OnlyFans Model Crypto Scam DISASTER! – Vanessa Sierra

And only fans model just rug pulled her Followers out of nearly half a million Dollars worth of cryptocurrency now even After hundreds of millions have been Lost over the past two years in nft Scams you would think people would know By now not to give these scammers their Crypto but sadly that’s not the case now The scammer we’re talking about today is Named Vanessa Sierra who got her first Taste of Fame on the Australian reality Show love Island in 2019 and then Quickly LED that into an only Fan’s Career where her page states that she is In the top .01 percent of all accounts On the platform now in my personal Opinion this lady is a pathological liar And uses her looks to woo man into Believing her every word despite many of The things she says making no sense in Early 2022 her and a team started to lay The groundworks for an nft scam and Tried to paint this woman as a Cryptocurrency expert she began to do Several interviews about her upcoming Project known as small Boys Land and in One article it was stated for the past Few months Sierra and her partner have Been buying land in the metaverse and Flip helping it for profit which has Been their main job and source of income I started with five thousand and he Started with ten thousand and after a Few months we turned that money into

Close to a million dollars from flipping Land in the metaverse so we decided to Do an nft project that was land-based Because we understood that she said this Lady wants people to believe she is some Sort of metaverse real estate agent that Has the Magic Touch to turn a few grand Into millions but for some reason she Needs your money now to fuel her Continued growth despite already making A million dollars in this now believe it Or not it actually gets worse the Article goes on to say she said this Year she has been fully immersed in the Nft space devoting 50 hours per week to Research and treating it as a full-time Job given she was not able to continue With her only fans account in Dubai Where she lived during lockdowns I’m not Allowed to do only fans in Dubai it’s Highly illegal so it’s my only job now She said so there’s a lot to unpack in That Web of Lies first off if you Believe for a second this girl was Spending 50 hours a week researching Nfts I don’t know what what you’re Smoking but I want some of that a quick Look at her Instagram page shows this Lady is constantly modeling and partying Across the world it just doesn’t add up She also makes the claim she wasn’t able To do only fans the past few years while On lockdown in Dubai because it’s highly Illegal now for purely research purposes

I decided to purchase her only fans and I can verify that she has been actively Posting for the last two years and is Making a ton of money so that is a 100 Lie for legal reasons I can’t show Anything from her only fans but if you Don’t believe me you can purchase her Page and you will see the post Confirming that she never stopped Uploading despite living in Dubai from There let’s get into the nft scam she Launched now I have to say that over the Past week Sierra has been actively Scrubbing all traces of her crypto Project from the internet trying to Cover her tracks all the information Related to the project was saved by an Nft analyst on Twitter known as OK Hotshot so he’s the one that uncovered The scam and credit should go to him I’ll also have a link to his profile in The description in March of 2022 Vanessa And co-creator reagan.eath launched Small Boys Land which quoted from Sierra Was created to buy up all the land in The metaverse and that each nft gives The holder passive income and a share of Land in the metaverse now if you know Anything about the size or scope of the Metaverse you would understand just how Stupid this statement is but sadly this Project received a total of 127 ethereum From investors for a total of over 400k In USD at the time once the crypto was

In the hands of Sierra and Reagan they Begin to use the funds to buy up their Own nfts to make it seem there was more Demand for their project than actually Was this is known as wash trading and Was discovered and shared by OK Hotshot On Twitter on May 7th they decided to Drain the account of the Project’s funds And move the crypto to wallets Personally owned by Sierra and Reagan Now despite the fact that you can easily See the money was moved on the Blockchain Sierra went on the small boys Discord and lied to investors saying Absolutely none of the funds had been Taken by the founders and that the funds Are still sitting in the public wallet Address address now this reassured many Of the investors for a short while but In November after months of no progress With the nft project investors began to Get mad again it was at this point that Sierra changed her tune and addressed The criticism claiming she was doing Everything she can to recover the Project she even went on a long Twitter Rant claiming she never she would never Scam anyone since she was already very Successful before crypto and didn’t need The money so there’s no reason for her To scam anyone now despite all of this Just a few days later she again changed Her tune she deleted all tweets on her Account about the small boys nft and

Then someone proceeded to delete the Small boy’s official Twitter account and Deleted the website as well nearly all Trace of this nft project ever existing Is destroyed fortunately OK Hotshot Archived the Twitter account for the Project and with Wayback machine it is Now saved forever now Sierra as I stated Earlier is full of lies she has Repeatedly said she is wealthy and Doesn’t need to scam anyone however if You look at her Twitter account you will See another story in early December she Was thrown from her horse and broke her Hand following that she then posted the Tweet Lessons Learned do not let your Health insurance expire in Dubai I broke My hand and the cost of surgery is the Same as some new titties back home guess I’ll be saying goodbye to some of my Favorite nfts today she then proceeded To Again State she sold her nfts to pay For surgery and a few days ago posted The Tweet woke up still broke WTF so as You can see depending on her mood for The day Sierra can’t decide if she’s Broke or rich as of right now any Mention of the small boys nft to Sierra Will get your account banned by her Currently Sierra and Reagan are actively Attempting to remove the last traces of This project from their accounts now It’s unfortunate these nft rug pulls are Still happening but some cases are now

Being investigated in March of this year U.S government agents arrested two men Involved in a million dollar crypto scam And hopefully with the information that Ok Hotshot has saved Sierra and Reagan Can be brought to justice as well with That being said I really have no idea Why anyone thought it was a good idea to Invest in an nft run by an only fans Model hope hopefully after these Continued Kongs people will wake up and Stop falling for these blatant scams let Me know what your opinion on this story Is below in the comments

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