Tesla Live Scam – YouTube’s MASSIVE Hack!

Right now on YouTube there is nefarious Scam that has been ongoing for over a Year which has ruined the careers of YouTubers and stolen in excess of 300 Million dollars in cryptocurrency now That scam I'm referring to has been Known by a few different names as the Scammers change their tactics to stay Ahead of attempts by YouTube to shut Them down right now they are trying to Pass themselves off as the Tesla company Running live streams across YouTube as Of the time of filming there are Currently two hacked accounts running The same live stream scam attempting to Steal cryptocurrency from viewers the Scammers constantly make tweaks to the Live stream to confuse anyone who Catches on to the scam months ago Another channel did a video on this same Scam but they were going by the name Arc Invest at the time with recent events Regarding Twitter and Elon Musk they Have shifted to calling themselves Tesla And all their hacked accounts and title All their videos like this is a live Stream where Elon Musk is talking about His departure as Twitter CEO now many People are confused as to what this is Thinking maybe these are fake accounts With bot subscribers and view history But the truth is much darker this Happens to be a mass YouTube hack that Is being run by scammers out of Russia

Many large YouTubers from mccreemy to Castro1021 and even just yesterday Tom Nash have had their accounts hacked and Turned into these Tesla or Arc live Streams that are designed to scam people They will all run the same live stream Featuring Elon Musk Jack Dorsey and Kathy Wood now the original version of This live stream was a legit collab Between these individuals the original Upload comes from Arc invest YouTube Channel and was posted on July 21st 2021 Arc is well aware that scammers have Stolen their live stream and reused it For nefarious purposes as you can see From their pinned comment talking about It now what the scammers do is actually Pretty ingenious they will replay the Entire live stream on the Hacked Accounts and then during parts of the Video they will add graphics directing Watchers to visit various websites as Authorities realize what's going going On the websites get taken down but the Scammers just end up making new ones as Of the time of filming they are Currently using Musk23.net and Tesla-usd.net if you go to those sites Which I don't recommend you can see that They are attempting a simple scam of Telling people to send them Bitcoin or Ethereum and they will double their Coins in 24 hours now you would think

Most people would realize this is fake But sadly that's not true Millions have Been sent to their wallets and once they Get reported they simply start over with New websites and wallets one of the main Reasons they get any money is because They use these large hacked channels When a channel is hundreds of thousands Or millions of Subs people tend to trust Them the main way these hackers get Access to these accounts is from Phishing attempts pretending to be legit Companies that want to do sponsorships With YouTubers now I actually had these Scammers attempt this with me a few Months ago in September I received an Email from someone claiming to be Associated with the company currently Making the game called atomic heart on The outside everything looked official They linked to the actual game being Made and knew exactly what to say but Something didn't seem right to me I Reached out to the studio Mund fish and Confirmed this person contacting me had Nothing to do with the company and that The domain name online dot a u was not Being used at all by munnfish now being Curious as to see what would happen I Reached back out to the scammers and Said I would love to do a sponsorship For them they sent me back an attachment That they wanted me to download to my Computer which they said would contain

Details about the sponsorship but was Actually malware designed to get access To my computer and fish my Google Passwords now I realized what this was And didn't download it but others like Tom Nash made the mistake of downloading It and that led to his YouTube channel Getting hacked so I got an email from a Company that's I don't want to say the Company name but the very reputable Company in the in Information Technology They said hey we want to run the Sponsorship on your channel which was Kind of normal for me and they all Offered me an amount it was really Normal nothing outrageous nothing too Low pretty much my standard rates And we went back and forth for a couple Of weeks and At some point they sent me a contract And in the contract package there was a Media Kit docking points legal stuff Blah blah blah and then agreement to Sign absolutely straightforward things That you do with every single sponsor on YouTube So I go to open the contract I click on it nothing opens I was like Oh This is when I knew nothing opens And then I look at it and the file is Not even a PDF or a word file it's some Sort of an execution file And I look at the email and I realized I

Got played sadly after the hackers get Access to a YouTube channel they Immediately try and Rebrand the channel And one of the first things they do is Erase all the users videos now there is A way for YouTube to get this content Back for creators but it's a very timely Process and if creators don't act Quickly YouTube will just end up Banning The Hacked Channel and then all of their Content and hard work could be lost Forever while YouTube is making attempts To crack down on these live stream scams They aren't doing enough YouTube's Almighty algorithm is able to instantly Detect if a copyright is strong is Played in my video when I upload it if I Say too many cuss words or show women in Bikinis they mark it as mature content And they do all this right after I Upload a video YouTube has the ability To make this live stream that gets Replayed on hundreds of stolen accounts Instantly get taken down it would be Very simple tweak to do this and prevent This video from Ever Getting shared Again but instead they decide to play Defensively and take down these streams After they've already been up for hours And stolen thousands in cryptocurrency It's imperative that YouTube do more to Stop this and I urge anyone watching to Reach out to YouTube and nicely ask them To make larger effort to crack down on

This scam going around now I do want to Give some recommendations to both Viewers and other YouTubers who may Watch this do not download anything from Someone you don't know to the same Computer or Network that has access to Your YouTube account that is how these Scammers are getting in for large Creators it's a very simple small Investment to purchase a burner laptop For less than a hundred dollars and to Use a contact email for Brands and Viewers that is different than the one Connected to your YouTube account by Doing this if your burner laptop gets Compromised it has no connection to your YouTube accounts and can be thrown out With little risk it's unfortunate to see Any YouTuber get their account hacked I Understand how much hard work and effort Goes into growing YouTube channel and to See it all get stolen away from you in Minutes is truly heartbreaking hopefully YouTube and and you can put an end to This year-long scam that never seems to End

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