The Most Bullied Man On the Internet…

What happens when you mix uncontrollable Rage Narcissism I figured I'd just come in kick it with You off dude since I'm making a big time And a loose grasp on reality well you Get one of the most trolled locales in Internet history hi I'm the internet Anarchist I create weekly YouTube Documentaries and today we'll be diving Into the long and tragic story of chance Wilkins AKA Cyrax an online personality Whose enormous ego vile Tendencies and Lack of self-awareness brought on a Never-ending wave of criticism and Trolling from everyone on the internet Cyrex created his first YouTube Channel DJ shadowblade in 2009 on the channel Who would upload short music videos Anime montages and footage of various Activities like skateboarding or Drumming Sarik's had a different Persona back Then focusing more of the dream of being A professional musician a dream that he Felt like he would never achieve due to His appearance yeah I'm 27 and I'm only Five foot three and when I was born I Was born one kidney and one and a half Lungs and you know growing up through School you know I did get picked on I Got bullied way more than most like I Judge fortunately for Cyrax someone did Try to see potential in him in late 2012

A partial owner of killer Cloud sounds Eric scrubbler decided to sign cyrex Which gave him the opportunity to try And make his music dreams a reality an Opportunity that he would proceed to Waste by betraying the one person that Believed in him the relationship between The two would come to a Bitter End in April of 2013 after Cyrax had stolen her For 10 songs from Eric stole the name of His upcoming albums and claimed he could Do better there is this bro This was one of the first instances of Cyrax showing his true colors if he had The upper hand in any way he would make Sure to abuse that power cyrex did a Dress to falling out by making an Apology video with his then girlfriend Heather but would only go on to talk About throwing the labels dog tags in a Lake and never mentioned the fact that He stole from him man and sauce Listen I know you're pretty upset about The whole dog tank thing and whatnot Well when we did the whole thing with The dog tags It's because we were pissed off we Didn't know what the hell to do When we were yeah We were seriously just We were only doing like my mom wanted us To do she knew what the idea to throw Them in the lake and at the time it Seemed like a good idea and honestly

We regret it man Yeah big time at the time there weren't As many eyes on Cyrax so no one was There to hold him accountable but that Would completely change as the internet Got to see just how vile cyrix acted When he wasn't on camera on the 20th of March 2019 a Creator by the name of Kendall Smith uploaded a video to her Facebook page calling cyrix out as a Child p word Candlewood attempted to Befriend cyrix on Facebook but he Misinterpreted it as someone being Romantically interested in him after Kendall rejected his advances cyrics did A complete 180 and began threatening her He found her address contacted her Landlord and even harassed her on social Media up until this point only few People trolled Cyrax and viewed him as Just another wannabe musician that Steals music and artwork but this was About to change completely as Cyrax was About to explode in notoriety which We'll be covering just after this short Break this video has been sponsored by Cyberghostvpn have you ever logged on to Public Wi-Fi feeling like you're on a Spy movie but missing the necessary Tech To keep you safe this is where our hero Cyberghost VPN saves the day it envelops Your daughter in a cozy encrypted tunnel Like a digital version of a superhero Cape you're not sacrificing speed for

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He's been listening to my stuff for a While now So Nicholas if you're watching his body Welcome man Um I just want to take the time to say Welcome I appreciate what you did And I want you all to see this this is How amazing this kid is even if he was Just a fan this proved that cyrix didn't Indeed interact with miners on the Platform which made Kendall's warning Ever more alarming in a new deleted Video cyrix attempted to dismiss the Accusations and tried to frame candle as The one going after children projecting His own wrongdoings onto others was a Common tactic cyrex used to deflect Criticism and on the 4th of April 2019 Kendall decided to put an end to the Drama by contacting law enforcement and Completely cutting him off The truth because look how many videos You hour the FBI is watching and this is Petty and getting annoying but the next Video you make I suggest you be careful Who you post it to because the the Government officials the fbis are how do I put this they're they're really Getting tired of this this proved Ineffective all ultimately forcing her To fake her own death cyrex continued to Make videos about candle but he would Soon move on to a different Target as The allegations in ensuing drama

Attracted the attention of a creator That would make it his mission to expose Cyrax in October 2019 music bismari or Just Maori began following cyrax's Antics and went on to form a rather Strange relationship with Cyrax a Significant portion of Marty's career is Based on pranking or trolling Cyrax Which can often be viewed as bullying Such as the numerous times at Marty Tricked Cyrax into believing that a Record label was going to sign him Setting him up with a fake girlfriend or Even showing up to his home in a Chrono Ohio and the lights are on Is this where you want to chance That's all he wants it I hope you feel Like a big man Hello How are you who are you this is actually Marty uh Chance's friend he invited me Over here no He definitely did Hello is that ad No no not not formally Thank you What do you what are you doing chance Invited me over here Oh yeah right he did he did he did I was Hoping we could resolve things Well go and ask him despite the trolling Marty has been able to uncover the more Sinister side of Cyrax aside that would Normally go unnoticed behind all the

