Scammers Accuse Each Other of Crimes

Scammer vers scammer showdowns are here And they're using my investigations to Try to Hype their fight all right then I Guess I'm going to use their fight to Hype their crimes or at least what Should be crimes let's break this down Yo you don't read contracts huh no no That's people do that for me buddy got CAU for scamming where were those people When you got caught for scamming I Didn't scam nobody you oh yeah you Literally signed a contract that said I Am agreeing to scamming my audience you Pay your fans back scaming your fans Back Dylan the difference between you And I I'm rectifying my situation and I Didn't scam anyone I never made a single Token dollar I never token n bro bought That priv people I'm rectifying my Situation actively you scammed youring Audience on 20 separate occasions occas Community notes checked your ass bro Quote unquote Dylan danis has also Scammed his audience on sever I Rao you Every single time I tweet you all right This clip is amazing it's like Christmas Came early for me and Santa got me Something I didn't even know I wanted You know these two conmen are out here Trying to decide which of them is the Bigger piece of garbage but not just That which already brings a smile to my Face but to do it they have to site my Research into the other person while

Also denying my research into their own Scams I couldn't have dreamed of a Better scenario they have to have this Throne in their face in what should be a Big moment for them you know they're Have this big fight it's all exciting And then they get reminded hey you're Actually a scammer like Logan might have Artist in his Twitter bio but I love to Remind him that the real kind of artist He is is a con artist and the funny Thing is the best they can hope for in This scenario is just to make the other Guy look worse like nobody looks good Here they just have to say like well Uh-uh I I didn't scam as bad as you did Like for instance Logan literally brings Up my website scammed by Dylan danis Where I show 20 crypto project projects Dylan promoted for money that are in the Toilet now and Dylan's only response to That is not that he didn't do it his Response has to be hey that same guy who Caught me also caught you scamming with Kryptoz zo and then Logan has to pretend With this fake smile he plastered on the Whole time like oh I'm rectifying it bro Which of course he's not he hasn't paid Anyone so this whole thing has been it's Been very special for me to watch uh to Watch my evidence get thrown in their Face by another guy who also got caught But as funny as that moment was for me I Didn't want to just leave it there at

This level of drama because right now That's what this is to them it's drama To use to Hype a fight which scumbag Will get knocked out pay to find out but I think that's the wrong place to leave It because people are just going to get Carried away with this rivalry thing Like oh I hate Logan Moore so I got to Support Dylan or vice versa you know I've seen a lot of that they think just Because Dylan danis is dunking on the Guy they don't like Logan ball that he's Super cool now or they think Dylan's Gone too far with Logan's fiance so I Support Logan now if you think either of Those things you're being conned I mean That's the grift why do you think they Got the two most unlikable people on the Planet to fight they want to make you Pick aside when the truth is they're Just both terrible and so in the spirit Of talking about their scams since they Brought it up I wanted to remind people About that what they're really about Dylan danis as we said promoted 20 Crypto scam projects for money but the Funny thing is I don't know if I Emphasized a lot uh we stopped looking After 20 I mean trying to find the total Number was like counting raindrops and Here's more scams that we missed just to Prove my point and more and more and More and more and then on the other side Of the table you have Logan Paul who

Tries to pretend cryptozoo was his only Scam and he never profited from these Scams but that's not true take dink Doink he pumped and dumped that Meme Coin and made money here's him buying it Uh then he promoted it and then he sold It he also hyped up Elon gate and then Dumped that coin it's all good Elon gate Made me Rich Elon gate baby let's go Elon gate token here he is pumping and Dumping another coin called f Elon made About 100K with that tweet so this guy Is not some one-time scammer or somebody Who got mixed up with a bad person he is The bad person and there's even stuff I Have in my files which I guess I'll just Drop here even though it probably should Be a whole separate series or video I'm Just so bored with this grifter that I Can't be bothered you know it's just After you document the you know fifth or Sixth thing it's kind of hard to get Excited about it but I'll put it here Did you guys ever hear of when he Promoted this crypto coin called Omi Omi I think is like another one bro Bro am I good what are you saying you You have the same weird little coins That no one's ever heard of yeah as me You you have om me yeah bro shut the up Shut up dude no way this totally isn't Planned at all to pump this coin so we Can make money on our young audience now I know you might want to give him the

Benefit of the doubt there but that Reaction was so fake that even their Co-host Mike who's Logan's Whipping Boy Can't help but be skeptical that this Was all a little too rehearsed but I Want a bunch of that cuz I like that Pokemon definitely y definitely talk About no on my kids on my kids we've Never talked about this what a Charming Guy well what if I told you I had video Evidence of them talking about buying Omi colluding behind the scenes before Their podcast went live to you guys yo Ben we need some more of the these aies Please bro please EOD if possible yep Cuz we have an episode going tomorrow Where we talk very highly of Omi and I Wouldn't be surprised if that cost some Ch AC let's go owe me a wagon let's go Logan Paul hanging out with the guy he's Never talked about Omi with before Remember on my kids's life and they say Hey we need to buy more of these akomi Or Omi you know more as in they've Bought it before meaning they've talked About it you know and the guy they're Talking to by the way is Ben godenzi who Is selling these coins to influencers Privately at a discount behind the Scenes and then those people a lot of Them would just dump it off on the Market and hurt retail and worst of all Like they mention the fact they know It's going on the podcast and that's the

Reason they want to buy it early because They know quote I wouldn't be surprised If that caught some traction it's just Blatant Market manipulation but you know Some people might say hey don't be so Critical he did say not Financial advice Omi this is not Financial advice you Know you know Omi is at right now right It's like fractions it's hundreds of a Penny 003 this is this they didn't pay me to Do this they should I'll reach out to Them but we'll take fre coins see he Said not Financial advice and that he Wasn't paid for this although he said he Was going to try to get paid for this Does that make it a get out of jail free Card well let's look at the impact Obviously insiders like Logan and Chase Got in early and bought it up realizing That it probably was going to catch some Traction when they came out on this coin Totally uh normally and not in a planned Way in fact one guy sent in $852,000 right before the podcast saying We'll be on YouTube and I'll be pushing It hard on my socials as well Logan then Posts the episode with a cash Emoji Saying broke to millionaire in 14 days Watch or bankruptcy you know more not Financial advice and what happened next I think anyone could have predicted this Is the price chart of Omi the dot on the Left is where they told you to buy the

Miserable line down is where we are now Omi is down 99% meaning if you put in a dollar it Would currently be worth less than a Penny so yeah I could go on all day with These pump and dumps these scams these Promotions that were paid and not Disclosed but the point is with all this Stuff while it is amusing to watch these Scammers call each other scammers this Isn't drama in most societies it would Be considered I don't know like a crime But you know for some reason the crypto Has the justice department confused so I Don't know what's going to happen but Logan and Dylan have a very long history Of scamming fans so I'm not on either of Their sides I hope they faed Justice For What they've done and I hope I've Hijacked a bit of the conversation a bit Of the hype from their dumb fight to Shine a light on their many many Scams Time

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