Scamming My Viewers On WhatsApp & Telegram

So over the past couple months in the Comments section of my videos there's Been an individual or a group of people Uh trying to pretend to be me they're Using my profile picture they're using My name they're trying to convince People uh that I want people to go to Whatsapp or Telegram and I'm going to Give them a prize or something like that And obviously that's not me now this is A problem that's happening on YouTube Not just on my channel many large Channels and I'm not saying my channel Is large by any means but just a few Months ago I had 30 000 subscribers and I didn't have this problem at all so on One hand you know I'm flattered that my Channel is large enough that these Scammers think they want to try and Impersonate me but on the other hand Obviously I want it to stop but this Happens with a lot of larger channels Where they will try and impersonate the Person once they post a new video within Minutes they'll have a bunch of comments Saying you know go to this go to Telegram go to WhatsApp and go to this And I'll send you a prize or something Like that and obviously this is a Blatant scam now many people have Reached out to me saying hey you know Someone's trying to impersonate you in The comment and obviously when I see That I ban that account but it's

Incredibly easy to create a YouTube Account so these these scammers they They know that and when they one of Their accounts get banned they just make A new one and do the whole thing over Again so from my point and I'll show you What I've done so far and I actually Contacted uh one of these scammers I'll Show you some information I found out as To what is actually going on with this Scam but before we get into that I'll Show you you know what I've actually Tried to do uh to prevent this now most People seem to realize this is obviously Not me but some people have reached out To me on Instagram or Twitter being like Hey is this you do you actually want me To go to telegram so I I do want to make That very clear it's obviously not me It's I don't want anyone to go to Telegram or Whatsapp I'm not I'm not Doing that at all I just make YouTube Videos that's that's all I do so if you See that 100 it's not me Um one thing that you can you can see uh I actually once you get to 100K Subscribers you can get a verification Badge there should be a little check Mark next to my name when I comment that Means that that is my actual account It's verified by YouTube and these other Scammers don't actually have that check Mark so that's that's one thing you can See if if they don't have it it's it's

Obviously not me now as far as what I've Done um if you don't know YouTubers People who are creating videos they can Actually go into YouTube studio and then They can actually ban certain words from Showing up in the comments section now I Don't like to do that I like people to You know be able to say whatever they Want in the comments section but I have Actually banned uh WhatsApp and telegram So if anyone comments WhatsApp or any Variation of WhatsApp or telegram leaves A comment basically that's going to be Instantly Shadow banned by YouTube so They will able they will be able to see Their comment but other people aren't Supposed to be able to see it and that's One thing I've tried to do to try and Stop these scammers but it doesn't seem To work because even though I have those Words banned uh people are still saying Hey you know this person is uh you know Saying go to telegram or whatever so I Don't know how they're getting around it But apparently it's not perfect and one Way they are getting around it is They're actually not leaving comments Saying go to telegram or go to Whatsapp They're actually changing their the Title of their name so it'll be like Scott Shaffer and then WhatsApp so YouTube isn't going to catch that if That's the title of their their actual Channel WhatsApp or telegram is in the

Uh the title name it's on the comment Section uh YouTube's not going to be Able to catch that now that's one thing Possibly YouTube could change in the Future they could ban people from using The name WhatsApp or Telegram in the Actual channel name I don't know if That's something they could do now Another thing you can do is there's a Button you can push in YouTube Studio That will prevent spam so if YouTube Believes a combat is Spam it'll Automatically block it and you can also Turn off links so that's something I've Done as well and I'm not trying to Silence you know the normal people on my Channel this is purely just to prevent People who are trying to link off to Whatsapp or different sites to try and Scam people so if you post a link in the Comment section it automatically he gets Banned and this that's just something I Have to do to try and prevent uh you Know these scammers now there is you can There is a feature it's an experimental Feature for YouTube it can increase the Strictness of trying to find spam Comments but from what I've seen from Other creators if you turn that on it Will actually catch a lot of normal Comments from people uh it will classify Them as spam so I actually don't want to Go down that route as of right now of Turning on the experimental feature

