MrBeast Copycat’s Stunt Ends In Deadly Car Crash

In the pursuit of Fame views and wealth Some people take things too far and Sadly that's what happened last week a YouTube channel with 600 000 subscribers Known as the borderline which is run by Several young men in their 20s took part In a stunt gone wrong that sadly ended Up with a five-year-old boy losing his Life after a car crash the borderline is An Italian YouTube channel that can only Be described as a Mr Beast copycat Channel a quick look at their page shows Thumbnail and video ideas that are Blatant rip-offs of YouTube's most Popular Channel as Mr B says seemingly Perfected the YouTube algorithm many Channels have begun to copy his formula And many YouTubers that do this in other Languages can see massive success as Mr Beast is not as well known outside the English-speaking World these channels Effectively make foreign language Photocopies of Mr Beast that see massive Growth all while coming up with no new Ideas of their own over the years Mr Beast has done several cross-country Road trip videos or content on whoever Stays in the car longest gives to keep It the borderline seems to have been Trying to rep replicate that success With their latest video where four Influencers were attempting to spend 50 Hours straight inside a rented Lamborghini during this stunt the

Influencers were driving around town at High speeds and were reportedly filming Content for their YouTube channel as Well this stunt eventually ended in Tragedy when the Lamborghini being Driven by the borderline crew began Taunting slower cars according to Witnesses and attempting to pass them at High speeds through the streets of Rome Last week after one too many attempts to Get viral shots for a YouTube video they Sadly crashed head on into a smart car That was being driven by a 29 year old Lady named Elena who also had her Four-year-old daughter in the car and Her five-year-old son tragically the Five-year-old boy Manuel did not make it And passed away his mother and sister Were treated at the hospital and are Expected to recover what makes the Situation even worse is the blatant Disregard for safety the borderline crew Displayed before the crash with many of The crew making jokes about them being The Italian version of The Fast and Furious the Borderlands crew has been Working furiously to wipe all evidence Of their recent Card Challenge from the Internet with only one video remaining From their Tick Tock that actually shows Veto who was a passenger in the car that Killed the five-year-old boy mocking Smart car drivers and making jokes about How his Lambo is faster than Lightning

McQueen from the Cars movie Videos The video was reportedly taken just a Few hours before the crash and it's a Pretty chilling clip to watch knowing The events that would follow shortly After the four members of the borderline Crew which include Matteo who was Reportedly driving the car Vito who made The idiotic Tick Tock as well as two Other members of the crew named Julia And Marco are all currently being Investigated by Italian police and have Reportedly had their phones confiscated As they were using them to record the Car challenge at the time their YouTube Channel is a prime example of people who Take social media Fame too far and don't Think about the consequences of their Actions if some of their wild stunts go Wrong while TV or movie productions Would have more strict guidelines that Would not allow for this kind of Behavior social media influencers act on Their own and often feel they should Push the boundaries as much as they can In order to reach the fame and money They feel they deserve the Border Lines About us page once translated into English reads as follows we are not rich But we like to spend to entertain you Everything we do is based on you the More support you give us the more Expensive and fun content we will bring

Between challenges and jokes of all Kinds we will try to make you laugh at All times every single Euro earned on YouTube will be spent on bringing new Videos to you final goal give one of you 1 million euros it will probably never Happen but it is our goal our source of Inspiration is the great Mr Beast who Built an empire in America through this Type of video inspired by him we will Bring similar content to Italy for the First time which can only be carried Forward through your great support since The car accident the borderline group Has received massive hate from the Italian Community and just yesterday Posted a video of a single image stating That they are disbanding the channel and They are very sorry for how the events Unfolded since then they have begun Purging their YouTube channel and have Deleted many videos totaling over 80 Million views on their Channel just in The past week alone it's truly Depressing to see that a five-year-old Boy lost his life and a family left Devastated also these morons could get a Viral video for their Mr Beast copycat Channel this type of behavior should Never be accepted but unfortunately Seems to be more and more common as Young people now want to be social media Influencers above any other profession As a fellow YouTuber myself I understand

The desire to want to see success online But that should never come at the cost Of putting other people's lives in Danger Behavior like that should always Be called out and vilified so future Individuals will be less likely to want To do the same

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