The Many Victims of Pokimane

How does the wholesome ni skill on Twitch become one of the most widely Hated and controversial streamers on the Internet what were the events Controversies and disputes that L our Cuti faad to crumble and what happens to The creators who critique expose or Challenge her well to put it simply it Almost never ends well hi I'm the Internet Anarchist I create weekly YouTube documentaries and today we'll be Looking into the many victims of Poké The creators who lost or almost lost Their career by challenging and Critiquing the quote queen of twitch Look looking back at the late 2010s Pokemane wasn't nearly as much of a Controversial figure as she is today Mostly being seen as a wholesome Creator Who kept herself out of drama that would Be up until October 2018 when keemstar Would make a tweet calling a fully grown SS Sniper Wolf Fanboy a quote virgin Following the call out the adult Fanboy Would delete his entire Twitter account And pokem Mane would reply in a tweet Stating it's fine to dislike another Content creator but you prob shouldn't Hate on innocent fans do better Keem Where Keem s repli with a video stating Pokey um this is like a man a full grown Man and I jokingly called him a virgin This whole overreaction thing is a bad Look for you makes me think um you're

Not legitimate you're not a real person You're a fraud you're fake the drama Wouldn't end here though as Poké man Would post a video response to keemstar Daating I'm not going to lie I laughed Pretty hard at the ending of your video Because you say that I'm overreacting Yet you called me a fraud just for Asking you to be nicer to other people's Fans who's really overreacting in that Situation while the drama was nothing More than two creators arguing over what Jokes were appropriate and who the Bigger fraud was it would be what Happened after that would be the most Controversial this is where we Introduced the first victim of Pokémon Mane bobl at the time box was a small Bit up incoming content creator who Posted internet news and archived Internet dramas on his 6,000 subscriber YouTube YouTube channel on the 2nd of November 2018 bobl would upload a video Archiving The Situation titled keemstar Vers Pokémon Twitter fight bullying SS Sniper wol Fanboy which was an 11-minute Compilation of the dispute between Keemstar and Pokémon man within a couple Weeks of uploading the video would begin To go viral gaining B's over 500,000 Views in one day as well as almost 2,000 New subscribers to Bo black this was a Potentially life-changing day as he Would tell me I felt a static and mo

Ated when it blew up not just because of My financial status at the time but Because it was a huge opportunity to Bring more attention to my channel and Grow with future uploads I was gaining a Lot of subscribers too 2000 is a lot in 2018 YouTube unfortunately that success Would be cut short after he received a Copyright claim and later a copyright Strike from Omnia media a multi-channel Network affiliated with pokem Man by the 6th of November 2018 Bo blackx took to Twitter to express his thoughts about The situation got to love you YouTubers Pokem main putting false copyright Claims on my video and forcing them to Be taken down for up to 30 days what Followed was a flurry of tweets and YouTube uploads that detailed the steps Box was taking to rectify the situation From trying to contact Pokémon directly To talking about it to keemstar and Various other YouTubers in hopes of Resolving the claim although Poké man's Intentions weren't clear leading bobl to Make various speculations it was evident That her actions were specifically aimed At this channel given that other videos Using the same Clips remained the Platform I'm just kind of making this Video to show you guys like kind of the True side behind some of these YouTubers Because if you think about it the only Reason she took this down is because she

Didn't want me to have success and there Could be other reasons it could be like Oh she doesn't want like a million plus People seeing those tweets she made to Keemstar they're so embarrassing why are They still public on her Twitter why are Other videos showing the same clip that Just have less views still on YouTube if She didn't really didn't want people to See it why didn't she also claim all Those other videos and delete her tweet Something she has full control over she Can go to her Twitter and delete those Tweets and nobody will see it do Everyone watching bbl's story unfold it Seemed like Poké main a much larger Content creator was abusing her Influence to silence a smaller Creator From spreading information that she Wanted to keep buried given the Community strong views on copyright Strikes the situation was perceived as Setting a bad president for other Content creators and it was only a Matter of time before the wave of Negativity began affecting Pokémon man Directly with a surge of angry comments And expose videos on her due to the Claim being unsubstantiated the strike And copyright claim would be removed by YouTube however only 30 days after Removing the video from his page slowing His channel growth and risking his Channel being terminated fortunately for

