The Many Victims of SunnyV2

Over the last 3 years Sunny V2 has built Himself up to be seen as the Grim Reaper Of the YouTube Community one single Well-crafted Sunny V2 downfall Documentary could quite literally end a YouTuber's career but how accurate is That where his victims today and what Happens when Sunny V2 misses the mark on Said victims hi I'm the internet Anarchist I create weekly CH Documentaries and today we'll be Reflecting on careers of creators that Sunny V2 covered in his downfall Series Where their careers are to day and the Most recent controversy Sunny has found Himself in as a result of his video Format there's no better place to start Than what is widely considered Sunny's First attempt at documenting the decline Of a creator with his video titled the Horrifying downfall of only use me blade Published on the 27th of April 2020 in The video Sunny details the events that Led a very promising Call of Duty Content creator in early 2009 to not Only turn his fan base against him with His belligerent attitude but to also Squander every opportunity to redeem Himself at the start of his career fans Flocked to Blade's channel for his Uniquely skilled play style in Call of Duty who'd go through the match with a Basic knife as his weapon and still come Out on top blade was an exceptional Call

Of Duty player in the beginning being Able to get high kill impressive game Plays only using a knife during his Discussion of Blade's path to success on YouTube Sunny also took the time to Examine the two key traits that caused Blade to lose everything his immature Nature which was magnified by a drinking Problem and his inability to adapt or Improve his cont content from 2009 to 2015 blade used the same video format For six Call of Duty entries and hardly Other games this caused his viewership And engagement to first stagnate and Then decline the only novelty that blade Presented to his audience was in the Form of drunk streaming which only made Things worse blade was a completely Different person while drunk he would Frequently use racial slurs N assaulting or antagonizing other Creators he streamed With Chris you everyone no I'm then I'm Hit you then just Lo enough enough enough enough and Animals in some of the crul ways Imaginable Me naturally this type of behavior bred A never-ending stream of controversy Around his career he got flamed for Kissing a Fan's wife on stream allegedly Assaulted an unconscious girl during a Road trip and got banned on Twitch for Nudity as the Vicious Cycle of drinking

Controversy continued Blade's life Slowly fell apart piece by piece he lost The respect from his audience along with His YouTube channel being terminated Turned longtime friends like keemstar Into enemies and severely har armed his Health Sunny would end the video with a Message for blade advising him to turn His life around before it was too late If he doesn't make a change he's going To be dead soon so blade I doubt you're Watching this man but one final thing Before we finish this video you need to Find a purpose man that's how addiction Stops addiction doesn't stop by one day Just deciding that you're going to stop It stops by having a bigger reason or Purpose or why for why you are going to Actually stop once you have that purpose Or goal in place your desire to drink Will just be lessened and look I know 36 Is a pretty late age to decide to grow Up but it's not too late if you want all The issues to stop you need to decide Today not tomorrow not next week that You are going to grow up find a purpose Become an adult and you will naturally Just no longer be that person who wants To sit in front of their screen and Drink alcohol for money you can do this Man I Believe In You blade I know I've Just spend like 20 minutes taking a on You but I do want you to win dude seeing Other people win is awesome man and you

Can you just have to find a purpose and Become an adult that's your two steps so Did blade make the logical move to stop Drinking and better his life well the Simple answer is no by the 18th of July 2021 following a failed attempt to get Soba and multiple bands on YouTube blade Decided to ask his wife Becky to create A channel in a name called o mb2 so that He could continue his questionable Streams the content wasn't great but it Was good enough to net the couple 15,000 Subscribers as his drunk streaming and RV trips went on Blade's personality Would get worse often getting into Fights with his wife and his body slowly Falling apart from years of binge Drinking recently blade has tried to get Back into streaming Call of Duty but he Claimed he was unable to enjoy the game While sober after all these years blade Still retained his immature personality In his mind blade sees himself as just Another youngster trying to have fun Knocking back a few beers on the stream But to everyone watching he's just a 40-year-old man who refuses to grow up However our next Creator didn't end up On Sunny's radar because they stuck to An outdated persona but because they Seemingly lost the appeal of the persona That was actually working for them Sunny's video on Bella deline had a Noticeably different tone compared to

