Logan Paul Did The UNTHINKABLE….He Apologized!

So Logan Paul just did the unthinkable He actually apologized for crypto zoo And I'm not joking around he actually Made an apology video unlike his first Video if you don't remember we covered That a few days ago his initial response To Coffee zilla's crypto zoo video he Actually said he was going to sue Copyzilla in the video he took that down First he disabled comments then he took It down because it was massively Disliked and then he said he was going To come out with a new response and he Came out out with that new response Today but what's really interesting he Didn't actually put it on his main Channel he actually posted it on Twitter And he posted it on his backup channel The official Logan Paul uh still has 5 Million subscribers on the channel but It's nowhere near the 20 plus million That's on his main channel so we're Gonna react to this video this apology Video I'm gonna give my thoughts for Someone who has actually been covering What's going on in crypto since 2017. if You don't know I had another channel That covered cryptocurrency and scams Related to nfts and icos and big connect I covered all that so I'm gonna give my Opinion on what's actually happening in This video we'll go ahead and react to It now one thing I want to say before we Actually start the video is I actually

Don't think this apology is sincere I Would love to hear your opinions Below In the comment but my uh opinion that This is not sincere I actually think the Initial response he gave where he was Very angry and he wanted to Sue Coffeezilla I think that is the sincere Logan Paul uh video that he wanted to Make but he realized everyone turned on Him the entire internet everyone was Making videos dissing on Logan Paul it Had massive dislikes he disabled Comments because everyone was dissing on Him in the comments and I think what Happened was he eventually went to his PR team his lawyer after that initial Video and said guys what should I do and They actually kind of crafted this for Him you got to come clean you got to Apologize you gotta say thank you to Kavi Zilla which he does in this video Will cover uh I don't think he actually Wants to do any of that but I think that Was this is the right thing to do this Apology video this is what he should Have done for the beginning he actually Did this way back I can't say that word The self-deletian forest that he went to I think in 2017 showed the the guy that Had self-deleted himself in the forest Uh he initially didn't say much and then He had this apology uh afterwards and I Think this is what this is like that was Back then that apology damage control

This is damage control as well but let's Go ahead and take a look at what he says In the video coffee Zilla is not a Criminal I called him I apologized my Initial response to his series was that Of of a fire uh an ego flare whatever it Is pride I'm a fighter at heart and I Was Defensive because I know I never Scammed anyone with this project I never Made any money never sold any tokens and I only had the best intentions going in Okay so a couple things there like he he Straight up says copyzilla is not a Criminal which is Far Cry from what he Was saying in his initial video uh Making all these outlandish claims and Saying he was going to sue coffee's a Little 100 he actually did a podcast After that again confirming he was going To soup coffeezilla now he's done a 180 And that's because of the uh reaction to His initial video now he says he never Sold any tokens and coffee Zilla Actually says that you know he actually Says in his video he believes that the Wallet that Logan owned and that Logan's Manager owned uh they didn't actually Sell any tokens from those wallets so That part I actually do believe there Were other people involved that sold Their tokens uh but as far as like going Into this with the best intentions I Don't believe that at all Logan has done Other cryptocurrency uh scams as well

He's done dink doing coin which is Another cryptocurrency uh that was very Clearly just a massive grift uh designed To get his bunch of money out of people As quickly as possible he was involved With dink doink as well so I don't think Obviously Logan Paul has any good Intentions with really anything he's Doing uh but you know he has to make This apology because the entire internet Has turned on him um but the fact is the Suing coffee Zilla is not going to help Crypto Zoo holders so I do need to focus My attention where it should be which is On fans and supporters of me you guys Mean the world to me so I'd like to Announce my three-step plan moving Forward step one Jeff and I are going to Burn our Zoo tokens so we have no Financial upside in the game and it will Add value to hold their tokens okay so Logan Paul starts to go over his plan is How he's going to make this right for The community now I have to say I think That this plan that he's going into is Actually to prevent himself from any Legal repercussions of possibly getting Sued or possibly going to jail uh if any Authorities decide to investigate this After copy zillow's video a lot of Actual news organizations uh real news Companies actually started covering this As well and I think there was a very Real possibility and I think there still

