Logan Paul’s PRIME Problem…

Over the past few weeks Logan Paul has Faced one controversy after another from Crypto Zoo to his abandoned Pig but one Topic that hasn't received as much Attention is this hydration drink Prime This drink launched just over a year ago And has seen massive success across the Globe after its two creators Logan Paul And KSI promoted across their platforms It seemed such a massive wave of success Among school children that many schools Across the UK now ban Prime on campus After children have gotten into Arguments over the drink and begun Trying to flip it from massively Inflated prices now all of this hype Around crime in my opinion is overrated And in this video we'll dig into why I Believe that is ranging from issues such As Logan and ksi's deception about Company ownership incredibly deceptive Marketing and Logan's tainting of the Prime brand after his crypto Zoo Fiasco Let's start out with who actually Created Prime hydration while Logan Paul And KSI are the face of the brand and Logan calls himself the founder of drink Prime on Instagram the brand was Actually created and owned by Prime Hydration LLC if we do some digging Online we can find that the company is Owned by Trey Steger and Max Clemens Trey and Max have created several Successful Brands over the years and

Their main approach has been to bring a Social media celebrity on board to Bolster sales using the famous person's Name they did this previously with 3D Energy drinks when they made the social Media star Christian Guzman the face of That brand from there they launched Aulani nutrition with Instagram star Katie Hearn as the face of that brand And in 2021 after perfecting their Social media center launches they Partnered with Logan Paul and KSI to be The face of prime hydration now the Business model of using famous people to Sell your product is nothing new but it Has evolved over the past decade or so In the past you've had celebrities be The spokesperson an ad and you paid them Directly which has been going on since The dawn of media but lately celebrities Have started to realize they can be part Owner of said company which can Ultimately make them more money in the Long run they can also use the title of Owner or founder of said company when in Reality most of these celebrities do Very little work in the day-to-day Operations and are really just the face Of the brand with a minority stake in The company this new celebrity semi-run Brand model has worked out incredibly Well for Brands like Aviation gin zoa Energy and George Clooney's casimigos Which the actor and businessman who ran

The company sold for one billion dollars In 2017. now in my opinion Logan Paul And KSI probably own anywhere from Around 15 to 24 percent individually of Prime hydration my reason for this Thinking is that collectively that would Make them less than 50 owners so the Real people who run the company Trey and Max can shoot down any stupid ideas Logan might have like creating a prime Nft collection it wouldn't be wise Decision to give Logan or KSI primarily Control a prime seeing as Prime as a Private company no one can verify how Much of the company Logan KSI own and I Reach out to Prime hydration to see if They wanted to tell me the ownership Amounts but have not heard anything back Now let's take a look at the marketing Around Prime hydration one of the most Viral videos for Prime is a video of Logan did comparing Prime to other Well-known hydration Brands first he Compared it to Gatorade all right we're Going bottle for bottle Loop Prime Versus blue Gatorade these are all facts Let's start with sugar Gatorade has 36 Grams of sugar in it as opposed to Primes two grams that is a lot of sugar Compared to not a lot of sugar Gary has 140 calories look at that Prime only has 25. we're both electrolyte drinks Gatorade has 350 milligrams of Electrolytes and a bigger bottle yet

Prime doubles it with 825 milligrams of Electrolytes honestly there's no Comparison now Gatorade is basically Kool-Aid for adults in my opinion it has Way too much sugar so I'm not going to Defend Gatorade by any means but I do Want to bring up the fact that Prime has Only 25 calories for the entire bottle They're able to do this by not having Any added sugar in the product and using An artificial sweetener sucralose to Make the product sweet without adding Calories now I'm not going to do a deep Dive into artificial sweeteners some People are fine with them others hate Them but it's something to keep in mind About the product by using artificial Sweeteners they are able to keep the Calorie count massively down and are Able to avoid sugar taxes on the product That many states and countries have Begun putting on sugary beverages Another thing that is a bit concerning Is that it only has 25 calories per Bottle the company tries to present Itself as an alternative post-workout or Exercise drink and with 25 calories That's just not going to cut it you're Getting almost no energy from calories Back in your system after a workout now If you want to use this as just an Everyday drink that you can have any Time it's fine in that case but for Post-workout recovery this thing needs

