Never Retire In Your 20s. It Will End Like Amanda Bynes

When Amanda bin quit acting at the age Of 24 her $6 million net worth implied That she'd have a low stress Problem Free future instead through addiction Mental Hospitals jail time unfavorable Articles evictions and the alienation of Everybody close to her should show that The universal dream of early retirement Is actually a living hell the Announcement first came on the 22nd of June 2010 and just 6 months prior Amanda Was looking incredible she was described As one of the funniest and most Promising performance of her generation Often being cast as a kind wholesome Young adult which seemed to reflect Exactly who she was off camera in a 2007 Interview it was highlighted that she'd Almost never been in trouble you haven't Been to jail no no jail rehab no no Rehab Amanda bind what kind of a Starlet Are you I know what's wrong with me the Reason for which bang that she valued Korea longevity I just have my eye on The prize which for me is a a long Career and I just I don't want to blow What I've worked so hard to achieve Before the interview ended she'd add That she wasn't attracted to any kind of Partying I'm not interested in that you Know the club scene and drinking doesn't Appeal to me so it's actually easier for Me not to do it however it seemed to Manda was telling a naughty little FIB

Turns out she'd begun experimenting on The set of hairspray one year prior Inspired by an article in a magazine That called ad of all the new skinny Pill and they were talking about how Women were taking it to stay thin I was Like well I have to get my hands on that Before stating I started smoking Marijuana when I was 16 even though Everyone thought I was the good girl her Usage was then exacerbated by the Failure of her side business in 2009 After which he was losing high-profile Movie roles for getting too cooked Whilst on set when I was doing Hall Passs I remember being in the trailer And I used to chew the adderal tablets Because I thought they made me more high That way it was the mixture of being so High that I couldn't remember my lines And not liking my appearance that Prompted bance to pull out of the film After removing herself from Hall Pass Amanda start in one final movie EA the Premiere of which becoming the straw That broke the camel's back bindes Recalls attending a screening of her Last film EA and having a different Reaction than everyone else to the movie I literally couldn't stand my appearance In that movie and I didn't like my Performance I was absolutely convinced I Needed to stop acting after seeing it in A foggy State of Mind Amanda announced

Her retirement in four spontaneous Tweets reading being an actress isn't as Fun as it may seem if I don't love Something anymore I stop doing it I Don't love acting anymore so I've Stopped doing it I know 24 is a young Age to retire but you heard it here First I've # retired although with an Unresolved substance problem and nothing Else to do where Amanda's usage Continued to escalate I just had no Purpose in life I'd been working my Whole life and now I was doing nothing She continues I had a lot of time on my Hands and I would wake and bake and Literally be stoned all day long around This time Amanda said she started Hanging out with a cdia crowd and I Isolated a lot I got really into my drug Usage and it became a real really dark Sad world for me it was with this cedia Crowd that Amanda began to frequent Nightclubs eventually leading to her First of many mug shots she'd been Arrested for sideswiping a police car Hit and run and driving Under the Influence which she'd attempt to solve Not through the court system but rather By tweeting at the president hey Barack Obama I don't drink please fire the cop Who arrested me I also don't hit and run The end although the post was met with Silence despite the unfavorable press Amanda continued to party in the public

Spotlight even claiming in a People Magazine interview that she was doing Amazing while adding I'm not talking About being arrested for DUI because I Don't drink and I don't drink and drive It is all false although according to Others around her Amanda was completely Delusional people around Amanda are Really concerned about her a source Tells people she tells people she Doesn't party or drink she doesn't Realize she has a problem which is Followed by some rock solid evidence Confirming this just 2 days after Claiming that she was doing amazing Amanda was dropped by her her agent Publicist and lawyer with an article Stating all three people are telling Similar stories bindes was a dream Client for years but she became Extremely difficult in the past 12 Months some say uncontrollable all three Members of the team made multiple Efforts to help Amanda before she went Radio silent eventually the team decided To cut bait acknowledging they can't Help someone that doesn't want to be Helped clearly Fed Up by her portrayal In the tabloids Amanda found herself in Physical altercations with the paparazzi As well as in verbal altercations with Other high-profile celebrities for Example she'd make a tweet reading at Rihanna you look so ugly trying to be

White who' then respond by stating yeah See what happens when they cancel Intervention Amanda then responded to This by stating at Rihanna unlike your Fugly face self I don't do drugs you Need the intervention dog I met your Ugly face in person you aren't pretty You know it in a different tweet Amanda Simply wrote at Miley Cyrus your ugly Who take the more mature approach by Responding with I won't even entertain That thought I was rooting for her Comeback until she started attacking me With Amanda's call outs being pretty Clear projections as she wasn't looking So great herself not even 3 years after Retiring she'd post this video to her Twitter with the caption I'm sucking on A Sour Patch Kid listening to music Getting ready for tonight prompting Concern from her now declining fan base She is seriously such a pretty girl it's So sad seeing her like this something is Definitely not right she needs some help And someone or a few people to sit her Down and get her back on straight Although with no clear desire to pursue Anything meaningful Amanda's situation Had no hope of improving in that very Same month Amanda bind was allegedly Kicked out of a New York gymnastics Class for showing up in an outfit Comprised of fishnets a wig and a Lingerie like leotard of course she

