The Modern Day Snake Oil – Kangen Water Scam

What if I told you that I had a special Kind of water that had the ability to Cure numerous ailments anything from Eczema hypertension osteoporosis and in Some cases can even cure cancer now most People would instantly realize this was Some type of scam but unfortunately a Lot of people fall for it and end up Spending thousands of dollars for a Piece of this miracle cure now the Company I'm referring to is known as Kangan water which sells overpriced Water filtration systems that produce Alkaline based Waters now I actually did A video on Kang almost 2 years ago Before anyone watched my channel and to This day members of The kangan Cult Still leave comments on that video Defending their overpriced water a few Weeks ago someone left a comment saying I was wrong about Kyon and that the Water It produced had cured their 15-month-old daughter of cancer they Claimed I was providing no proof to back Up the claims that kangan was a scam Following this I nicely responded asking For them to send any evidence that Kangan water cured their daughter's Cancer and even provided my email to do So but as a surprise to no one the Person who left the comment never Reached out to me with any evidence to Back up their claim seeing is how the Kangan water cult has only gotten

Stronger since I first talked about them Two years ago I felt it was time to take Another crack at this Colt and break it All down now before we talk about the Company kangan we had to first talk About alkaline water which is what they Are selling alkaline water has seen a Huge surge in popularity over the past Decade or so with many celebrities Endorsing alkaline water brands and some Of these Brands becoming household names As well everything that you eat or drink Falls somewhere on the scale of acidic Versus alkaline a lemon for example has An acidic pH of two while milk would be Around the acidic pH of six the seven on The scale is considered the neutral Level of acidic versus alkaline and most Filtered waters are going to fall Somewhere in the seven or neutral range Over the past decade many claims have Been made that alkaline water is Actually much healthier for humans and Can provide many health benefits because Of this many companies have started to Sell alkaline-based Waters to cash in on This new craze with the highest bottled Alkaline water I could find boasting a PH alkaline score of 10 which would make It one of the most alkaline products you Could consume now despite many claims That alkaline water is better for you And that it can help prevent cancer Because cancer apparently needs an

Acidic environment to thrive there's Actually almost no evidence to show that Alkaline water provides any health Benefits the only reputable study I Could find was a small study that showed For certain individuals it may help Lower their acid reflux symptoms as the Alkaline can briefly lower the acid Level of your stomach when you drink it However further Studies have had mixed Results so no one knows for sure if it Really does anything at all now this Video is not intended to bash alkaline Water if you like it and want to drink It I have no problem with that at all I Enjoy the crisp Taste of Fiji Water Which has a slightly higher natural Alkaline level of pH 7.7 so if you want To drink alkaline water I really don't Care I think it's mostly a marketing Ploy to sell higher priced water to People but if you like it go right ahead My main issue with the alkaline Aline Water craze is when people promote it as Some sort of miracle cure that can fix All your health problems by just Switching to alkaline based Waters Unfortunately that's exactly what many People in the kangan water cult do this Company which was started in Japan in The 1970s has grown to be one of the Most successful multi-level marketing Companies across the globe their Overpriced Water Systems claim to do two

Things they clean up tap water of any Contaminants and then alkalize the water Making it much healthier than Traditional acidic based bottled water Waters it's important to note what the Kangan water company is it's a Multi-level marketing company which is a Legal version of a pyramid scheme in my Opinion pyramid schemes are illegal in Many countries including the USA but Mlms are legal and in many cases are Just legalized pyramid schemes with just A few small changes from the traditional Pyramid scam kangan like most mlms have Different tiers where you sign up and Then sell their machines to people below You who then in turn become members of The team and try and sell the machines To people below them those who get in Early at the top get a cut of sales from Everyone who sells below them in their Downline and for those at the top of This type of business model it is Insanely profitable now unfortunately if You're not at the top of the pyramid you Most likely will never get rich selling In an MLM what's really smart about People who run mlms is that all the People who sign up for this program and Sell their products are not considered Employees of the company but instead are Considered independent contractors doing Business with the head company this is An important distinction that allows the

