Ludwig on This one I think the reason for this Blatant theft really just has to come Down to money if you head on over to Jason Derulo's social blade page you'll See that the site gives Jason Page an A

Plus plus rating which is the same Rating it gives to Mr Beast Channel and Blows away some other top channels on The platform like penguin zero which the Site only gives an A minus ranking two On top of that you can see that Jason is Ranked as the eighth best channel on all Of YouTube according to socialblade's Metrics ever since Jason started Reposting daily stolen content it is Skyrocketed the performance of his YouTube channel to near Mr Beast levels Of performance now I do have to say that The money that socialblade says he is Making is way off what many people don't Know is socialblade uses a CPM that is Based off of long-form content and Shorts get much less per view however if You create a social blade account they Allow you to alter the CPM total and by Changing this CPM to a normal shorts Range of 5 cents to 15 cents you can see What Jason is actually making for this Stolen content and it's in the range of 89 000 to 250 000 per month that is an Insane amount of money to be making off Of stolen content now to verify this is A reasonable amount of money you could Expect off of that many views from Shorts content I reached out to another Short Creator by the name of stanimous Stanimous makes a full-time income Mostly from shorts and has a much more Ethical approach of actually reacting to

Each piece of content instead of copy Pasting himself like Jason does in the DM stanimous sent me he confirmed that With the 1.6 billion views per month Jason is getting his total income would Be over one hundred thousand dollars a Month with shorts you get significantly Less money per view but the shorts Algorithm has the potential for some Videos getting hundreds of millions of Views for even mid-tier content that Would never go anywhere near that Viral Level on long form videos what makes This even worse is if from the research I've done it doesn't appear that Jason Or his team has made any attempt to buy The rights to use these videos from Other creators Jason does post in the Description where their video is from But from the creators I've contacted They've all said they had no idea their Video had been reposted creators like Daily dose of Internet do something Similar by reposting many viral clips Into a longer video on their Channel and Also give credit to the original owner However in the case of daily dose I've Reached out to several of the other Channels shown in his videos and they Confirmed they either gave him Permission to use the clips or in some Cases were paid by him to use the clips As well I have to say that this is truly One of the most blatant attempts to

Content forms Stolen videos I have ever Seen on the platform and it makes Creators like sssniperwolf look like a Saint compared to what Jason does the Guy doesn't even take the time to react To each video he steals and instead just Repackages the same three clips of Himself over and over again he has used His celebrity and already established Channel to become one of the biggest Content thieves the platform has ever Seen and in doing so is now making Hundreds of thousands of dollars a month On Stolen videos what makes this even Worse is the fact that Jason most likely Isn't doing this himself and likely is Paying someone else to find viral videos Steal them and re-upload them on his Channel for him if he is doing that he Is taking this scam game into a whole New level and is now creating a business Of content thievery that involves a Whole team working on this for him I Really hope that YouTube takes a closer Look at this blatant attempted stealing Other people's work and doesn't allow This kind of low effort content farming To continue in the future

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