Denies it stating I'm suing every blog Saying I was kicked out of gymnastics What is wrong with you people what would You do if you found fake stories about You making it difficult to ascertain What had actually happened the article Came alongside a different video of Amanda dancing uncontrollably on a Treadmill and another video of her doing A similar dance while walking around New York City without any shoes on 3 weeks Later she'd give a rare interview with InTouch Magazine stating I have no clue Why people say I'm insane every time I've heard it it came from an ugly Person's mouth so I don't care before She'd add I don't drink I'm allergic to Alcohol the star in says she doesn't Smoke pot which was followed by Amanda Being evicted only 1 month later for a Smoking pot in the lobby of her building As a result she'd make her way over to The Ritz cartton hotel where she bring The receptionist to Tears by telling the Worker she was too ugly to check binds In after a 9-day stay in the building Amanda was kicked out for a moving smoke Detectors which accompanied other photos Of the messy State the room had been Left in in the process Amanda racked up A $9,000 hotel bill which likely Contributed to the 1.4 million she'd Reportedly spent in only a couple of Months Amanda apparently withdrew a

$100,000 from her bank on June 4 and a Further $100,000 on July 2nd showing That she she was spending about a Hundred grand every 30 days contributing To this was one single taxi ride from New York to Los Angeles which she used As an alternative to Flying given Airports didn't accept Google as a form Of identification once back in Los Angeles she'd pour petrol on a random Person's driveway before setting it on Fire in the process she'd accidentally Spill some of the petrol on her dog Prompting her to take it to a nearby Convenience store for a wash where she'd Be kicked out by the owner for walking Into the back without permission the Bizarre evening led to her first in in a Mental hospital after which she'd Attempt to fix her life by going to Rehab reconciling with her family and Rediscovering Purpose By enrolling in Fashion school to signify her fresh new Start Amanda had some of her tattoos Lasered which accompanied a series of Tweets implying that things were back to Normal that would be until 5 months Later when she was once again arrested For driving Under the Influence that Very same month Amanda was kicked out of Fashion school for showing up high and Causing quite horrendous arguments 4 Weeks Later Amanda made another Absolutely insane tweet claiming that

She'd been microchipped by her parents Before stating that she was now engaged To a 19-year-old who she' met in a Fishing shop it was then reported that Amanda was seen heading into a West Hollywood tattoo parlor to have her Fiance's face Inked on her neck Apparently she was turned away for not Having proper identification and this Might have been for the better given she Was also recorded getting overly touchy With a random security guard at around The same time however it seemed this Would also become Turning Point as the Negative press completely vanished Overnight there weren't any new Amanda Updates for well over a year until this Article was posted simply confirming That she was back in fashion school with A new challenge and goal to work towards Amanda was able to stay sober for three Whole years returning to the public Spotlight with a brand new interview She'd state that things were going well I've been going to school lately fashion School fitm while expressing painful Guilt over her choice to quit acting I Do miss acting and I actually have Something surprising to tell you I'm Going to start acting again yes this Would come alongside a tell all Interview with paper magazine in which He' confirmed that she was now 4 years Sober with the article stating that she

Had found a new pursuit to fill the hole That acting had left fashion so when She'd celebrate her fashion School Graduation around 7 months later it was Also a point of concern Amanda had Overcome her challenge achieved her goal But was back to a state of idleness not Even 6 months after graduating Amanda Had returned to rehab where she'd post Selfies of her new home job looking face Tattoos as well as meet her new Boyfriend who she'd get engaged to only 8 weeks later given the two met while in Rehab it seemed they helped each other Stay sober although after a rocky 3-year Relationship it eventually came to an End in the days that followed their Breakup Amanda was recorded by a fan in This video I man to say what's up what's Up we just walked in the streets of Hollywood I saw my girl walking so I Said I had to say what's up which was Posted to Tik Tok where it received over 15 million views and comments such as Man it breaks my heart to see how they Destroyed Amanda binds the sweetest girl Ever it took me so long to realize that This was Amanda binds I'm so sad now Girl what that's Amanda binds my heart Goes out to her hope she's getting well However the worst was still yet to come On the very same day that the Tik to was Posted Amanda was found roaming the Streets of Los Angeles naked resulting

In her return to a psychiatric facility Just 2 months after this a new article Was published titled Amanda binds is sad And isolated after being released from Mental Health facility as she has lost Interest in her passions while living Alone which is followed by another Psychiatric hold just 3 months after her Previous one more optimistically however It was shown in September 2023 that Amanda was making an effort to remove Her face hados which you could argue is At least a step in the right direction

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