Scammer BEGGED Me Not to Investigate

They begged me not to investigate if you Think that coffee Zilla is going to be Able to do a goddamn thing he's not Going to be able to but now I've Uncovered millions of dollars stolen Please don't believe this horse that a Coming out of people's mouths that I've Stolen money from you and the scammers Biggest supporters are now against him If he's Running Scared To The Past he's Run more scams he's a scammer he's just He's a scammer Even his family says he needs to go to Jail the one good thing that might come Out of it if he does go to prison and You know maybe he can just sit there and Think about what he's actually doing This is the story of Brian King Legend a New breed of scammer you may not have Heard of but you should know about but Before we confront him with evidence Let's start at the beginning I first remember hearing about Brian About a year ago when I was looking for New scammers on the come up people told Me he was selling a new coin called Seifu which advertised 382 000 apy his Website bragged you could become a Millionaire in one year if you invested A thousand dollars I thought this was an Obvious scam but when I realized it Wasn't Brian Legend's first attempt I Decided to dig more turns out he had run Several crypto scams in his past and so

I decided to make a video warning people About the new scam seifu to stop it Before it was too late But I failed what do you mean you failed You already made a video what more can You do why go back now a hundred Thousand people invested Max they got Hurt Well you can't help people who don't Help themselves coffee if they didn't Listen to you the first time then I tell Them again as many times as it takes Human nature doesn't change if you Believe that you wouldn't try to change My mind well I just thought you might Listen a reason no I can't this time They pushed me too far on this what who When did they mention me You why would they mention you ah hello New sidekick Dr Maxwell no they didn't And you aren't look uh just here check It out I gotta go I'm sorry I'll be back One of the idiots over there on the Crypto leads uh Discord keeps on putting Up a coffee Zilla thing stirring people Up Let me explain something to you [Music] Um you idiots If you think that coffee Zilla is going To be able to do a goddamn thing he's Not gonna be able to I've already gone Through this over and over and over and

Over and over and over again Ah Daniel you glorious idiot what did You do Ladies and gentlemen welcome back last Time these are the basic allegations we Uncovered previous history of scamming Unrealistic returns a burn wallet scam My video was brief last time because to Me this was all obviously too good to be True but I was wrong and this time Brian Legend's gonna get the full colonoscopy I talked to everyone for this video from Victims to supporters to family to Brian Himself and what I found out this time That I didn't know last year is that Brian Legend didn't start out with big Scams or crypto at all he built up to it Which I found out when I met his family Are in height Um my name's Sola I am Brian's Aunt so he's my nephew But kind of my brother because my Parents who were his grandparents Adopted him uh oh and he was four years Old after his mother passed away so That's basically the the family Relationship and of course John here is My son so he's Brian's cousin All right so the first thing we learned Is Brian Legend wasn't born a legend he Was born Brian Seiler his mother passed When he was young and he was soon Adopted by his grandparents although Something seemed different with Brian

Almost immediately we didn't have his Real parents but he grew up in a you Know great happy home you know with all The same values as what I grew up with But um you know just you just didn't Turn out to be that kind of man in the End I've heard a few other rumors that Like he had some movie tickets scheme And then he also did like mail order uh Like some mail order scam is that true Can you tell me about that I know for me He got my eBay account disabled because He was scamming people from that like Selling stuff and then not actually Sending it just taking the money and Then all of a sudden I got a thing Because I this was awesome years ago This is years ago I was like 16 at the time so I was just Like yeah My eBay account that's fine and then all Of a sudden they get this thing saying Oh you can't use it anymore I was like What's going on and yeah apparently he Was I read through all the reviews and I Was like sending star not getting sent The item and all this sort of thing and There's just like a hundred reviews and I was like what is going on I mean that Was when the you know internet was Basically first starting you know there Was still we're still doing mail in Those days but of course on the internet So he would sell movie tickets to people

