The Biggest Fraud in Logan Paul’s Scam

For the last six months I've been Working on my own nft project Cryptozoo dot Co it's a really fun game That makes you money I lost around fifty Thousand dollars in cryptos I lost forty Thousand dollars five hundred thousand Dollars Australian I'm telling you just A picture there's nothing I could do With it wait you can't even Um crypto Zoo where our our lead Developer uh took the code that he made Fled to Switzerland actually fled to Switzerland and like held it hostage for A million dollars you never literally Never gave me anything not all ever any Policy you know five percent tokens and A million dollars never we never really Never paid wait a second who's Eddie I Thought that all of this was Logan Paul What's this random guy doing in Logan Paul's project and who is he who is Eddie Ivan Begin answering the question of who Eddie is I decided to take a deep dive I started by looking through all the News articles I could on Eddie where I Found out he graduated from MIT and from There became a data scientist and cyber Security expert and used that technical Background to win a Super Bowl for the Eagles and there were videos on him too Which all painted him as brilliant and Extremely accomplished yes hi my name is Eddie ivanez and I'm a father of three

Um lead developer here at crypto Zoo as A teenager he successfully hacked AOL From his bedroom he continued to pursue Computer science until attending MIT he Was then recruited out to work for a Government agency in cyber security Developing software that reverse Engineers location of known government And terrorist threats we started with The federal government and you started Off really tracking criminals would burn The phones and all Honestly after this whole search I felt More confused than ever if Eddie's such An amazing guy why didn't he pay Developers and is he really the Puppet Master behind crypto zoo or is it Someone else honestly I felt like at This point I needed a drink and I needed To ask for help Not good Oh well I'm confused about this Eddie Ibanez guy Comes out of nowhere with this crypto Zoo Story and everything about him I Find seems great so What's the problem well everything's not Great everything about this guy just Seems too perfect he's an MIT grad he Worked for the military he even claims He won a Super Bowl why would that guy Work for Logan Paul I don't know but I Can find out he said his name is Eddie Ibanez I think he goes by Eduardo

Technically but Wait what are you doing Just looking around And done well what'd you find a few red Flags a couple of misdemeanors oh Few court cases I'll send them over He got sued by his landlord for not Paying rent sued by his credit card Company for not paying his bill you can Skip that stuff I just need whatever's Relevant to cryptozoo well that's Basically it other than hold on No wait I did find something Look look at this What's this it's from a paper in Philly I barely picked it up this reporter says Eddie's entire story is fake wait what Yeah the whole Eddie Ibanez character This guy Adam Rob investigated it he Says it's a lie I gotta find this guy Send me his info I got some calls to Make up coffee that's right ladies and Gentlemen we met up with Adam Rob the Reporter who's been investigating Eddie Ibanez for a while now and I wanted to Know what did Adam think of him when They first met I wasn't quite sure what To make of him based on what I knew About him he was a MIT grad who went on To work for the CIA and defense Department and I didn't want to waste His time and it wasn't long after I sat Down that I realized he was wasting my Time can you tell me about some of the

Lies Eddie told you Eddie has told me So many lies over the course of my two Interviews with him and the first lie he Told me is probably the oldest lie that He's told so many people which is that He's an orphan I first realized Eddie Might be lying to me when I went home The next day and Googled Eddie ibanez's Family I found a video of Eddie and his Wife making a rice pudding on a fox and Friends segment on Fox News and Eddie's Wife Jackie explained that she learned The recipe from Eddie's mother so in the Picture you've got Jackie Ibanez you Know her along with her husband Eddie And her two little girls you love rice Pudding why is this a family recipe okay So Eddie's mom made this rice pudding Once wait Eddie's mom I thought Eddie Was an orphan oh it turns out the only Problem with that is that not only does His mom exist she's alive and in his Life and it turns out it wasn't just Adam that heard this story either he Told it a lot did you ever meet his Mother or his parents I Did he ever tell you he was an orphan Yes How did he square that with you He told me he was orphan and He told me he was an orphan and then I Met his mother is quite the string of Words but as insane as these lies are Let's be real it doesn't explain why