Raging arrogance cyrix was the type of Individual to prone the innocent or Naive Mahdi as well as other individuals Recorded and documented several Instances of cyric's messaging and Sending miners in decent pictures and Videos of himself the allegations Brought forward by candle gained a lot Of legitimacy since her viewers had the Opportunity to witness just how Dangerous Cyrax really was whenever he Got caught red-handed cyrics resulted to His usual tactic of Shifting blame Projections and raging at trolls These people have had National Mafia Pretend to be an 18 year old female send Me a picture and they claim to be Underage these people have made up all Kinds of screenshots and conversations And used my voice to create an AI voice Clone of me to make it look like I was Saying [ __ ] that I wasn't saying and It's not right it's [ __ ] sickening What these people have done in the cases Where that didn't work cyrex turned to Trying to make people feel sorry for him By playing as the victim unfortunately For Cyrax this would ultimately backfire And end up unearthing and disturbing Incidents that took place years before He had even started YouTube in one of His many attempts to manipulate viewers Cyrus claimed that it was assaulted During his time at high school as I said

In my entire real life I was bullied I Was picked on I was beat up I was Degraded I was hungry for answers one of The trolls pretending to be his online Girlfriend asked him to elaborate on What really happened now like Unfortunately when I was 16 17 years old Around that time period Um I was actually By one of my best friends from high School um now at the time I didn't know That he was gay Um I had actually met this kid um his Name was Billy Seiler we had gone to the Same high school together Um and me and him grew really really Close we were super cool with each other And at first like I didn't take him as Gay like I just took him as you know Being you know that weird kid in high School that's just like really strange And like an oddball kind of person cyrex Claimed that it was expelled when school Became aware of the incident despite him Being the court victim on the surface it Seemed as if cyrix was powerless in the Situations but the viewers weren't Buying it he stated that the expulsion Was due to a six-month age difference Between them but these claims full of Pots when you realize that they'll birth Mine is at the time things get even Worse when you take into account that Billy was legally blind it didn't take

Long for Marty to find and get in touch With the blind Billy to hear his side of The story because this was during the Night Um that it happened we were up in my Room you know it was late at night I Think I was searching for something and The next thing I know is I'm in a doggy Style position and basically My my pants and underwear come off or at Least down to the ankles sorryx had once Again Twisted the facts to gain sympathy From his viewers but this time it didn't End well for him he had assaulted Someone who saw him as a friend and Wanted people to feel sorry for him oh My name's already been cleared dude my Name has been cleared for [ __ ] years For [ __ ] years since it happened my Name got cleared we spoke to the school We spoke to the police they know what Billy did they know what Billy did That's why they removed me from that School because of what he did so it Didn't happen to me again that's why They did what they did throughout his Life cyrics had always tried to Manipulate and take advantage of any and Everyone is ever come into contact with This toxic pattern extends into his Relationship with his family and the few Friends he managed to make over time Individuals that he claims to love and Protect there's a long list of times

When cyrix has been physically abusive To his so-called loved ones in February 2012 cyrics was arrested for strangling His grandmother and primary caretaker Sally cyrix claimed that he was blacked Out during the incident and luckily for Him Sally didn't press any charges on The 4th of February 2020 cyrix went on To one of Marley's streams and revealed How toxic his relationship was with his Then-girlfriend Heather he actually I Can't even talk to her like a normal Person [Music] [Music] There have also been times when Cyrus Has cheated on his partner by sending Inappropriate pitches to mine is on the Internet but even with that being said It wouldn't take any accountability for It and claimed one of his ex-girlfriends Hacked his phone I want you guys to know that she did go To jail Tiffany did go to jail for hacking Crimes How much time she's serving I don't know Because I'm not there so I can't really You know say Many of the women that have been around Cyrax were only there due to his Reputation or seemingly promising record Deal this was the case with his second Girlfriend Heather who left her family

When she thought Cyrus was getting a Record deal a decision that she would Later regret cyrix has never once taken Responsibility for his actions and Instead opts to play the victim card a Habit that he doesn't seem to be Stopping anytime soon currently cyrix Has never bothered to get a stable job And claims it's due to people trolling Him this becomes hard to believe when You take into consideration that Marty Has tried to get cyric's job in the past Syrex seems to prefer the status quo of His grandmother taking care while he Blames people on the internet for all of His problems on the 13th of April 2023 Cyrics tried to deflect criticism by Blaming a troll in AI for the videos of His deplorable acts and current living Conditions these people have made up all Kinds of screenshots and conversations And use my voice to create an AI voice Clone of me to make it look like I was Saying [ __ ] that I wasn't saying and It's not right it's [ __ ] sickening What these people have done cyrix has Shown that his online appearance and Perceived status matter more than Anything else even his grandmother being In hospital due to a stroke comes second To shutting down the trolls subscribe if You enjoyed

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