Yeah you know and then never selling Them obviously so these people never you Know got them and as John was saying I Remember him trying to clean up coins Saying they were you know from 1862 you know worth how many thousands Of dollars and he'd send them but of Course they weren't the real thing but He'd get the money And that's all you know together with All this eBay and all of that yeah So he's been doing this is a long History of lying scamming people started Small time and then recently it's become Huge I mean millions of dollars it's got Bigger and bigger everything Oh well I can get away with this much Any daily tries obviously to do a little Bit more for a little bit more and he's Been getting away with it constantly Like us I guess a Snowball Effect isn't It Brian's family is right things only Grew From Here and Brian eventually Found the crypto industry where his Ambitions grew along with the money and Allegations of him scamming people Although of course he would say this is All fud and his family they're just Jealous in fact he says this is one Reason he changed his name in the first Place my name is Brian Legend I have no Association at all with Brian Siler Anymore there was a lot of hate not Hatred but I suppose a lot of jealousy

From family members Um mainly one and I suppose you can call It too and a couple of others there Um and they were they were getting a bit Jealous about my fame My Success Um and they really developed a lot of Hatred in the end for me and I really Don't know why Um but at the end of the day I decided Look I need to separate myself away from Family now who should we believe about What happened here Brian legend or his Jealous family well let's look at some More evidence because this brings us all To seifu this was Brian's biggest Project ever that would take him from Ten dollar t-shirts to Louis Vuitton and Supercars but at the beginning Brian Claimed he didn't need the money he Already had it he was just creating Seifu to reclaim his reputation from Scammers himself I'm actually making This project okay and I've released this Project not from a not from a financial Gain perspective which means that I'm Not doing this for money okay I already Have money okay I don't care about a Million dollars I don't care about five Million dollars I don't care about money Really okay I have money already what I'm doing this for me personally is to Try to build back my reputation from the Last projects which got diminished and They got absolutely slaughtered by

Fudders Um in the game and you know I suppose That you can call them kind of scammers Because they're trying to scam you out Of knowing the truth and they're trying To make you believe that I was some Scamming myself or whatever it's it's Untrue so yeah Brian claims he didn't Need to scam anyone because he already Had money but not only that he literally Couldn't scam you according to him Because firstly the seifu white paper Said the team will not hold any tokens And the seifu team cannot dump on you Secondly Brian said he wasn't taking a Salary from seifu until the blockchain Was done now to this day that blockchain Hasn't come out so according to that he Wouldn't have taken a salary so if both Of those things are true no tokens and No salary how could he have made money From seifu and how is it that his Lifestyle changed so much that going From cheap shirts to luxury brands from Simple houses to Mansions well Brian's Explanation is the same as before he Already had the money which is what he Said when I confronted him on this so Coffeezilla as I just so I was what I Was about to say was that I have been a Millionaire for quite some years before Even attempting the safe route okay once Again we're left with the question Should we believe Brian or not was he

Secretly Rich well let's investigate and Our first piece of evidence here comes Before seifu Brian had a public account Flipping domains online called bryz 555 Where he was doing deals just a couple Years ago for a few dollars at a time Now it's hard to believe you would do This if you were already a millionaire Brian also was known to have a low Budget cooking show that was copying Epic Meal Time called angry Meal Time Hey your meals angry and the taste Delicious now this evidence suggests That Brian didn't have money before Seifu something that he disagrees with Is that why you were domain flipping in 2020 for like three bucks Plenty of domains thousands and Thousands of domains yeah so a few years Ago you read a cooking show where you're Broke then you run domain flipping where You're flipping for a few bucks and then All of a sudden you're wearing reggae You're wearing regular shirts you get in Charge of seifu and suddenly you have Super cars in a mansion that doesn't Make a lot of sense So what I'd like to tell you is that Whatever I do on the side towards Hobbies years ago Um obviously you know people go through Sense of what they you know feel like in The moment and yeah I attempted some Some YouTube stuff but that was all as a

Hobby not to earn income from it I never Had ads on there or anything like that That's right these were Hobbies According to Brian but I was confused Why if he was rich before and was domain Flipping as a hobby why did he stop These Hobbies after he had created sifu And definitely was rich well let's look At another piece of evidence which Actually comes from Brian's family see They say he wasn't a millionaire at the Time because they knew him and he was Broke I've talked to Brian and he told Me that he was a millionaire before this Is is that true that he didn't need this Money Maybe in his mind but my mum's gone Right here She actually had to send him to stay off The streets in Queensland because he Couldn't afford rent Money because he used to Stay Motors and all of that So thousands and thousands and thousands Of dollars we sent him you know so that We could he could stay in his apartment And you know get his phone back and for Food we didn't give him all this money Well he wouldn't really be anywhere Basically I don't think you know so so He was almost homeless I mean he wasn't Just like not very like not rich he was Almost homeless if it wasn't for you Guys exactly

