SEC Charges Jake Paul & Lindsay Lohan In MASSIVE Crypto Scam!

The SEC just announced charges against One of the largest name in crypto just In Sun as well as eight massive Celebrities who illegally promoted Crypto coins without acknowledging they Were paid to do so this is a bombshell Case that uses celebrities own tweets Against them to show their illegal Activities and many of the celebrities Realizing they were caught have already Paid back all the money they earned as Well as massive fines to the SEC to Avoid more serious consequences now Before we get into the celebrities let's Talk about crypto Kingpin Justin sin who Is in the most serious trouble Justin Has been a controversial name in crypto For many years with many people praising Him and others have been calling him a Scammer since 2017 with the allegations Revealed in this filing if proven true It clearly shows Justin's son has no Regard for the laws and will do whatever It takes to get his coin to the top of The crypto World Justin's son along with The businesses he owns were charged with Unregistered offer and sale of crypto Asset security 30s Tronics known as TRX And BitTorrent known as BTT the SEC also Charged sun and his companies with Fraudulently manipulating the secondary Market for TRX through extensive wash Trading which involves the simultaneous Or near simultaneous purchase and sale

Of a security to make it appear actively Traded without an actual change in Beneficial ownership and for Orchestrating a scheme to pay Celebrities to tout TRX and BTT without Disclosing their compensation to make That simple the SEC is claiming Justin And his team were selling their crypto Tokens back and forth to themselves to Make it appear the token had many people Trading it on exchanges without there Actually being much interest This is Highly illegal and if all the charges Are proven to be true Justin could be in A world of hurt they could even give Sam Bankman freed a run for his money the SEC is also cracking down is starting to Label many crypto coins as Securities Doing so requires much more stringent Regulations around selling entry trading These coins and has allowed the SEC to Go after many formerly unregulated Crypto projects and the celebrities who Endorse them while the case with Justin's son will most likely drag on For years many of the celebrities that Were charged in this case for promoting Justin's crypto coins without Acknowledging they were paid have Already settled with the SEC it seemed That every scummy celebrity During the Period of 2017-2022 were promoting a new crypto Every day and now that seems to be

Changing with the SEC going after these Individuals eight celebrities were Charged in this case including Lindsay Lohan Jake Paul Soldier Boy Austin Mahone adult film star Kendra Lust Lil Yachty Neo and Akon what's really Interesting is that the case details Exactly how much each celebrity was paid As well as how much in fines they have To Fork over two of the celebrities Soldier Boy and Austin Mahone appear to Be fighting the charges or have yet to Work out a deal with the SEC as there Are no details about them agreeing to Pay any fines the rest of the celebrity Have agreed to pay fines totaling over Four hundred thousand dollars to the SEC To settle their case without admitting Or denying the sec's findings all of These celebrities which I'll show you in A moment got caught with their hand in The cookie jar so there was really no Reason to fight this let's take a closer Look at each of these celebrities Allegedly illegal dealings with Justin Sun first we have Lindsay Lohan reported The Tron token on Twitter on February 11 2021 stating she liked the Tron token And linking the Creator Justin sun in The Tweet as well Lindsay had 8.4 Million Twitter followers at the time And the SEC said she was paid a total of Ten thousand dollars from Justin or his Team to do this which she never made

Clear that this was a paid promotion With the sec's evidence against her Lindsay has agreed to pay back the ten Thousand dollar payment she received as Well as pre-judgment interest of 670 and An additional penalty of thirty thousand Dollars that's quite a hefty fine and it Shows the SEC is starting to crack down On what used to be the wild west of Crypto where celebrities would promote Anything after this turn of events you Can bet any other celebrities thinking Of endorsing a crypto are now having Second thoughts from there let's take a Look at adult star Kendra Lust who is Listed in the documents under her legal Name of Michelle Mason Kendra just like Lindsay promoted Tron to her Twitter Followers in February of 2021 claiming People should use the Tron token because It's fast cheap and hot sadly for Kendra She was raw dogged by Justin's team and Was only paid a measly 955 dollars for That tweet after fees and penalties she Now has to pay a total of 3 844 to the SEC as punishment having to pay almost Four grand for such a small initial Payment sounds like a hard pill to Swallow but based on her line of work I'm sure she'll have no problem gobbling Up that fine next up was little yachty Who tweeted he would be getting a TRX Tattoo when the crypto hit 50 cents that Tweet earned him a payment of ten

Thousand dollars from the Tron team and Now he's required to pay it all back as Well as additional fees for a total of Just over forty thousand dollars Following that we have the infamous Jake Paul who has promoted many cryptos over The past few years as documented by Copyzilla and others it's very likely That this will just be the start of Jake's fines as the SEC digs deeper into Many of these coins Jake retweeted Little yachty's tweet and simply added The hashtag TRX doing so earned Jake a Whopping payment of twenty five thousand Dollars that he now has to pay back with Fees for a total of just over one Hundred thousand dollars next up was Singer Neo who tweeted to his audience Asking what they thought was a good Crypto bag while listing the TRX and BTT Tokens he was paid a total of twelve Thousand dollars worth of crypto for That tweet and is now required to pay a Total fine of just under fifty thousand Dollars finally we have singer Akon who Tweeted hearing a lot about TRX and Tagging Justin's son as well that tweet Earned Akon a total of forty two Thousand dollars which include included Fees he has to pay back for a total of a Hundred and seventy thousand dollars all Of these tweets happened within two days Of each other in February of 2021 and Justin Sun retweeted most of them trying

To claim that mass adoption of the TRX Token was about to happen lots of people Saw through this and started to make the Claim that they were paid tweets Justin And his team initially tried to deny the Claim that they were paying celebrities To promote their token but clearly the SEC didn't buy that and now that the Celebrities have agreed to pay fines for Promoting Tron this will undoubtedly Hurt Justin's son's case going forward All the celebrities listed also agreed To not promote any crypto coins for the Next three years as well as Their fines Now my personal opinion is that this is Just the start of the Crackdown on Celebrities promoting crypto and getting Paid for it without the government Getting their cut I've watched crypto Since 2017 and know how easy it is for These celebrities to make massive Amounts of money completely unregulated To promote terrible products to their Followers My Hope Is that even more Celebrities will get punished for doing This and I'm sure Logan Paul is sweating Bullets right now hoping they don't come After him for his crypto Zoo debacle now Most of these celebrities got off fairly Light in my opinion but I do feel that The SEC will try and throw the book at Justin's son he's been a very Controversial figure in crypto for years And he's made a lot of enemies that want

To see both him and his crypto coins go Down let me know in the comments below What you think about this case and what Will happen in the future with Celebrities promoting crypto

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