Is a possibility uh that Logan Paul Could face Financial as well as jail Time consequences around this whole Issue so this is him jumping in front of It being like we're doing everything we Can to correct this issue now the first Thing he talks about is burning his Tokens now if you don't know what that Is basically uh cryptocurrencies not all Of them but most cryptocurrencies have a Limited supply of tokens that they Release and what happens is the the Value is based on how many tokens you Have based on the demand of the token as Well now if you burn tokens basically You're just deleting those tokens you're Deleting a portion of the tokens uh what Happens what's supposed to happen is That the remaining supply of tokens Should go up in value so what Logan is Saying is that his Supply as well as his Manager and I believe they're the two Largest holders of crypto Zoo tokens Right now he's saying that both of them Are going to burn their tokens basically Delete their entire Supply and by doing That by getting rid of a large portion Of the crypto Zoo tokens that should Theoretically make everyone else who got Involved in it that should theoretically Make their tokens worth uh at least a Little bit or possibly significant more Money so that's the initial plan I don't Know if it's actually going to work

Because most people think this project Is dead but it's a nice start in the in The right direction and it shows that I If he actually does burn most or all of His tokens he's not going to make any Money from that you can't make money From Burns tokens so it's a step in the Right direction and obviously it's going To hopefully make the people who Invested in crypto Zoo hopefully he's Going to make them happy with this Initial step right here step two uh we Want to offer a Rewards program for Players who are disappointed in the Status of the game so essentially you're Going to be able to burn your your base Egg or your base animal for the mint Price which was 0.1 each or the Equivalent in BMB I am personally Committing a thousand each to this which Is about 1.3 million dollars right now For players who want to get out and then Step three obviously finish and deliver The game as outlined in the white paper By completing the egg Bridge from eth to Be a c for base animals and base eggs Completing the marketplace and and Obviously completing the releasing your Animals into the wild to approve your Yield function okay so that's really Interesting what he says there basically He's putting about 1 1.3 million dollars Of his own money in cryptocurrency Ethereum he's putting that back in

Basically for anyone who's involved in Crypto zoo and they want to get out they Want to actually recoup some of their Losses uh he's actually basically saying You know I'll give you some of that Money to recoup your losses and that's Actually a very good thing to do I'm Very happy that that is happening now I Have to say this obviously in my opinion Would have never happened if coffee Zilla hadn't made his three-part series Uh crypto Zoo went under like a year ago And Logan Paul did not talk about it at All it wasn't until crypto uh Coffeezilla did his series that he Started talking about it and again I Think this is basically to keep himself Out of any legal or jail time Repercussions uh but it is a step in the Right direction I don't know how much Invested uh total the other people put Into crypto Zoo so I don't think 1.3 Million is going to get all the money Back for all the investors but I have to Say I'm actually very impressed that he Did that I don't think he's doing it for The good reasons I think he's doing it To save his own butt but it's a step in The in the right direction right there The next thing he actually says is Talking about completing the project Cryptozoo making it a fully functional Game now if you don't know what's really Interesting uh someone who watched uh

Copy zillow's videos uh someone who who Knows about web development and stuff Actually created the crypto Zoo project Created his own version of it in like Two days which it is absolutely Hilarious that someone just like I think It was like one person he worked with Another person they made a fully Functional crypto zoo game and I think Ludwig who's a big streamer on YouTube He actually played the fully functional Crypto zoo game that somebody else made And they made it in just a few days so I I do find it absolutely laughable That Logan Ball's like oh God we're Doing everything we can uh to to Complete crypto Zoo it's gonna take some Time no Logan Paul talk to the guy who Actually made the rip-off game of your Game talk to him he can complete it for You in like three days so I do find that That part very laughable uh it would be Very easy to complete this game in a Short period of time if Logan Paul Really wanted to do that to say I am Disappointed in how this was handled Internally is an understatement um There's a full internal investigation Going on along with an audit and we are Going to pursue full legal action for Whomever needs to be held accountable if Any money is recovered in the process It'll go right to the community my sole Obligation is to my supporters and I

