Most Hated VS Most Loved Comedians

For every five admired comedians there's Another five who are completely despised And it's no secret that joke Thief Dane Cook fits Snuggly in a category 2 in 2005 Dane Cook was listed as the world's Most famous comic although despite being Known by an audience of millions he was Notably hated by every other comedian a Comedy radio host stated not one Comedian comes on my show and says I'm So happy for him which is weird they Can't stand this poor guy the reason for Which being jealous at least according To Dane a lot of jealousy a lot of Animosity that I at a young age was Famous hanging around with beautiful Women Rich although the real reason Might have been because Dane had stolen Their jokes given he was called out for Copying a bit done by Louis CK you can Name your kid anything you want I like That part I'd like to give my kid an Interesting name you know like a name With no vowels maybe you Know just like 40 FS that's his name I Already have names picked out I I didn't Even know first kid boy girl I don't Care the first one that comes out I'm Naming It I think it's beautiful it's feminine But strong at the same time time for Bed I said time for bed fans then Noticed D had also copied a bit by Demetri Martin at around the same time I

Went do a shoe store and I said uh hey Can I get those in a 10 he I said sure And he went in the back and a couple Minutes later he came out and he goes I Don't have a 10 I have a nine Great cuz while you were in the back my Toes were severed Off she walks out she comes up to me you Guys so enthusiastic such like optimism She's holding a boot she comes right up To me and she goes um we have it in a Nine great you guys also have a bone saw Anywhere nearby with Patrick seay Running through even more examples in This video before touching on another Reason Dan Cook is hated his joke about The Batman movie theater shooting so I Heard that the guy came into the theater About 25 minutes into the movie I if You've seen the movie movie is pretty Much a piece of crap pretty sure that Somebody in that theater about 25 Minutes in realizing it was a piece of Crap probably was like oh shoot me the Controversial joke resulted in article After article as well as Twitter post Reading anyone who knows me knows I Think Dan Cook is the single worst Comedian ever he's never been funny now He's just an awful human being but while Dan Cook isn't liked for his Disrespectful and sometimes stolen jokes Theo Von is hailed for his unusual Originality his sense of humor has been

Described as so creative unique Hilarious and unorthodox that I can't Compare him to any other comedian which Summarizes theovon perfectly there's a Few guys Theo's one of them that have Like a style of Comedy that you will Never be able to explain to someone they Got to go see him when you hear him say We had this one guy you know you're About to hear a wild Story full of Bizarre situations and metaphors Described in the strangest yet most Perfect way possible this gentleman had Half a limb and he which limb he was Missing part of his leg I think or he Said he was so he could have been faking It MH CGI or something I don't know what His name Was CJ it no it was a white dude okay Yeah he's the absolute King of the Metaphor whenever he says something is Kind of like Etc it's always the Funniest most outlandish comparison I've Ever heard you look like a guy if Somebody had a cheat code in Double Dragon bro and they got to use a Ultimate character man hey man dude There are multiple compilations Dedicated to Theo Von's absolutely wild Sayings although at the same time he's Able to show his soft and more Vulnerable side in moments where it's Appropriate Theo's podcast this past Weekend has risen to become the seventh

Most popular podcast on Spotify while Brennan Sha's bad reputation has caused His podcast to Trend in the opposite Direction Brennan had previously been a UFC fighter however after a string of Losses he was convinced by Joe Rogan and Brian Ken to retire and instead pursue Comedy you have a future in other things And you're really good at like you're Really funny do you say funny [ __ ] man Yeah you do you have a ridiculous talent For that although with comments on Brandon standup like this is the best Example of normal people thinking They're funny because they make their Friends laugh his sets aren't exactly The greatest his first standup special Titled you'd be surprised received an IM Debay rating of 1.4 out of 10 stars and Was labeled in front of millions as the Worst comedy special I've ever seen it Was so bad that even Joe Rogan made a Few little jokes about it the first one I would have probably tried to talk you Out of it but I already talk you out of Fighting and I was like I can't talk About of this too however for Brendan The worst was Yet to Come 3 years after His first special Brendan sha released Another one titled Gringo papy which Received an even lower IMDb score of 1.1 Out of 10 Stars meaning he was unable to Sell it to a major buyer like Netflix Instead he uploaded the special to his

