The Most Insane Man In Pro Sporting History (John Daly)

He made Tiger Woods while severely Hungover and threw 55 000 into the river During a fight with his fourth wife John Daly is a name you'll never forget from This video onwards you're completely Different from most athletes you hate Exercise you despise Health Food you Smoke you drink his insane lifestyle Began after starting a golf scholarship Where at the age of 18 his coach would Put him on a very unique diet he used to Smoke Marlboro Lights and he said just Start smoking here have a cigarette Whatever you got to do to keep the Weight off on top of smoking cigarettes John began to eat nothing but popcorn Diet Coke and Jack Daniels stating in His book most of the time I was drinking Jack like you wouldn't believe a fifth a Day sometimes more most people would be Drunk for a month on what I'd had before Dinner before later adding that he Didn't even drink water I used to drink Anywhere from 12 to 20 Diet Cokes a day How I don't know because I don't drink Water I hate water I cannot stand to Drink water with this in mind it's no Surprise that vegetables were also out Of the question quote I donate beans Spinach broccoli any other that stuff When I was young my dad would force it Down me and I would throw it up however Unbelievably this diet worked given Daley lost the needed weight albeit

While failing almost every class as a Result of the drinking I just sit in my Room and drink straight out of a Jack Daniels bottle then go practice for Three or four hours yet this would only Help him to become a better golfer when I had a good Buzz going I could play Really good golf and I think it's just Because the body's so loose and like Free not to mention he was also quote One of the hardest working guys on the Team this in combination with over 16 Years of practice LED daily to win his First ever professional tournament at The age of 21 writing my Winner's check Was for six thousand seven hundred Dollars the next two months I made about 28 000 in four events yet this wasn't The only way that John Daly began to Make money on the full send podcast John Explained that he'd bet a hundred Dollars per hole against unsuspecting Players hundred dollars a hole paid from A hotel room paid for my drinks yeah for Everything described in his book as Playing other guys for money usually men At the local golf clubs who thought they Were better than they were who figured They could kick this fat kid's ass That's the way I spent my Summers think Of it as my permanent part-time job yet This would also introduce him to the Toxic world of gambling about three Years after turning pro John Won 16 000

In a South African tournament before Losing the entire amount at a casino Less than 24 hours later in a fit of Rage daily completely trashed his hotel Room also introducing the early stages Of his potentially volatile nature Sometimes I'd beat my boss up sometimes I'd beat my car up sometimes I'd beat a Hotel room up despite this John would go On to win his third significant event Which just so happened to have been the PGA Championship turning John Daly into An overnight Superstar it was crazy There was 4 000 people sitting in front Of the clubhouse and on the driving Range for you just waiting for me to get In and I that trust me I was not used to All of a sudden I was being offered tons Of money to shop for Monday and Tuesday Corporate outings at fundraisers I was Getting paid twenty five thousand fifty Thousand seventy five thousand a pop to Hang with golf lovers for a day John was Paid 230 000 for the championship win Itself yet he'd give 30 000 to the kids Of a spectator who was killed by Lightning Midway through the tournament This kind of generosity helped John to Build a cult-like fan base of people who Loved his rough edges you have a simple Motto this is a quote I just hit it as Hard as I can and if I can find it I hit It again which he was then able to Monetize through some very funny

Sponsorships daily received endorsements From Dunkin Donuts Hooters and a diet Pill called trim Spa yet it was the golf Specific sponsorships that began to make Him Millions I made another 236 000 in 1991 just for playing with ping clubs And wearing a pink shirt and a pink hat And that was only the beginning early in 1992 I signed my first really big Sponsorship contract a 10-year deal with Wilson that pay me millions of dollars a Year however at the same time Daly's Performance began to go downhill rapidly After placing first at the PGA Championship daily return the following Year to achieve 80 second play case Explaining on the full send podcast that He'd spent all night drinking arriving At 7 30 for a 732 tee off there were Some times I told her that I didn't Sober up to about the 13th hole Yeah you Get in at 7 7 30 in the morning I got a Tea time at 805 or nine o'clock you'd be Out till 7 or 7 30 yeah in the morning When you had an 8 AM tea time yeah it Stayed in his book basically my golf Game in 1992 played second fiddle to Making money and partying instead of Partying I guess I ordered just say Drinking which is what it was for the First time in my life I let my golf game Slide that whole year I don't think I Practiced more than two days in a row And it showed Daily's poor performance

