Meanest VS Nicest Celebrities

Who were the five nicest celebrities and Who were the five meanest I can tell you Who the meanest one I ever met was uhoh Her name is Ellen De jys but while all The evidence points to Ellen being awful Adam Sandler is always highlighted as Being incredibly kind take for example The time he was refused a table at IHOP After the server failed to realize it Was Adam Sandler asking embarrassed the Server shared the CCTV to Tik Tok Prompting Adam Sandler to meet with the Waitress personally while joking about The rejection by stating for the record I only left the IHOP because the nice Woman told me the all you can eat deal Didn't apply to the milkshakes although Fans were impressed for a slightly Different reason it's very humble of him To not assert that he's a celebrity and Ask for special treatment he acted just Like a regular customer and didn't Challenge anyone I respect him for that With his humble attitude extending to Wedding photo bombs and that time he Randomly appeared for some chicken hi Guys no Way no way you're joking he filmed a Good good chunk of Mr Deeds in my Hometown and he was simply the nicest Man ever he would come out to sign Autographs after a full 14 plus hour day Of shooting didn't matter how long the Line was he made sure every single

Person got to say hello he had time for Photographs and chats with everyone in Town frequented all the local coffee Shops and pose with employees he seemed To really care and know how excited we All were to have a movie happening and Always had a smile although Adam's fans Aren the only people to talk very highly Of him you guys love each other is that Is that fair to say for sure AB I hear Each of you individually talking about The other in such fond terminology after Pete Davidson worked with Adam Sandler On Saturday Night Live Pete went on to State he's just such a cool nice guy I Can't explain how wonderful of a person He is just like caring and sweet and not Full of crap which is very rare to find But while Adam Sandler's happy onscreen Mood clearly extends to his personal Life Mike Myers from Austin Powers is Apparently much different when the Cameras aren't rolling Twitter users Expose Mike Myers as an absolute Nightmare to work with the article Referred to a tweet reading Mike Myers Had me fight off the set of The Love Guru because I made eye contact with him And I was there as his bodyguard the Tweet had been posted by a person named Jay Brody who then expanded on the Incident in a podcast you'll be Basically guarding Mike Myers's trailer They're like here's the catch can't look

At him but I realize like I I can't let Just anyone into the trailer so I look Up I catch his eye for a second I give Him a nod to let him know I'm cool and Then I look away and within an hour I Get a phone call letting me know that I'm fired and I have to get off set Prompting others to give their own Anecdotes about Mike Myers's terrible Attitude I was an extra in Love Guru and Remember being told we can't make eye Contact with Mike when I tell people This they don't believe me thanks for Confirming people always wonder why There weren't more Austin Powers movies But never realize how many stories there Are like this about him basically no one Wants to work with the guy with one of These other stories coming from the set Of of The Cat in the Hat where Mike's Co-star Amy Hill stated his area was all Covered with tenting because he didn't Want anybody seeing him it was so weird It was just the worst I was miserable Heill also revealed how Diva Meers Selfishly kept everyone waiting for Hours overall the director and even had Someone standing by just holding his Personal chocolates in a dish it was Just a horrible nightmarish experience Although people have only ever said the Opposite about St bshi bshi worked as a New York firefighter before quitting to Pursue acting although when the Twin

Towers were destroyed on September 11 Bashi walked into his old fire Department to volunteer working 12 hours A day for a week straight in the hopes Of finding survivors he called his Old Firehouse then receiving no reply headed To the site where he found his former Engine company I asked if I could join Them he said adding I could tell they're A little suspicious at first but I Worked with them that day it was a Privilege to be able to do it it was Great to connect with the firehouse I Used to work with and with some of the Guys I worked alongside note this was in 2001 after he was already extremely Famous from movies such as Fargo yet According to an independent article on His volunteering very few photographs And no interviews exist because he Declined them he wasn't there for Publicity wouldn't you think you were Hallucinating if Steve Bushi helped you Out of the rubble what a great humble Guy with a Reddit comment then offering A slightly more personal story I used to Serve him all the time and he never once Was a diva always had a smile on his Face and I mean I don't even think he Once had a complicated order he always Ordered the most simple thing on the Menu and always tip 20 plus% not to Mention Bushi gets extra credit for Being close friends with Adam Sandler

