The Greatest Scammer EVER Was Released From Prison…

The most successful con artist of all Time was recently released from prison And within days he had already begun Scamming people once again the Individual I'm referring to is a man Named Kevin Trudeau an American Businessman and convicted fraudster not To be confused with the prime minister Of Canada Justin Trudeau now if you're Someone like me who watched a lot of Late night television in the late 1990s And early 2000s you most likely saw an Infomercial or two from this scammer Kevin is promoted just about every quack Idea and products you can think of over The years in the early 90s he went to Jail for cheating his customers with Credit card fraud and when he was Released he went right back to Infomercials to scam even more people First he claimed to be a memory expert And made claims he could give people Near Perfect Memory recall that's just To give you an idea Danny just to give You an idea of what can be done when you Have a trained memory and it's something That everybody can do right now although That's what I was going to ask here some People just born lucky with a better Memory than others yeah you know it's Probably one of the most common Misconceptions some people think oh you Know he must have been lucky and born With a good memory and I just don't have

A good memory that's not the case after That was shut down he began to sell It would make pain go away they just They peeled us off and they just apply It following that he made one of his Most horrendous claims ever when he told People that calcium would cure their Cancer they claimed calcium would cure Cancer the calcium Factor we're going to Be talking about health this half hour Specifically cancer heart disease now You may be wondering how can this guy Continue to make these outlandish claims That have no merit and scam people out Of millions of dollars Kevin was a very Smart con man and every time the Government would go after him and take Him to court for one of his scam Products Kevin would settle with the Government and sign what's known as a Consent order a consent order is Basically an agreement where you don't Admit to any crimes but agree to stop Doing what you were charged with and pay A fine to the government by doing this The charges would always be dropped and Kevin would again start selling a new Scam product that wasn't part of his Previous agreement with the government Eventually the government got tired of The constant complaints against Kevin And through a court order convinced him To sign an agreement to ever sell Products again for the rest of his life

Kevin being the sleazy con man that he Is never admitted to wrongdoing or the Fact that he was ever convicted for Promoting scam products when confronted In an interview he danced around the Topic and used his con man ways to make It seem like all the charges were Dropped when in reality it was only Because he agreed to pay fines to get Them removed not allowed anymore by Order of the Federal Trade Commission to Sell products or Services through Infomercials Trudeau proved very Adept At evading the truth they had to drop All the charges well they didn't drop Them right they settled they dropped the Charges it was a settlement a settlement Is different from dropping the charges a Settlement you paid how is it different You paid two million dollars no there Was not one penny in fines no I didn't Say it was a fine it was consumer Redress right not one customer that's Right though right whatever not one Customer asked for a refund now believe It or not after being told by the Government to never sell products again Kevin found a way to scam once more he Did this by selling books as those were Protected under freedom of speech loss The government wasn't allowed to shut Down freedom of speech so back to The Infomercials he went selling his natural Cures book late at night the Natural Way

Learn how to stop popping pills doing Expensive treatments or living in pain Whether it's chronic or occasional this Book was filled with outlandish claims Such as sunscreen caused cancer and AIDS Was a made-up hoax he even claimed his Books had the cures for everything from Cancer to Diabetes by the book it's Unconditionally guaranteed if you have Cancer heart disease acid reflux asthma Arthritis depression attention deficit Disorder you name the disease it's Covered in here making these claims made Him a best-selling author and he Reportedly spent over 20 million dollars A year on those infomercials to get his Book in front of millions of people Eventually Kevin decided to get into the Weight loss game and started selling a Book titled the weight loss cure they Don't want you to know about this book Had outlandish claims that all you had To do was get injections of a drug known As HCG and once you do that you could Eat whatever you wanted and never gain Weight now obviously there was no truth To any of this but that didn't stop this Book from becoming a bestseller as the Complaints eventually started to roll in The government took notice and they Finally decided it was time to shut Kevin down for good in 2011 the U.S Government fined Kevin a whopping 37 Million dollars for his continued scams

But Kevin fought the conviction for two Years in court before eventually filing For bankruptcy claiming he couldn't pay That amount the federal government Didn't believe he was bankrupt and Believed he had funneled most of his Money into shell companies around the World to hide it Kevin's ex-wife was Eventually called to the stand and she Testified that she had seen Kevin move Gold bars from their home safe to Out-of-country locations before they Divorced in 2013 the government Believing he was lying about being Bankrupt convicted Kevin of criminal Contempt and sentenced him to 10 years In federal prison Kevin remained locked Up during the entire pandemic but was Released in 2022 after serving eight Years in prison as soon as he was Release the government again attempted To get payment of the 37 million dollar Fine from him and he again made the Claim he was broke now here's where the Story takes a wild turn Kevin despite Being convicted scammer still has Thousands of loyal fans who believe he Is near Messiah status on YouTube there Are people who posted videos of Themselves excited to go meet him after He was released from prison Should be speaking soon this will be fun So I'll keep you updated so I got to Finally give him a hug and properly

Thank him because one I used uh your Wishes or command I shared it with Jessica my now wife like right when I Met her um I could tell she was like Really into learning about success and Growth and all that stuff and uh so I Got to thank heaven basically for saying Okay thanks you helped me kind of get my Now wife Kevin's followers believe that His wild Health claims are all true and He was only ever sent to prison to shut Him up so the drug companies can Continue to make billions while Kevin Rot's in jail for the truth Kevin's Followers have donated Millions to him Just since he was released from prison Less than a year ago and Kevin is now Using those gifts to pay down his 37 Million dollar debt unfortunately for Kevin the gifts he receives from his Cult members is not enough so Kevin Decided to get back into the con game Believe it or not Kevin Trudeau has a YouTube channel that he created before He went to prison which has been dormant For nine years that all changed just one Week ago when Kevin released the video An announcement from Kevin Trudeau on The channel in that video he goes over How he's going to teach you all about How to succeed with money and all you Have to do is email him to attend the Money processes seminar I decided to Email Kevin and the response I got was

Truly shocking in order to learn the Secrets to wealth I only had to send Kevin a very small payment of 25 000 after seeing that I realized Kevin Really did know the secret to wealth and That's why scamming people into a bogus Seminar about wealth I honestly don't Know if this violates Kevin's earlier Agreement not to sell products anymore Since this is a seminar but it truly is Sad if any anyone agrees to pay 25 Grand To listen to this con artist speak sadly I have no doubt that many of his cult Members will gladly photograph the cash For that event it truly is amazing to me That after all the scams Kevin has Pushed over the years he never actually Went to jail for any of them what sent Him to jail was failing to pay the Government money he owed them at this Point even though he's obviously Scamming people again I doubt anything Will happen to him as long as he Continues to use the money he receives From his fans to pay down his 37 million Dollar fine

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