The other downfall videos on his channel Published on the 5th of November 2021 With title why Bella deli's career is Dead Sunny presented the argument that Without mystery and Intrigue Bella would No longer be able to attract the same Level of virality that she once did Bel Deline removed two core components from Her content that have been keeping her Persona interesting mystery and Intrigue Bel Del discussed on the H3 podcast that One of her Main strategies for standing Out as unique was that she'd mix her Cutesy image with the strangest most Unrelated topics to build curiosity Around her character there were good Reasons to think this way since Bella Was easily able to keep the entire Internet wrapped around her finger with Stunts like her $30 bath water and Clickbait p hub titles even if she Disappeared for months at a time Bella Was still able to reignite interest in Her content her Infamous I'm back video Posted on the 17th of June 2021 racked Up an astonishing 50 million views Proving fans were more than willing to Wait for new Bella deline content However once fans got their hands on Bella's adult content and many of the Lingering questions were answered in her Many podcast appearances there wasn't Many reasons to keep people coming back As mentioned earlier in the video during

Her first Hiatus there was still so much Mystery so many unanswered questions Surrounding the Bel deline story and Therefore her return was anticipated was The arrest story fake how did this Character come about did she have a Boyfriend how does this Persona affect Her personal life people actually wanted To know more 8 million people Objectively wanted an exact update on What she was up to however this time Around all of the questions that kept The story interesting have been answered She went on numerous podcasts over a Two-month period explained her strategy Around everything then posted her highly Anticipated adult content and as a Result the story feels concluded there's Nothing else to look forward to and Therefore there's no reason to care About what she's up to videos Investigating what happened to Bel Deline on her current Hiatus have gained Less than 10% of the views compared to Those posing as similar question on her Previous break she revealed everything In exchange for a surge in short-term Revenue however the long-term Consequences are already starting to Reveal themselves fast forward to today And the consequences Sunny spoke of were There but not as drastic as you might Think B's subsequent videos on YouTube Only got a fraction of the views

Compared to her first but also could be A product of her extremely inconsistent Uploads only posting once or twice per Year taking a look at other aspects of Her career where she is consistent tells A different story engagement on her Social media accounts has remained Consistent from 2022 to 2023 averaging Around 50k likes on Twitter and 300K Likes on Instagram and as you would Expect Bella's only fans is still very Much active with almost daily updates Bella had lost her meme status spitt Obvious she didn't lose her core fan Base there was an eternal Army of Sims That would continue to subscribe to her Only fans and like all her social media Posts even though the initial Buzz Around her brand had faded Bella still Managed to build a very large and Monetizable platform Sunny Underestimated just how many people Still wanted to engage with Bella and This wasn't the only time Sunny Underestimated the power of a Creator's Fan base on the 28th of July 2022 Sunny Published the video Mor's career is Completely dead what happened wherein he Told the story of mogg's rise to Notoriety the many controversies and the Reason for the decline in viewership Mg's YouTube channel is pretty much Dead With an average of only 5 million views Per month and the first reason for the

Death of his channel is simply that his Audience got older back in 2019 when Mors was gaining an average of 100 Million views per month it was accepted As commonplace on YouTube Reddit and Twitter that ms's audience was made up Primarily of children now it's hardly Surprising that this ended up being the Case as when morgs first began his Channel back in 2014 he was a 13-year-old child himself Sunny started With an overview of Mor's early career Creating challenging gaming content on YouTube at the age of 13 in the video Sunny cided Mor's decision to drop out Of school to do YouTube at 15 as the Primary reason for becoming a target of The commentary Community combining that With the fact that people saw him as a Loud and obnoxious kid making content For other kids made him an ideal Punching bag for the entire YouTube Commentary scene you could say he was Not just a victim of sunny but the Entire commentary side of YouTube Fortunately for mogs it wasn't all bad As the majority of his videos had grown From 1,000 views to gaining over 1 Million views each clickbait and heat From commentary channels didn't hinder His career but in fact fueled his Success on YouTube eventually going from 1 million subscribers to 10 million Subscribers however with success came

