Jordan Belfort Responded

Jordan Belford has responded to my Allegations and I want to talk about it Some of you may know Jordan from The Wolf of Wall Street which is based on His life as a scammer more recently he's In hot water for being involved in Another scam Omega Pro and having money In a 500 million dollar Ponzi scheme now I reached out to Jordan about this ahead Of time and his team's response was that I was being wildly misleading so even Though it's not a big deal because he's Kind of a a small fish in this whole Thing I wanted to settle it because it's A little bit annoying when people tell Me I'm taking them out of context when In fact everything that I'm saying is Completely correct so we will be reading Their whole response to me to make sure You get the full context and I'll warn You in advance they're gonna try to Trick us let's start off right from the Top hi Jordan my name is coffeezilla I'm An investigative journalist I noticed You had a balance of 325 000 with Traders domain on September 20th 2022 Via your company future gen LLC and also Participated as a paid spokesman of some Kind for Omega Pro both massive Interconnected Ponzi schemes and they Said the following in response Mr Belford is not nor has ever been a paid Spokesman of Omega Pro he actually Declined their offer Omega Pro hired Mr

Belford to speak at two of their events About sales and Entrepreneurship I know You're confused you think maybe I had a Stroke no I'm reading it exactly how They said it he says I've never been Hired as a paid spokesman But I have I have actually gotten hired Twice Let me explain it to you spokesman means You're endorsing the business as a Legitimate business which Mr Belford Obviously would never do so I'm not Advising you to go out and find some get Rich quick scheme which this is not it's A legitimate business okay not Understanding how they're saying he's Not a paid spokesman here since he was Paid and seems to be a spokesman either Way they continue these were two of over 150 events that Mr Belford spoke at that Year and he has never had any Affiliation with the company and only Vaguely knows what they do And I had to laugh at this part because I'm just thinking to myself like yeah Isn't it that funny moment we can all Relate to when you're speaking at the Biggest event of the year for a company In Panama and you have no idea what they Do sounds really reasonable guys sounds Sounds legit in fact during his speech With Omega Pro he specifically stated That he was not there to speak about Their business or making Investments as

He was unfamiliar with what they do now It's at this point we're going to have To talk about Jordan's get rich quick Claims because that's another part of my Question to them because in this speech Where he has no idea what the business Is Jordan claims you gotta get rich Quick which you know is a bit of a red Flag when you're talking about a get Rich quick scheme there's only one way To get rich in this world And that is quickly you gotta get rich Quick not surprisingly Jordan had an Issue with the fact I said I was gonna Play that clip his team said in response The above quote you provided is wildly Misleading as it is only the first half Of the quote the full quote from the Transcript is below and Mr Belfort Stands by it to this very day and I'm Going to jump to the second half of the Quote because you've already read the First part you got to get rich quick Okay and the reason for that is because We live in a world that's far too Expensive to get rich slowly you can't Get rich slowly over time between Inflation and currency devaluations and All the hard work by the time you get Rich it's too late but I'm not talking About a get rich quick scheme that's not What I mean I'm not advising you to go Out and find some get rich quick scheme Which is not a legitimate business I

Know what you're thinking I just got Roasted I thought the same thing I Thought maybe I was wrong about Jordan Belfort poor guy is getting paid Hundreds of thousands of dollars to talk About a company he knows nothing about And he's being criticized for it I mean I couldn't believe it what I'd almost Done because I hadn't made the video yet Mind you I was requesting for comment And I was about to apologize uh when I Actually watched the real video and Remembered the full quote you gotta get Rich quick okay and the reason for that Is because we live in a world that's far Too expensive to get rich slowly you Just can't get rich slowly over time Between inflation and currency Devaluations and all the hard work it Does by the time you get rich it's too late and I will tell you this This is a fact I'm not talking about A get rich quick scheme that's not what I mean and so I'm not advising you to go Out and find some get rich quick scheme Which this is not it's a legitimate Business okay did you catch it Jordan's Team has conveniently edited the quote From I'm not advising you to go out and Find some get rich quick scheme which This is not meaning Omega Pro is not a Get rich quick scheme it's a legitimate Business okay and they changed it to say This so I'm not advising you to go out