Bo black the public outrage pushed Poké Mane to finally reach out to him Directly 2 months later despite Poké man Not being the the one to remove the False strike Poké Mane would get away Without any major consequences and that 6,000 sub Creator is now a successful Creator with a respectable 300,000 Subscribers whilst Bo's situation was Coming to an end a new YouTuber would Enter the Crosshair for Poké man's wrath On the 28th of December a YouTuber by The name of fainted uploaded a video to YouTube titled the Dark Side of Poké man In which he discussed Pokémon's recent Misuse of the copyright system against Bo blacks davev as well as alleged Hypocrisy we're going to be exploring This dark side now I want to start off With one of the more fresher Controversies surrounding Pokey man for Some reason she's been slightly out of Control recently in regards to striking And removing certain people's YouTube Videos a lot of people don't like this Because it comes off honestly as her Having some kind of superiority complex She's using her power to just go ahead And strike people's videos whether it's Fair or not a YouTuber called Bo black Took some clips from her Twitter where She was having an argument with keemstar Regarding SS sniper wall and it turn out Into one of those crazy Twitter feuds

Literally Poky man and Keem were both Firing selfie videos at each other so This guy took all the clips from their Argument and then uploaded them into a YouTube video and Poky man saw it and Wasn't a big fan of the fact that he'd Taken her tweets and then put them onto A YouTube video and she just thought hey I'm going strike this down boys I mean Claiming the video is one thing but Actually trying to take it down and Issue a strike to his channel is just Absolutely ridiculous and a complete Abuse of power regarding YouTube's Copyright system she hopped into a Discord voice call with a YouTuber Called DAV Sev I mean it's a pretty Weird name honestly I don't really know How to pronounce it but we're just going To go with DAV Sev this Boke uploads Generic twitch streamer highlights clips And compilations I believe the reason For her originally inviting him for this Call was due to him lying in her stream Chat claiming he would gift up to $5,000 Worth of Subs essentially he was Behaving like a bit of a schmuck so she Called him up to discuss what he was Doing and during this cool she comes Across his YouTube channel and you know It's a bit of a design I've got to be Honest there's some shocking videos on There mate he continued by sharing clips Of Poké man making fun of dav's YouTube

And Instagram as she smugly threatened To copyright strike his videos on stream While fainter didn't have a problem with Pokémon being harsh to davev overusing Clickbait and Publishing barely edited Stream Clips fainter did take issue with Pokemon's attitude towards reuploads When a good chunk of her content is her Reacting with minimal input I'm so sorry That it takes you so much time to go to The top clips on fortnite and then just Right click and save all them as and Then just like put them all into Premiere and then just like export it I'm so sorry anyways I'll be taking down Some of your videos so as you can see From this clip Poké is actually getting Triggered by the fact that YouTubers are Taking other streamers content and Uploading them as a form of a Compilation I find this painfully Hypocritical considering pokem man has No issue whatsoever spending literally 30 minutes watching Tik Tok compilations In her own live stream and the best bit Is her main source of commentary during This reaction is actually the sloppy Moisture from her trough of cabbage Leaves fainted argued that pokyman was Unjustly striking the uploads of other Creators that featured her content while She would include entirely unedited Clips of other creators content on her Stream despite fainted points in the

