Lex Fridman speaks to Palestinians in the West Bank

Listen you have to know something yeah Everybody here any human being in this Area on all the world Not against a beat everybody like life Even Hamas in Gaza they like life they Like peace but peace not like what you Want Moto sir if I want to buy something From you if I create for your price and I am happy for your things I will buy it So our situation here what's going with The Israeli we are not against of Israel As people Jewish we are against of Occupation if you remember what's Happened with Russia and okra India Look Look one year Russia they have a problem And they're afraid from NATO come to Close to the going inside okrania all The world And all the arming of the world against Russia how come I am Refugee in my land Why I'm lost my house did I make Something for Israel did I did my Hitler Was my cousin did I make anything for The Jews in the world me and my family And the Palestinians do you have hope For peace My age is 50 years I have seven kids no Hope if I told I have hope I'm job and If you want to say the truth there is no Justice in the world If you are strong Everybody Afraid from you if you are not Everybody

Kill you they make you like this by your Foot That's what happened There is no peace my friend if you want To see the peace come to our camp where I live you will cry You will cry you see our peace what are The conditions like In uh in the camp my friend they're Waiting for water water you know what's Been water yeah in Europe the dog he Lived in good condition dog animals how Come a human being not have water water To drink I asked you about anger What About love you got love in your heart Well I love everybody even the Jews they Kill us they destroy our houses I'm not Looked to fight I'm not looking to kill I am against the violence we love your Kids to live in good condition the Israeli side and the Palestinian we are Against the violent we don't want to see More blood We want to destroy this wall you come to Me I come to you that's it That's My Hope thank you my brothers not So nice it's pretty good Hello friends I recently traveled to the West Bank and Spoke with many Palestinian people there From all walks of life there was anger And there was hope in their voice in Their eyes in their stories in ways that I probably can't express those words but

I wanted to begin to experience directly Most conversations were offline but a Few were on camera and I include those Latter ones here in this video I'm not a journalist nor a documentary Filmmaker just a fellow human being Trying to understand the struggles and The beauty of other people And I just sometimes might bring a Camera along So I ask for your forgiveness if I fall Short of what I could have done with This opportunity I work hard to improve And I will do many more videos like These I love you all So I think a lot of people would be Surprised to see a Palestinian who's a Christian yes is there a tension in that Can you explain what it's like to be you Yes actually because I've been to America once when I was there and I said That I'm Palestinian Christians and they How come you are Palestinian Christians They don't know that in Palestine they Are Christian people Palestinian Christians are exist since Jesus was Born in the house that I lived in it It's 200 years old and it was my grand Grandfather who lived in this and my Grandfather and my father and me in the Same house in this area in Palestine Especially you can see Christians and Muslims together living by side by side

And as a neighbors as we go to the Universities together we work together We do everything together what aspects Of life has made difficult here because Of the tension between Israel and Palestine yes Since Jesus was born it was occupied by Many till now Occupation after occupations the best Palestine through the Turkish the British Egyptian Jordanian and that was The last is the Israeli so there's quite A bit of tension between the various Religions here yes what gives you hope In the future that's right yes because You know Christianity Muslims and Judaism and Which is means That all praise the Lord this makes me Feel very happy because I'm not a judge To judge rather religious I'm I'm just Praying and God will judge everyone as What he believes but the most important Thing between the three major religions It's just to have most important to have Love First of all how long have you lived Here my father or second generation Refugee I'm a third generation and my Grandfather first to live in 1948. what Does it mean to be a refugee Refugee That uh that's a long story you know Palestinians that became a refugee in 1908 when you know they lost their

Homeland they became refugees a lot of Them they live in Jordan Syria Lebanon And everywhere in Palestine you know Palestines get divided to West Bank Gaza East Jerusalem Jordan Valley do you have Hope for peace in the region of course I Do have hope because nothing lasts Forever you know you know what that Means nothing lasts forever we are not Alone we have a lot of solidarity from The Jewish Community from the Christian Community from the whole world but Something does something to do with Governments and politicians they are you Know trying to control over one state Equal rights equalism because Jewish Christians and Muslims they have always Lived to begin together during the British mandate during the ultimate time For decades the only hope for people to Live peacefully together it's related to One word which is occupation if Occupation ends there's no reason for Bossing us to fight it's no reason for Through Rockets black people I think They have a legitimate try to resist the Last CM people in general they're nice People not what the media says about us You know it's crazy when you resist they Call you a terrorist it's a crazy world That we live in it we are in the 21st Century and we still occupied so one day That's why again I said like I started Saying nothing lasts forever exactly

Eventually this occupation will end and I do believe that history is repeating Solved but seems to me people they Didn't learn from the history you know Right People who get the power they want to Just keep Going up you know but at least we are Not alone in this damn world How long have you lived here I lived in Mississippi I bought in this city since I born until now I grew up in this town There are a lot of people that have Anger towards Israel hate towards Israel I will give you example Like if someone come to fight your Family and to enjoy your home you will Stand closing your hand if someone Killed your brother killed your father You will be easy you will be as as super Crazy This is what's happened with Palestinian A lot of Palestine was killed for no Reason what gives you hope about the Future The situation is getting worse and worse And worse today they close all over Around Batman because there's something Happen there's a fight between Boston as Well and if you go all over around the City all the entrance of the city it's a Close second thing I want to lose Something I don't like politics so much Because you know in the end we are all a

Human doesn't matter if you are Palestinian or Israeli or Russian or American doesn't matter what your Religious Christian Muslim you and then Well we are all human what we want we Want just peace we want to live in peace We don't want any more fight we want to Have our freedom to travel to go Wherever we want And that's it It looks good what's uh tell us about The coffee I make very good coffee and Very good tea I make the tea with men Cinnamon Sage fine Ginger coriander Rosemary lemon juice This one is Working

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