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What's your definition of a toxic gamer Is it so only trash talks before the Match even starts I went on Twitter Called this guy out caught him a has Been called him a rape face Charles Manson anything Looks like a [ __ ] zombie out of The Walking Dead then he comes here dressed Like he got his outfit out of [ __ ] Target or maybe it's a soul loser I Could have easily won but the fact that I said he was gonna do electroshock and He did it I just had to give the [ __ ] To W just take it you sorry ass Predictable [ __ ] God damn or perhaps It's low tier God one of the most Notorious and hated streamers of all Time from bullying a disabled gamer who Beat him in a video game all the way to Creating the most unique and creative Roasts ever he's out of control Behavior Has not only resulted in several bands But also given the viewers a unique Experience of never knowing what to Expect next What the [ __ ] was that From an almost 200 000 follow account on Twitch and are following on YouTube with Hundreds of thousands of viewers to Having almost his entire social media Presence wiped from the platforms how Does this happen how did one streamer Become so hated by not only just the Fighting game Community but everyone

Across the internet hi I'm the internet Anarchist I create weekly YouTube Documentaries and today we'll be Uncovering the ragefield career of low Tier guard AKA LTG and how he survived Several bands on Twitch lost everything On YouTube in only a few days and where His career stands today Juan Dale Wilson LTG grew up in South Central Los Angeles California but eventually moved to Antelope Valley the exact date of his Birth is unknown but is estimated to be Between 32 and 38 years old low tier God's relationship with YouTube Stretches all the way back to 2006 when He began uploading short videos of Himself to his main Channel Sparrow 25. Oh what You would call me I mean Back then his content Mercer revolved Around him displaying his acting skills And making short funny skits LTG had More of a goofy fun-loving personality Back then and anyone watching at the Time would have enjoyed it but by 2012 Ltg's online Persona slowly evolved into Something a bit harsher but you know What is a fail using boring web browsers That quite frankly don't give a [ __ ] About user experience and this is where I introduce you to today's sponsor Oprah GX this is no ordinary browser it's like A well-oiled machine for enhancing your

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Attacking another Creator the video Would go somewhat viral due to his Unique way of roasting people with Comments on The re-uploads Dating LTG Might be a boss but this video is quite Possibly the best thing ever made as Well as the one time LTG didn't miss This video also foreshadowed a lot of Themes that would come to Define ltg's Career his tendency to attack others That he felt weren't good enough his Ability to entertain viewers of trash Talking alone and the instant virality Of his Clips in the coming months LTG Began posting videos of himself playing Street Fighter 4 online alongside his Usual lifestyle content it was around This time that he rebranded his channel To the name Low T God a name modeled After the low tier characters that he Often used the quality of the videos Wasn't the best since he didn't have a Capture card but with that being said he Was still able to amass a consistent Viewership viewership that ldg felt Wasn't enough as he would compare Himself to other channels viewership Wasn't the only thing that LTG was Dissatisfied with as he would become Extremely toxic during matches where he Felt his opponent wasn't playing Properly or didn't deserve the win Toxicity isn't new in the fighting game Community but ltg's unique brand of

Trash talking and rage quitting would Give him an Infamous reputation and make Him instantly recognizable at Gatherings Or tournaments the first instance of This was in 2014 at the Wednesday night Fight Series where he faced off against Top players like Alex Valley alright You didn't know this okay I knew this is Why I sat down so do we can we have time For a little backstory yes tell it okay So puppy what would be easy man this guy Plays Rose he plays online a lot he's Got a YouTube video series you should Check it out I think it is a chance to But um let's just say that this guy is Very rude uh very crude and he thinks He's better than everyone I have often Got many hate mail from him with a lot Of slurs and then at the end of it after I proceed to 5-0 him yep he asks me for Advice yeah yeah it's always friends After losing the match ltg's abrasive Personality would lead him to face off Against numerous well-known members of The community with the most notable ones Being Viscount this would eventually Accumulate into one of the most hyped Grudge matches in fgc history in his Video addressing the internet uploaded In December of 2014 ldg went on a rant About anyone and everyone who he thought Wasn't on his side during the match Against Fizz Kent And I'm pretty sure that 99.9 of them

