The Most Awkward Moments In Joe Rogan History

Awkward moments on Joe Rogan are Certainly a rare sighting but they do Still happen occasionally so let's begin By looking at The Joe Rogan Experience Number 958 when the conversation between Joe and Jordan Peterson became so deep That the two completely forgot what they Were talking about in the first place You can say well yeah I've got all these Flaws but look at what I'm trying to do That's the real ground of self-respect Well I missed I'm off the track with the Question ground of self-respect I can't Remember what you asked me so We'll have to go to a different topic What how did we get on this we were Um you asked about the evolutionary Basis of That was a long time ago I know it's a Rabbit hole that just doesn't disappear But where were we just now Um remember where we were just now no Sorry I'm distracted by something else That's happening right now I'll give you Let you know what is it Comey just got Fired by Trump a little bit ago and uh Twitter is a Blaze This is a little off topic but I mean uh You want to talk about a figure oh I Know we were talking about men yeah we Were talking about men and what Motivates them as you can see the

Conversation did eventually get back on Track and the podcast finished with no Further hiccups however this wasn't the Only time on an episode where Joe didn't Know what else to say take for example The Joe Rogan Experience number 1726 with Chuck palahnik which as a Whole was an awesome podcast except for Certain parts in the beginning now it Seemed like the biggest problem was that The two were discussing a topic which Didn't have much substance and as a Result Joe would say things which Received no response at all there was a Little three foot tall furry people that Were living on an island in Flores It's wild while it felt as though the Two were saying anything they could in Order to keep the conversation going Gates Foundation has been really active In that area I heard Um I see what you're saying yeah yeah it Could be I mean we tried vaccines on them they Used them to experiment Could be However the most awkward silence came at The end of this topic when in a rare Instance it seemed as though Joe Completely ran out of things to talk About whoa that's where cuckold comes From yeah Huh I guess it makes sense I guess that's a

Logical origin Well I've never heard that before It's kind of tragic it is tragic Well birds are tragic period so a weird Creature You know They they get to fly They don't live very long They get eaten by other birds perhaps Joe and Chuck was simply being highly Introspective during their conversation About birds but what happens when a Guest brings up a serious topic while Joe sits there laughing this is what Happened during The Joe Rogan Experience Number 1532 with Mike Tyson which got a Bit awkward after Joe interpreted one of Mike's serious videos as somewhat of a Joke I did that video and I was in bed For a week there was 30 seconds and I Was in bed for a week and it's not funny Because it made me realize that is right There that wasn't really cool after Mike Ended this first interaction by stating That wasn't really cool another period Of awkward conflict occurred what does It means um When fighting gets gets you erect what Does that mean it's a good question It's orgasmic sometimes yeah means You're getting excited yeah but saying That it gets you orgasmic That's a strange thing to say well That's just what I wanted to find out

Because you're really bright and I Thought you were no I'm being very Serious no I know I I know you're being Serious but I mean no one will Understand that other than you which Eventually resulted in even more Uncomfortable silence Alexander the Great was 32 and he conquered the known World yeah in 10 years And so thinking about that as a as a Young Man absolutely however this wasn't The only time that inviting a fighter Onto the podcast ended with an extremely Awkward moment as during The Joe Rogan Experience number 607 the audience had To witness this it was a really tough Fight for me too you know I had a it was A really bad Camp it was probably the Worst Camp of my career I uh my dad had Passed away like three weeks before the Fight and like two or three days after That why does that look so shitty Jamie My cousin passed away like pull it backs Is it our computer that's doing that Yeah yeah It's a YouTube video Is it really that bad what do we got to Do to fix that focusing on a YouTube Video is quality instead of the comments Made by your guest about the passing of Their father definitely makes for some Uncomfortable viewing however it's not Like this was the only time where things Got awkward because Joe wasn't paying

Attention if I get fired here whatever I'll just go do Joe Rogan next week and I'll be fine Anyway I thought that was funny no what I was like oh I literally thought I Literally thought that oh okay yeah I Thought it'd be funny well it could have Been funny yeah I was booked up though No it's fine it was just funny to truly Because I remember somebody contacted me Like to have you on and I was like I Don't have any room like for a while I Could do like an emergency podcast but I'm like let this dude Ride This Out Yeah and then we'll do one eventually Truly glad that that did not happen Because I would have come in emotional Yeah I'd come in like guns it isn't fair And I never felt that way like the whole Time I was like I kind of get it Accidentally inviting yourself onto the Podcast is clearly a pretty good way to Make Joe uncomfortable but if you want To make things really weird then all you Need to do is give Joe a couple of Compliments as was shown in The Joe Rogan Experience number one five one Eight with David Cho now don't get me Wrong this episode is a contender for The best Joe Rogan podcast ever created And part of the reason for this was the Date kept giving Joe these uncomfortably Wholesome compliments what is your uh Threshold with receiving compliments my

