Salt Bae’s Empire Is Starting To Collapse

Restaurant closures rapidly declining Reviews and his lowest growth on Instagram in over six years things have Gone from bad to worst for Salt Bay Which is best observed by looking at age Controversy up until this unfavorable Point his first time in hot water came Just months after Salt Bay first went Viral occurring when fans scrolled back Through his Instagram to find this photo Commemorating the life of Fidel Castro In the days after his death at around The same time Salt Bay had recently Opened a steakhouse in Miami a city to Which approximately 500 000 Cubans had Fled to as a result of Castro's Leadership some people just don't think To post pics like this and then open a Restaurant in Miami really I just called And canceled two reservations and told Them how I feel about their salt guy and His post picture posted a few days after Castro's death nice Thor WTF he should Open in Cuba and sprinkle his salt over There the comments on the post itself Echoed a similar sentiment leading Soulmate to remove the pitcher however He'd find himself in a similar cut Controversy less than a year later in September 2018 Salt Bay came under Scrutiny once again for providing a Feast to the Venezuelan president who Governs a country in which 64 percent of People have reported losing significant

Amounts of weight 11 kilos or 24 pounds On average amid worsening food shortages As of Venezuelan it angers me seeing my President feasting on a meal one me and My family were starving I cannot believe This video this guy eating Tomahawk Steaks or whatever that is and the People from his country dying of hunger Food tastes so much better when you know The folks back home are starving after The Venezuelan president then explained That solbei had personally invited him To the restaurant protest broke out in Front of salt Bay's Miami restaurant With one sign reading did you know Salt Bay that in the time it took you to Whine and die dictator Maduro with your Bloody mate at least one Venezuelan Child died of extreme malnutrition However this might not have even been Salt Bay's biggest controversy for the Month only eight days after these Protests and you are article was posted Reading four tourists are set on fire at Instagram star salt Bay's Istanbul Restaurant which had happened as a Result of a fire show going wrong one of The tourists who'd been set on fire was A Czechoslovakian YouTuber and model Named Tinus tressnikovar who suffered Burns to more than 35 percent of her Body year and can be seen with slight But visible burn scars on her Instagram Even till this day her 23 minute video

On the topic translating to the moment That changed my life is unfortunately Spoken in checkers Slovakian without Subtitles however an article posted a Year after the incident stated that Tinus had received no compensation for The mistake and that the restaurant had Instead destroyed all evidence related To the incident Salt Bay did eventually Pay out 230 000 in compensation although Not to tyness for permanently altering Her appearance but rather four Mistreated employees in salt-based next Big controversy the four employees Claimed that Salt Bay was taking 3 from Their total tips which was followed by Salt by firing the four employees after Being confronted about it as a result The employees launched a wrongful Termination lawsuit explaining that Their former boss had an authoritarian Dictatorial attitude who doesn't care About local laws they even suggested Salt Bay liking himself to Tony Montana And humiliated them on occasions in the Lawsuit yet salt by responded by stating I don't get a shout of the employees Tips I'd never done that in any of my Restaurants I was not satisfied with the Performance of the four employees they Didn't match my understanding of work They weren't as good as I wanted so I Terminated their contract right away yet These four employees weren't the only

Ones claiming that they'd been Mistreated while working for Salt Bay a Former employee at the Nusrat restaurant In London described it as gold from the Outside but shipped from the inside Whilst another compared the working Environment to the Hunger Games as staff Never knew if they'd be fired during a Shift with a third likening the Restaurant taught to a dictator former Employee Frank defano stated that he was Treated poorly as a result of being American while another former manager Explained his world was was nothing but Instagram and fame the sensation was him He ended up getting this Godlike complex Highlighting salt Bay's next big problem With massive artworks of his one viral Moment and every third Instagram picture Being him working out shirtless it seems Salt bait is just a bit too full of Himself and while some degree of ego Might be necessary for Success he takes It to a whole new level when interviewed By the times in 2019 Salt Bay seemed Convinced that every kid wanted to be Him stating now everybody wants to be a Butcher because of me now if you ask a Kid they want to be Salt Bay they see me As an idol I'm an inspiration to a lot Of people in a very short period of time Also always taking the opportunity to Brag about money Salt Bay posted an 8 000 bill as well as a different forty

Seven thousand dollar bill yet the Picture that really kicked up a stink Was the 167 thousand dollar bill posted To Salt Bay's Instagram with the total Quality never expensive the opulent bill Mixed with his arrogant description Prompted comments such as as I have Eaten in your restaurant quality is Questionable and I've eaten there the Food was not good with this sentiment Being echoed by countless different People YouTube channel Google Foods Ordered the two thousand dollar steak Before stating this it was not what we Expected for two grand I gotta say I Thought it would be way bigger also Adding that the 275 Tomahawk Steak had Been cooked incorrectly that was rare Even though we ordered medium rare now There's nothing wrong with rare steak But if you order medium rare you should Get what you paid for a different YouTuber UA 8 who is looking to give a Purely objective review were stated that The waiter's performance was fun yet the Quality of the food was no better than Any other Steakhouse on TripAdvisor salt Bay's London restaurant is ranked at 15 200 out of 15 700 restaurants with its Rating of 2.5 Stars making it worse than 96.8 percent of all other restaurants in The city the steakhouse features Predominantly terrible and one star Reviews with most complaining about