More drama as he engaged in numerous Twitter beefs with Mr Beast over Accusations of copying and fake content Mors also seemed to grow more discontent With YouTube as time went on he felt Like his old style of Faking content Wasn't good enough anymore and by 2021 Mogs would publish a video titled I'm Leaving YouTube in pursuit of a more Authentic self now I've got 11 million Subscribers and everything I guess now I'm at a point in my YouTube career Where I'm just kind of done with the [ __ ] like you know I I just want to Be myself again the fact that his Monthly viewership dropped to only 17 Million views per month from an all-time High of 100 million views a month didn't Speak well for the future of his career If he continued to make such drastic Changes Sunny would close out the video With the assertion that Mor's fan base Wouldn't be interested in this new side Of him and his reputation as an annoying Guy who made videos for kids was the Only thing keeping him relevant maybe Mors overestimated how interesed his Previously young audience would be in His new genuine Persona the other Problem with adopting this new genuine Persona was that suddenly there was no Reason for the commentary Community to Talk about him anymore he kind of lost His meme status so much of his growth

Had come from people simply discussing How bad he was and therefore as morgs Got rid of his cringey personality People got rid of their videos talking About it all of this led Mor's Viewership to fall fall further to Around 10 million per month while M Subscriber count would stagnate followed By its first sign of a decline in early 2022 the decrease viewership And Subscribe count seemed to lead to a Decline in motivation as mogs began to Upload every 1 or two months resulting In a further viewership decline to Around 5 million per month where it Remains to this day this sentiment was Shared by almost everyone on the Platform as creators were uploading Videos claiming that Mor's career was Now over but is that actually what Happened did morgs really Fade Into the Background after he decided to switch His style of content to answer that Question we need to fast forward to 2022 The year mogs turned his career around On the 6th of November 2022 mogs took a Bold New Direction with his career and Published his first shorts video moog's Short form videos would mostly consist Of him and his parents pranking one Another his shorts content would prove To be massively successful garnering Over 10 million views on each video his Strategy of taking on various internet

Challenges prank videos and Vlog Style Videos with his energetic person Personality in a 1 minute format has Really worked Wonders by April of 2023 Morgs would shatter his previous Viewership records with 120 million Monthly views alongside 300,000 new Subscribers he still uploads long form Content although infrequently you think Getting dogpiled on by every commentary Channel on YouTube and labeled a Mr Beast clone would end his career but it Simply was a low point he completely Bounced back and now has a renewed sense Of motivation for YouTube This Time Sunny and new other content creators who Wrote morof as a washed up kids Entertainer were proven Wrong by his Sheer dedication and love for creating Content Chang is something that is Ubiquitous in a content creator but what Happens when that change in Persona Demeanor or presentation is documented In a way that completely divides the Internet on the 13th of April 2023 Sunny Published a video with a striking title That read why Chris will soon become a Nightmare for Mr Beast unb sunny and the First few thousand viewers this video Would become one of his most polarized In uploads yet Sunny spent the first Portion of the video looking over Chris's recent move to take on a more Feminine appearance and assessing the

Controversy that followed those changes Topics like Chris's decision to paint His nails grow his hair out and later Use of HRT were discussed along with Drawing parallels to other aspects of His life according to Sunny the Catalyst For Chris's new feminine appearance were Events that revolved around Chris's Recent divorce citing The Disappearance Of family photos on Chris's Instagram And the removal of his wedding ring as a Possible contributing factor he also Noted Mr Beast fans sharing their Opinion on the subject with comments Like there goes a father figure the kid Won't ever be able to look up to Hard Times create strong men strong men Create good times good times create weak Men and weak men create Hard Times weak Men times the second half of the video Focused on talking about the possible Outcomes of Chris's continued presence As part of the Mr Beast brand however if Chris continues to transition would it Be unreasonable to say that he could Jeopardize some of the personality Traits which made him a successful Member in the first place perhaps the Opposite will happen and he'll instead Pick up new personality traits that Better resonate with the current Mr Beast audience this was put forward in Many comments supportive of Chris who Implied that there will be millions of