Talking in these comments could not Compete to save their [ __ ] life which You idiots you drones you derps you Online Capital bucks Need to understand that you were nothing But a worthless [ __ ] in the comments Section with an opinion about a game That I'm sure you completely suck at With all the comments that I read on the Daily about me being asked at the game There should be a lot more methodical Competitive players in the scene now let Me go ahead and address these Grudge Matches let's start off with the Alex Mars brush match if you watch the set Closely there was actually a point in Time that I was up in the set so saying That I got body baffles me and it's [ __ ] hilarious on the surface the Video seemed like it was just salty About losing but looking a little deeper It revealed how fragile his ego was and The lengths that he would go to protect It the fight wasn't completely negative For LTG since it birth cemented his name In fgc history and greatly increased his Viewership on Twitch to complement the Increase in engagement he decided to try Other fighting games like Tekken 7 fans Really seem to enjoy watching him rage During every match oh my God Way to ruin Tekken dude Dominate the match and the dude mashes a [ __ ] super fight and Tekken

Fans loved it so much that entire Channels on YouTube were dedicated to Uploading hour-long compilations of him Screaming on stream while some of the Videos were made by trolls trying to Humiliate LTG they mostly boosted the Discoverability of his streams allowing People who had never seen his content to Get a glimpse of just how entertaining His rage moments were but in ltg's eyes These channels were just stealing his Content and he wanted to take them down By any means necessary he began filing Copyright strikes on them and asking Fans to mass report the videos even Threatening to remove his face and Microphone if they weren't taken down With a tweet reading we'll be swimming With no mic or cam from now on until These pages and or videos are taken down It's up to you guys this strategy only Served to harm his relationship with Viewers he was getting free publicity From fans who found his streams Hilarious and made videos surrounding Them but striking down the videos only Turned them into trolls at wanted to see Him fail ltg's toxicity wasn't just Reserved for the trolls as he would Berate and insult anyone and everyone Around him he banned viewers at his Agreed or beat him in online matches Harassed fellow creators and was even Allegedly abusive to his girlfriends

For the million [ __ ] time are you Going to physically bring me food from The room next stream don't come up over This [ __ ] I'm dead seriously don't come Up out of here don't I was trying to tell you guys a serious Problem I was having and she started Thinking it was fun no I laughed I don't Want to hear your explanation I don't Want to hear the explanation period Cause nothing about it was funny I don't Want to hear your [ __ ] explanation There was nothing joking about this Story nothing I was trying to tell you Guys something serious and she ruined it Oh my God Anytime soon this is to be the last Stream you [ __ ] CRS on here Oh my God it was only a matter of time Before ltg's uncontrollable Fury Backfired on him when he attempted to Weaponize his audience against a fellow Streamer who had beaten him in 50 Consecutive matches this resulted in his Third band from twitch suspending his Account for almost two years the cause Of the first ban is unknown but the Second band is due to going against Witch's terms of service by reselling The moderator status uh my live Streaming Outlet which was through Twitch has been indefinitely suspended And uh I guess there's a magical Three-strike Clause that I didn't know

About so the first time I was suspended For 24 hours I don't know why the second Time for 24 hours I guess selling mod Ships which I didn't know you couldn't Grant somebody modship for them donating A certain amount to you I never actually Sat there and read the Clauses just one By one and the third one was for alleged Hate speech when I said Legend hate Speech is because it's [ __ ] Basically my whole twitch the whole time I've had twitch has been filled with Trolls people that have been out to get Me people that want to see me fail with No other options left LTG moved his Streams to YouTube but it wasn't long Until he was involved in yet another Series of controversies with other Street Fighter players from Rage Quitting and insulting 14 year olds in a Match to calling out other Esports plays And losing in the most humiliating ways Possible however the one incident that Fully turned the fgc and YouTube Communities against him was his Altercation with well-respected Street Fighter player named Broly legs Broly Legs suffers from uprogyposis leaving Him unable to move his arms and legs Forcing him to play video games with his Mouth after losing an online match to Him ldg proceeded to demean and Dehumanize Broly legs due to his Condition he could put whatever the [ __ ]

He wants no one gives a [ __ ] about no Goddamn Briley legs stop even saying Legs just call why even call him Broly The [ __ ] out of here that's a disgrace To DBZ give a [ __ ] about this ugly Slobbering ass [ __ ] put on Twitter the stream would later be taken Down but the damage was already done What little respect LTG had in the fgc Community was now gone and eventually he Would get banned from all fgc events for Attacking a transgender player named Zero blast all the drama and controversy Around him only faded into the community Trolls dedicated to seeing him fail by 2018 trolls were actively trying to harm His career by getting his newly Reinstated Twitch account banned by Uploading inappropriate images when Recent subscribers were announced facing Another twitch suspension and bands on His Facebook and Twitter accounts LTG Was hell-bent on making anyone who Trolled him suffer but this would yet Again have unintended consequences on The 22nd of May 2021 a YouTuber by the Name of June the king would upload a Two-hour video detailing hello to Godhead docs not just him three other Creators actively trying to kill their Channel I need you guys to try to try to Go find that uh fake ass documentary About me I heard that [ __ ] removes for Complete ridicule slander and everything