Company to Le protect themselves from Some of the outlandish claims their Contractors often make if you look Online you can find many claims that Kangan water is basically a miracle Potion that can cure a number of Illnesses many sites show pictures that Kangan water cured a patient's colon Cancer but interestingly enough that Same photo is used by another kangan Salesman claiming it showed kangan water Cure to patients breast cancer none of These posts have any hard evidence to Back up these bold claims and it's Important to note that if you go to the Kangan water official website nowhere on The website does it ever make the claim That kangan water cures cancer or can Prevent any disease at all the only Claim the website makes is that kangan Water Works to restore your body to a More alkaline State now if you've ever Seen a kangan salesman make amazing Claims of what kangan water can do you Have to ask why the official website Doesn't back up any of those claims at All why is there not a single mention of Any of these claims on their website the Answer is that there is no evidence to Support any of these claims that people Trying to sell King and water Mak the Beauty of this scam is that because Kangan water salesmen are independent Contractors they can say whatever they

Want to try and sell the product but Because they don't officially work for Kangan then kangan doesn't have to worry About getting shut down for making any Of these claims because officially they Never made any of these claims it's Important to know that kangan is well Aware that people who sell their Products make outlandish claims that are Impossible to support with evidence but They do nothing to try and stop these Claims because ultimately it helps them Sell more machines to people and makes Them more money money in the long run Now the kangan water machines are Devices that you hook up to your tap Water faucet and they make the claim it Filters out pollutants and alkalizes the Water now you can go to the store and Buy a bottle of filtered alkaline water For $3 or you can pay the kangan company $6,000 or more for one of their Miracle Machines what's interesting to note is That many people who buy the product Don't know is that the water filter that Comes standard in kangan machines is Only designed to filter chlorine from Your water and does nothing to prevent Other polluted from getting into the Water in order to prevent other Pollutants such as lead or arsenic which Is in many water supplies you need to Buy an additional pre-filtration system From the kangan water company for an

Additional cost many people don't know This and use the kangan water machines To filter their water when in fact it is Doing almost no filtration without the Additional supplies all across YouTube You will find kangan cult members doing Outlandish water test with different die Colors to show kangan water is the best When all it's really showing is that the Water is extremely alkaline and doesn't Show any evidence is better for you in Any way one of the more outlandish Claims kangan cult members will make is That kangan water is the only water you Can take through the TSA checkpoints at Airports uhoh am I going to have to get Rid of my my Gallon thank you so Much What's the only water in the world you Can go through airport security with a Gallon of It fresh Canan Water cuz it's considered medicine try To do that with your water see what Happens for those of you who haven't Been to an airport in a while TSA will Not allow you to take liquids through The security checkpoint for fear it may Act actually be an explosive substance Kangan cult meders constantly show Themselves taking bottles of kangan Water through a TSA and claim they can Do this because kangan water is medical

Grade water that has been certified to Do so some claim it's the only water you Can legally do this with however the Truth is far different the TSA has been Asked about this and they are required To allow people who have medical needs For special water to take it through the Checkpoint many people need distilled Water for their medical needs and if This is the case the TSA will will allow You to keep your water it's ultimately Up to the TSA agent on duty if they Decide to check your water and in some Cases this happens with kangan water With the cult members claiming the TSA Is testing to make sure the water is Medical grade but in reality TSA is just Testing to make sure it's actually water And not some explosive liquid instead it Really is depressing to me that this Company has made millions of dollars Selling their overpriced alkaline Machines that do nothing different than What you can buy from a $3 bottle of Water from a gas station because of Their Shady tactics of allowing salesman To say anything about the product Without the company directly saying it This has allowed their company to spread Worldwide without any legal issues and Continues to be one of the most Successful mlms to this day hopefully What I shared today can help at least a Few people avoid joining this cult that

Doesn't actually help you in any way but Just fleeces you out of your money but If you don't want to listen to some Random guy on the internet I'll leave You with a clip of an actual doctor who Knows way more than I do also making the Claim that k in alkaline water is a Complete waste of money now what I'm Going to take is some medical grade Alkaline water just so we have a Different water to compare and we'll Test the pH we'll see what the pH is for Attack oh thank god let's test that pH And what happens when we put it inside Of our body my friend here's what Happens when you put your alkaline water Inside my body it mixes with my stomach Acid which has a pH of two on your Little red acidic scale there and it Ends up being to because the stomach Acidity is very tightly controlled and Then it continues on its way down to the Gut and then it gets absorbed and it Enters the bloodstream and the Bloodstream is even more well-controlled PH 7.35 to 7.45 even if the blood PH Range slightly comes out of that Slightly it can become lethal so your Little one pH difference in your little Water bottle there that you're charging Hundreds of dollars for is complete poo Poo

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