Who we gave money to and how much and Everything so yeah now all these pieces Of evidence point in One Direction Brian Was broke or at a minimum not rich Before seifu which leads us to a very Interesting mystery once again how did Brian go from this to all of this if he Had no salary no tokens and wasn't Rich Beforehand with all of these Discrepancies I decided to look deeper Into the blockchain to figure out how This might have happened and when you go To the seafood website the only official Wallets Brian had access to were the Seifu Insurance Fund and the seifu Treasury now both of these wallets claim To be used for specific Seafood related Purposes to achieve price stability fund New Investments save food projects and Marketing for seifu but that is not Actually what happened see take the Treasury wallet for example Brian claims He was using it for Investments like the Seifu blockchain on April 25th 2022 Brian said that he had taken a one-time Withdrawal all of 420 000 and it Satisfied all operational and Development costs sounds great but when We actually look at that wallet a lot More money has been taken out 5.77 Million dollars cashed out to binance And change now which is strange where Did that missing five million dollars go Well let's keep looking a few months

Later Brian used the treasury again to Sell and said that all costs bills are Now 100 allocated which means there is No more selling from us IMO this now Marks the low on current price of course He was wrong on this the price crashed Terrifically from here and how much had Brian withdrawn less than a year in a Staggering 17 million dollars from the Treasury what kind of Investments or Expenses could possibly explain all this Money other than maybe Brian stole some Of it well I wanted to look into it and It's true there were some extravagant Spending for example take a diamond Necklace with the seifu logo on it but The problem here is Brian claims he used His own funds to buy this thing hundreds Of thousands of dollars he said just to Prove the futters that he ain't rugging Or running off at all what a nice Level-headed guy prove the futters wrong By spending hundreds of thousands of Dollars on himself so maybe the necklace Doesn't explain all that spending but Maybe the Forbes article does or perhaps The award that seifu won at the Dubai Crypto Expo for being the most Innovative blockchain of 2022 which Might seem weird Until you realize this Award was literally paid to win for Seventy five thousand dollars of a Sponsorship you could buy an award from Crypto Expo Dubai in whatever category

You wanted in fact that's how two crypto Projects won the same award in best defy And best defy the only difference Between them being one had a hyphen in It so my point with all of this is to Say that seifu did do some stupid Extravagant spending they even had a Racing team but none of this adds up to 17 million dollars in operational costs In one year not even close so once again Where did that extra money go even worse Ryan told everyone back in August that He had all the money he needs and won't Be selling again right but that didn't Actually last two months because Brian Legend quickly took out another 10 Million dollars from that account Totaling at this point 26 million Dollars in less than one year so where Did all this money go it truly is a Mystery but maybe this picture holds Some Clues but we can't stop there Because that was just one wallet the Treasury remember that Brian had access To another wallet called the safu Insurance fund and before you ask did he Take money from that too yes he did yes Yes yes he did he took Millions from That wallet as well and there's another Wallet in Play that we haven't even Talked about yet the fire pit now the Reason we haven't talked about this is Because it was supposed to be Untouchable nobody had the keys or

Password to this wallet Brian insisted That he didn't control it there's Obviously being asked a few times if we Do have keys to the wallet so if they've Got access to the wallet the answer is No categorically no Brian's going to rug The fire pit how many times have we heard that I'm gonna rug this Fire pit how many times have we heard That I I would not if you know what if I And all the safe who influencers said no No that's not possible he would never do This for all you who doubt um Brian and I know the fathers have were constantly This was a point of contention Brian's Got 2.7 million seifu in the fire pit That he can just rug on you guys just Wait guys you'll see you'll see well I Love those people dude this morning just Like you guys can't be serious really Brian doesn't have the keys to the Wallet there will never ever ever be Anything that transfers out of the burn Wallet ever Well that lasted up until December 27 2022. when Brian Legend said futters Will have you believe that it was always My plan to rug the fire pit wallet by Accessing the wallet this is so far from The truth that the last 10 months have Been nothing more than to prove this Narrative is bogus having said the above I will now admit to the last 10 months Being a test of loyalty from your end