YouTube channel where it received an 85% Dislike ratio and comments such as damn This guy sure has some hidden talent Hope he finds it one day every time I Feel down I watch Gringo poy then I Realized whatever has me down or Whatever adversity I am facing isn't as Bad as this comedy special you know it's A Brennan sh standup special when the Comments are funnier than the actual Video with a standup again being labeled As the worst comedy special of all time It seems Brendan's main problem is that He isn't very skilled and the audience Has therefore been gravitating towards Shane Gillis he got his big break in 2019 after being cast on Saturday Night Live which he was then fired from Immediately after the media dug up Controversial comments made on his Podcast and then I got canceled Immediately you got canceled on the way They literally were like how about this Guy and everyone was like no Shane Responded by writing I'm a comedian who Pushes boundaries sometimes I miss if You go through my 10 years of Comedy Most of it bad you're going to find a Lot of bad misses but while this made Him unsuitable for SNL this was iron Al Exactly what the wider comedy audience Wanted no wonder SNL fired him he's Actually funny this in combination with The mountains of press from the incident

Took Shane's popularity to a whole new Level the months after SNL our Listenership probably quadrupled cuz Then people heard about it and watched It so it's helped the podcast this is Actually funny so it's helped the Podcast tremendously only made crazi When it post his live set in Austin Which gained over 20 million views by Touching on funny political topics Although in a good way where it felt Like he didn't have an gender and I Don't want to be on the other side of it Where it's like I'm a free speech guy It's like dude I don't want to be Involved in any of this I just want to Do comedy Shane's great attitude and Likable personality has made him the Most subscribed person on patreon with Around 75,000 paid members in comparison A Carrot Top whose style was so unique The whole industry turned against him he Gained popularity as a prop comic in the '90s but while he shows were extremely Smart and absolutely hilarious OJ Simpsons football okay go deep Pony go Deep His bizarre looking style made him a Punching bag for anybody and everybody You're a funny guy man and you take you At least used to take a lot of [ __ ] and I I never understood it I never I don't Either I never have I would get [ __ ] for Everything it's like Nickelback This

Became most obvious when katop simply Flew over his City in a fighter jet and The next day on the front page of the Paper katop disrupts City with Flyover and everyone's up in arms Because this the the building Shook and Everybody was like oh what there's a war Happening and I I think they were really Honestly just pissed because it was me And in a Reddit thread talking about him The only reasons people had to hate Katop was he's annoying not funny and Comes across as a gigantic douchebag Which pretty much confirms the theory Katop name has become synonymous with Bad comedian we should make fun of in Another article katop was described as The most successful comedian no one will Admit to liking with one of these hater Is being another comedy Legend So was Billberg just going coals on me I mean Just right I mean just bad who then Apologized to katop after meeting him in Person and then when I finally meet him He was like dude I am so sorry like he Came hugged me and katop was hated for So long that he's now considered a Legend they're kind of like saying you Know what jeez we he won't go away we've Been ripping on him but he's he's for Some reason he's still around in there You know what he can stay now you had Earn my wings with Bobby Lee having Earned his wings in a similar kind of

Way one of the things that makes Bobby Lee so likable is his ability to laugh At himself for the sake of audience Entertainment bro you're the worst Looking of all of us what do you think He is out of 10 for real you're a two Buddy two buddy you're like a two and a Half at most probably closer to a one And a half give me a bigger number than Okay okay you want an honest number Honest okay okay you want the honest Number please I was being generous is a 1 and A2 I'm a 1 and a half something Close to 1.7 that he's comfortable in his own Skin this helps him deliver some of the Most Savage roasts on the internet my Dad abandoned me but then I love my Mom in your Face he doesn't have a Dad although just like Theo Von his fans Also have a lot of respect for how open He is with his addiction issues and Sobriety right before I was going to get On the plane I looked at my girlfriend And said I'm going to relapse when it Comes to Bobby lace stand up a Reddit User wrote I've seen him do the same set At The Comedy Store like three or four Times and I nearly cried laughing each Time while another person called it the Hardest I've laughed at a comedy show of A decent slate of shows it seems Bobby Lee finds love from the audience

Regardless of what he's doing while the Audience has recently been finding many Reasons to hate Tom seura at the start Of his career Tom saguru was one of the More humble comedians however after Losing over 50 and building a net worth Of 12 million his ego became incredibly Obvious he'd begin to joke about the General population by calling them Poes So I've received a remarkable number of Messages countless poor people about the Use of a washcloth in the shower and um You know it's kind of well known it's What pors do however it quickly became Obvious that he wasn't really joking Every time we talk about like a watch or A car I'll get us like a bunch of Messages from losers that try to tell me That I'm making them feel bad about Their situation I'm struggling with rent This month figure it the out in October 2023 Tom tweeted about being Inconvenience by American Airlines and After being called entitled by his fans Tom responded by stating all the poor And losers have the same response oh you Were inconvenience well you should Accept it that's what me and my dumb Poor family have done for Generations This is why you're poor in his next Tweet he'd respond to a fan by simply Writing poor while a third tweet read The lowest level pors get upset as They've been trained to do when you