All of the above but if I can get a if I Can get a hold to a cup upload the People off that channel Um that he's uploading videos about we Can all submit flags and kill that Dude's Channel So basically what I got to do tomorrow Is go and file a civil suit on this dude I have his his actual real name and all That type of [ __ ] You cannot Publicly put out people's try to put out People's information I'm taking this [ __ ] very serious all Right Very serious That's all I'm gonna say about it As soon as my [ __ ] pulls up we'll say His name on stream You cannot Publicly put out people's try to put out People's information do you want them to Explain how ltj was abusing the Copyright system to obtain people's Personal information then going on to Release it during his dreams and on his Discord server even going as far as Showing pictures of their home and Sending threatening letters to them Or [ __ ] um on the stream it was Roasting his house listen if you're Watching my stream you're probably still Gonna hate me and I don't give a [ __ ] But if you're watching my stream and it

Really pissed you off and [ __ ] with You that I Google Maps the crib That was that was anybody's house I Don't know if it was yours or what Sorry my [ __ ] I mean I I felt like you know you dropped the Videos and You know just rebuttal at the time all The channels involved were small and now Mostly making videos covering his past They only showed publicly available Information but low Tech God didn't Think of it like that he felt like these Channels were stealing his live streams And defaming him This stream of course but these [ __ ] Don't show remorse when they keep doxing Me 24 7 stealing for me 24 7. Personal life 24 7. antagonizing me 24 7. stalking me 24 7. stealing for me 24 7. we're just gonna keep it at that it Would take some time before low take God Had stopped going after these creators But that was simply due to the fact he Had bigger problems to worry about Namely the Drone between him and three Are the largest streamers coryxkenshin Kaisanet and judeon an instant that Would change the course of his career For better and For Worse on the 24th of August 2022 coryxkenshin uploaded a Video saying that YouTube picked Favorites and that it was difficult for Black creators to succeed on the

Platform viewers were quick to point out That coryxkenshin supported low tier Guard who was known to make racist Remarks on stream not wanting to be Associated with him anymore Corey would Make a comment stating that he no longer Had ties with LTG after becoming aware Of his past with a comments stating LOL This is crazy I do not support this man I found out about LTG because I used a One second clip of him in my edits so he Roasted me after talking to him about The clips I asked him about getting Those clips removed mind you I'm just Meeting him thought he was a funny Streamer until some people warned me About his past ever since I haven't had Any correspondence with this man Ayala Wilden this didn't go over well for LTG To verify a page I click on it that she Said 14 million views I'm blown I'm Blown away I'm Blown Away bro I'm not going to tell you what it is Because I'm not going to promote I'm not Going to promote some troll video on my [ __ ] but I have it recorded The fact that and I I'm saying this Right here live the fact that you got Swayed by a control Channel that's That's crazy to me Get your message bro Don't worry you're still gonna have 50 You're still gonna have 14 million Subs In a lit comment section after this

Segment Look at your look at what you said about Me Look at your justification on a [ __ ] Troll Channel Thought he was a funny streamer until Some people warned me about his past That's that's the part that me up Until some people warn me about its past Ever since I haven't had any Correspondence with this man y'all are Wilding things would go one step further In a now deleted stream of LTG Responding to Gideon's video calling out Twitch for treating black creators Differently I really don't understand Why a guy like JDM with that is very Popular that has a huge fan base Verified on multiple platforms gets Millions of views per video and then he Has a side clip Channel video and Endorsements and could still stream on YouTube has a problem with getting Banned on Twitch I want you to sub to my Premium channel and I'm upset because Twitch still didn't ban me after I got Cool with pokemane shortly after this Kaisanite would react to the entire Situation on stream let me tell you why Black streamers Quote unquote whatever like cards and That probably wouldn't get blown on the Front page of twitch Can anybody here guess why I don't care

How many how litty is can anybody guess Why That they wouldn't run behind why Carson Had to put them on their front page or Acknowledge Him or anything like that Why it's bad marketing when you go in The Stream The n-word is set a million freaking Times okay Okay the drama surrounding LTG wasn't Completely negative since he was getting Involved with creators that were much Larger than him this was the first time That many people on YouTube outside of The fgc had ever seen low tier God and Dale wanted to make the most of it LTG Would attempt to get Kai's attention and Ask him onto a Discord call by gifting Him 20 Subs on Twitch but Kai would Reject the offer demanding that he would Refund the subs a day later ltg's Twitch Account would be suspended by December 2022 LTG would be facing another Potential career ending moment after his YouTube account was permanently banned The ban reason being him evading a Temporary ban by streaming on his second Channel I didn't work out I didn't leave the house I didn't do [ __ ] for 48 hours I didn't cry I don't know how to cry anyways there's Nothing to do with death or I didn't

