MrBeast Exposed For Faking A Video…

Over the past few years there have been A few attempts by people to claim Mr Beast fakes his videos but all of them Eventually were disproven and many of The creators who tried to expose Mr Beast were then humiliated for doing so That all changed last night when a Famous YouTuber named Rosanna Pansino Who has 14 million subscribers and had Worked with Mr Beast in several videos Made the claim that Mr Beast had faked a Video she had participated in and made Her look like she performed much worse In a video than she actually did within A few hours of the story breaking more Creators came out in support of Rosanna And more evidence was uncovered leading To massive backlash against Mr Beast on His YouTube channel and people are now Wondering how many more videos did Mr Beast fake for views the video that has Now been proven to be a lie is titled Extreme 1 million hideand-seek and was An event held at Sofi Stadium at the end Of 2021 which consisted of the 10 Largest YouTube creators all hiding Around the stadium while Mr Beast and His team attempted to find them the Event had people like Mark Rober Matt Pat and Bella porch and of course Everyone's favorite scammer Logan Paul I'm actually quite surprised Logan Paul Wasn't able to scam his way into first Place considering how many scams he's

Been a part of over the past few years But the first place prize of $1 million All went to a charity of the celebrity Who won the event which explains why Logan Paul didn't win since he only Scams for himself I'll have a link below To the video if you want to watch it but All the celebrities took cameras with Them and hid around the stadium and one By one were discovered by Mr Beast team Until eventually Zach King who who came In second place ended up winning after The first place finisher Laray was Disqualified in the video that is Currently up on Mr BEAST's Channel it Shows Rosanna coming in fifth place when She's discovered moving to a different Hiding spot wait that wait who is that Oh oh no you're not fooling anyone with Those pink pants now this video was Originally posted on December 18th 2021 And racked up nearly 100 million views For nearly 2 years no one had any idea That the the video was a lie but that All changed yesterday when Rosanna Posted on Twitter claiming she was fed Up with being treated poorly for years And decided to expose the lies around This video in her post she goes into Detail about how she was shocked when The video went live and it was Deceptively edited to make her looked Like she came in fifth place when in Reality she actually finished in the top

Three after Lay's disqualification she Says in her post that they announced on The walkie-talkies that Logan Paul had Been located placing him in fourth place Behind Rosanna and she was found shortly After however in the video Logan Paul is Clearly shown as being found third and Just seconds before Zach was found who Initially placed second this couldn't Have possibly happened if what Rosanna Said is true since Logan was found hours Earlier but was deceptively edited to Stay in the competition longer since he Is one of the most well-known names on YouTube now it's possible some people May claim that maybe Mr Beast wasn't Trying to be deceptive and maybe his Editing team did this without his Knowledge however if you watch the video Mr Beast did a voiceover in post- Production where he clearly states that Logan Paul was found minutes before Zach Was found which is a lie if what rosan Said is True oh there he is turns out the Freezer was too much for Logan and we Heard him get out and we literally found Him 1 minute before Zach what's even More interesting is that as more Information has come out about this Whole situation it's now being claimed That the creators had to sign a contract With Sofi Stadium saying they would only Hide in easy accessible places so as Not

To cause damage to the stadium or Possibly get hurt the eventual winner Zach King ended up hiding in the ceiling Of the building which people are now Claiming that Mr Beast and his team Weren't looking in since the rules Stated no one could hide there if that's True he should have also been Disqualified which would have made the Creator named quacky the real winner of The competition and Rosanna would have Come in second place but we signed a Contract with like the stadium and YouTube saying that if you're going to Hide hide and seek you had to hide in Places that that were like uh safe and Like Plain Sight access they said don't Go into the air ventilation like don't Go in the ceiling and so I didn't you Know I'm going to follow the rules Because this is a game so it's not for Fun it's not fun if people are cheating Yeah and so Zach King's final spot was In the ceilings he went where they said Not to go they said not to go and it did A ton of damage and there was ceiling Droppings all over the floor from uh Where he had climbed around yeah Rose Should have got second because Larry I Would have gotten second Larry fell Asleep Z the Ceiling did beat you ducky quit what is His why do I call him ducky Ducky in the video quacked is