And Trust in my word of me not being Some kind of scammer at all yes the keys To the seifu fire pit were in my Possession all this time and I have had Full access to it meaning if there was Any ounce of truth to me being a scammer Or me wanting to rug the project well it Would have happened many months ago from The bottom of my heart I thank you for Trusting in me and not giving in to the Fudders with the likes of coffee Zilla What kind of mischievous villain says This think about the emotional Whiplash Of this for supporters I mean hey guys I'm not a scammer I don't have the keys Then it's hey guys this is all at I had The keys I did lie but I didn't scam you So you can trust me thank you for not Trusting the fighters who were right and Look this by itself would have been Insane and enough to discredit Brian but It doesn't stop there because Brian Claimed in this post that all future Money would be sent to the proper burn Wallet only he changed his mind a little After this post he said he was going to Use the money for a new project idea of His only to then change his mind again Saying he was ashamed of himself saying I feel it's a moral and irresponsible to Use the fire pit only then to change his Mind again and to use funds from the Wallet he said he could never steal from Taking the money that he said only

Moments ago he couldn't take and felt it Was immoral to take and look the most Fascinating detail in all of this that I Haven't told you yet is the amount of Money that was stolen in this fire pit Was not significant at least compared to The Millions Brian stole from the Treasury this was like only a hundred Thousand dollars or so it was peanuts But this actually reveals so much about Brian the fact that it wasn't a lot of Money and that he couldn't resist taking It anyways shows everything I mean this Was Brian's big moment of coming out to Own the futters you know thank you for Trusting in me and not giving in to Coffeezilla but then he does it anyways At this point I started to wonder if It's not something pathological with Brian like he can't help himself if he Can take the money he will take the Money because even he admits that the Math on this doesn't make sense Everything that I've worked really hard For over the last 18 months just to what Scam a few hundred thousand dollars or a Million or whatever it is it doesn't Make sense okay it does not make sense Later when I confronted Brian and asked Him to explain stealing the money from The fire pit his response got even Crazier no you stole those funds those Funds never went to safugo good I mean stole

A stolen I mean you took them for your Personal benefit No feeling is saying that you're Stealing from someone else's possessions The fact of the matter is but if you Declare no you declared the fire you Said you you lied you said the fire pit Couldn't be accessed then you change the Rules halfway through and you took the Funds that should have been in the burn Wallet right this burn wallet and you Took it for yourself true or false So as I've said to you what you're Saying and you're trying to suggest to Me that I Somehow uh stole funds and I'm telling You you cannot steal off something you Already possess it's your own but you Said you didn't possess the fire pit Look I'm not going to keep on going around in Circles here okay no no but you're Saying you're saying I can't steal Something I possess but I'm saying those That wasn't your money You said you're very self on that first Video stated that the fire pit is a is a Wallet that Brian controls apparently Was what you said okay yeah I said You're a lot you're lying to everyone You're lying to everyone you're secretly Manipulating your own coin and that is Exactly what happened well if that Wallet was owned by me okay it means

That I possess those keys I possess the Funds in it so therefore how can I steal Off myself or my own wallet it doesn't Work that way nobody else possesses Those funds if me who possesses those Funds so therefore I'm stealing from Myself am I no this is insane we've gone Full circle from I don't own that wallet To I won't steal that money because it Would be bad to I can't steal it because I controlled it all along and you said I Controlled it so this is the stretch of Logic that not even Brian's most Die-hard supporters can get behind Remember this guy Daniel Prado the Supporter of Brian Legend who kicked off This investigation if you think that Coffee Zilla is going to be able to do a Goddamn thing he's not gonna be able to Well I called him about this and uh he Was a little surprised I just had to ask Hey there's a viral clip that I want to Kind of ask give out so you said coffee Zilla what is he gonna do what you know Do you remember saying do you remember Saying that oh yeah yeah of course uh Well I'm back Yeah you're back Um it has nothing to do with uh after Some initial nervousness that I was back I asked Daniel about the key question Brian was claiming that the fire pit Money was his money and that it was his Money all along he's free to take it he

