Logan Paul’s Scam Isn’t Over

Six months ago I investigated cryptozoo A scam created by Logan Paul and a team Of criminals oh and a dude named Jeff Which ultimately resulted in millions of Dollars being stolen from fans I was Threatened with a lawsuit for exposing It but ultimately Logan Paul decided to Thank me instead for his public Undressing and announced a 1.8 million Dollar refund to the victims now I Thought that was a great ending to the Story but I also said this I'll follow Up in the future to make sure that he Actually gives that money away and That's why we're here today it's been Six months so here's a follow-up Logan Paul has not paid back his victims he Hasn't talked about it since he first Announced he was going to pay them back And what's worst of all he doesn't seem To have a plan in place to refund anyone How do I know that well because I've Been asking Logan for that plan to Refund people the entire time behind the Scenes in messages like these quote hey Logan following up on the zoo refunds When should people expect those it's Been about a month and then a month Later following up again people are Wondering what's going on almost been Two months very frustrating for victims To get promises and then see nothing and Get zero communication and then later Hey Logan following up for a third time

It's been over five months since you Promised to refund the victims of Kryptozoo over three million dollars I Meant to say 1.8 million dollars there The price of crypto changed a lot so What this buyback was gonna be was Constantly changing I just misspoke There either way my point was this quote You haven't contacted any of them nor Explained why you haven't done what you Said you do meanwhile you got Public Credit for promising to do this and all Of this Logan didn't respond to which is God since he was such a fan of me Reaching out to him personally you know Instead of making things public maybe we Could have talked about this if you had Reached out to me personally not my Manager Jeff who is not me me Steven Well I did reach out to you and I got no Response in fact the only response I got Came on my fourth attempt to reach Logan But this one came from his criminal Defense lawyers a guy named Jeffrey Neiman emailed me after my fourth Attempt saying Steven see inserted on Behalf of Logan Paul now to be honest I Had no idea who Logan Paul was until I Researched the lawyer and learned that He quote regularly defends individuals And corporations in White Collar Criminal litigations and that's when I Realized oh that logo Paul why didn't You just say you defended alleged

White-collar criminals would have saved Me a Google search so I opened up the Letter and it read we represent Logan Paul Mr Paul has informed us of your out Reach about the status of the cryptozoo BuyBacks Mr Paul remains committed to This process we are working with Mr Paul To evaluate the best way to achieve this Goal in the meantime please direct to Our attention any further inquiries to Mr Paul thank you for your patience and Understanding now that might seem like a Good step in the right direction to you At least we got a response on behalf of Logel but when I read their response Carefully I realized things were Actually worse than I thought because Two things are absent from this Statement one a timeline for refunds and Two a plan for refunds I mean you have This abominable statement which says we Are working with Mr Paul to evaluate the Best way to achieve this goal uh So you're still at the Whiteboard then Guys this is a statement you say when You have no plan or you're stalling Right you say we're evaluating the best Options I mean that's where Logan was Back in January he was evaluating am I Supposed to believe six months later you Guys haven't figured this out you've Gathered all the boys in the office Brainstorming every single day how do we Refund people and you don't know I mean

Listen he had more of a plan Logan did Back in January I'm not even sure what There is to even still figure out Because way back then January 16th he Said I've committed more than 1.8 Million for those who do not want to Wait for cryptozoo to be completed Players will be able to burn their base Eggs and base animals for their mint Price I mean there it is that's the plan Pay a blockchain Dev to code that up and Pay the victims their money that's it But we see absolutely no sign of that And it's not for a lack of Logan having The cash he's done a world tour for Prime right now bragging about how much Money his drink company is making in January of this year we we did 45 Million in January yeah wow 45 million Is a good month Also January happens to be the same Month Logan promised those crypto Zoo refunds So there's no good explanation for why Logan hasn't refunded his victims yet Because he had a plan back in January he Had the money but there's even less of a Good explanation for why he hasn't Explained himself for the delay to Either me privately or to the victims Publicly who are just waiting around for Months with no word about the status of Their promised Refund Now eventually I Do believe Logan will address this I

Think he has to and when he does I think He'll probably point to a lawsuit that He's in for the reason he couldn't speak He had to be silent only he's tried this Before and it didn't make a lot of sense Then either I had to rely on my team I crumbled internally and the advice was While actual legal process was going on Because of criminal investigation taking Place at Coffee Zilla highlighted in his Series I had to stay silent and for a Year I'm hounding Jeff Hounding Jeff how do we make this right All right let's get this straight Logan Was dying to make crypto Zoo right the First time but was legally required to Be silent until a YouTuber talked about It did the judge magically unseal his Lips when my video dropped I'm confused He's not prevented from explaining Himself and he's certainly not legally Prevented from giving people their money Back even if you want to argue the point That maybe Logan might look more guilty If he promises to pay victims well sure But he already did that though he said He felt so bad that he was going to Refund 1.8 million dollars to the Affected people who invested but Actually delivering that promise doesn't Add any layer of admission to that guilt He already said he was responsible at This point refunding people is just

Doing what he said he was gonna do from The beginning no I think the real reason Logan hasn't paid if I had to guess is Just because either he does not want to Pay he cannot be bothered to pay on time Or he's just stalling all of which are Unacceptable because let me remind you Of his promise quote I have committed More than 1.8 million dollars for those Who do not want to wait for cryptozoo to Be completed that is what he said and The people are tired of waiting Including me after months of trying to Work behind the scenes and ask questions Behind the scenes privately to him I'm Just out of ideas and I'm stuck trying To speak to Logan in the only language I Believe he understands Self-interest Logan if I could speak to You for a second okay bring in the Camera This isn't worth your time getting Publicly flogged like this every six Months what are you gonna be doing this In a year no okay it's not worth your Time it's barely worth my time Just please pay the people back what you Owe give them a real timeline a real Plan and then we can all go back to Pretending you've changed

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