Deceptively edited to be shown as coming In fourth place behind Logan Paul which We now know isn't true according to Rosanna who claims she finished in third Place right behind quacky after some Digging in old old clip from a quacky Live stream confirms what Rosanne says That he actually placed second in the Competition so I was I was in I ended up Being in third place I ended up being in Third place because they found me but Lay was in that video and lay was Asleep so I was technically second place So I was I was the second place in that Video quacky has also talked about his Disappointment with how the whole Process went down and in a Spanish live Stream made jokes about his nearly two Days of filming being edited down to 10 Seconds of actual footage despite him Ending up in second Place at this point I think it should be Clear that the video posted by Mr Beast Is clearly deceptive as to what actually Went down however that leaves the Question as to why it was actually Edited this way Rosanna actually shed Some light as to her opinion on why this Was in her post she states that after She was found Jimmy asked those knocked Out of the competition if anyone wanted To help him go find Zach which Rosanna Says she wanted to do but that Jimmy Told her no and instead only wanted

Logan Paul to accompany him to go look For Zach Rosanna later went on the just Trish podcast and talked about the Situation more where she implies that She felt there was some sexism involved Into how things ended up going down I Followed all the rules good Sportsmanship I tried really hard and I Was top Three and so it was so weird to see the Video and they're like oh these three Guys are top three and I felt so like What what did you did you ask him did You email anybody about this are you Like like you should have at least said Like what happened no you know me I Don't say anything I went back and Watched the entire Mr Beast video and Despite Rosanna finishing in the top Three and being in the competition for The majority of it she did only have a Few short lines the entire video and Another female Creator Bella porch who Also finished in the top five only had a Single line the entire video while Logan Paul appears to be featured the most Despite not winning at the perfect Hiding Place dang it it's very hot in Here it's very dark sorry didn't work Out F you didn't manage to win this Million dollars for your fan I tried I'm Going to go find more people now Ultimately the video is on Mr BEAST's Channel and I'm not going to say there

Was any sexism involved in the editing It's very possible Jimmy felt the clips Of Rosanna and Bella just weren't Entertaining enough and wanted the best Footage possible to make the video have The best retention however since the Scandal is now getting tons of attention I think it's only a matter of time Before Mr Beast will have to talk about This whole Scandal and give his side of Events as to why the video was Deceptively edited to make certain Creators like Logan Paul appear they did Much better in the competition than they Actually did this whole competition was Done for charity so ultimately the Entire prize went toward a good cause But if this competition was deceptively Edited to present a lie as to how the Competition played out it begs the Question if this has been done for other Videos as well in competitions that Don't involve celebrities have there Been contestants that have been cheated Out of winnings no one really knows to This point but clearly it's hurt Mr BEAST's reputation in the eyes of a lot Of his fans as of recording this video All the new comments that are showing up On Mr Beast video are calling Mr Beast a Liar or asking for justice for Rosanna Unlike past creators who tried to expose Mr Beast and all got shut down it Appears that most people are rallying

Behind Rosanna and I haven't really seen Many people trying to do any push back To her claims Rosanna has since posted An update claiming that three other Female creators have messaged her with Similar bad experiences working with Mr Beast if true that also seems to add Some truth to her claim that she Believes there was some sort of sexism Involved in this whole ordeal ultimately Since this story is still unfolding it's Yet to be decided where the story goes And I do hope that despite Mr BEAST's Massive following creators like Rosanna Don't receive any backlash from his fans For speaking badly about her experiences With him because of be huge following I Really don't think this will affect his Channel that severely and he may lose Some subscribers but unless more Evidence of even more videos being faked Comes out I don't think it will affect Him in the long run while this is a Mr Be Scandal I do have to end on the note That once again Logan Paul the king of Internet scams has found himself in the Middle of a very large scandal

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