Video not being Rock Solid his message Resonated with the viewers and received 3.4 million views in the process the Sudden influx of viewership caled Fainted channel from below 1,000 Subscribers to almost 200,000 Subscribers the copyright controversy Involving Pokémon and Bo black might Have already been resolved by this point But fainted latest upload more than Reignited the drama and got YouTubers as Big as PewDiePie to talk about it she Striked this video called keemer versus Pokemon Twitter fight bullying cyer wol Fanboy now I know about this video Because it was pushed Everywhere by YouTube it was basically a Twitter feud Between kstar and Pokemon they uploaded Videos to each other I don't know cuz Keemstar is illiterate and for some Reason and Pokemon decided yeah I'll Make a video as well n nevertheless Someone decided to put these two videos In together and upload it on YouTube Then the YouTube algorithm thought oh This is an interesting video that people Want to watch and pushed it everywhere So basically this Twitter drama became a Even bigger drama thanks to the YouTube Algorithm so in a way I can understand Why you want to take down this video Because this selected thing blows up and Becomes even bigger thanks to YouTube System being kind of stupid at least I

Can somewhat understand the motivation Of trying to take down that video but The problem here and the same problem That goes with every single example that I brought up in this video is that You're just drawing more attention to it It's the stries and effect every single Time the more you try and hide something The more people are going to find out About it that's what brought all these Examples to light things were getting Out of hand and something needed to be Done fast if pokine wanted to salvage Her reputation and by the 13 of January 2019 pokyman published a video on her Main Channel titled my response to the Copyright strike allegations SL PewDiePie Dark Side of Poky man Hello Friends there's been a lot of talk Recently about copy striking claiming Videos um Etc and I want to sit down Have an open and honest chat with you Guys so that nobody feels like I'm just Avoiding it or not responding to things Um and regardless of whether you're a Subscriber of mine or you come from Another Channel I hope you watch the Full video I want to try to give you Guys my point of view uh the facts from My end and give any type of clarity that I can because I do think that there are Some really important points for me to Hit on and uh own up to and there are Also some misconceptions that I would

Like to clarify the video was mainly Pokémon responding to the point PewDiePie made in his video talking About her live stream with davev and Justifying her copyright strikes on BBL According to Poké man she thought it Would lessen the drama around her and Keemstar if she suppressed Bo Black's Video also stating that she was within a Rights to do so unfortunately for Poky Man hiding the drama only made it worse And with regards to the davev stream she Recognized that she quote shouldn't have Had that conversation on stream the Point of this is just to say uh that was An entirely different scenario and Situation where I was well within my Right to take down his content but also Uh in that moment and on that live Stream like I shouldn't have had that Conversation on stream and it definitely Was a moment of frustration that Shouldn't have been like public ized in That way for sure as you'd expect Viewers weren't all too pleased with the Way she deflected the main issues people Had with a use of the copyright system As well as the fact that a response only Came out 2 days after PewDiePie talked About it with comments stating summary It wasn't my fault imagine being a Hypocrite and not bringing up your worst Parts shaking my head I didn't attack The way he looked you cut out the part

Where he pretended to vomit after he Asked you do you like what you see since Making a pseudo apology didn't work Poké Man took a different route to resolving The drama by getting Bo black to arrange A Discord call with him her and fainted So um as people a lot of people already Know streamers will claim videos that Use their content very frequently like The biggest streamers ninja shroud Decoin whoever else right um and they Will claim not only like full re-uploads But also things where there's like Compilations where it's just like Partially their content they will claim Part that video or the whole video even If it's just like one to two minutes and A compilation but it is using their Content that is a very common thing now Under that assumption if that video is Not fair use and they can claim it for Revenue even though it's a compilation The same thing would apply to Bo Black's Video so if compilations are fair use Then literally all the top streamers and What all the MCN are doing is incorrect So that's what pushed me to think a Compilation like that with no heavy Editing and no commentary is not fair Okay but you didn't um you didn't Obviously claim it just for monetization You stried it which is a different Situation yes but at the end of the day My point is just whether or not it's