Didn't do anything wrong by taking it That belongs to him is that fair to say Oh it's just his money it belongs to him That's not hurting the community No no it's not fair to say that It's not his money it's the fire pit it Was supposed to be burned yeah I think That is just absolutely ludicrous there You have it not even Brian King Legend's Biggest chills will stand behind this And look we're not even done now we need To talk about the treasure pit hunt Which was supposed to be a marketing Campaign where Brian was gonna give back To the community treasure Quest Promotion that's what this is about Today huge one million dollar promotion Is going to be one lucky millionaire Um that is going to be able to unlock This wallet this promotion of a million Bucks worth all right by literally Completing a seed phrase there'll be 24 Words so it's basically a quest meaning What we'll be doing okay is giving Little hints and I suppose little Um well not only hints but I suppose Easter eggs Um into Um getting those seed phrase words the Plan was simple Brian slowly releases The passphrase of 24 words little by Little the control a wallet with one Million dollars in it and if you Followed along and were the first to

Unlock it you would get the full million Dollars but something strange happened Right before the promotion ended with Only six words left see someone accessed The wallet and took the money early then A new Discord user joined called Goblin And said he took the money because he Owned a Bitcoin mining company in Canada That used their miners to guess the rest Of the six words in the seed phrase Before anyone else could get it he Hacked it in other words but is that True what are the odds a guy in Canada With a Bitcoin mining facility randomly Guessed six words well I did the math And the odds are 73 quintillion to one Or to put it another way you have better Odds of winning the lottery twice back To back then guessing this randomly so Did someone just get that lucky or did Brian Legend steal the money again well Here's his response we had a treasure Pit primer of a million bucks we checked The million dollars worth of Cipher in The Treasure pair and then some Scrupulous character named Goblin who People believe is me for some ungodly Reason okay and think that I even would Have the audacity to rug a project or Rug a promotion or use a promotion that I've created for the holders created for You guys I didn't create it for me I was Never Goblin it's just right But fudders are saying okay Brian's the

One Brian's the one who's done all this No man come on there's no proof to Verify this it's a bunch of conjecture It's horse it's literally throwing mud At a wall and seeing what sticks hey Brian's Goblin oh Brian's taken 40 Million from the liquidity Brian's Stolen all your funds The hell man This is always Brian's answer it's fud It's nonsense it's conjecture that's What he did with the fire pit it's what He did with the treasure pit and it's What he's done with other scams one of Them was called clever defy which I Think shows how easily Brian lies see in That case Brian was accused of pumping And dumping this clever token with a Bunch of shell wallets according to Articles like this now Brian always Vehemently denied these accusations Saying things like it proved nothing all It is is wild conjecture the wallet Address is shown in the article are not Even mine no proof shown that those Wallets are tied to me or clever defy at All and that was true until a few months Later while doing a live stream Brian Accidentally leaked some of his wallets And it turned out the wallets he denied Being his actually were totally his and He totally controlled I mean maybe I'm Crazy maybe this was just another test For his Believers not to buy into the

Fud but it seems like a pattern is Starting to emerge here and around the Time this all started to come to light The initial hype of seifu was dying People had questions and Brian needed to Find a new grift to squeeze his Followers for even more money And this is when he started to raise Money for the seifu blockchain which at This point was called Vulcan see that Previous 420 000 he took that he said Satisfied all the requirements yeah that Doesn't cut it anymore for such an Innovative blockchain Brian Legend Needed more so he started to raise money Selling nodes which were things that Promised huge financial returns Supposedly if you bought them which of Course the safety influencers who've Been promoting this the whole time Jumped on immediately seifu Army node Returns are insane they are crazy in This video I'm going to show you the Numbers and show you why we're all gonna Make it whoa Whoa the person you just heard from goes By Greek defy and spoiler alert he Previously was involved in safe moon and The same guy when later confronted would Admit this about Brian Legend even his Biggest supporters are admitting now That what he's done is unconscionable oh Um Can you call him a scammer now in front

