Logan Paul Could Get Sued For Defamation…

The situation for Logan Paul is far Worse than we initially knew and there Is now a very real possibility that he Could be sued for defamation as many of You know on January 3rd Logan released a Response video to Coffee zilla's Three-part series covering the Scandal Around crypto zoo in the response Logan Made baseless claims against coffeezilla Claiming he had tried to work with law Enforcement in the past and was turned Down as his work was not anchored to Truth you see coffeezilla tried to work With law enforcement in the past but his Work was described as not anchored to Truth and often speculative Logan Doesn't provide any evidence to back up That claim and coffee Zilla later made The statement that he had no idea what Logan was talking about briefly going Back to the Logan Paul thing the Logan Paul video I did what she's response Video and one thing that stuck out to me Was that he made a claim that you worked In law enforcement or something similar To that and it and it it's been hanging Right in my head I want to know like did That come from anywhere no I keep I keep Asking where that came from I was like I Was like where did that this is uh so I've been waiting to respond I'm gonna Respond like officially on my channel I'm kind of waiting till he appalled Like until he does his apology I was

Gonna respond and that's gonna be one of The first claims that I'm like I have no Idea if he made this up or if he heard From somebody like there has been a History of people obviously a lot of People I cover on my show don't like me So some of them post on these like Anon Boards that like I'm like I've ripped Them off or like basically they spread These rumors about me that aren't true So I thought maybe that was the case Like maybe Logan fell for one of these Like silly little like uh you know 4chan Posts or something like that that says Like I'm this bad guy but uh no it comes From nowhere I've never worked for law Enforcement never tried to work for law Enforcement after the massive backlash Logan received he ended up removing his Response and later apologized to Coffee Zilla but with all the focus on coffee And Logan many people overlooked the Real issue that could put Logan in Serious hot water in his video Logan Decided to take shots at the developer That he hired to create crypto Zoo known As Zach Kelling he then goes on to say That Zach spent time in prison for Multiple felonies and proceeds to rip on The guy that he hired to run his own Project often you interviewed the Developer who stole the game code fled To Switzerland and held it hostage for a Million dollars well his name is Zach

Kelling surely as the internet detective That you proclaimed to be you would know That he spent time in prison for Multiple felonies one for aggravated Robbery armed robbery at a liquor store And the other four surprise obstructing The legal process I can see why you kept Him anonymous In that clip I showed Logan proceeded to show Zach's full name The case number for his arrest and what Court system the record was from now of All of this is public information that Would be perfectly fine to do however as We dig deeper we can see the situation Gets much darker some ordinary gamers Decided to reach out to Zach on Twitter And got more information as to what These records really are when I dm'd him Was I asked him what happened with this Entire information what happened to the Criminal record why couldn't I find it And according to Zach Kelling the record Is in fact expunged according to what he Has told me when I looked into more of What he told me according to him even Even Logan's statements according to Zach were Reckless defamation because it Appeared that uh he was saying that hey Uh this guy robbed the liquor store and Of course according to Zach he did not Rob a liquor store and I couldn't Exactly find anything to confirm that The liquor store was robbed in this Situation so according to Zach from his

Conversation with muda his record was Expunged and everything he was arrested For happened over 20 years ago when he Was just a teenager now if you were Unfamiliar with what it means to expunge A record it basically means that your Criminal history is a race like it never Happened it's very difficult process to Go through and takes years of working to Improve your image you have to show a Judge that you have not committed any New crimes and are being a positive Member of the community violent crimes And other severe felonies also can't be Expunged and depending on what state the Record was expunged from it can actually Be illegal to share information about Expunged crimes from the information Logan showed in his video we can see That the image he showed was from the State of Kansas and with some quick web Searches I was able to find this Information about expunged records in That state once the Kansas Court grants An expungement the court orders the Kansas Bureau of Investigation to notify The FBI and any other criminal justice Agencies only certain state agencies and Criminal Courts have the authority to Access the expunged record based on that Information only people in the legal System should ever be able to see Zach's Expunged records a normal person should Not be able to look up and find these

