Logan Paul’s “Refund”

Logan Paul is refunding people he Scammed if they promis to stop suing him For the vastly larger amount he may owe Them and honestly I'm conflicted because On the one hand victims getting money is Always great and I'm proud that our Investigation led to some real world Consequences but I can't pretend that Things are fixed or fine for people who Entrusted me with their story when That's just not true so here's the real More complicated story in three parts The refund offer the zoo tokens the Lawsuit stting with the most important Part and if you get one thing from the Story this should be it these are the Estimated damages in crypto Zoo 18.5 Million which comes from a combination Of zcoin and nft sales and then this Much smaller percentage of that pie is What Logan is actually offering to Refund on the condition though that all Of the people who spent the last year Suing him for the larger damages Dro Their case so that's a refund of only 12% to drop 100% of the the case that as Far as I can tell Logan may be losing Put in that light then this refund Starts to look less like a goodfaith Attempt to make things right and more Like a cynical bargaining chip to avoid Getting in even more trouble and a Careful look at these refunds conditions Show that Logan is even less serious of

A person you may give him credit for Logan is offering only a one-month claim Window for this refund given a year After waiting and hidden in this wall of Text is the most shock part which is That he's not releasing the crypto zoo Game at all which I know we all kind of Knew that but is actually insane because That's the thing to be clear he sold Millions of dollars of nfts for and tens Of millions of dollars of in-game crypto Zoo tokens for I knew he wasn't going to Make it right we all get that but I Watched for three years as Logan's fans And that's what these investors were They were fans of Logan Paul they spent Three years begging this guy to make This game and the entire time the entire Time he told them he was working on it And I thought even at my most Pessimistic that Logan would at least Crap out some Abomination that he Described as a game that limped past our Lowest Collective expectations but I was Wrong I mean I wasn't wrong the first Time he said I was wrong when he said he Was going to still finish the game I was Wrong that he was going to do it at all But even after 12 months of work you've Still managed to overlook one crucial Piece of information see even though I've said it's coming so many times You've assumed that crypto zo isn't Being made who are you to decide when

The development timeline ends trust me Crypto zoo is coming I will make damn Sure of it oops so much for making damn Sure of it because there's no game this Is what makes this such a massive con This guy sold millions in nfts tens of Millions of zoo tokens and he's not even Going to release the thing he promised This whole time this is why it's such a Slap in the face these investors spent 3 Years waiting for a game not only that Two years waiting for an update which he Never gave and then a year suing him and After all of that all he offers is a 12% Refund no game 30 days to accept so look Logan's already taking heat for making Good on a promise that he made a year Late but that's not even true he's not Making good on this promise because it's Not the same promise last year what he Promised was no strings attached buyback And you get a game This year it's please drop your lawsuit And you don't get a game which is Incredible to me that there are Influencers out there like KSI parading This around like a win for Logan Paul Like he's some sort of hero for offering A year late half-baked settlement offer KSI says what will the haters say now I Don't know how about where's the game Where's the art where's the millions Invested where's the motivation for this Tweet oh wait KSI is a co-founder with

Logan and Prime so of course that makes KSI Logan's new biggest fan but seeing As how Logan treats his biggest fans Don't say I didn't warn you so that's Part one the refund now part two is the Zoo tokens remember there were two parts To crypto zoo the zoo tokens and egg Nfts now the tokens were the vast amount Of Damages that were actually caused While the nft sales were much lower Logan conveniently wants to refund this Much smaller part of his game the nfts While pretending that these Zoo tokens Were never a real part they were just Gambling now this was sort of less bad When the game was still going to come Out because you know it made some sense Maybe you'd still have these tokens but Now it makes no sense at all from Logan's statement this buyback is a way For me to make whole those who intended To play crypto Zoo the buyback is not Intended to compensate those who gambled On the crypto market and lost so he's Describing people who bought his in-game Currency as gamblers but that's Confusing because the whole point of These Zoo tokens was to buy the egg nfts And play the game that's literally how It worked according to him so instead he Calls people gamblers despite also Saying quote Zoo token was created to Support the crypto zoo game and its Players it was quote not intended to be

An investment vehicle so how can he say That then turn around and say people who Bought this were gambling if it's not an Investment how can you refund people who Intended to play crypto Zoo if you don't Refund people who bought the token that Was quote created to support the crypto Zoo game you can't it makes no sense and This is why I say this isn't even close To a full refund and now that he's Abandoning the game well we actually Have his millions of dollars of in-game Currency Logan sold that he won't pay Back which brings us to the final part Of this story the third part the lawsuit After telling all his fans that they Were gamblers who lost Logan has one Final surprise he says quote I have Filed a lawsuit in federal court in Texas to hold these Bad actors Accountable people who ruin crypto Zoo But what what Logan doesn't tell you is That Texas lawsuit is something he's Being sued in already he's a defendant In the lawsuit that he links in his Tweet he's just cross suing his Cod Defendant like he's already being sued And he's just resuing the same guys who Are already being sued and who are these Secret Bad actors Logan's going to hold Accountable anyways turns out it's his Employees he hired Eddie ianz and crypto King which all of us already knew Because I investigated the story a year