However it seems Jerry Seinfield was Left out of the party given every clip Of him I've seen outside of his shows is Just him being an unlikable douche with An ego the size of a small country this Sentiment began with a Larry King Interview from 2007 I went off there I Was the number one show on television Larry you do you know who I am 75 Million viewers last episode what you Tell me take it so bad well that's a the Big difference between being cancelled And being number one okay I'm sorry be Movie a resume in here for me movie Although this attitude extends into Other moments like the time he rejected Kesha I love you so much oh thanks can I Give you hug no thanks please no thanks A little one yeah no Thanks that was a nice moment I don't Know who that was yeah was keser okay Jerry then offered no apology for Rejecting her I don't hug a total Stranger I have to meet someone say Hello I need to know who are you and she Was very nice about it we laugh about it Did you yeah did you hung her afterwards No no leading Kesha to change her mind About him for pretty obvious reasons What happened with uh Jerry Seinfeld That time oh my my God are you friends With him I am not okay we're good it was Like the saddest moment of my life Jerry Also has a reputation for destroying the

Paparazzi the worst place like you bomb I'm sure go through all the time another Very weak weak question and after Lady Gaga was moved to his luxury basketball Box for acting rudely at a game he had This to say This Woman's a Jerk I hate her I can't believe they put Her in my box which I paid for this is What you give people to finger and you Get upgraded is that the world we're Living in now hysterical I love him Jerry Seinfeld's meanness definitely has A Charisma to it however if you're Wanting a more humble type of Charisma Then we have to talk about postm own With entire compilations dedicated to Him treating other people kindly there Are almost too many wholesome moments to Choose from did you draw this this is [Music] Awesome there was that time he went out Of his way to greet a 21-year-old having His first be all that time he gave his $5,000 guitar to a fan after a concert You want a guitar it's like a $5,000 Guitar so you have to promise me you got To promise me that take care Of Our postmalone treats Paparazzi in the Opposite way to Jerry Seinfield boss I Want you to know that I I really like Your music thank you so much man thank You so much that means a lot can you say Hello to Nicole well have hi Nicole love

You guys and when this fan somehow made It past security post Malone hugs the Guy and treats him respectfully before He's taken off the stage in a different Instance post Malone let a fan come on Stage to play the guitar car part in Stay and it's therefore no surprise that Fans have told anecdotal stories such as Someone in a similar thread said post Moved into his brother's Street and when And introduced himself to all his new Neighbors and invited them for a Barbecue genuinely sounds like an Awesome guy I believe this 100% he had a Party in an Airbnb or something a few Houses down from my group's Airbnb and He legit went around the culdesac Himself inviting everyone to the party He also spent the entire night moving Between groups chatting and generally Being a phenomenal host and ensuring Everyone had a blast P 10 out of 10 dude But while nobody has anything negative To say about post Malone it seems nobody Has anything positive to say about Chevy Chase remember when Pete Davidson Praised Adam Sandler earlier in the Video well Pete had the opposite to say About Chevy Chase stating he's a [ __ ] Douchebag I hate that dude he's just a Genuinely bad racist person and I don't Like him Chevy Chase was fired from Community after calling Donald Glover The nword not to mention before the

Firing Chase was simply difficult to Work with he was someone that did not Want to be there for the hours that we Were keeping he sometimes could be in Not great moods earlier in his career Chevy Chase had gotten into a fist fight With Bill Murray and while interviewing Robert Downey Jr Chase stated didn't Your father used to be a successful Director whatever happened to him boy he Sure died you know he sure went to hell It's therefore no surprise that even Will Ferell stated the worst host was Chevy Chase yet Chevy Chase foolishly Claims that all criticism is just Jealousy did you just say that writer Writing anything negative is jealous Jey Yeah I did what kind of jealousy I'm Funnier than them yeah I guess maybe I'm Considered good-looking yeah there you Have it it seems Chevy Chase needs a Lesson on humility and who better to Teach it than Shaquille O'Neal got to Humble yourself it's all about humility And that's why I am where I am now I Humbled myself I don't look down on People because they're lesser back in 2011 Shaq had hit rock bottom he retired From basketball divorced from his wife And had no idea where his life was going Next I was lost 76,000 ft house by Yourself no kids go to the gym nobody's Playing in the gym you go to their room Nobody's there it was during this period

That Sha's Mom Lucille gave him some Advice and then the queen Dr lucil O'Neal said hey man I don't know you no More you need to humble yourself and When Mama talk the true man listens Afterward Shaq began working on becoming A better person it State the day I Killed the narcissist Shack is the day My kids texted me hey Daddy I miss you Bro when I got one of those text man I Actually cried then I didn't know what To say after I got that love from them I Said you know what I'm not going to Going to be the [ __ ] Shack no more Cuz I was an [ __ ] and I lost Everything the day I released all that Me me me me Shack Shack Shack Shack is The day the blessings opened up as a Result Shaq's been trying to create a Fairly unique Legacy talk about legacies I want mind to be one sentence Shaq was A nice guy which has been aided by his Random acts of kindness purchasing bikes Shoes and laptops for less fortunate Children it seems the only people Shaq Won't give money to are his own kids cuz I believe in respectable nepotism you Get all a this next semester you can get Whatever you want so he gets all a and I Was like go to the dealership and pick One then I get a call from Tesla I said Man you better take your ass across the Street to Honda but while Shack is an obvious