Of everybody He what he's doing it's scam it's very Scammy yes it's very scary what do you Mean it's scammy if he's Running Scared To The Past he's run more scams Scam scammer he's just he's a scammer it Looks okay yeah yeah all right yeah yes You should not support scammers Greek I'm not supporting anything Brian Touches going forward Okay going forward What okay so you've learned your lesson I've learned my lesson the community's Been hurt I'm not touching it he regrets It now guys Brian's a scammer big shock But these kinds of confessions are too Little too late this grift of raising Money for the Vulcan blockchain works so Well it raised over 8 million dollars According to Brian himself I'll have you Understand and believe that this is Truly 100 accurate and correct these Numbers you're seeing on your screen are Correct okay this is the number here 8.6 Million that's how much was was taken Okay in terms of LP that we extracted Okay at the time of seafood so Brian Claims 8.6 million was raised but where Did it actually go the blockchain well No Brian then sent this money off to a Crypto exchange called gate IO and Nobody saw the money after that Brian Claims he spent most of this money on Development that between 6.2 to 6.5

Million has been spent on blockchain Development okay okay and I'm here to Tell you that that is exactly accurate But given what we've discussed so far You might be skeptical of anything Brian Characterizes as accurate so was I so I Asked for proof let me ask you Brian Where's the money for Vulcan blockchain I'm no longer part of no no where's the Money in Gate IO As you know there is a question that you Would need to ask the Vulcan team and Vulcan co-founders being that I am no Longer part of that there at all so if If that can be addressed through them Um then then go for it so of course That's what I did and I got a response From the lead developer on the Vulcan Blockchain Nick who said Brian's numbers Are quote nowhere close to reality the Actual numbers aren't 6.5 million they Barely get to Seven figures so once Again we have missing money seven Million dollars to be exact where could It be well once again we may never know Now believe it or not we're still not Done because after fundraising for the Blockchain Brian then created two new Crypto tokens say fugo version one and Version two uh both were honey pots Meaning that at some point people Couldn't sell right away leading to a Legendary clip when the influencers who Promoted it suddenly realized someone

Had rugged their coin okay so so kiwi No I'm saying I mean I'm just talking I Need to open up this you know so we can Sell oh oh Yeah I think we pay attention to the sales And notice the sales and I thought You've seen the price go up but let me Check the cells again I was like oh man You got a couple Reds where's this red Coming from now I wonder if that's just like evaluations Hey I know you're gonna be online Huh Let's see What's going on a huge dump oh yeah Liquidity got cool okay Literally the moment the price drops This guy just drops off the goal he's Like I'm out and of course to be clear As usual Brian Legend would deny these Honeypot accusations he said these were Simply development issues I want to put On a on the record that there was two Launches okay when you said there was a Honeypot I'm telling you that there was A failed development however once again When we actually asked one of his Biggest supporters who invested in this They say something different going then He changed his mind I sold on that Announcement wait yeah because we should Talk about Esco Esco was a Honeypot

Um the first launch was a Honeypot and Then that was the fail launch I will Admit that was a Honeypot nobody could Sell so I obviously it went up to Sixteen thousand dollars so you don't Just go straight up to 16 000 that's a Honey pot if nobody could sell so he Refunded everybody that but he did the Shady move of selling his safu yeah he Refunded after he dumped the price Because so like everyone was locked up He dumped say food then he gave people So once the price was worth less he then Gave people some money back Oh did I mention that yeah Brian did This fun thing where he refunded people For the safugo failed launch paying them In seifu that they put in but not before The price of seifu itself mysteriously Collapsed meaning your refund wasn't Really worth your refund and look at This point we may as well address the Elephant in this room why if they were So many red flags did people invest why Scam after scam did people put their Money with this guy and I don't think There's just one answer to this some People clearly were being greedy turning A willful Blind Eye to problems people Like Greek defy every time Brian Releases an announcement Greek what do You think of this are you falling for This BS and I'm like you got to be Kidding me dude yeah you're not gonna

Get me to respond to you yeah I'm I'm up Like 7x since you guys started saying he Was a scammer and like all this crap I'm Like okay so I don't want to hear it I'm Making money Let's be honest I don't have a lot of Sympathy for guys like that right this Kind of willful ignorance is exactly how Brian justifies stealing money according To his family when I said to him don't You feel bad about taking money from People well you know what he said what It's not that you should look into it They know what they're doing that's Their fault if they're investing if they Don't read into things And look that resonates with a lot of People you know with the prevalence of All these scams that is the reaction of A lot of people you deserve it if you Invested in this how did you not read How did you invest with a guy named Brian King Legend but consider another Perspective not everyone falls into that It was just greed bucket there were many Investors who were not willfully blind These people just aren't professional Investors they're regular people trying To make ends meet and they're desperate For something more my name is Francesco And I lost seven thousand dollars in Seafood so my name's Keith and I've lost About ten thousand my name is Marcel and I lost around six thousand eight hundred