Threshold yeah what's your comfort level I haven't seen you in a long time oh Yeah it's been a while I don't know can I give you can I give you okay five sure Okay Um You're you're you only look better as You get older wow you have a beautifully Shaped skull like as an artist as a Sculptor like I painted you yeah I don't Like the painting anymore I think I can Do a better one now but it's awesome It's an awesome painting all artists and Sculptors out there listening paint this Guy's skull it's beautiful Um You're unbelievably uh Curious Inspirational you give me hope you're Funny you're entertaining and you're a Leader you're a perfectly imperfect Unreputable Miracle of the universe wow That's heavy you're great man well That's very sweet of you I appreciate You yeah thank you very much man it's Very nice of you before Joe would put The awkwardness back on Dave in a fairly Wholesome Way some people can't be Themselves they're not good at it you're Really good at being David Cho I'm horrible at taking Compliments by The way so thank you it's uncomfortable For everybody I think unless you're a Real creeper you did it great right now

That was good could I could have done More could have given you like however This wasn't the only time on The Joe Rogan Experience where too much praise Put an instant stop to the conversation By the way on Spotify thank you I know Crazy so well deserved man thank you God Damn Um sorry I didn't want to forget I Didn't want to forget Yeah dude I've been Ultra paying Attention to my health then there was The Joe Rogan Experience number one five Seven two which became awkward after Joe Accidentally gave himself a few too many Compliments how are you so good at rock Paper scissors It's just you know skill muscle Intuition intuition can we play right Now you wanna play yes but I only play For Stakes okay what do I play for if I Win I do the programming on your show for a Week no that's worth a lot of money what Kind of money what do you think about it That's what I'm saying like the ads or Whatever it's gonna be like programming Like who's gonna be on it that's not Possible we're booked up months and Months in advance That's ridiculous to flip a coin on that There's there's no chance do you think That there's something of equivalent Value no there's nothing nothing that I

Can no there's nothing that you could Give me that would be worth a week of Programming on the show what are you Gonna give me you'd have to give me what A spectacular amount of money how about Five bucks No no it's Gotta Be come on man 20 bucks 20 bucks I got 20 bucks in my pocket Money is off the table again money's off The table I'll get that all right sounds Like someone's scared to lose It Rock Paper Scissors it sounds like someone Else is scared to lose no you're asking Me for something that's ridiculous you Don't have anything you don't have Anything that's worth a week of Programming on the show you don't have It that's right it doesn't exist that's Right no it does it literally doesn't Exist Like there's not like you don't there's Nothing that you can have that you can Offer me that I couldn't buy myself I'll Make I'll I'll be interesting no no I'm Talking with you you can't no all right Fine but that doesn't do anything for me However if you really want to make the Podcast awkward then you're gonna have To touch on politics which is what Happened during The Joe Rogan Experience Number one eight eight two when a fairly Innocent comment about a political Candidate escalated into a very Unpleasant exchange we look for someone

Who makes us feel good and they just Decide this is how I'm voting you know Like that's I mean that was a lot of People's perspectives on Hillary Clinton I talked about I'm pretty sure everyone Loved her yeah she she's the most loved I I was I I liked Elizabeth Warren she's Cool I just like same I liked her I like I like her tenacity yeah but but okay Who isn't yeah Bernie Sanders okay but Did you vote for Bernie he wasn't Available to vote for did you vote in The I didn't vote for in the on Primaries right yeah uh I did Adam on my Podcast and he was very sincere okay Cool I've had my mom on my podcast you Want to flex I think he's very sincere Joe and Eliza Were able to hash out their disagreement In a relatively mature way however what Happens when Joe accidentally touches on A topic that the guest specifically Asked him not to talk about this is what Happened during The Joe Rogan Experience Number 1035 with Paul stamets which hit A bit of a bump after Joe asked about The negative side effects of mushrooms What are the negative benefit or the Negative effects of this This is an explosive uh area of Conversation And that puts my life in danger so I I Reserve the right not to answer your Question whoa

I didn't expect that It puts your life in danger talking About portobello mushrooms He's looking at me silently I will Respectfully move on thank you Um so anybody who's interested just Go Google that and get back

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