The Dental Scam That RUINED Lives…

I've covered a lot of scams on this Channel but the worst ones to cover are Those that physically hurt people Unfortunately in today's video we have a Scam that has ruined thousands of People's lives and left them with Hundreds of thousands in medical bills To correct the mistakes this scam caused In the first place the product in Question is known as the interior growth Guidance Appliance or simply referred to As AGA for short this device was created By dror Steve Gala in the 1990s and he Has made claims that it can cure sleep Apnea and a jaw disorder known as TMJ This device is attached to the back of Patient's teeth and claims to expand the Jawbone to grow a larger mouth for its Patients some people may ask isn't that What braces or Invisalign claim to do But no those devices simply move the Teeth in your mouth to rearrange your Bite these devices make no claim to Expand your actual Jawbone and to do That you would actually need to get a Costly and very painful surgery to Expand your jaw my good friend Shelby Church did this a few years ago and from The video she posted she had to have her Jaw wired shut while she recovered from The surgery so a few hours after the Surgery whatever kind of local Anesthesia I was given started to wear Off and it was pretty painful well it is

T but so much more swollen so day two is When the swelling really starts to set In it's pretty crazy to see your face Like this but I knew this was going to Happen it's a very normal part of Recovering from draw surgery needless to Say that's not something most people Want to go through so some people have Decided to look to alternative methods To fix their jaw problems and that's Where the AGA device comes into play Dr Steve has claimed his device has helped Over 10,000 people cure their sleep Apnea and TMJ issues his device was Heavily promoted in various conspiracy Facebook groups claiming that the Medical community has cures for many Illnesses and is hiding them for profit One such lady named Boya who stumbled on One of these Facebook groups was a Clarinetist whose Airway was too small Because of her small jaw and was Recommended by her dentists to get jaw Surgery to correct her problems despite That recommendation Boya decided to go With the AGA device instead after being Reassured by a new dentist that it was Safe and would fix her jaw problems Without surgery buyya paid nearly $115,000 to have the AGA device Installed and she thought her life would Soon be much better however she began to Worry when just a few months into the Treatment she noticed a large gap

Forming in her mouth between her K9 Teeth and those behind them her dentist Reassured her that this was good news And meant her Jawbone was expanding and Buya decided to continue with the Treatments believing the results she Wanted would soon change her life for The better unfortunately things only Went from bad to worse and her teeth Continued to push farther and farther Out her teeth became loose and painful To eat with and the dentist eventually Added braces to her mouth to help the Teeth stay aligned while the AGA device Worked its magic unfortunately her teeth Only got worse and despite the dentist's Encouragement that everything was fine Buya eventually went to an orthodontist To get a second opinion about her mouth He lifted my lip up and just immediately Said it was the worst thing he'd ever Seen and he was like you weren't growing The jaw and you have a really serious Problem you know the teeth are Completely out of bone and the bone is Gone and I mean what's your reaction at That point I was in shock with her teeth No longer connected to the Jawbone they Began dying and in 2021 Boya was forced To have her four front teeth removed and Is in danger of losing several more Without treatment to fix the mistakes Caused by the AGA device they're really Gone you know and

Um and to see yourself without teeth is A a bizarre experience now since booya's Story many more people have come forward And the Doctor Who created the device as Well as many dentists who use the device On their patients are now facing over 20 Lawsuits from people whose lives were Ruined from the AGA device to make Matters worse a dental group that Promoted the AGA device to its dentist Known as lvi Global ran a Facebook group That promoted using agath to its Followers and when several patients who Were using the device started to post Negatively about the device and ask Questions if it was really safe the Administrators of the group began Removing those post and banning anyone From the group that raised any concerns About the AA product so he says he Raised his concerns in LV Facebook group But I was removed from that group so you Got kicked out of the LBI group because You started asking questions about how This worked yes you would either get Banned or you'd get a message From an administrator of the of the Group telling you to like pipe down or Don't ask questions blah blah blah I Mean I got banned from the LBI group You're not allowed to question it and You don't understand it and you're not Smart enough to understand it it was Like oh no we're right you know we're

Right there there is no other there is No other way at this point you might be Thinking how did the FDA which regulates Medical devices in the US ever allow This godforsaken device to be used on People well it turns out that the FDA Had no idea this device existed or that It was being used on thousands of people Across the us until CBS reported on the Story earlier this year in court filings It turns out that the AGA manufacturers Had never submitted their device to the FDA for approval and argued that their Device wasn't Medical in nature and was Similar to a dental retainer which you Can get without medical approval so There was no need for them to submit Their product to the FDA for testing at This point I would like to say that the Creators of this device are behind bars And restitution has been made to those Who were harmed by this medieval torture Device but sadly that isn't the case When this story broke earlier this year The FDA put out a statement that they Were now going to look into the device And shortly after Federal prosecutors Announced they had launched a criminal Investigation into the device as well Well all of that happened back in March And April of this year but since that Time there has not been a single update No one is in jail for this and the Manufacturers of the AGA device to avoid

Negativity surrounding the product Quietly renamed it as the oo restoration Appliance and continued to sell the Product like nothing ever happened it's Amazing to me that nothing has been done About this so far video recordings of The AGA device founder Dr Steve Gala Came out showing him giving a conference Where he seems to care more about a ton Of money above anything else and I would Think this would have been an open and Shut case that this guy needs to get Shut down but apparently authorities Disagree Dr Gala continues to run his Business as usual it's okay to make a Crap load of money you're not ripping Anybody off you're curing them you're Helping them you're making their life Totally beautiful forever and ever Dr Gala maintains that the device works When used properly and places the blame Of those who lost teeth on on the Dentist who used his device claiming They installed it improperly or use the Device for longer than it was meant to Believe it or not you can actually still Find people who are promoting the Product on YouTube and even some Dentists who still have videos on YouTube showing them using the product On patients and claiming it's an Excellent way to expand the Jawbone and Avoid costly and dangerous surgery when The Wider Dental Community claims that

The only way to expand your Jawbone is Through surgery an auga is a fixed Appliance attached to the upper jaw Which creates pressure right behind the Front teeth it does not push on the Teeth but pushes on a nerve in the roof Of your mouth which excites this nerve And periostium to cause the bone to Remodel itself away from the pressure by Doing this the bone remodels itself to Create more bone we use this new bone to Align the teeth in the proper position And find that neutral zone so that your Muscles are relaxed one of my favorite Things about the AA for years in Dentistry we were taught that the only Way to correct skeletal problems was Through surgery through costly pain Painful surgery with an auga we can Often change the shape of your face Without any surgery at all I really am Amazed that nearly 8 months after this Story first broke no one is in jail for This scam and I question why the FDA Hasn't done more My Hope with this video Is that it will bring more awareness to The story and help spur more action into Getting the FDA and investigators to Take a deeper look at this product Earlier this week I reached out to the Press number for the FDA to try and get A response as to why nothing has been Publicly stated by the FDA since early April and so far have received no

Response to my inquiry if that changes In the future which I hope it does I'll Be sure to update that in the Description of this video but until then It seems like this scam so far hasn't Led to any serious consequences for its Creators

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