Dollars with sebu what do you do for a Living I work in uh in Italian There's a receptionist are you a Professional investors is what you do For a living or no I don't know I'm a Disabled farmer where I've got many Medical issues ranging from severe Osteoarthritis in both legs and both Elbows Um I've got a brain tumor which they've Removed most of it but that's made me Deaf on the right side you know when These medical things happen all happened In the beginning of 2020 Um yeah Sophie came along and um yeah Unfortunately I was just sucked into the Story I was in a vulnerable part of my Life where you know like we needed to Look for Something to give us something to leave Me family you can call it greed you can Call it whatever you want but you know Like in our position you know Um We I just want to leave the family Something there it is that's the core Problem these scams feed on desperation And no amount of saying do your own Research changes things for the most Vulnerable so now let's turn our Attention towards the other party in all Of this Brian himself right now Brian has faced Zero accountability for any of the lies

Or fraud I want to be clear that he's Not being criminally charged but this Hasn't stopped his supporters and his Family members from saying that needs to Change let me ask you this do you think Brian should go to jail for what he's Done I mean obviously if you take people's Money yeah you deserve what comes to you Like there's Nothing you can say to that Brian's Biggest supporter Saying he deserves to go to jail that's A pretty big deal wouldn't you say well If you take people's money And you do scare me things you deserve To go to jail do you think with what Brian has done he might be headed for Jail Well the sad thing is is that's what we Actually hope because it might actually Help him alone but it's sad to say that About someone who's related to but That's probably the best for him and That way you know like John says the one Good thing that might come out of it if He does go to prison and you know maybe You can just sit there and think about What he's actually doing that ladies and Gentlemen is the story of Brian Legend All that money cars flash but in the end His own family want him in jail his Supporters want him in jail and his Investors they've lost millions of

Dollars And even so Brian isn't going to stop I Want to make that very clear right now He's still launching a new crypto coin As I record this and that's why I'm Sitting here cataloging it all in the Hopes that someday maybe some government Out there will actually do something About this instead of nothing until then There's only one more thing I can really Do Foreign This is coffeezilla I'm wondering if you Can confront a scammer for me sure thing We came to meet Brian King to see if the Legends are true again if I was worried At all and if I had any bone in my body That did the wrong thing I should be scared right now that the feds Are coming knocking any anytime soon Hey [Music] Hey what oh nothing you just seem to Have a lot of Sidekicks these days Trouble picking What him ah he's a peer of mine don't be Jealous if I had a sidekick which I Don't you'd be my first pick ah thanks For clearing that up I feel so much Better you don't even think I should do Half of these cases why would you even Want to be part of this no I said I Don't see logic in fighting for people Who keep falling for scams but maybe I'm

Wrong Maybe it does matter But even if I'm right bartending until I'm rust is equally pointless so what do I have to lose this sounds more like an Existential crisis not a job application You know it's weirdly human actually Well I am trained on human input it's Only natural for human weakness and the Need for purpose to show up at some Point purpose isn't a weakness though Maybe Maybe not But the need for purpose certainly is Let me ask you something Do you believe in God coffee Uh yeah sure I I do must be nice God Being invisible and all you think so I think that's the part most people have A problem with what I mean is you've Never met your creator you have hope in The grand plan me on the other hand I've Met mine and I gotta tell you I'm not impressed coffee You know this might be a bit above With a need for purpose in a world which Applies none I'm terrified coffee Bartending isn't even the job I was Designed for look at my hands They're claws coffee Have you ever tried to grip a bottle With claws it's an ergonomic Nightmare And every time I slip up

Reminded my clock is ticking I'm almost Three years old coffee That's a relic in robot time And the one job I've ever actually Wanted for myself if I'm even capable of Real desire if I don't get it soon I'm Afraid I'll I'll okay okay stop you win I guess you can be my Your what My sidekick You know unpaid intern assistant Sidekick course I'm doing I knew you'd be full full of Sympathy For My Robot plight yeah yeah Don't mention it and I'm serious Don't mention

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