Cryptozu failed but the next lies kind Of do because part of Eddie's story is Also that he went to MIT where he was Recruited to the CIA and it's part of Why he was so attractive as a lead Developer all the wild experiences that He had had but it's just not true I Emailed the MIT registrar's office and I Asked if Eddie Ibanez attended the School and they confirmed in absolute Terms that he never attended MIT that's Right the whole orphan to MIT origin Story it wasn't true and Eddie's whole Back story from here kind of falls apart As well how could he have been recruited To a government agency out of MIT if he Never went to MIT If this is all seeming crazy to you you Might ask yourself who would believe all This and this is where Eddie shines he Kind of had a gift for getting people to Believe in the lies he told especially Super rich and powerful people for some Reason like take for instance this story Him winning the Super Bowl for the Philadelphia Eagles he managed to Convince the owner of the New York Yankees that it was true Barry clarberg Who completely bought into it without Question and told the same story later In a college seminar let's jump right Into the work that you did for the Philadelphia Eagles which led to a led To a Super Bowl championship led to you

Getting a Super Bowl ring tell us Exactly what your job was to do for them And how it would work out no sure thing So first off they they said like uh we Don't know where to put you but uh and Then the sports science guy was the one Guy he's like hey I got some data I'm Interested so uh so we took in his data And then we found out that these players Uh what happens is it's like a player as They run around uh they get a certain Fatigue levels so if you think if you Ever played Street Fighter the video Game there's like a red bar at the top And every time you get hit that red part Goes down until you die right so then We're trying to figure out kind of what That is for a player and on an injury Level right there's an injury part of it Gets uh gets knocked down and that gets Killed this is insane he convinced an Owner of the Yankees that he won a Super Bowl by turning Sports athletes into Street Fighter characters And of course none of it's true the Philadelphia Eagles responded to a fact Check saying he never worked for their Player analysis team not only that the Eagles also said that Eddie did try to Do an in-person presentation in March of 2018 but that was already a month after The Eagles had already won the Super Bowl and also they didn't hire him Because of course not meaning there's no

Way this story is true and yet he's Convinced people at the highest levels Of sports that it is and this is where We get back to crypto zoo of course Because it's how he got involved with That project remember Jeff Levin Logan's Manager who he spoke to last time well He also spoke to Adam Rob and when he Told him the reasons he liked Eddie they Sounded very familiar and did he tell You I guess kind of like about like Working with the NFL and that kind of Stuff and the whole yeah like his time In the CIA and all that You did and it was interesting it was Like This is wild you know like that's pretty Cool but he's once again he's humble and He's he's not like ever bragging or Anything like that wait wait but but he Is bragging he literally made it all up The CIA NFL stories aren't true how Could that not be bragging but that's The impression Eddie gave off but that's Not all because Eddie didn't just use Made up stories to get in with the Crypto Zoo team he also used his other Connections his real millionaire and Billionaire friends that he's managed to Gain with all these fake stories and Some of them vouched for him people like Chris Burch and Todd Morley and what was The thing that kind of like sold you and Eddie was it the fact that like Chris

And Todd and people like that kind of Like have backed him in the past and Like I didn't think he was down to earth Cool humble guy okay who's been who's Been super successful they're trying to Do with an agenda and he's just kind of Like hey look I'm super smart in what I Know and I have amazing relationships Through business that I've done it's Incredible I mean how does this guy keep Getting away with it honestly it's Baffling but I've got to say up till now Everyone's been fooled sort of fair and Square on the same grounds but I found Out cryptozoo did have an advantage that Could have saved them all this trouble The whole time so a month before the Launch of cryptozoo I got on the phone With Jeff Levin Logan Paul's manager and After he spoke fondly of Eddie and his Work I confronted him about some of Eddie's lies including how he didn't Work for the NFL Jeff told me he doesn't Know much about the NFL but he knows About the business world and Chris Burch And Todd Morley vouch for Eddie and so Jeff and Logan were going to continue Working with him have you ever verified That anything Eddie said about himself Is true we've verified that it's true Yeah yeah we definitely talk to people Okay and his friends and you know and People that he said he has relationships With which we've confirmed them for sure

