The Andrew Tate Situation Gets Worse…

This is a video clip taken on the 31st Of December 2022 featuring Andrew Emery Tate being a scoring to a police van Whilst handcuffed so you're probably Asking yourself why isn't this situation But the truth isn't something you would Expect hi I'm the internet Anarchist I Create weekly issue documentaries and Today we'll be holding an investigation On Andrew Tate's arrests and what this Could mean for the future of the Tate Brothers a case that the entire internet Seems to be divided on Andrew's troubles With the justice system would begin in 2015 when a woman who previously lived And worked in his home would file a Complaint against him these weren't just Any ordinary complaints that you'd get a Slap on the wrist for these were Allegations of Andrew being physically Violent towards her and within a couple Of weeks Andrew would find his door Being knocked down by the police who Would then take him in for questioning She went to the police oh [ __ ] and told The police I hit her when I didn't whoa So it's five in the morning and this is About four months later five in the Morning four months later I'm laying in Bed girl here girl here chilling living The life and I heard the door And I don't know how I knew I just knew It was police the way they knocked that Door I was like

If you're gonna rob me you kick the door In or you you this is just too obvious And as soon as I heard that noise I just Pause for a second I heard police And I was like Throughout the raid most of Andrew's Electronics would be seized and searched But after a four-year investigation the Case would find itself being closed Deeming Andrew Tate innocent based on The lack of evidence the incident left Andrew the lasting resentment towards The legal system in the UK and it was so Difficult for him that he would decide To move to Romania in order to avoid Similar situations in the future and Although Andrew thought he had put his Troubled past behind him fate had other Plans when remaining authorities would Raid his home in April of 2022 the Reason for this raid was that he was Suspected for holding two women hostage One of which was allegedly a U.S citizen Andrew once again found himself in a Rather difficult situation but Determined to prove his innocence just As he had before Andrew and his brother Tristan would deny all the allegations And label the entire incident as an act Of quote swatting swatting is when Someone makes a fake emergency call Pretending that there's a dangerous Situation all in an attempt to get the Police or sport team to go to the the

Other person's house and at the time the Tate brothers would actually be arrested By the Romanian police but in similar Events to the first time this happened They would later be released from police Custody however once again would have Their electronics and other items Confiscated as it would be needed for Future investigations it was also around This time that Andrew began gaining Popularity on the internet and when news Corporations and Twitter users began Calling Andrew a violet a misogynist That beats and trafficked women and with His previous arrests and meme worthy Quotes can he really blame someone who Would believe these accusations to be True one of the messages Andrew would Spread was a theory that he would be Censored and banned from social media For promoting a narrative and ideology That encourages males to stop being lazy And in cells which was the opposite to What he describes the Matrix agenda as Which he describes as encouraging Laziness and femininity in men this Would lead up to October of 2022 when Andrew's predictions would come into Fruition as you'd be strategically Banned across not only all mainstream Social media platforms but even big tech Apps such as Uber and several banking Apps the mass censorship of Andrew Tate Actually course Society to pay more

Attention to him and free speech YouTube Alternative Rumble would recognize his Banning as an opportunity and would go On to approach Andrew with a 100 million Dollar contract this was great news for Andrew since the only other platform he Had access to was live television where The host would openly antagonize him the Good news for Andrew wouldn't stop there Following Elon musk's acquisition of Twitter many popular accounts that were Banned for various reasons would be Reinstated including Andrew's profile at Cobra Tate with both his new Rumble Account which has around 300 000 Subscribers and has recovered Twitter Account Andrew would be back on his way To making a comeback on social media However getting his Twitter account back Wouldn't be completely beneficial for Him on the 27th of December 2022 Andrew Had finished the year by getting himself Into an online controversy that would Hold unimaginable consequences in a Tweet targeting climate activist and Meme Greta thundberg Android flex's Exotic car collection and attempt to Trigger her with the amount of pollution He exhausts although Greta thundberg is Already a meme and an easy target to Ratio the internet looked down upon a Grown man publicly trying to annoy a Teenager and what would make things Worse for Andrew is that Greta would

Actually snap back with a deadly tweet That would gain almost 4 million likes Refusing to take the L Android Creator Responds to the tweet in a laughable Video that would ultimately lead up to His arrests so you're probably asking Yourself how a simple video on Twitter Could lead to him being arrested and the Answer for that lies in the fact that The investigators were closely Monitoring Andrew's social media posts And would notice that The Branding on The pizza boxes were from a company Named jerseys Pizza which is a Romanian-based pizza business this small But critical piece of information would Alert the Police of Andrew's presence in Romania armed with his knowledge Romanian law enforcement would Implement Search warrants and mobilize officers Who would go on to raid Tate's residence Where Andrew and his brother Tristan Would be immediately taken into police Custody spawning this viral video In a press release made by the Directorate of the investigation of Organized crime and terrorism the Charges brought against Andrew would be Revealed to the public the document Starts by outlining suspicions of Andrew His brother and two other individuals Constituting a crime group involving Trafficking dicot stated the methods Used by the group involved recruiting