Fair use pokyman might have been able to Put an end to fainted critique of her With an interview but the approach she Took to silencing it a Gundam was vastly Different on the 14th of May 2020 it's a Gam posted a video titled simp willingly Goes homeless for pokem Man the video Mostly consists instead of it's a Gundam Reading tweets and making light of Pokémon's fans who seemed overly Dedicated to her I saw your 1K donations To her last stream that's crazy bro I'm Still below the top 10 Donations Pokey Squad donate a little Less this month because four months of Rent were overdue but still got to do it Pokey Squad oh yeah Pokey oh I love she's Amazing and what does this one do Pokey Is Kawaii then the next guy goes yeah Man I get it my wife's been bugging me About this holiday I promised her like 8 Months ago but the squad comes first Devoted #poke Squad think about the State of mind you have to be in where Basically you're married and instead of Paying for a vacation that would Probably get your wife off your ass you Gave it to Pokey man even though the Video was very well received by viewers And everyone managed to get a good laugh Out of it Poky man was far from amused In situations like this I don't want to Keep letting false things run rampant

Because most people will not go through The effort of looking up the Tweet like I did and so I have a voice and I want To utilize it to stand up for what I Think is right sadly perum decided to Use that voice to attack into gundam's Livelihood to be fair I actually can't Believe anyone would sponsor these Shenanigans and I will say for this Company to sponsor a video that's Literally 20 minutes of talking [ __ ] About me but if you ever reach out to me If I ever see you in my inbox on site on [ __ ] sight like no company should do That just about ever oh uh is this a Video where some random dude behind a VR Machine calls a girl a thought for 20 Minutes really want to put my logo on That One complaining about another creator Making a video about you is one thing But attacking their sponsorship chips For it is a completely different story Poké man's reaction to criticism has Always been disproportional from the Actual critique itself and it was full On display with how she was willing to Treat it's a Gundam but in the end Pokman got what she wanted and the sad Thing is I didn't walk away from this Unscathed I had a sponsorship kind of Lined up with like a big video game Company let's just say they're big Enough that E3 they had their own press

Conference and special presentations Yeah that kind of went so I hope you're Happy po while losing a major Sponsorship was a devastating experience For it Gundam it was nothing compared to What happened to Leafy after he crossed Poké man it's a well-known fact that Leafy has always been a controversial Figure on YouTube from Twitter beef with Keemstar to entire video is dedicated to Insulting UBS leafy forged a career for Himself around mocking other content Creators and thriving off the resulting Drama however these controversial Tendencies would soon become his undoing On the 30th of July 202 following a 2-year Hiatus leafy released a video With the title content nuke Pokemon man On the surface the video was just leafy Criticizing Pokemon man for being a Popular streamer with lackluster humor Lazy reactions and horrible responses to Any form of criticism but around 11 Minutes into the video leafy would make A statement that would spark one of the Wildest debates in Internet history and If you ever happened to come across one Of her BigTime fans you know one of Those tier three Subs just on your way To the grocery store or whatnot be sure To remind them that she has a boyfriend Because I think that they would really Love to hear that little piece of Information and I bet she would too and

You know a lot of the times she's just Reacting to videos so you know I think She could go for some discussion she Wouldn't mind that I mean I just think It would be a really interesting topic And it totally wouldn't completely Demolish her entire image in front of Her [ __ ] loser fan base now it's Important to remember that Pokémon man Had kept a relationship status a secret And to the 2 million people who just Watched Le content nuke this Revelation Came as a complete shock in typical Leafy fashion he created the # pookemon Boyfriend to further upset Pokémon and Her fan base following the video it Immediately went trending on Twitter With almost 10,000 Tweets in the first 6 Hours making jokes about Pokemon's tier 3 Subs the hashtag also rekindled hate From other controversies involving her Brand and simultaneously created a feud Between YouTubers and twitch streamers Over which job was easier although Pokémon tried to play off the drama with Tweets like it's time to come clean # Pookemon booyfriend it was obvious the Drama was getting to her and by the 5th Of August 20120 she decided it would be Best to take a break hi friends since Quarantine began it's been hard for me To find the same Joys and motivation for Creating content the things I look Forward to the most like visiting my

