Sneako’s New Response To Penguinz0 Is Wild…

After we all thought the sneaker vs pink One zero controversy was over sneaker Would drop a bombshell video not only Trying to call out penguin zero akame Was critical or Charlie but to also Attempt to explain his own actions hi I'm the internet Anarchist I create by Daily YouTube documentaries and today We'll be looking into the revelations of The sneaker first most critical Situation if you aren't fully educated On this topic already I have three Videos that go in depth and explain Everything you need to know on the 27th Of March 2023 an animation Channel named Meat Canyon would publish a video titled Sneako meets Charlie comedic short Making fun of the sneaky and Charlie Situation the video featured sneaker Streaming whilst a stranger is in bed With his girlfriend while streaming Sneaker were taunt Charlie what Charlie Would turn off the sneaker's door all of A sudden sneaker's confidence dissipated Leading Charlie to come inside and Ultimately destroy him the video would Gain over 5 million views and would not Only be well received by his audience But also by Sneaker himself who would Tweet yomi Canyon I can't even lie that Was a funny ass video a surprising Response considering sneaker's tendency To act extremely insecure and defensive Whenever he is made fun of online this

Tweet would go on to set the tone for The video he was about to post the next Day on the 30th of March sneaky would Post a video to rumble titled I love the New sneako a video that would act as His Official response to the feud between Him and Charlie the video begins with a Quote stating moral indignation is Jealousy with a Halo which is a HG Wells Quote essentially trying to state that Charlie and anyone else critiquing Sneako is simply jealous a common Defense at Sneaker has used several Times throughout his days as an Influencer sneaker then starts the video By taking shots at Charlie claiming that YouTube promotes three horrible things Followed up by the reasons that Snicker Believes he was banned from YouTube These are three things that YouTube Promotes on the training Moist critical playing with and sitting On those Moist critical using Satanism and Antichrist in his music videos And his rampant gaming addiction three Things you can't say on YouTube but you Could say on Rumble the covet vaccine Doesn't the 2020 election was against Trump and billionaire pets use wokeness To keep you depressed and poor next Snaker would then acknowledge his Embarrassing past and journey of Becoming a [ __ ] today I'm in Japan a

Society that has not yet been corrupted By weakness training hard working every Day and seeing the world but it's no Secret that I have a degenerate past Around three years ago when I was 21 Years old I went to a swinger party with One of my girlfriends and joked about How traumatizing it was on a podcast I Was cheating on her a lot and I felt bad And I thought it would make us even if We swapped with a couple I don't do it Anymore I don't recommend it and seeing How many people call me a cook for what I thought was a funny story you should Probably not do the same I tried the Lifestyle that the woke mind virus Pushes and it ends up being what the Woke YouTubers try to shame me for kind Of ironic I showed a moment of weakness On a podcast thinking that it'd be a Funny experience to talk about and it Will continue to haunt me for probably The rest of my career sneaker would also Make a statement about how his haters Don't go outside seeing all the hate Online it dawned on me in Japan why have I never had a single negative Interaction in public outside every Single day they all shake my hand and Ask me for a picture not even a little Joke haha cuck never considering I was Trending for a week straight on Twitter With hatred that must mean two things One social media breathes negativity

Into the biggest haters just don't go Outside one year ago today I lived that Life I was depressed and broke I was out Of shape I was gaming I was watching Porn I got high every single day I was Miserable after this snaker would once Again address Charlie however he'd bring It up in a new way this time claim that He respects Charlie and doesn't have Anything against him voice critical is The physical embodiment of everything That I stand against and honestly no Disrespect to him I don't dislike him He's just the perfect example of a Popular YouTuber that's brainwashed I Used to watch his videos when I was a Teenager just like a lot of my other Haters and today he's everything that I Don't want to be when I'm 30 years old When I'm his age I don't want to be Playing children's video games playing With dildos for content and using Satanism to be edgy I don't want to drop The Antichrist for fun what is this Please someone tell me what they enjoy About this I don't show these clips to tarnish's Image but to show you what he's Presently promoting I do not promote my Woke past I grew up online of course I've made many many mistakes my message Today is to follow God work hard train Hard ban porn stop gaming and see what's Possible with your life considering just

Weeks prior snake was way having a gun At Charlie insulting his girlfriend and Saying that he looks like a homeless Drug addicted pedo it's strange how much His newer response has changed sneako Would next explain why he talked about Charlie so much taking the sense that Charlie stands for nothing I criticized Morris critical so much because he Actually released a video that Accidentally changed my entire world View by slandering my now close friends At fresh and fit you don't have to ask What fresh and fit stand for it's in the Name of their show so for everybody Watching this What does moist critical stand for What does he believe in Do you know I don't I've watched them For years I cannot tell you what he Believes how have you reached a point on The internet where you could have 10 Million subscribers as a commentary Channel and have no basis of commentary This argument however doesn't make much Sense a quick look into Charlie's Channel and you can clearly see several Videos engaging and spreading light onto Topics that Charlie feels strong about Take the most recent video for example Titled this situation is horrible where Charlie calls out a tick tocker for Using another man's tragedy and loss of Life for tick tock clouds or when