Lose a limb I I just sat here like an alien for two Days I I uh all of that [ __ ] because mind you A lot of people obviously would be Rejoicing about me losing something that I worked hard for they're gonna you know Corny ass Twitter [ __ ] YouTube videos I Didn't look at anything I just blocked People and I just went blank for 48 Hours and then when I was done with the 48 hours I like Snapped out of my trance And I was just like damn like I can't imagine being a normal human Being LTG would attempt to stream on YouTube Under different names but these accounts Would be banned as well on the 3rd of March 2023 it would make the move to Rumble where LTG uploaded a video Explaining what happened on Twitch so a Lot of you guys were curious what Happened to my twitch I never actually Let you guys know what happened I never Actually really explained it into detail And context so let's talk about it Tonight It would go on to claim that trolls Watching the stream has reported the Transaction as financial fraud resulting In his Twitch account becoming banned But they reported that 20 gifted And then literally the next day Literally the next [ __ ] day

I got hit for fraud detection on my Account an hour later after that I was Banned so when I tell you guys that I Got banned on Twitch for AKA fraud For gifting constant at 20 [ __ ] Subs Bruh But in reality the band was YouTuber Funding the subs which goes against Twitch's guidelines it would take Several months of appealing the issue to Get his Twitch account back despite the Loss of his YouTube channel LTG still at Twitch and the aftermath of his Interaction with Gideon and Kai brought Extra visibility to his brand even other Larger streamers like xqc and Destiny Have reacted to his streams try again Sounds happening right now is this real I feel like I feel like if you're upset Over somebody's sexuality you got Something going on in your personal Mental so maybe where you're not sure of What you are because if you're a real Actual masculine man it shouldn't bother You with somebody else does like it Shouldn't have bothered you if Dwyane Wade's uh if Dwyane Wade's you know Gummy worms Doesn't eat McDonald's [ __ ] literally just just have G fuel Uh vegetables two times a day oh [ __ ] Gideon went a few steps further and Began speaking to LTG on a regular basis This would eventually lead to an

Hour-long interview where jidion and Everyone watching finally got the chance To see what made LTG tick is that energy Yeah that bush for a spirit bro you have That eagle Spirit that's why [ __ ] want To see you fell and you know why I got An eagle Because I spent so many [ __ ] years of My life smiling at [ __ ] for Free sitting here letting people walk Over me this and that and I finally got To a point where you know what I got to A point in life where I was like I'm not Letting anybody say [ __ ] to me ever Again that's why I got that [ __ ] Bravado I got the bravado like that Because the world did that [ __ ] to me But now I'm a lot better than what I Used to be I used to respond to Everything say this say that say this Say that my last little couple years on YouTube man everybody will tell you I Cleaned up everything because I finally Started to understand what it was and Soak it in for what it is and realize it Some [ __ ] are just miserable Wait wait why am I responding to this Dude like I I put myself in this [ __ ] Position if all that never did Everything I did we wouldn't be on this Call right the interview would also Reveal a lot of information about LTG Like the cause of his bands on both YouTube and twitch his perspective on

Why he thought black creators weren't Succeeding on Twitch and his General Attitude as a Creator although they Didn't see eye to eye on several topics Jidion decided to leave him with some Friendly advice Advice to you man to grow your platforms And grow your audience man bro just be More positive bro Stop being a [ __ ] poop in the pants Be a positive [ __ ] But that's the thing I'm I'm working on Ignoring people Um I think that's been one of my biggest Crutches over the years Responding to [ __ ] people say and now I'm just [ __ ] ignoring people so if I Ignore people I can be more positive Because I'm not focused on the negative That's sitting there spamming in my chat So I'm taking your advice And also been thinking of that Predominantly Hey man bro you know what I'm not gonna Be like everybody else man you know I Wish you the best I wish you the best I Wish you nothing about success congrats On getting your Twitch back this advice Seemed to work for LTG as his newly Found popularity on Tick Tock netted him Almost 200 000 followers on Twitch and This time it doesn't seem like LTG Intends to go after these creators ltg's Career seems to be in a better place now

Than it ever has been in the past top Creators like judeon were inviting him Onto panels and acknowledging him and as We speak he is currently growing a Community of fans on Tick Tock and his Twitch viewership is growing by the day Ltg's aggressive Nature has caused him Several setbacks during his time on YouTube and twitch and only time will Tell if that will continue to be the Case or perhaps he'll take a different Path

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