The Insane MrBeast Lawsuit.

Mr Beast is the third largest YouTube Channel in the entire platform and is Days away from surpassing my favorite Channel Coco melon nursery rhymes and Total subscribers it seems that overall Most viewers on the platform seem to Like Mr Beast with only a few former Disgruntled employees who have tried to Cancel him over the years and the Occasional Twitter user who thinks he's A horrible human being for giving shoes To kids in Africa or helping blind People see again with Mr Beast being Mostly well liked it was a bit shocking To learn that late last year Mr Beast Company shot Mr Beast was sued in a Class action lawsuit the filing which Happened in California lists the Plaintiff Ashley Wilder on behalf of the Class action versus Beast Holdings LLC And Revolt Enterprises the lawsuit is Targeting the shot Mr Beast website Which is mainly designed to sell merch Mostly consisting of clothing and Stickers the lawsuit claims that as a Result of the problems was shot Mr Beast Operations consumers have incurred Overcharges or wrongfully delivered Products or simply not received achieved What they paid for without a way to get A refund or exchange the most shocking Part of the lawsuit was when they said That the Better Business Bureau gives Shot Mr Beast 1.67 stars out of five and

An F rating the case States trust pilot Gives defendants online shopping 1.8 Stars out of five and a poor rating After seeing those numbers I thought There was no way the reviews were that Bad but sure enough the Better Business Bureau now has the shot Mr Beast company With a score of 1.5 which is even lower Than the lawsuit listed months ago with 65 complaints in the past three years Trustpilot is even worse with 94 total Reviews giving the company a 1.8 rating The lawsuit goes on to list a number of Reviews that were left by many customers Who felt shot Mr Beast had let them down Order a hundred work of t-shirts Stickers lanyards on 8 7 20 22 for my Son website says it will ship Mid-september it's 10 5 2022 and my Order shows waiting to be processed Still I've sent many emails with Automated response of we will get back To you in 24 to 48 hours and I never get A reply this is horrible business Practice and more than anything really Sad this is how Mr Beast companies treat His fans which is mostly little kids Another States I placed an order on 811 For a shirt and have yet to receive it I Have sent multiple emails all emails Were ignored I have no idea what the Status of my order is or if even I will Receive a refund this is horrible Business practice I spend 49.61 on a

Shirt for my son my personal favorite Review States I ordered two Mr Beast Hoodies they came but were too big so I Returned them with a note to please Exchange for a medium-sized adult and Bill us for shipping so far we have Heard nothing back these were for Birthday gifts too please at least Provide some customer service now you Know that last guy was serious because He typed everything in all caps and That's only ever reserved for the most Serious of online responses now to be Fair to Jimmy and the Beast crew they Don't directly run the shot Mr Beast Website order fulfillment is done by Another company Revolt Enterprises which Is also also named in the lawsuit I Don't think that the Beast team is Trying to screw over its fans by any Means but as the Beast crew expand into More and more products the quality Control has continued to go downhill it Seems a few months ago Eddie Burbank did An excellent video on the deceptive World of ghost kitchens which is how the Mr Beast Burger operates by not having Any physical locations and using other Restaurants to sell its Burgers through Apps like doordash and ubereats by doing This Mr Beast saves Millions by not Having to build physical locations but The downside is that they don't own the Restaurants that make their food so some

Locations will greatly underperform Other locations a quick Yelp search for Mr Beast Burger near me returned a Two-star rating for a nearby Beast Burger ghost kitchen but to be fair There are other locations that do rate Much higher now I'm sure a lot of the Reason why so many orders from shop Mr Beasts are delayed or wrong items are Shipped are due to just how popular Mr Beast is every video he puts out seems To do better than the last with his Latest video getting more views in the First 24 hours than ever before with 47 Million views for one video in a day it Must be insane the amount of traffic That website receives however as you can See from the many complaints there are Many customers who are left dissatisfied As someone who has run an online Business before I can tell you firsthand That people who have a negative Experience tend to tell everyone about It this undoubtedly will hurt the brand In the long run if continued poor Customer service plagues the Mr Beast Shopping experience now I do want to say That it looks like the Beast team is Trying to improve as newer customers do Seem to have a better experience Mr Beast and his team instead of trying to Drag a court case out and waste people's Money in a court battle decided to Settle with Ashley Wilder and it appears

They are agreeing to pay all attorneys Fees and requested compensation in my Opinion that's a great response as they Could have dragged this out in court for Years if they wanted to be malicious About it now as I said in the beginning Mr Beast is incredibly well liked on YouTube and hopefully he can stay that Way but as he branches out into more and More product X which are run by third Party companies it seems that the brand Of Mr Beast is slowly being tarnished by These products that simply can't keep up With demand I'm curious what you the Audience thinks is Mr Beast at fault Here or is it simply a side effect of The success of the brand and you don't Really have any problem with how these Shop Mr beasts and Beast Burger products Are currently operating let me know in The comments section below

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