Because I want normal people to be able To comment on my video but if this Continues that that might be something I Have to do down the road so that's Basically all I can do on my part at Least to try and prevent this if anyone Knows any future methods I can try and Do to prevent this uh please let me know But I actually contacted one of these Scammers to try and see what was Actually going on uh he had my name Scott Schaefer and then he had a WhatsApp telephone number and he said Thanks for watching send a text on WhatsApp with the number above so I Contacted him uh tending to be not Myself but someone who actually watches My channel and this was the actually Actual conversation that I had with him Basically I said hey Scott I saw your Comment on your Channel about texting You love your content man and he writes Back you're welcome and thank you for Being a subscriber to my YouTube channel May I know your name and location so Basically I told him my name was Bill From Nevada he says how long you've been Following my YouTube channel I started Watching when you were covering the FTX Collapse all right are you into the Crypto world so from this point We knew this was some sort of crypto Scam uh that he was trying to run but I Didn't know exactly what was going on

From there he starts talking about Trading in crypto and how incredibly Difficult it is and you need a mentor so Obviously he wants to be my mentor and I Talk about oh cool I had no idea you Were an expert crypto Trader Scott how Come you don't talk about this on your Channel that's sweet it doesn't really Comment as to why he doesn't you know Talk about it on my channel uh just ask Which cryptocurrency do you invest in I Say mostly Bitcoin and ethereum and then I kind of sweetened the pot a little bit Tell them I have about 100K worth of Bitcoin just sitting in a wallet and I Don't know what to do with it so at this Point he's you know he wants to be my Advisors like all right I will advise You to invest in Bitcoin trading I will Help you trade and make good profits for You but I will charge 15 of your profit For services rendered isn't that fair Enough I have an automated trading bot System it's a proprietary tool and it Can trade autonomously it provides Signals on the rise and fall of Commodities which which let me know the Best timing to place trades thereby Making profits for clients so now we Realize this is some sort of trading Scam and if if anyone reaches out to you And says they have some sort of Bot that They've created that can like beat the Market and trade and make you a bunch of

Money that's obviously a scam like I've Been following cryptocurrency since 2017 They had the same scam back then if you Don't know bitconnect was this big scam Platform in 2017 and bitconnect said That they had a trading bot as well that They could beat the market and you know Guarantee returns for you every day so This is an age-old crypto scam as long As crypto been around they've had the The trading bot so that's what this is And basically I asked him you know I say How come you never talk about this on Your YouTube channel Scott I feel like If you made videos about this a lot more Of your subs would want to join and so He writes back you know YouTube is not a Place for making advertisements about Investment Services even though there's So many channels that do that already it Is against the policy that's why I Dropped my number on the comment section For my subscribers to be able to to Contact me directly so I can be able to Enlighten them more about crypto Investments so that's incredibly stupid Uh you know you can talk about Cryptocurrency you can talk talk about Investments on YouTube if you want to Obviously I'm that's not what my channel Is about it's about exposing scams but If you wanted to do that you could do That on YouTube perfectly fine it's not Breaking any rules he just has to you

Know have a reason as to why he's saying That I'm he's Scott but he's not Actually making videos about it because It's not actually me so at this point he Says many of my clients have made Millions through this step in advice Adding 10 to 20K into your investment Account can make you Millions because The market conditions are currently Favorable now and this is the best time To utilize and I said that sounds Awesome when can we start he says if You're interested I will need your Details to generate an investment count For you he asked for my full name email Address phone number amount to invest in My address and obviously I wasn't going To give him that information so at that Point I basically told him you know my Name my full name is Scott Shafer you've Been impersonating me in the comment Section of my YouTube video and trying To scam my audience and I actually went To his portfolio or his page and Actually shows his uh website elevation Trading center which we'll get into in Just a minute and I said you know is This your business if so I'm gonna have My lawyer reach out to that company uh And say that you're you're trying to Scam people and I sent him a picture of Myself looking all grumpy uh and that Was that was the uh the length of that Conversation he never wrote back at that