Charlie would spread light on the Corruption in the Australian government By standing with friendly geordies a YouTuber who literally had his house Fire bombed for his journalism next in Sneaker's response he would address Charlie's video on fresh and fit the Only thing more pathetic than a guy who Calls himself an alpha male in that Video moist critical called Fresh a Virgin in cell loser the same insults That I get he insisted that men can't be With multiple women because fresh Honestly isn't a traditional chat there Is no reality in the entirety of the [ __ ] Multiverse where this man is Slept with one woman fresh was just Telling a real story about how he pulled Three girls in one night and he actually Verified it but moist critical didn't Correct it this is when I realized the Brainwashing in its purest form fresh Knows he's an average looking guy but He's known all over Miami as a Playboy Moist critical just can't comprehend That somebody like fresh who's the same Age and on the same level of Attractiveness can be with beautiful Women because instead of networking Working hard and looking fresh he's Playing with dildos in video games then Snaker would say that Charlie is Promoting lies to keep his audience Depressed lies that Elites allegedly

Promote to keep their status above all Regular people this is the LIE sold to Keep you depressed the world is out There for you to conquer as a man but The one percent provide us with so many Distractions to gatekeep it for Themselves I criticize Morse critical Because he makes millions of dollars Selling that lie for the young men Watching is that the life you want to Live at 30 years old following this Snake who would once again attempt to Defend the movie cuties something that It was heavily criticized for Considering that the film features real Children and puts them in sexually Charged scenes and that's why I will Continue to defend the movie cuties Until most critical decides to debate me About it nobody who hates the movie Cuties has seen it it's about an Islamic Family that moves from West Africa to France a woke country that's literally On fire right now and the daughter of The family gets corrupted by tick tock Can start dancing provocatively and Leaves her Islamic values behind she Goes from a good Muslim girl to a Degenerate rookie lying twerking and Fighting and it blows up in her face and Her family's disappointed and eventually She reverts back to Islam I like that Movie because I see it as another Version of my life I started YouTube at

11 years old and following the trends of Social media before God led me to Complete degeneracy but rejecting these Values I have found a new Direction Purpose and meaning for my life a lot of The hatred is Justified I should not Have been attacking the people in the Soy boy collage as much as I was but I Held a lot of resentment because they Actively tried to get me banned on YouTube they encouraged their followers To go and report my page they celebrated When I was canceled for telling the Truth hey this is not going to be a Normal video today I want to briefly Talk about the content creator snico and Ask YouTube to ban him from the platform They publicly tried to ruin my life's Work destroy my income all because they Disagree with my worldview I don't want To attack people anymore I would love to Debate them and challenge their ideas But they would rather make documentaries Deep diving into my past and my only Existence on a platform that I'm banned On and grew up on is only hatred you Look up snico there's no more of my Videos it's just people saying that my Life is over insisting that I'm a bad Person so the only option now is to be a Force for good and let's be honest there Is a clear pattern with the people that Hate me I don't say it to be cocky but I Am tall I'm good looking and I'm

Successful this is why the number one Criticism is wannabe alpha male sneako Or this alpha male it's rooted in Jealousy and the idea that masculinity Is a Bad Thing sneaker would then Finally come to the conclusion of his Response with the video taking a Positive twist as snakeo addressed his Retirement from the recent actions Forgave anyone who criticized him and Apologized to Charlie for dissing his Girlfriend and I have to be better now I'm officially retiring the soy boy Image I forgive everybody who advocated For my cancellation or made Documentaries about me and I'm ditching My attacking style of streaming and I Apologize I'm always critical for Showing a picture on stream of you and Your girlfriend that was not very Christ-like I'm sorry and I genuinely Hope you provide more value to your Extremely large audience the powers of Satan are taking over the West in real Time and I hope that everyone watching Doesn't contribute to it anymore snako Apologizing to Charlie was well received By his audience however his stance on Still defending cuties was not with Comment stating it's a valid point but There was absolutely zero need for real Miners to be involved no matter what the Values are and where is character Arc is Confusing me the following day sneaker

Would go on another rant posting a tweet Resembling a 13 year old Secret Diary Quoting nobody reacts to my side of my Own story everybody reacts to the hate Which was followed up later that day With a Discord post calling out several Creators with say klysonat your rage Judeon Aiden Ross Hassan xqc asthma gold Literally average streamer and YouTuber Reacted to moist criticals video about Me not one reacts to my response video Even the people of defended I defended Kaisinart from grape allegations Defended your rage when twitch banned Him Defender judeon from Pokemon hate Defended Aiden Ross from getting Twitter Canceled no one of them have my back When I'm against the wall not one the Soy boys understandably have an agenda I Made the mistake thinking people were Friends in this game they will use you For Clouts none of them care about the Truth they want to turn me into a meme It's not about anything but views pay Close attention at everyone Howdy big guy didn't think you'd see me In an internet Anarchist video did you When you find time between deep Throating Andrew Tate and watching your Girlfriend do squat thrust in the Cucumber patch sign the contract don't Let the Matrix win

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