Criminal cases because they've Effectively been wiped from the internet When Logan Paul shared this information If it was actually expunged as that Claims he just put himself in massive Hot water now believe it or not the Situation actually gets worse for Logan As he then proceeds to claim that Zack Who was the main developer for crypto Zoo was lying about the team that he had Working for him Zach claiming he had as Many as 30 developers and Logan claiming That was a lie and there were only three That he lied about having 30 engineers And a 50 000 a week burn rate Which side note is how this delusionist Landed on the million dollar code Ransom But it turns out he only had three Engineers wouldn't someone with Journalistic Integrity know their Credible Source had not only an agenda But a fondness for orange jumpsuits Zac Adventure provided evidence to back up His claim that he had a full team Working on crypto Zoo so that's two Massive claims that Logan has made Against Zach that don't seem to hold up Once both sides tell their story now Zach after being brutalized by Logan to His audience of 20 million fans decided To respond this is his public response On Facebook that he has allowed everyone To see update Logan has finally removed The defamatory video thank you all for

The support dear friends and colleagues As some of you may have seen I've been Personally attacked by blogger Logan Paul on his YouTube channel as I care Deeply about the well-being reputations And continued success of all my Colleagues Partners investors in our Associated work I am writing to address The core of his claims here firstly I Made mistakes 20 years ago which I Deeply regret and yes these gave me a Criminal record I have since been Granted an expungement and have worked Very hard to move forward in my life and Career I believe that everyone has the Right to lead a dignified life and I Have worked very hard to build a decent Life for myself my family and everyone Around me I speak openly with friends Colleagues and investors about my History who haven't continued to express Support from me and my work secondly I'm An investor in an original CTO of crypto Zoo the devs are still owed over 1 Million USD by crypto zoo and five Percent tokens I am happy to share the GitHub with shows that was indeed a Heroic effort by over 30 folks in fact Logan used my good name and reputation To the crypto Community to raise money For this project I worked really hard on Cryptozoo and we've all wished it for it To be successful we quit the project Because Logan didn't pay for our

Services rendered in closing I would Like to sincerely thank everyone for the Outpouring of support that I have Received in the past few days in light Of these attacks my legal counsel will Be following up with Logan and the Crypto Zoo team to address their claim Now what's really interesting about that Post is that he States Logan's claims Are defamatory which is a legal term People do not throw around lightly and Then States his legal counsel will be Contacting Logan Paul about his claims Now I'm not a lawyer and this is just my Opinion but if what is saying is true About his record Being expunged I think He has a serious case against Logan for Defamation Logan presented private Information with malice to make Zach Look like a terrible person and coffee Zilla looked like a fool for listening To him Logan Paul is a massive public Figure with 23 million subscribers on His main Channel alone he revealed Private information about an individual Who is not a celebrity or public figure And did so with the intent to ruin Zach's reputation things got worse from There as Zach has now made claims that Logan's fans are stalking him and Threatening his life if Zach has any Evidence to back this up this would do Wonders in court to show his life has Been maliciously ruined by the actions

Of a megalomaniac social media celebrity To wrap this all up the ball is in Zach's court right now if he wants to Pursue legal action against Logan Paul In my non-attorney opinion it seems to Me he has a really solid case against Logan if what he is saying is true about His record Being expunged if that's the Case Logan made a massive mistake Sharing that information now I don't Personally believe Logan is smart enough To be able to find that expunge record And the state of Kansas only allows Those in the court system to see Expunged records so on top of Logan Being in trouble we may end up seeing an Internal investigation in the Kansas Legal system as to who and how this Information got leaked to Logan Paul he Never should have had access to expunged Records ultimately I would love to know Your opinion on what you think about This information does Zach have a solid Case against Logan for defamation or do You think Logan is in the clear let me Know in the comments section below

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