Point But from there we can actually take a Look uh at their website that they have Elevation trading center now I don't Know if this guy runs this company if He's just working for them but this is The actual website right here elevation Trading now I took a look at it and it's Basically uh they're trying to get People to sign up for Um a trading a trading bot plan they say You know basic plan you'll get 10 return After 24 day 24 trading hours or 22 or The recommended package 22 return after 48 trading hours which is just Absolutely ridiculous anyone who knows Anything about investing knows this is Complete bull and no one can guarantee You a 22 return on your money in 48 Hours the stupidest thing I've ever Heard uh but that's what they're that's What they're trying to do this is a Complete scam if you look at running Days they say they've been up for a Thousand running days and they have like What is that eight million dollars total Deposited they don't even use commas for Some reason they have 938 total accounts And and again no commas used I think That's what nine what is that that's 916 Million dollars of total withdrawals now Obviously I don't believe that at all I Think these are just completely made up And they have a referral for a referral

Program as well uh you know a fake trust Pilot reviews I I doubt that is real now If you actually scroll down and look at Their expert team I've seen enough of These scam sites to know that these are All just stock photos this is not in Their team right these are stock photos That they stole from somewhere online And put up uh as as fake people and fake Names so Christina Roy Paul Wilson all These people do not exist these are just Photos and names that they completely Made up this is a scam website now I've Contacted this website you know saying You're trying to scam people Um and I want you to stop or I'm going To pursue legal action I have not heard Anything back from them at this point so Obviously I'm saying do not give any Money to this website this is a blatant Scam now what's really interesting is if You go down here to the bottom uh it has Their addresses 3p uh Wolverton Hampton Road right and I put that in into Google Street View and if you actually put that In it just comes up to a street there's No there's no uh building there at that Street it's just a street there's a bus Going by so I don't know what that is it Seems to be some sort of fake address That they're using and if you actually Go to the contact us page they don't Have like a phone number or anything you Just email them but what's really

Interesting is they have this map and it Has a map of New South Wales Australia Which there's there's no other mention Of New South Wales Australia anywhere on Their website they they list their Website as their website addresses in England So I really don't know what's going on Are they in Australia are they in England my guess is that they're in Neither that they're probably in you Know Russia or India or something like That that would be my guess but this Whole thing this whole elaborate WhatsApp or telegram app that this guy Was trying to run is to get people to This website elevation trading where They scam people with this fake trading Bot uh and guarantee returns of 10 22 35 Percent guaranteed 35 return after 72 Trading hours that is amazing guys it's So amazing because no one can actually Do that no one in the stock market is Going to guarantee that no one who's Legitimate and crypto is ever going to Guarantee that it's a complete scam now My guess is I'm not going to give any Money to these people to find out uh but My guess is that you probably if you Send the money you probably never see it At all uh it's possible that it's like They maybe they do send some of your Money back to try and convince you to Get other people to sign up as well I

Don't know uh don't give them any money It's obviously a scam I don't know Exactly what it is but this is obviously Some fake website they're using fake Photos Um and it's very unfortunate that uh This is still happening on YouTube now Like I said I I've done pretty much Everything I can think of Um to try and prevent this from Happening as Um you know I've banned WhatsApp and Telegram those words from being left in Comments I don't know what else I can do At this point if anyone has any Recommendations please let me know but This is clearly something that YouTube Needs to continue to work on uh to Prevent this from happening so you know Anyone in the future if you see someone That's using my photo my name and saying Go to telegram that's not me I I don't Want anyone to go to telegram or Whatsapp Um but yeah the it's I I really don't Know what to do at this point hopefully Uh hopefully YouTube can figure Something out to prevent this uh going Forward in the future

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