Logan Paul FINALLY SUED For CryptoZoo NFT Scam! AttorneyTom Lawsuit

Logan Paul has officially been sued for His nft project crypto Zoo which is Far Cry from where we were a month ago when Logan was on the attack claiming he Would sue coffee Zilla for defamation After he exposed the entire crypto Zoo Saga I suggest you use the money you got From pumping your patreon to hire a good Lawyer you're gonna need it we're gonna Handle this ourselves while we continue To build crypto zoo and I'll see you in Court now The lawsuit was started by a fellow Labor Day named attorney Tom on behalf Of those Investing in this nft if we take a Closer look at the filing we can see it Was filed in the Western District of Texas on behalf of Don Holland it's Important to note that this is a class Action lawsuit so while the plaintiff is Listed as Don Holland others who lost Money in the project can join in and Potentially get their money back as well The defendants listed in the case are Crypto Zoo Inc Logan Paul Daniel Strobel Jeffrey Levin Eddie Ibanez crypto King And Ben Roth Now Don Holland the Plaintiff we later learn is a police Officer located in Texas who invested in Crypto Zoo the filing States plaintiff Began investing in cryptocurrency in 2016 in 2021 plaintiff was told by his Son about a new nft project with Logan

Paul crypto zoo was promoted by Mr Paul As a game that makes you money with a Massive team supporting it funded by Like a million dollars Mr Paul claimed To have invested in August of 2021 Defendants released the zoo token czn FTS and crypto Zoo's terms stating Defendants will strive to do the best For the project and the community surely Thereafter plaintiff invested an initial 1000 to purchase Zoo tokens which he Used to purchase an CZ nft after the Launch date came and went the investment Initially went down in price before Going up and then back down which is When a lot of the individuals began to Fear the project due to the lack of Positive developments like others Plaintiff thought there was a long-term Merit in the project due to the false Affirmations by the development team Including from Ben Roth it was a steady Drip of information on positive Developments which were untrue that led Him to believe the project was Legitimate accordingly plaintiff spent An additional approximately two thousand Dollars after his initial investment for A total of three thousand once he saw Logan Paul announce another nft project And started ignoring Zoo he realized his Money was most likely lost cryptozoo was Never released as advertised and the Value of the zoo token and CZ nfts

Plummeted from there lawsuit goes into More details as to what the class action Is claiming as per the eight counts of Misconduct attorneys Tom K Springs forth Count one is fraud defendants failed to Disclose that crypto zoo was Non-functional as promoted and that they Would not be supporting the project is One of the claims brought forth count Two is Express breach of contract Defendants had a duty to provide a Functional crypto Zoo product especially If they were taking assets from Plaintiff and other consumers in Exchange for access to it instead Defendants pocketed plaintiffs and other Consumers money and mostly forgot According to the publicly available Information about the failed Endeavor Until receiving negative press attention Count three is implied breach of Contract count four is unjust enrichment Count five is violation of Texas Deceptive trade practices law count six Is negligence count seven is fraudulent Misrepresentation and finally count 8 is Conspiracy to commit fraud now what's Even more interesting is the lawsuit Used Logan Paul's apology video as Evidence claiming this is an admittance Of guilt obviously Logan Paul doesn't Say he scammed anyone in his apology but It shows he acknowledges that the Project did not go as planned and admits

That those who invested feel let down And agreed to put millions of his own Money into the project to help fix it I Am personally committing a thousand each To this which is about 1.3 million Dollars right now for players who want To get out and then step three obviously Finish and deliver the game as outlined In the white paper by completing the egg Bridge from eth to be a c for base Animals and base eggs completing the Marketplace and and obviously completing The releasing your animals into the wild To approve your yield function To say I am disappointed in how this was Handled internally is an understatement There's a full internal investigation Going on along with an audit and we are Going to pursue full legal action for Whomever needs to be held accountable if Any money is recovered in the process It'll go right to the community my sole Obligation is to my supporters and I Know this video is long overdue here it Is I'm sorry guys I I apologize Um for for how the head this is unfolded Thus far now at the time this may have Been seen as the right thing to do by Logan Paul and his team but ultimately It's damning evidence the lawsuit can Now use to try and prove Logan Paul is Admitting to partial faults for this nft Project this lawsuit could have been

Filed at any time but the response by Logan Paul following the coffee still Videos makes this case much more likely To have a favorable outcome for the Plaintiffs Logan Paul's best response From a legal aspect probably would have Been to say nothing at all near the Bottom of the lawsuit we see that Attorney Tom and the class action do not Give a definitive amount they are asking For but are asking the courts to make That decision if they are to win the Case this is done so more people can Join this class action and as such the Damages they would collectively be Seeking would go up I have to say that In many of these such cases this can go On for years and years and I have no Doubt this case will probably do the Same as well many times the people who Lost money if they win might not Actually get that much back as attorney Fees can end up eating most of the Winnings from the case however it is Important to note that attorney Tom is Asking for legal fees to be paid by the Defendant as well and if the judge Agrees to that then all the actual money From the settlement if they win would Actually go to the defendants ultimately It's good to see that some of these nft Scams that have been popping up like Crazy over the past couple years are Finally going to trial I think that

Logan Paul one of the biggest names out There to promote a failed nft project Getting sued it will make future Celebrities and social media influencers Less likely to want to go down this path In the future now that they know they Can actually be consequences involved Now Dan I want to say that I want to Know if you think this case will Actually be successful or not and in the Pin comments below is a poll where you Can vote on if you think Logan or the Class action team will end up winning The case I look forward to seeing what The people actually think as to how this Whole case will actually go down

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