Brought about fits of anger where he'd Fight his opponents raid clubs or throw Them into the water leading to a Suspension from the PGA Tour on account Of bad behavior on top of this daily was Suffering from Clear midday alcohol Withdrawal made worse by antidepressants Which gave him the shakes and the sweats And diarrhea for this reason Daly made The choice to quit drinking however he'd Explained that his sobriety made no Difference as he'd simply swap one Addiction for another he'd write in his Book at rehab they call it cross Addiction they warn you that when you Give up one thing like whiskey you're Gonna be looking to replace it with Something else for me when I stopped Drinking I started eating more chocolate Sometimes I'd eat 15 20 packs of M M's Around with peanuts I ate chocolate chip Muffins and chocolate croissants all day Long every day at the tournament which For whatever reason seemed to work as John Daly was about to make a comeback After three years of very average Golfing Daley came out of nowhere to win The incredibly prestigious 1995 British Open doing so on a daily diet of nine Chocolate chip muffins in true John Daily fashion he ignored a phone call From the US president just so he could Eat stating but I still haven't found my Dinner yet and I'm starving besides I

Didn't even vote for the guy showing That Daley had the whole world in his Hands until he started drinking again on The brink of divorce with his second Wife Daley gave in and headed out for a Big night at the bar before landing Himself in hospital after falling Through a hotel door he checked himself Back into rehab around two days later Although the media had already gotten Hold of the story and his endorsements Weren't happy my two main sponsors Wilson and Reebok had dropped me while I Was in rehab the Wilson deal paid me Several million a year plus bonuses and I'd just done another five-year deal With Reebok as an alternative Daley Accepted a 1.2 million per year Sponsorship from Callaway on the one Condition that he stays sober however he Eventually concluded that the deal Wasn't worth it a sponsor came to him And said three million dollars we want To send you to rehab though and he Looked at him and said I'm good it took A sip although this attitude would then Help him beat Tiger Woods in a pretty Funny way daily had qualified for a Small 16-person tournament and on the Night before had drunk three bottles of Crown whiskey leading tiger to make some Cocky remarks about how Daley had no Chance of winning and he says I'm Probably gonna kick his ass because JD's

Drunk right now I said okay when the Tournament started the following day Daley decided to troll tiger by acting As though he was still drunk and he is Looking at me the whole day I've got Drinks coming down people bringing me Drinks on the golf course he goes what Are you drinking I said I got my crown In here man I'm fine not one ounce out Because if you do that you get trouble On the tour I got him thinking that I Was really still drinking helping John To completely demolish the tournament I Shoot 65 and beat him by like six shots It's about the last time I ever beat him I even earned four million dollars in 2004 and 2005. yet this would only fuel An addiction worse than any hit Experience before gambling you know in Vegas I'd play the five thousand dollar Slot machine every time you pull it how Much is that five thousand oh my God It's one full five thousand five Thousand dollar spends while playing These five thousand dollar slot machines Daily fed through six hundred thousand Dollars in a night without winning Before taking out another 600 000 which He'd then lose again meaning he'd lost 1.2 million in the space of five hours By this point Daley was up to his fourth Wife who confronted him about his Gambling problem initiating an argument That ended in the strangest way possible

I won like 50 55 000 in the casino and I Said to my fourth wife Sharia if you're Gonna yell and scream at me about this I Threw it over the bridge going over to Memphis from Arkansas I threw all the Money out the car window and said you Know what if you want that money you can Go find it but let me tell you something You don't have a job you're not working I'm supporting you I'm paying all the Bills my buddy then took her to a McDonald's drive-through and got her two Cheeseburgers and some french fries and A soda and it was like okay this is how You can live from now on if that's the Way you want it when Jon published his Book in 2006 he'd gambled away 55 Million over a 15-year period however The worst was still yet to come in 2007 An article was written on Daily's golf Performance stating John Daly withdrew From five tournaments and missed the cut On eight others on the PGA tour his best Finish was third place at the Skins game Which only had four players as a result Daley lost his card and I might have had Something to do with his ever declining Diet in 2008 CBS reporter will Brinson Was given the job to watch Daily during A professional game noting that he Consumed 21 sigs 12 Diet Cokes six packs Of peanut M Ms 0.0 ounces of water and The alcohol consumption hadn't stopped Either only four months after writing

About his diet daily was arrested for Passing out in front of Hooters with the Negative press resulting in another Six-month ban from all professional golf As a constellation Daly's mugshot was Placed proudly inside the restaurant However he'd end the year with earnings Of only fifty six thousand dollars Forcing yet another change in John Daly's life having grown tired of Golf Club dress codes Daley decided to Purchase his local course you don't like The address code in golf that you find That offensive you have your own golf Course that you bought is there is there A dress code there well basically all You got to do is cover your private Parts and you can play my golf course Initially running the club at a loss Just so the town had somewhere to play I'm losing probably 250 to 350 000 a Year somewhere in there anybody with Kids or teams that want to come here and Play I think everybody should have a Chance to play golf and but if you're on A team you're more than welcome to come Here and play free and you know have fun Here Daley was able to practice and make A super successful comeback in 2016. yet More recently his life has taken a turn As a result of bladder cancer despite This daily has since achieved his best Score in professional golf ever has Found massive success with clothing

Collaborations through a company called Loudmouth and has done so all while Establishing one of the greatest Legacies in professional sporting History

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