Girls by quote misrepresenting their Intention to enter a marriage Cohabitation relationship and the Existence of genuine feelings of love According to law enforcement the victims Would be transported housed and forced To perform adult demonstrations for the Purpose of producing and disseminating Through social media platforms that Would go on to state that six victims Had been identified the second group of Charges stated in the press release when In relation to the crime of the four Letter r word where it was stated that Quote an injured person was forced on Two different occasions by a suspect Through the exercise of physical Violence and psychological pressure to Have redacted on the 5th of January 2023 Vice would release an interview with one Of the girls that made a police report Back in 2015 which he claimed that Andrew has Aid her as well as other Girls in his residence throughout the Interview she would go into detail about How she met Andrew her working Conditions and the events she would go On to witness in his home in the wake of These allegations in Andrew's arrest the Reactions from the internet ranged Anywhere from complete disbelief and Outrage all the way to join approval but It seemed like Andrew's supporters Weren't so quick to jump the gun and

That was mainly due to the fact that Android seemingly predicted that this Would happen months prior when Describing the three-strike system of The Matrix and who is they well that's a Good question Even if I knew all their names I Wouldn't say it here but uh why wouldn't You say it here I wouldn't say it here Because They've already given me quite a few Warnings And I'm now at the point where I Actually truly believe they're going to Try and kill me I I so you've had messages from people Trying to control you who you think Would kill you I understand that you get three strikes In this game strike one is they try and Shut you up and discredit you which I've Just been through strike two is they try And put you in jail for no reason and Strike threes they kill you And one of my strikes is now gone and I Now firmly believe that they're going to Try and kill me because they want me to Be quiet and I'm not being quiet and I Have huge amounts of influence is which Is what they're scared whilst many users On the internet will confidently label And describe Andrew as a quote Trafficker it is worth noting that he Doesn't have any prior criminal record

As of making this video several Celebrities commentary channels and Close friends of Andrew such as his Girlfriend would take to social media to State their stance on the situation the Innocent until proven guilty perspective Would be widely expressed across the Internet and especially by those who Knew him closely such as Aiden Ross and Valutainment whom have both featured Andrew on several of their streams I Don't know exactly the details of Tate's Arrest but here's what I do know a day After he publicly calls out one of Wok's Heroes Greta thundberg they rate his Place strange timing meanwhile we Haven't seen anyone from Epstein's list Arrested we're strange all right Chad Look I just woke up with some crazy kind Of stromatical catastrophic catastrophic Cannabis News about Andrew Tate interest I think They just got raided and arrested in um Romania listen it's over some sexual Trafficking Um I don't know what to believe I don't I don't I don't know what's going on all I know is there's like some Twitter feud With someone named greedy Greta Greta or Greeda or something like that greedy and Um something happened where she Basically said something like email me Or something like that and she texted Her email and then boom the whole

Twitter went crazy you got like three Million likes on it or something like That I just hope um hope it isn't true For one Um Andrew and Tristan Thank you I love you it was evident that this Sentiment wasn't just shed by Andrew's Friends with a tweet stating people hate Andrew Tate so much that they would Rather women were actually trafficked And abused rather than see him walk free And innocent anyone else noticing this Andrew seems to be genuinely worried for Himself for the first time since he's Been in the spotlight what are your Plans now or like what do you feel about What's happened to you and what's your What's your moves or I mean I don't Expect you to reveal them but what's Your plans Yeah so the Matrix attacked me yeah they Tried to remove me from something they Used their bullets I'm still all over Social media so they failed they failed What's scary about it The only thing I will say I don't like About being banned is that you get three Lives when you attack powerful people They first ban you and try and shut you Up Secondly they'll put you in jail for Something you didn't do and don't think They'll kill you so I've used my first

Life which is kind of upsetting when you Know that next is going to be some false Charges yeah and if you survive the False charges you just die so it's That's kind of upsetting Andrew's Ex-girlfriend's coming out in support of Him seem to be a trend as on the 2nd of January another one of his exes would Release a video expressing her thoughts On Andrew's predicament instead it Absolutely false I have lived with Andrew for years and years and he would Never do anything like this ever he is Not a human trafficker he would never Anybody and he would certainly never Ever human traffic anyone either Including his brother that would never Do such thing I'm just so shocked and I'm so fed up with all of these lies the Response from his ex-girlfriends could Be seen as critical in helping Andrew's Case since they would have been in a Similar situation as the alleged and With all that said we are still left With one question where is Andrew as of This upload the Tate brothers are still In police custody however on the 9th of January 2023 one of them would be taken To the hospital to receive routine Treatment due to a medical condition the Tates tried to get out of prison on the Basis that they had kids to look after But were promptly denied their freedom What do you think about this

Controversial situation

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