Know this video is long overdue here it Is I'm sorry guys I I apologize Um for for how the head this is unfolded Thus far and I want people to know that They can trust me and that I'll always Take care of the fans and people who Support me okay so I don't believe Anything is sincere about that apology Like I said he was involved with dink Doink uh he's been involved with several Cryptocurrencies Um and nfts he may do some in the future After all this backlash he might stay Away from nfts for a while I don't know Uh I don't like I said I don't think That any of that is sincere but it's Nice to actually hear uh Logan Paul Apologize for a change instead of just Going after everyone who you know claims That it was a scam because that's that's What it is I appreciate your guys's Patience while we do our internal Investigation and I promise to be Transparent and disclose any information We find out in the process and lastly Thank you coffeezilla you have catalyzed This and I am very grateful for your Work and your investigation and I mean That thank you bro okay so at the end he Actually apologizes to coffeezilla uh Like I said I don't believe that is Sincere at all if you saw his initial Video I have clips of it on my old video

Before he took it down he was very angry At coffeezilla and like I said that's That in my opinion is his sincere actual Response he was pissed uh that Coffeezilla said crypto zoo was a scam That he's a scammer he did not like that At all but the internet turned on him so Now he's like guys thanks copyzilla I Really appreciate your hard work uh I Don't I don't think that's sincere at All now one thing I have to say uh I'm Actually really impressed with uh coffee Zilla's work like I said none of this Would have happened if he didn't do his Videos uh crypto Zoo went down like a Year ago and uh Logan Paul was radio Silence on the project for a year anyone Who talked about it no response nothing It's only because this went viral that He decided to you know actually uh start Talking about this project again now one Thing I want to talk about Cryptocurrency uh and nfts and and all That stuff uh as far as cryptocurrency Involves it's unregulated so there's Always going to be scams like this if You don't know I've been talking about Cryptocurrency since 2017 and back in 2017 the main scam was something called Icos which were initial coin offerings Uh I won't go too much into that but That was the scam that was big in 2017 And then in 2020 2021 uh nfts became the New you know thing to scam people in in

Cryptocurrency now I don't think nfts Are going to be big in the future I'm Sure something else will happen in a Couple years uh that'll be the new big Scam but it's always going to happen as Long as it's unregulated but I do want To say these people they do actually get Prosecuted or at least some of them do Eventually it just takes a long time so One of the actual big scams in Cryptocurrency in 2017 was a scam called Bitconnect I've covered it before and Bitconnect that was five years ago that That scam went under and just yesterday Literally the day before this video they Actually had a hearing for all the People who lost money In bid connect five years ago and They're starting to give money back to Those people who lost money and the Actual founder of bitconnect one of the Founders is now in jail for a very long Time so stuff does actually happen in Cryptos in cryptocurrency these people Who are scammers they do eventually at Least some of them get in trouble it Takes a long time I I think the Government I think most governments Don't really know don't really know what To do as far as cryptocurrency goes uh How to actually you know prosecute a lot Of this stuff so it takes a long time But I do think that a lot of these People and a lot of these nft scams you

Saw over the past year or so I do think A lot of these people are going to start You know getting in trouble and possibly Going into jail in the future and I Think uh Logan Logan Paul and his team Realize that which is why they're now Doing this apology video he's putting His own money back into the project to People who lost money to try and Reimburse them I think that's all to Save his own butt but I'd love to hear Your thoughts and opinions in the Comments below is this apology from Logan Paul sincere or is this just to Save his butt uh and you know hopefully He he doesn't want to end up in jail so That's why he's doing that let me know Below

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