Choice as a nice celebrity someone you Might not expect to be rude is Bill NY The science guy I met Bill NY as a kid And he was the biggest [ __ ] I've ever Met it was a huge letdown after watching His show so often in class my science Teacher from seventh grade told her she Had an explanation for why she tried to Show us as few Bill KN videos as Possible I believe she said she attended Either a science Workshop or an event For teachers where Bill NY was there and He was completely rude to her and Dismissed her the whole time Bill's Dark Side becomes pretty obvious when he Debates other scientists however it Seems he becomes the meanest when Talking to his most popular demographic Kids Bill NY came to visit my University I was sorely disappointed Bill no relied On sexist jokes to relate to the crowd He kept complimenting women's legs and Saying weird stuff about how sexy women Are he was trying to be relatable but Was sorely mistaken as he faced a crowd Of driven female and engineers and Scientists he went on about climate Change and basically insinuated that we Could be the policy Changers while the Real scientists did the real work I Couldn't believe how much my views of Him were falling apart as I watched him Panda to students he clearly didn't care About I later heard that he wouldn't

Speak with students only professors with This anecdote following the very common Theme of Bill no was my hero until I Heard him talk although thankfully keano Reeves is the perfect balance between Good and evil while filming the second Two Matrix movies Tiana Reeves chose to Give up 75 million worth of his movie Earnings instead redirecting the money To the special effects team who he said Deserved it more even then this might Not have been his most charitable act Whilst filming as a Reddit user stated a Family friend builds movie sets doesn't Design is one of the poor dudes that Just builds anyways he worked on the set For the Matrix and keano heard about Family trouble he was having and gave Him a $20,000 Christmas bonus to help Him out although money isn't the only Thing that Keanu has given up in 2011 he Was candidly filmed giving up his seat On the New York subway and 3 years later In 2014 he waited patiently for 20 Minutes in the rain outside the rap Party of his own film daughter of God After a mixup because he didn't want to Cause a scene he didn't say hey I'm Keiana Reeves or yo man this is my party Once to The Bouncer and the owner of the Club was horrified when he found out Afterwards that the actor was standing In the rain it's therefore no surprise That there's an extremely popular

Subreddit dedicated to Kean Reeves being Awesome although if there's one person Who could offset this kindness with Meanness it's definitely Ellen Degenerous right now we all need a Little kindness you know like Ellen Degenerous always talks about she's also Notoriously one of the meanest people Alive respond to this with the most Insane stories you've heard about Ellen Being mean and I'll match everyone with $2 to LA Food Bank this was the tweet That started her downfall as nobody Could have expected how bad the Responses would be when I was 15 the Ellen show was doing a contest a fans Making a bust of her and send it to her I worked so hard on this and even wrote Her a letter weeks later she used it as A prop in a game and gave it away to a Random person with $500 attached to the Bottom working for her I was instructed That I can't look her in the eye and Never ever say hi to her first but don't Worry she definitely won't be saying hi To you in the first place she creates The most toxic environment for her staff I worked at Real Food Daily served her And porser a brunch she wrote a letter To the owner and complained about my Chipped nail polish not that it was on Her plate but just that it was on my Hand I'd worked till closing the night Before and this was the next morning

Almost got me fired Chris pontia stated On sto's podcast that he wasn't Surprised to hear these anecdotes it's Crazy that all this stuff's come out Like about Ellen being mean cuz when I Met her I thought she was really mean Like and she's like so what do I got to Do and she's just pissed to be there and Then she comes out on stage and she's Like oh like funny nice Ellen you know Like the the person that they think she Is and apparently neither were the 10 Employees who came forward 4 months Later to expose her terrible working Environment toxic phony hypocrite liar That's what she is we were told from the Very beginning don't talk to Ellen don't Do this you can't go into her office it Was very nerve-wracking very stressful We all walked on eggshells all the time As a result Ellen took a 14-way kaytis Returning with a pretty standard apology Sometimes I get sad I get mad I I get Anxious I get frustrated I get impatient And I am working on all of that however This failed to ensure a returning Audience as in May 2022 Ellen's show was Cancelled completely

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