Horrible quality bad service us and so Incredibly expensive for such a bad Quality of food this guy was upset after The restaurant charged him 44 British Pounds for four red bulls however at Least he didn't call the police after Finding out the price which is what Happened over in Florida whilst eating At salt-based Steakhouse in Miami Dwayne Miranda ordered two standard 275 Tomahawk steaks yet he was instead Unknowingly presented with two golden Tomahawk steaks being charged more than Five thousand dollars for his meal when He eventually got to the counter we Ordered two Tomahawk steaks and a rack Of lamb for the table when the bill came We were shocked by the total they Insisted that we ordered the golden Option and charged us a thousand dollars For each we absolutely did not order That option although we did eat what was Brought to the table thinking this was The normal presentation for our order it Was clear that the waiter was trying to Take advantage of the situation after Disputing the misunderstanding with Management they decided to involve local Law enforcement rather than do the right Thing we paid the disputed five thousand Dollar bill to avoid further conflict Yet this was still minor in comparison To what happened at salt-based Steakhouse in Boston after opening up on

The 18th of September 2020 the Restaurant quote almost immediately Began racking up health code violations City inspectors reported that covid-19 Safety guidelines were being flouted Crowds were not social distancing two Fire exits were blocked Hermits were not In order the dishwasher was not running Hot enough and the refrigerators were Apparently too cold leading the Government to shut the restaurant down Only one week after opening in the Meantime Salt Bay posted this seemingly Wholesome family photo to his Instagram Yet this would also end in another wave Of criticism turkey chef Salt Bay meets Mother after two years criticized for Not looking after her its same solbe was Getting loads of backlash in every Situation regardless of whether or not He deserved it for example when a waiter At one of his restaurants accidentally Dropped a steak Salt Bay was getting Roasted in the comments by people saying That he was going to charge them twice People simply didn't like him so we need To actually do something deplorable in December 2022 where the whole world took It as a chance to completely and utterly Destroy him after Argentina beat France In the World Cup final Salt Bay waltzed Onto the field as if he was everybody's Best friend he pestered Messi for a Photo snatched the world cup from a baby

And bit down on one of the Winner's Medals probably negative comment after Negative comment as well as an instant Response from the media who wrote Salt Bay was pathetically thirsty to get World Cup selfies and pissed off Argentina in the process only a day Later the FIFA president unfollowed Salt Bay on Instagram before launching an Investigation into how Salt Bay was Allowed on the field revealing that only The World Cup winners and heads of state Are allowed to touch the trophy during The closing ceremony let alone kiss and Disrespect it the next day saltbay tried To show that he and Messi were friends By posting a video of them together in His Steakhouse however comments such as Old video where Messi made a mistake Visiting your restaurant showed that Fans definitely weren't buying it Excluding this video Salt Bay provided No response to His World Cup behavior Until just one month ago when he'd Finally talk about the event in a Tell-all interviewer he stated it was a Combination of my love of Argentina and My excitement I love Argentina I've Lived there I went to support them many Of the team have come to the restaurant I didn't feel as stranger it was a Special moment I can't do anything about The reason I was there but I would never Ever step on the World Cup pitch again

There were 2 billion people watching the World cup how many people are speaking About me 5 billion the whole world I Didn't go on the pitch with the purpose Of advertising I just felt like it then There was a bit of a surprise there were At least another thousand people on the Pitch but when they showed the video Where they make out it was just me I Never ever wanted to overshadow anything I didn't like the attention with the Possible motive for the explanation Being that things haven't been going so Well for Salt Bay ever since that day Just two weeks prior to giving that Interview where Salt Bay had to close Down his self-titled Salt Bay burger Restaurant in New York City which had Gained a reputation for selling 99 gold Flaked milkshakes and a hundred dollar Burger wrapped in gold foil on top of This it's been reported that Salt Bay Steakhouse in Greece is now receiving a Third of the bookings it used to from 600 per day to approximately 200 per day While his London Steakhouse which we Discussed earlier as having some of the Worst reviews in the city recently Announced that they'd be reducing their Prices in quotes what appears to be a Desperate bid to entice customers back Through its doors over the last six Months Salt Bay has gained approximately 300 000 followers per month and while

This is still a bafflingly high number For someone who seemingly does very Little this is the lowest growth he's Had on social media since first blowing Up in January 2017.

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