Point out they're happy to do what I'm Told servant mentality they don't value Time because their time is worthless you Are specs of [ __ ] on a washcloth and Washcloths belong in the trash the rant Instantly turned Tom into laughing stock For the internet probably not that much Money left over for the guys in the Booth either it's all Tom and Christina Just running around getting on private Jets uhhuh making fun of poor people While others dug dape to find his way we Was likely inherited it turns out Tom Was a trust fund kid his father was the Vice president and chief financial Advisor of Merill Lynch for 25 years Until he took over as the vice president And CFA for the Bank of America his Obituary mentions that he was a member Of the Quail Valley Golf Club in Vera Beach where a membership will run you a Very modest $85,000 a year not counting all of the Other fees this led tom to remove the Entire chain of air report tweets and Avoid every question that might imply He's Rich what kind of car you have Which what what kind you have cars yeah How many cars you Got you all right yeah uh you know what Tell me Tom sigura has no excuse for Being a douchebag given Gabriel acius is Substantially richer and is one of the Most humble comedians when you type

Gabriel agacia controversy into Google It seems the worst thing he's ever done Is pay a fine to a venue for spending Too much time recording a Netflix Special back in 2014 one of these Specials was laked and uploaded to YouTube for free although instead of Issuing a copyright takedown he'd share The links to his Facebook adding I can't Believe someone posted a direct link to Watch my fluffy specials online for free The nerve I hope no one shares or Watches these before they get taken down Prompting a top comment reading this is Why you're awesome fluffy you don't Whine about getting pirated you promote It Gabriel's nickname fluffy is a joke About his own weight which like Bobby Lee shows is comfortable in his own skin Although at the same time Gabriel Explained to Joe Rogan that he'd Recently lost 70 lb as a result of Following better habits and it was bad Habits that led Carlos Mena to become Incredibly hated the collapse of his Reputation began after Joe Rogan wrote a Blog post titled caros Mania is a Weak-minded joke Thief which read the Latest and most disgusting joke thief of All is a guy named Carlos menia the Really crazy thing is that's not even His real name he sells himself as being Mexican but the reality is his real name Is Ned holess and he's actually half

German and half Honduran the Mexican Hook is something he did to integrate Himself with the local Mexican Population of LA where he started from Here Joe began calling him Carlos menia Before confronting him on stage in an Actual comedy club which was recorded And uploaded to YouTube it's easy to say You steal [ __ ] but I don't cuz I'm not a Little [ __ ] I think that every time you Open your mouth you talk about me I Think that you're secretly in love with Me despite denying the allegations Carlos was then exposed for stealing From Bill Cosby and arish shafia after Which Kos made the crazy decision to own The fact that he stole all his jokes his Attitude was this like yeah steal if I'm In the back of the room you better watch Your material cuz I'll Take It remix it And make it a hit from here almost every Comedian destroyed cisman SI a lot of Your material I'm not saying all of it But a lot of your material was too Similar to Paul Mooney or Bill Hicks Went from performing in stadiums to Small clubs there's a heavy price to pay For cutting Corners in comedy whereas Chris Rock discovered there's much to Gain in the power of a single slap Chris Rock has been admired and respected Since the mid 1980s although it seems Being slapped by Will Smith made him Even more loved ironically the Will

Smith slap made Chris a beloved winner Will Smith accomplished The Impossible With one targeted slap now everybody Loves Chris this was reinforced when Dave Chappelle was attacked on stage After which Chris Rock jumped on the mic To ask is that Will Smith Chris Rock Just proved that if someone does you Wrong in life just wait and the perfect Moment will present itself proud of Chris Rock he didn't let the Will Smith Incident take him to a place of Bitterness and anger but stays humble And even makes a joke out of such a Difficult spot to be in they could not Have a more perfect moment to drop that Line and the fact that Chris Rock wasn't Really talking about the altercation Before leading up to this just adds to The Perfection of his delivery and when Chris Rock did address the controversy In his special he reinforced a Winner's Mindset but I'm not a victim baby you Will never see me on Oprah G I couldn't Believe it and I love men and black no I Took that hit like Pacquiao

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