And find some get rich quick scheme Which is not a legitimate business it's A totally different meaning in one of Them you're endorsing the company and The real one you're calling it a Legitimate business in the fake quote That they provided me all of that Context is gone I wonder why maybe it's Because it shows that Jordan is at least Pretending to know what this company Does because you wouldn't call something A legitimate business if you had no idea Know what they did right they also left Out another part where Jordan tells the Crowd it's great that you all believe in Omega Pro but don't look a gift horse in The mouth don't second guess it just Look a around you who can smell Money could you spell the money yes Ladder can you smell it yes [Applause] Why is that why is that why is it that Within this room right now there is so Much success So much money being made why why is that Well a couple of things number one There's a lot of belief in the room you All believe in what you're doing you Believe in the cause you've been making Money yourselves you've been able to Convince others to do the same to join Up and to make money right that's what's Going on here so there's belief but I Will tell you this there's an old saying

That we have in English And that saying goes don't look a gift Horse in the mouth Meaning these these types of moments In each one of your lives They don't come along that often they Just don't This is insane in fact you could replace Omega Pro with literally any penny stock That Jordan was selling back in the day That he got arrested and it feels like The same thing the whole thing about Like you know there's so much money here You believe this is an incredible Opportunity but just don't look look at It too closely don't look a gift horse In the mouth it's barely gonna come back Again you know it's once in a lifetime This is the same thing it's the same Scam just a new way to do it right it's Just not penny stocks it's this Omega Pro nonsense and they had the audacity To leave that quote out twist another Quote and then try to what get me to Walk back what I was gonna say now Finally we're gonna get to the last Claim of mine which is that Jordan had Money locked in Trader's domain which Once again they told me that I was being Wildly misleading about uh but then they Said this as far as Traders domain goes Mr Belford has no knowledge of Traders Domain or any link that they may have Had with Omega Pro other than that a

Very close friend of his said that he he Was making a lot of money with a managed Account and he convinced Mr Belford to Give this money manager a shot so Mr Belford made a small speculative Investment there of approximately two Hundred thousand dollars small Investment of two hundred thousand Dollars who in their right mind look Bear in mind this guy is like a scam Professional right he did it for years He then puts money in a thing that seems Too good to be true offshore Forex Brokerage with zero research like we're Supposed to believe that I mean Personally I don't believe it that Jordan Belfort is looking at this thing That looks like probably what he used to Sell and goes yeah this seems like a Good opportunity Uh according to them quote after a few Months of seeing profits Mr Belford felt That it was too good to be true and Requested his money back that's when the Problem started it took many months and Constant legal threats to get back his Original investment which he eventually Got back with a small profit so he did Make money what are we wrong about it's So funny like they claimed I was being Wildly misleading but both of the things I'm alleging here that he was publicly Speaking for a get rich quick scheme and Seeming to pitch it basically that's

True he also had money in Trader's Domain also true he apparently made Money with it which we didn't even know But also we have to seriously Interrogate whether Jordan knew nothing About Trader's domain just like we had To with Omega Pro because they then say Quote he then closed his account and That was that he would be willing to Discuss off the Record more of what he Suspects is happening there as some of His friends were convinced to open up an Account there by the same person never Got their money back and just to be be Clear despite this managed account Offering Mr Belford a 10 override in any Money he could bring in he never Recommended it to any other person Because from the very beginning he Always considered it a speculative Investment and had done no due diligence Rather he made the investment based on The word of a friend let me get this Straight Jordan knows nothing about Trader's domain no due diligence but if We talk off the Record so that I can't Say what he says he's claiming he's Going to explain what's happening are You kidding Hey listen I know nothing About this but if we go behind closed Doors I'll explain the whole thing That doesn't make any sense well that's Nonsense I I mean look this whole thing Is ridiculous and of course the reason

I'm talking about this is not because Jordan was like the big player in all This he was not by a long shot I only Bring up his response as an exemplary Way that these influencers and speakers They just want to have it both ways look They want to make all the money when They speak right all the money wild Speaking fees of hundreds of thousands Of dollars a post and then when it all Goes wrong they want to be held to zero Accountability or to put it another way They don't want you to look a gift horse In the mouth even when it bites you you Already paid me right

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