Family traveling going to conventions And meeting some of you aren't possible Right now I hope you use this message as A reminder to take care of yourselves Disconnect from social media go outside Pick up a new hobby and hang in there See you soon love eain however that Didn't stop leafy from making several More videos revolving around Poké man Leafy had brought Pokémon's qy image Crashing down and forced her to do Something she rarely ever did Apologize Hi everyone I hope you're doing well This video is to address recent comments And criticisms that I've received I know This video is long overdue and I planned A vacation for around this time but I Honestly should not have taken any any Time off prior to acknowledging or Addressing or apologizing for these Things not only that but I should have Properly apologized when the incidents Actually occurred it shouldn't have Taken me this long to come to a proper Understanding of how to handle these Situations and how to apologize for that But I hope that I can do that today Unfortunately leafy's Crusade against Pokman wouldn't come without grave Damage to his own career on the 21st of August 2020 leafy's 5 million subscriber YouTube channel was permanently Terminated and according to a report From The Verge it was due to quote cyber

Bullying and encouraging viewers to Disrupt other creators streams not long After in September of the same year Leafy's Twitch account would be banned For quote hateful conduct and threats of Violence against a person or group of People unquote no one can say for sure That Pokemon played a role in leaf for Using his YouTube and twitch but when You look into what happened to Jon's Twitch account the similarities become Obvious jidon had always had a neck for Entertain aining his viewers with Interesting pranks and trolling Antics But when he decided to apply that same Energy towards Pokémon's chat by asking His audience to spam L plus ratio things Didn't go in his favor on myam to Spam Rao if you get banned I'm sad I think I'm going to end stream because I Believe that's how it works I'm pretty Sure like as much as I can deal with This I don't like that people from his Community are Whispering people on my Stream I'll put up with the [ __ ] but I don't want you guys to up with [ __ ] okay Pokémon man wasn't pleased At all with Jon's joke and neither was Twitch the following day twitch issued a 14-day ban to Jon's account to ensure he Didn't mess with their favorite streamer However that didn't stop him from Continuing to mock Poké man as he would

Change his profile picture to a picture Of Pokémon Mane wearing no makeup in Retaliation Poké man made her Twitter Private and changed her display name to Incel Slayer this prompted other Creators to rush to her defense and call Jidon a quote misogynist sad how Poké Main still has to deal with misogyny and Harassment in 2022 and it's even more Sad how I have to say this publicly Because people are afraid to stand up And say that she's being treated Polly Because they'll be called a s to really Drive her Point home Poky man later went On stream to express her disappointment With how twitch handled the Situation I have no Clue how someone who was already Harassing me on Twitter for like a week Got partnered on Twitch And then during their first stream Continued to do that for like an hour And then got a 2 we suspension like is That really the kind of Partners you Want twitch I don't understand I feel Like that's embarrassing bro oh and the Other thing that really disappointed me Seeing him on a call with Ninja and Ninja like allied with him and saying oh Like I'll try to make sure your ban Isn't too bad I guess the reason I bring up the whole Twitch thing is that if you're going to Allow this kind of behavior to one of

Your most prominent streamers I can't Imagine the type of [ __ ] that other Female streamers get that might Completely go unnoticed or like no Action is taken or like little to no Action is taken I obviously like greatly Stand for BLM I don't want that to be up For debate at all so I want to make that Very apparent and if we ever do get to a Point where we have to block that term Just know it's because it's getting Spammed and spammed with inappropriate Things and not at all representative of My person personal sentiments towards The movement I'm literally out here just Wanting to play valerant or Minecraft on Random evenings and my existence is Turned into like a gender topics debate I didn't ask for this like even taking Myself out of the equation that's what I Find so embarrassing for the platform Like this this is what you will allow no This is what you want to Partner you can do better like we as a Collective can do better Poké man has Very thin skin when it comes to any form Of criticism or jokes that have thrown Her away and is even more than willing To use their privilege position on Twitch to take down anyone that offends Her however Jadon did recognize that he Stepped out of line and released a Statement to share his thoughts and Apologize quoting looking back I did do