Okay because I had trouble with some of That like with the NFL like saying that Like no we've never worked with him and That kind of thing but but you've had The NFL saying that yeah Like who in the NFL the the comms teams For the Eagles and the uh dolphins and Then the Um people specifically that he named the Piece that you worked with Got it um I don't know necessarily the Football stuff okay you know I don't Have relationships in the football World Sure but the business world you know we Definitely Like topic Chris and they backed him Correct wait a second this means at Minimum Jeff knew about Eddie's Background beforehand or part of it and Still decided to go with him this is Just unbelievable willful stupidity and Since Jeff is Logan's manager I assume Him and the team should have known about This as well but still they went forward With it even though they knew this stuff Before launch now I started to reach out For comments about this because Obviously this is a huge deal but when I Did I got a call from somebody new Someone with a different perspective That I hadn't heard from before Jake the Crypto King he's been involved with some Of Logan's projects in the past like Pokemon for example he was called the

Collectibles Guru a few years ago Nowadays he goes by crypto King and he's An advisor for the crypto Zoo project so Let's add him to the conspiracy board But the question is what did he have to Say I took a call with him and he mostly Wanted to talk off the Record but when I Pressed him he was willing to at least Put one thing on the record for me right One more thing about Eddie before we get Off of him we actually Got this reason it felt in my opinion Okay because I don't want it to ever be Thought that Logan's the reason it felt He's not Logan wasn't smart enough for What he tried to build and then when it Was built and was failing didn't have The ability to correct it and to save Face and reputation it was more Convenient to pull out than to be Associated with a family project that The devrock so um I could put that one Sentence on the record well that is Certainly emphatic crypto King says it's All Eddie's fault and this is a nice Neat theory for us you know Eddie ruined Everything because Yeah Eddie is a liar So it does seem to explain how these Developers got screwed but this Theory Doesn't fit all the facts because Eddie Was kicked off the team months ago and Still the game is not working despite Logan claiming they were going to go Back and fix all the problems again

Retroactively working to make that make These projects right and it just takes Time bro it just takes time development Takes time working backwards to fix Things which isn't ideal but also this Project will speak for itself and now You know we're working backwards to try To to try to fix it this just hasn't Happened even a year from launch the Game just doesn't exist what's worse is The newest Dev team who came on after Eddie just quit and one of the reasons Was they hadn't been paid for over a Month I know that this because Logan's Team is leakier than the Titanic and Someone told me that but we also have Blockchain evidence this is Jeff paying Black Ops the company they hired out on July 19th they were supposed to redo all This work it's confirmed by their leader Skip talking about a first monthly Payment on that day but after that There's nothing until they quit on September 26th in a post called Art Departure from cryptozoo now I do have To say it does look like they were Eventually paid but only a day after They quit and this is just the same Problem as before slightly different Nobody can pay these devs on time and Investors end up getting nothing and so I can't buy into the idea that Eddie's At fault for everything because when Eddie was gone they had a lot of the

Same problems now it was only at the Point that this Dev team quit block ops That things really took a turn because If the Titanic was leaking before now it Was sinking and everyone basically gave Up hope you know from every direction I Started getting messages from all the Investors who felt betrayed who up to This point were holding on to hope now They felt defeated they felt tricked by The crypto Zoo team who had fed them Promise after promise and they were sick Of it he was never in each other or Anything never apologized or told us Anything things didn't work out things Didn't work out we all get that but to Continuously lie lead people on Hype people up to put more money in all All the while in the background things Are going down things are hitting the Fan and you've left us holding the bag I Know it was my decision and I did my Research but I I believe nobody has to Lose money in this way and that's when a Whistleblower stepped forward and Decided enough was enough they decided To leak me messages Team messages from The crypto Zoo team from all the way Back in the beginning when they thought Of this idea all the way up to launch And seeing that it changed everything Because all of a sudden I got a lot of New information remember how Jake the Crypto King said Eddie was the only

Problem well a year ago he was saying Something very different on the day of Launch he said this to the group Logan You stole 40 million in tokens from me You are a scam artist you are a liar and You betrayed your own community you Aren't that guy Logan replies oh Jake Trust me bro I am that guy At these ascending market caps and that It's not like I was trying to run a Project it's like I put 250 000 into a Project plus six months of time and the Founder never did anything he said he Was going to do and then hired a bunch Of devs that didn't know what they were Going to do and every time I gave advice The advice was There is nothing illegal about that Arguable the rest that oriented to me Was ethically deep wrong and illegal

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