To actually pack more of a punch from There Logan decides to go deeper and Starts comparing primes hydration power To a well-known recovery brand liquid IV All right we're going one for one the New Prime hydration sticks versus liquid IV liquid IV 45 calories Prime stick 25 Liquid IV with 11 grams of sugar Compared to primes 2 grams liquid IV has 870 milligrams of electrolytes and the Frog stick has 871 milligrams of Electrolytes and that was intentional so We could literally one-up them liquid IV Is it's not bad but it is a little salty But Prime is delicious I'm not kidding This is so good and we have coconut Water and BCAAs liquid IV does not now In my opinion this is where Logan went Too far as liquid Ivy is a Well-established excellent post-workout Recovery drink and Prime hydration Sticks or not prime powder again has Very few calories and has artificial Sweeteners but one thing that really Sticks out is its complete lack of Sodium now in most cases people tend to Avoid high sodium products but for Post-workout drinks which is what prime Hydration sticks is aiming for this is a Mistake after a good workout you need to Replenish your sodium levels as those Are massively depleted When you sweat Prime does not do this at all while Liquid IV the brand Logan was dunking on

Actually does an excellent job in this Regard ultimately Prime is a drink that Was designed to appeal to the masses who Don't know much about hydration and just Understand that it has almost no Calories or sodium so therefore it must Be good for you if you want more details About the chemical breakdown of prime I'll have a link below to more place More dates and expert in this field who Did an excellent breakdown of why Prime Isn't a good post-workout drink finally Let's take a look at the marketing Behind Prime the first thing that sticks Out is that it's clearly aimed towards a Younger audience Logan and KSI make Prank style Walmart ads for the product Act like children in the ads instead of Adults selling a serious product and They even throw keg style parties for Their new energy line of drinks as well Which is funny because Logan once called Those caffeine energy drinks garbage in A prime ad and now he's selling the same Thing it's got no caffeine of course It's got no caffeine bro this is a Hydration beverage not something this Year we're introducing a brand new Product Prime energy on top of that Logan has made some outlandish claims About the product claiming it can heal Ailments and STDs as well take this home Give this deer sick children yeah it's Been known to heal ailments and STDs

Before anyone leaves a comment saying That that was clearly a joke he made yes I know that but it had highlights how Incredibly childish the marketing for This product is if Gatorade ever made an Ad even as a joke claiming their Products cured STDs I guarantee the Internet would light them up for making Such a stupid and poor taste ad but Because it's Logan Paul the guy can make Idiotic jokes about his overpriced Coconut water and no one bats an eye About it finally I want to highlight my Favorite marketing clip for Prime where A customer brings up nfts hey let me put You on to an nft real quick Hey yo I got four donkeys bro trust me They're the next thing now that ad is Actually pretty funny and it hits Different after cryptozoo was exposed as A scam that ad was filmed almost a year Ago and I'm sure they wouldn't put that In an ad for Prime now but it's still Funny to see people clowning on Logan Paul for nfts almost a year ago in his Own ad ultimately what it comes down to Is that Prime is an overpriced over Hyped flavored water beverage that Provides nothing new to the market but Because Logan Paul and KSI two of social Media's biggest stars are tied to the Brand is it had massive success over 200 Million dollars in sales in the first Year alone it never ceases to amaze me

That a drink that has nothing going for It other than having a crypto scammer's Face attached to it can become so Massively popular going forward after The crypto Zoo Scandal I'm curious if This will hurt the brand and if Trey and Max will use Logan less than the ads to Try and sell the product Logan's latest Video promoting Prime energy got Massively downvoted and he turned off Comments after they were all negative as Well Prime's goal is to make money and If Logan ends up having a negative Impact on the brand going forward it Will be interesting to see if Trey and Max try and buy him out or just use the Negative publicity to help fuel the Brand to even more success

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