Scammers Get Arrested

The creators of safe moon have been Indicted one of them has been arrested And it's a lot worse than we thought now I have the indictment right here in Front of me and let me say I have chills Looking at this we've been calling out Safe moood for over 2 years this is my Eighth video on them so I can't express How vindicating it is to see this and Before we go further I just have to Thank you guys without your support Helping shine a light on this I truly Don't think this would have happened and I think I would have been sued into Oblivion by now so thank you I I don't Want to get too sappy here let's just Jump into this indictment our top Suspects on the page United States of America against Braden John Corone Kyle Naggie Thomas Smith you guys know those Are our top three suspects as well we Have over two hours of video dedicated To them and now they're going down now Also attached to the court docket is a Notice of Thomas Smith's arrest already But we also have an announcement that John Corone has also been arrested in Utah while Kyle naggie is still on the Run but I'm sure he'll be found Eventually but let's see the charges it Looks like they conspiracy to commit Securities fraud nice conspiracy to Commit wire fraud very good and Conspiracy to commit money laundering

Very spicy so these are not huge Surprises from us uh you know as I Reflect on this though I I remember that They actually sent me something Threatening me they sent me this cease And desist they were going to sue me They were going to they told me I was Going to go to jail uh that violation of The statute of causing them emotional Distress is punishable by up to 5 years In prison I still have that set aside Probably I'm going to frame it but I'm Just struck by the irony that now um it Looks like they're the ones who are Going to go to jail now I'm going to try To keep this from being too much of a of A Victory lap here we're going to talk About the main meet of this indictment Um so obviously a lot of this won't be a Huge surprise you know obviously safe Moon advertised itself as a safe Investment vehicle because of their Liquidity pool which was supposed to be Locked forever um it wasn't as we've Covered in detail it was used as a piggy Bank by Kyle naggie Thomas Smith and John Corone for whatever they wanted According to this they talked about Buying luxury Vehicles you know Obviously they did some of that but this Indictment also shows the conspiracy Side of things goes further than we knew Back in March 16th 2021 naggie asked John Corone quote should we be honest

With the team about pulling out of the Liquidity pool for the project now now Corone responds to this let's draft up a Statement Thomas you and I need to talk About how to message that properly so They're saying right there we haven't Been honest maybe we should be honest we Got to talk about how to break it to People that we can dip our hands in the Cookie jar here but instead of actually Telling people this coron then said they Should quote update the safe Moon white Paper and call it a day in other words Just silently update it which they did And then the next day coroni messaged Thomas Smith make sure you specify we Won't touch the liquidity pool which of Course as we know it was a lie now Despite internally saying they should be Honest they weren't instead they tried To slowly change their wording so that No one would notice what they were doing Which is robbing everyone um now we Documented these slowly changing public Statements a year ago but without all The backend Communications now that we have that it Looks a lot more Sinister here's that Clip the money's locked up it's right There in the read me it's automatically Locked up or wait was it autol loocking Cuz I kind of read that too well that's Probably the same thing unless it wasn't Locked at all uh-oh this is confusing

Safe moon appears to be contradicting Itself maybe we should go to the CEO of Safe safe Moon so he can explain it once And for all so the lp lock is automated Not automatic automated and automatic Are not the same thing hm that didn't Help well maybe maybe we go to the Source code that they copied from B Token and figure out what's really going On here surely B token wasn't a rug pool So we have this B token code and B was Kind of a smaller rug pole oh well That's that's even worse how are we Getting out of this one fellas our big Difference you're going to find that We're never going to rug okay so now the Picture is complete we knew that they Were lying to customers and privately Changing you know the messaging but now Knowing they conspired to do it to hide It from the public I think that's what's So interesting there hence the Conspiracy charges because they talked About it privately and organize this Whole thing now I actually have some Other news for you guys the FBI aren't The only people going after them today We also have the SEC drafting a Complaint today against you guessed it Uh safe Moon us LLC Kyle naggie Braden John Corone and Thomas Smith so they're Also going after them for fraud you Guessed it so there's a lot here in this One as well a lot of interesting tidbits

We have John Corone engaging in 227,000 wash trades apparently which is Where you buy and sell something at the Same time for the same price basically It's like creating false volume on a Token um and making it seem like it's More popular than it is in addition to That they also broke down how much money Was stolen by our three alleged Criminals so according to this table Coron stole $54 million from their Locked liquidity pool in B&B Thomas Smith took 77 million they took even More in the form of safe Moon tokens so For that and millions of other reasons Our boys here I'm happy to finally say After 2 years are joining the Wall of Shame where our criminals go when They've been finally indicted ladies and Gentlemen Thomas Smith Kyle naggie John Corone we got him

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