Queer kids who look up to him although This doesn't necessarily mean that it'll Add any value to the video Sunny's video On Chris would go on to gain over 8 Million views becoming one of his most Popular uploads but it was also the most Disliked the video had 3 17,000 likes Compared to 229,000 dislikes not long after the Video went live Sunny would lose 10,000 Subscribers and numerous other content Creators expressed their dissatisfaction Online and to Angelo Wallace returned From a 9-month Hiatus to make a video About the drama somebody has uploaded a YouTube video that is so dumb so Completely incorrect that they have Basically assembled the YouTube Avengers How does someone anger the internet's Nicest people like Jack Septic ey and M Mr Beast make a bunch of other creators You've probably heard of drop response Videos and make points that are so Completely invalid ey of all people come Back early from a 9mon break just to Personally tell you that your video is Trash things got so hated that Mr Beast Himself had to make a statement on the Matter yeah this is getting absurd Chris Isn't my nightmare he's my freaking Friend and things are fine all this Transphobia is starting to piss me off The three main criticisms raised against Sunny in his latest video were that he

Had Twisted events Cherry Pig comments And was generally transphobic with that Being said though were people who saw Nothing wrong with Sunny's video and Claimed that he was only stating facts By the 3rd of May 2023 the user by the Name of pinley would upload a half hour Video titled how sunny V2 ruined video Essays that put forward the idea that Narratives Sunny outlines in his videos Are forced to conform to the title and Thumbnails he picks out I don't think That Sunny You2 says what he says at the End of that video in a sort of attempt To figure out the Universe I don't Believe that Sunny V2 really cares about That at least in the context of his Videos I I don't know him in real life This all comes down to what we talked About at the beginning that Sunny's Videos are mainly an afterthought to his Title and thumbnail that's why he gives About like five or six different Possible reasons as to why quel cop uh Lost its viewership and the one that Makes the least sense the one That is the most odd and out of place is Also the one that he put in his Thumbnail he created this Narrative of a Man uh losing everything because he Boasted about his wealth because it's Interesting because it's good content And I think that that's the actual Dangerous thing here twisting human life

So it fits The Narrative of something Like a TV show it's essentially what he Did with Chris Mr Beast or dream he puts Everything into a clear narrative for us To follow a distinct black and white Sort of situation a good deed and a bad Deed and I feel like when you alter and Twist reality in that way you end up Losing a lot of very important things Things that I really appreciate in a lot Of these sort of videos you end up Losing empathy in the process of Covering the controversy Sunny found Himself directly involved within it and Everyone had something to say about it While it wasn't the first time Sunny Received negative feedback because of Videos it was certainly the most notable You'd think that after all the hate Sunny had gotten for his unpopular take He would either make a response or Quietly take a break from uploading in Fear of more backlash but that wasn't The case in fact he published a video on Guava Juice's career just 2 weeks later So what's going on here Sunny was being Swamped in negative press and some of The largest crates were joining in on it Yet he was still going on as if it never Happened his comment section didn't show Signs of the the drama that had took Place only a few days prior some would Speculate that since Sunny had Researched the cancellation of so many

Creators he developed his own strategy Of not getting canel himself he'd simply Ignore it and go about his usual uploads This is what he did when he was called Out for his ninja dream and sky videos And it's very likely he'll continue with That strategy there are times when Sunny Does respond to controversy although in Subtle ways like changing the title of This video on Chris from why Chris will Soon become a nightmare for Mr Beast to How will the Chris Tyson's situation Impact Mr Beast it is unclear if Sunny Will make a response video to the drama Or publicly acknowledge it like many Other creators do when faced with a Controversial situation but based on his Recent youTube stats it seems that Sunny Has fully recovered from his dip in Subscribers following the video on Chris And has even shown remarkable growth Does it make sunny uncontrollable who Knows what we do know is that Sunny's Approach to handling drama doesn't Involve submitting to it but rather Quietly moving away from it

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