Ago but imagine my surprise when Logan Paul tries to rewrite my investigation To pretend he did all the work himself And uncovered the real scam of cryptozoo While simultaneously trying to erase his Part in it he says and I find this very Funny because I spent a year on that Story quote this lawsuit is the result Of an exhaustive investigation that Included the review of the entirety of Conversations you'd be forgiven to think He was quoting my investigation he's not He copied it and tried to rewrite it to Make himself look good in this lawsuit He says things like hey guys turns out Eddie ibanez's entire backstory was a Fabrication including the MIT NFL story Can you believe it it's like yeah we Know and then he goes yeah well you Won't believe what I discovered crypto King secretly sold Tokens yeah we know Logan just Shamelessly rips off my work claim for Claim without sighting me I mean he says Things like Mr Green bomb would later Admit that he made millions of dollars To his surreptitious sales of zoo tokens But where did Logan find that admission Was it perhaps when he investigated my Video time and time again this lawsuit Copies my work but is embarrassed to Cite it so they even have to say things Like based on public reports what public Report Mr ianz made approximately $1.7

Million from selling Zoot tokens I could Swear I've heard that before and for my Calculations he made about $1.7 million Now look I don't usually mind people Using my work but it's kind of a little Strange that Logan is simultaneously Trying to discredit my work saying this Lawsuit is not based on Snippets of Conversation taken out of context a Snipe at my investigation while then Stealth quoting it to pretend that they Did any real leg work and look if you Found that Shameless that he tries to Steal my work and pass it off as his own Investigation this part gets even worse Because Logan's story this whole time Has been that it's all other people's Fault you know it's just bad actors Everyone but him was bad he was always Well-intentioned but his timeline Contradicts him according to his Investigation which is actually my Investigation in August and October of 2021 he learns that Jake green bomb and Eddie ianz are bad news and he kicks Them out of his team so what does he do After that he's gotten rid of the Bad Actors can't blame them anymore right Right does he make cryptozoo no for a Full year before I made my video Logan Paul had full control over his project He admits it in his own lawsuit and he Did nothing he said nothing so how does He avoid accountability now well enter

The Whipping Boy Jeff that's right Manager Jeff is making one last Appearance Logan blames Jeff for Screwing up September 2021 through 2022 But you know what he doesn't mention What he'll never mention the real reason The project didn't get back on track is Not because of Eddie not because of Crypto King but because Logan's own team Stopped paying developers who were Working on rebuilding the game so those People stopped working on kryptoo and That's when I found it the game was dead It had been dead for months and that's When I made a big stink out of it Meaning it was 100% within Logan's power To save this game I'm not saying nobody Else did bad things but Logan ultimately Had over a year to launch it to make Things right and he didn't For financial reasons not because Someone backstabbed him he just didn't Want to spend the money it would take to Make things right and you know what that Is still true now it is still 100% Within Logan Paul's power as a near Billionaire with prime to make things Right fully right with his fans who he Scammed and if he did gave a full refund We would all celebrate me foremost but Will he or will he try to dodge Responsibility cheap out rip his fans Off and void accountability I think it's The latter so those are the three main

Points you're all caught up to recap Part one refunds they're being used as a Bargaining chip to drop a lawsuit and so He never has to produce this game which Has been promised for 3 years and he Sold tens of millions of dollars for Part two is the zoo tokens he's Pretending they're not for a game that They definitely were for to avoid Refunding people when in fact he admits They were created to support the game Part three is the lawsuit where he stole My investigation tried to pass it off as His own but just cuts out the part where He did everything wrong and leaves out The entire year where he was solely in Charge of the project No Bad actors he Could have fixed everything but he Didn't because he he he's cheap and Doesn't want to pay anybody anyway I Hope that catches you up with what's Been going on and I hope we as a Community can have the nuance and Complexity to hold in Our Minds two Things at the same time as true one it's Always good if victims get any money Back and we should celebrate that However number two is that doesn't mean We can't fight for 100% of what they Deserve and Logan Paul is not a hero for Doing this or making things right he's a Serial scammer who's offering a minority Refund as a last Stitch effort to save His wallet and his

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