Certain things completely wrong my ideal Content is to always put the joke on me But I put the joke instead on others Which is going against what I stand for To begin with I'm not too stubborn to Sit back and listen to genuine criticism It will make me better moving forward Unfortunately for jidon he wouldn't get The chance following pokem man's stream Twitch changed the Dion's twoe ban to a Permanent one and there was no doubt That Poké Mane had a hand in it what Good with y' boys bro so a lot of you Guys already know I got banned on Twitch My first day being partnered if you Don't know go look it up real quick It'll be really easy to find out why but I'm not here to talk about why I got Banned because I deserve to get banned It is what it is I broke to but what I Am here to talk about is I'm here to ask Twitch to make it fair because when Twitch first banned me I got a 14-day Suspension but after other people Reacted to my band and voiced their Opinion of that not being severe enough My 14-day suspension went to a Perma Band which I feel isn't fair I feel that Twitch should keep my 14 days to mention Especially for a first time offense and Not let outside factors determine you Know me being prab band despite how Bleak and unfair the situation seemed Jidon wanted to put an end to the

Negativity reaching out to Poké main Directly and collaborating with her yeah You know it doesn't matter how much beef You have with a person like you can Always just squash it like cuz I don't Want the channel just to be about pure Beef unless it's about Tyrone it's just So much more in the world to be worried About than just like negativity and Stuff like that so Pokey kept on calling Me Dijon mustard so at first I thought It was like a little shot at me but then I was like maybe you're just obsessed With it so I got you a lifetime supply Of Dijon mustard thank you so much this Is going to be our first like trust test No yeah yeah yeah you know like stand up Oh trust are you really going to this is Our First Trust fa I'm 250 lb of pure Muscle please don't drop me okay okay Pok Mane has a history of overreacting When it comes to criticism or trolling She deemed it necessary to copyright Claim a video that featured drama she Was involved in and showed little Remorse years later But I was like maybe if we like kill This because Keem had deleted his tweets Already and I was like I just want this Whole drama to be over yeah yeah um and I made not the right call uh in Hindsight to have that video removed Attacked fellow creators sponsorship Opportunities over a joke and manipulate

A twitch into Banning someone Permanently because she thought their Initial punishment was too light it's Safe to say that Poké Mane has a Tendency to take advantage of her Position as twitch's top streamer to Censor or take down anyone she sees as a Threat or nuisance to make matters worse Pokémon has extended her victimization Strategies Beyond just harming other Creators and decided to take advantage Of a loyal fans with a latest product Midnight mini cookies at a first glance This seems like a regular influencer Product launch but once viewers peel Back the cutesy facade and marketing Hype they notice a few glaring issues For one the added 3 MCG of vitamin D That Pokémon uses to claim the product Is healthy is far below the daily Required dose for an adult on on top of That Pokemon claimed I'll working on the Formula for over 2 years however it is Almost completely based on a white label Product that was discontinued now being Sold for three times the price of the Original at $28 per four packs of Cookies to add insult to injury Poké Made made sure to label her fan who Called her out on the cookies broke Idiots in the latest live stream when People are like oh my God $28 for Cookies it's four bags That's seven $7 a bag I know I know math

Is Hard when you're an idiot But like if you're a broke boy just say So as you can see it's $7 for one bag of Mina cookies which at a glance might Seem like a better deal than the Costco Ones that are $10 until you realize that The Costco ones have three and 1 half Times more cookies than the ones that Pokem man is selling evidenced by the Weight being 4 o on Poké man's bag and The weight being 14 oz on the Midnight Cookies from Costco now 4 divid by 14 is 0.28 so you are getting 28% of what you Could be getting from Costco for only $3 More whether you're a fan T sub or Fellow Creator Poké man isn't going to Hesitate when it comes to throwing you Under the bus for her own gain even if It means censoring your channel getting You banned or shaming you for not buying Her rebranded cookies

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