Mark Zuckerberg vs Lex Fridman in Jiu Jitsu

Thank you Very nice This video is a Mark Zuckerberg and I Lex Friedman training Jiu Jitsu a Martial art with the goal of attaining Positional dominance of your opponent And then to submit them by breaking Their arm or leg or choking them Unconscious but stopping right before That as your opponent Taps twice to Designate that they give up I'm a black belt in Jiu Jitsu and I've Been doing it for over 15 years and also Judo and wrestling for 10 more Mark has Been training Jiu Jitsu for just over a Year and has taken this journey on with Humility and with the seriousness that To me is truly inspiring this was Recorded shortly after our recent Podcast conversation and given the Recent back and forth between Elon and Zuck on social media I should mention That I'm a longtime friend of Elon and a New friend of Zuck and I'm excited to See them take on the Journey of being Martial artists in their own way and I Look forward to training with each of Them They both run large successful impactful Companies and so they're super busy but I do believe there's tremendous value in Them practicing martial arts as it will Make them better leaders better human Beings and students of human nature

First and foremost at least to me Jujitsu is humbling and humility is a Powerful tool for Innovation and Leadership Let me quote here as one must the great Miyamoto Musashi a Japanese swordsman And Warrior philosopher from the 17th Century Think lightly of yourself and deeply of The world That said this is a martial art and so He also did say that the way of the Warrior is the Resolute acceptance of Death In this video you see Mark and I doing Live Technical Training and some Practice of techniques under the Guidance of the legendary Jiu-Jitsu and Judo instructor Dave Camarillo and now Dear friends here's Mark Zuckerberg and I traineesome jiu jitsu Too Thank you [Music] All right smart There's no friends [Music] Okay 10 minutes away All right you know what you guys go Sorry [Music] [Music] Okay

Nice [Applause] You're gonna have to stand up and make It shake off all right [Music] Foreign Hold the elbow S You could lock your leg Yeah Come on [Music] Yeah [Applause] [Music] That was awesome all right time for one More let's put Mark and Lex together one Last time We had such a great run on this one all Right position too take that Max come on Bud you need to use pins you gotta next Down and pin them This one Yeah Nick double up on that get on with the Doubling Eyes [Applause] When he has that Guillotine turn away From the out like turn towards the elbow You know what I mean yeah Left shoulder is tight rabbits rabbits Uh neck or trap in it Watch That Monkey Joe head up yeah Posture

What's your left knee push his left feet Just head down keep your head down Shoulder pressure Nice Which way do we walk Solar pressure Walk out back elbow back Nick So you might always be doing something On the other hand questions Forward forward There you go yes send them down nice Smart Watch yeah Very nice Transition Everything out Okay [Music] Yes yeah It's good shoveling you down step over Lift your leg up and step up pull it Over dog [Music] Thank you [Applause] All right guys Thank you

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